AR: Ch 25

  Lu Yi was very satisfied with the model of the New Testament, and personally took her into the dressing room to find a makeup artist. “Today, I will take a set of daily photos and let her try.”

    Ji Yiduan? Sitting in front of the dressing table? Try to be curious.

    Makeup artist Aimee is a woman with short hair dyed in gold. She looks only in her early twenties from her outfit, and she has an artistic atmosphere.

    “How old is the young girl?”

    “This year? 17.”

    “You are young when you are young? Well, this young girl has a tender face, like he can pinch water.”

    As a makeup artist , I am used to seeing all kinds of people. My skin, I really like this little girl with a face full of collagen.

    Aimee is very extroverted. When she puts on makeup, she always leads Ji Yi to chat, “You? Just call me sister Aime.”

    “Sister Aime, you are also very beautiful and young.”

    “I’m running fast . Three people…”

    Because of the daily style of shooting today, the makeup is not complicated. When Aimee pulled her bangs away, she saw a small scar on her forehead, and she was a little curious, “This is? How did it happen?”

    “Not small It’s been a knock on my heart, it’s been too long, I don’t remember.” She didn’t know how the female partner’s scar came about.

    Now the skin and facial features of this face are as long as they were in her previous life, but this scar is like a mark, always reminding her that she has come to a truly different world.

    Stylized the bangs with a curling iron, and Aimee combed her a simple hairstyle. From the middle of the line, we braided two thin braids along the edge to the ears, and put feather hairpins on both sides.

    Aimee pressed her hands on the chair, pointed her right in front of the vanity mirror, nodded in satisfaction, “OK, beautiful girl.”

    After finishing the makeup, Ji Yi thought and thanked him, and Aimee took her out.

    Zhao Yingfeng didn’t know where to go, only Lu Yi was sitting in front of the computer? Retouching the picture. Aimee yelled to him in the past, Lu Yi raised his head from the front of the computer and turned his eyes to the girl in front of him.

    With bright eyes and white teeth, and lips as rouge, there is the beauty that you will be attracted when you look at her.

    Aimee snapped his fingers in front of Lu Yi, “How is it? Are you satisfied?”

    “Very good.” Lu Yi closed the laptop, turned his chair and walked out, “Let’s go, driving in the wind, today we are shooting location scenes.”

    It’s the coldest time. When taking pictures, Ji Yi took off her coat, put on a white sweater with feather and knitwear, and a short fur ball scarf.

    Ji Yi’s appearance is very photogenic, coupled with Lu Yi’s photography skills, the production rate is extremely high.

    “Look at it.”

    “Turn your body to the right.”

    “Very good, very good.”

    They found that Ji Yi was very relaxed when facing the camera, and with a little guidance, he could get to the point they wanted.

    This girl seems to be born for photography. In just one hour, they have taken dozens of effective photos and are extremely happy.

    Ji Yi shivered with the cold, and ran to wrap her coat as soon as she stopped.

    The three returned to the car, Zhao Yingfeng drove, and Lu Yi was playing with the camera.

    Ji Yi was curious, “Can I take a look at the photos first?”

    “Of course.” Lu Yi handed her the camera.

    Ji Yi hasn’t taken a photo for a long time. Now when I look at the photo of the photo, my eyes are bright, “Wow, I took such a beautiful picture.”

    “Yes? You? You have a photogenic appearance, and the filming rate is extremely high.” Zhao Yingfeng is holding the steering wheel haha laughing out loud.

    Lu Yi turned to look at her, “I wanted to take a simple shot for you to try and feel, but now it seems unnecessary. Next time we will shoot the creation directly.”

    Lu Yi and Zhao Yingfeng selected a set of best-looking photos for retouching the same day, and Ji Yi received the finished photos the next night.

    Lu Yi asked her on wx if she could post this group of photos on Weibo. Of course, Ji Yi agreed.

    Then? Lu Yi asked about her Weibo ID, and Ji Yi remembered that she didn’t even download the app. So? Quickly search for APP to download and install, click on the forgotten password to log in to the phone number again.

    This mobile phone number is just that I have registered on Weibo, and there is no one in it. Ji Yi easily? Changed the ID to Ji An’an and added a special symbol.

    That night Lu Yi edited Weibo and sent it, and Aite gave her circle name.

    Ji Yi picked one of her favorites and sent it out. The girl in the photo smiled and curled her eyes. Her vermilion lips were slightly opened, revealing her neat and white teeth. Is it pure and innocent that makes people fall in love at first glance.

    When I woke up, I found the reminder that popped up on Weibo. I clicked it and saw it. I got a few fans and the only message: Miss? Sister Shengshimeiyan!

    Sure enough, the value of the face is righteous.

    But it is because Ji Yi’s learning is heavy. After Zhao Yingfeng expressed his eagerness for making appointments many times, the time is set for the next week.


    “The final exam is about to come soon, everyone cheer up and review it.”

    The teachers in their school like to divide the homework by grades . If they do well, they only have basic winter homework . If they fail to take the exam, they have to add test papers and copy them. Writing a book is always rare.

    After class?, Teacher cried again Ji Yi aside, “Ji Yi, this school? S you? Achievements for all to see, you? Ending grasp the opportunity, the next school? S will be able to return to the class.”

    The teacher though I really hope that he can teach excellent students, but he also hopes that the students can have a better learning environment.

    “Thank you teacher, I will.” Ji Yi nodded and expressed politeness.

    Later? Song Yanke was also called to talk, probably also? This topic.

    When Song Yanke came back, passing by Ji Yi’s seat, he stopped and chatted for a few words, “Xiao? Yi, just now? The teacher told me that the next semester will be transferred. Let’s work hard together? Entrance to the first class!”

    Song Yanke’s grades are not bad. It’s just that she fell to Class 8 because of illness during the school term exam. Maybe she can step on the tail line of Class 1 when he goes back to the exam.

    “Okay, come on together.” Ji Yi smiled and nodded. The two good friends made an appointment to fight together, but the tablemates who heard the news were not too happy.

    Xu Yue who was “sleeping” suddenly sat up and stared at the tabletop in a daze.

    Ji Yi’s light swept over him, and slowly leaned over, “You? Are you awakened by us?”


    “Why don’t you continue to sleep?”


    “Hey, it’s because of my temper.” Okay, I don’t know you? What kind of tablemate will I meet next time.” Ji Yi began to worry about Xu Yue’s future tablemate. Be tolerant.

    “From now on? No one will give you breakfast. You? Remember to buy breakfast yourself, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to fall ill.”

    Xu Yue had a stomach problem very early, and his face was very ugly when he fell ill. Ji Yi saw it once. I was so scared.

    He himself didn’t say a word, looking pitiful.

    Thinking about it this way, she was really uneasy, as if watching the child she had been feeding and feeding suddenly left her sight, breaking an old mother’s heart.

    Xu Yue still? Did not respond, didn’t say anything, just followed forward with a bad temper? Almost no difference.

    Ji Yi hesitated for a moment, then moved closer, and told me in a voice that only two of them could hear, “In the future? Don’t fight with others, protect yourself from injury. Remember to eat regularly and keep your stomach healthy. Drink more heat in the daytime. Water, good health. And you? Hide the things in your schoolbag and don’t be discovered by the teacher.”

    She knew that there were iron tools and screwdrivers in Xu Yue’s schoolbag. Allowed. There were two surprise inspections by the teacher, or was she young? Xin Yiyi hid for Xu Yue.

    Having said this, she added two more sentences.

    Xu Yue listened quietly throughout the process.

    When she finished speaking, she suddenly turned her head, stared into her eyes, and asked: “Ji An’an, are you? Are you giving a last word?”

    “…” Ji Yi pulled the stiff corner of his mouth. “Don’t say if you can’t speak!”

    She was also worried…

    People would not be moved at all.

    “You? I have lost my gentle, considerate, and considerate tablemate!” Ji Yi took a book and blocked it between the two, muttering words through the book, muttering for a long time.

    Xu Yue grabbed the book and opened it, Ji Yi deliberately added gravity, and refused to let it go.

    Xu Yue smiled and pressed down the book directly, “Ji An’an, sit down and translate this text.”

    He took out a piece of A4 paper from the drawer, which was printed with a page full of Chinese characters, and Ji Yi’s task What is it? To translate these Chinese sentences into English.

    Ji Yi: “…the devil.”

    Suddenly I feel sorry for Xu Yue to teach her English!

    Half a month before the final exam, Xu Yue suddenly increased her special English training and supervised her to complete the required number of questions every day.

    Under Xu Yue’s devil training, Ji Yi’s English score improved by a full twenty points compared to the previous one.

    When the scores for English subjects came out, she was happy to bounce around in her room a few times. Finally, she sent a screenshot to Xu Yue, and then pretended to be serious and sent it in the voice, “Thanks to Mr. Xu for his indoctrination.”

    Xu Yue clicked on the voice, hearing the girl’s unconcealed joy, curled the corners of her lips slightly, but quickly suppressed it.

    Because Xu Yue has handed in blank papers all the year round, Ji Yi didn’t ask him for his score.

    The results of each subject are gradually released, and all subjects are performing properly. Ji Yi is very satisfied.

    Zhao Shuyi deliberately brought the fruit plate to see her, and asked about her grades euphemistically. Ji Yi was magnanimous and showed her the screenshots of the general subjects.

    Zhao Shuyi smiled from ear to ear, “Xiao Yi is really so smart.”

    That night, Zhao Shuyi discussed with Ji Guosheng about going out to eat, which is a final reward for the children.

    “Xiao? Yi, do you? See if these dishes suit your taste.”

    “Do you? What kind of drink would you like to drink?”

    “It’s about to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Or tomorrow my mother will take you out? Go shopping and buy some new clothes?”

    As usual The topics they talked about always revolved around Ji Xinfei, and this time, Zhao Shuyi stared at Ji Yi almost the whole time.

    Even Ji Guosheng also took the initiative to find a topic to talk to her, “I called your teacher, and she said that you took the second place in the whole year in the exam this time, and you can transfer back to the first class next semester. “The

    transfer back to the first class was something unexpected, but the title of “second in grade” still made her a little disappointed.

    Why is Song Yanting so good? She suddenly improved her English by twenty points, but she still didn’t surpass him?

    Thinking about his own results, I heard Ji Guosheng’s solemn instructing Ji Xinfei, “Xinfei, you? But you should keep your scores. This time, I fell to fourth place in the exam.”


    Ji Xinfei has fallen out of grade three?

    Ji Yi subconsciously raised his eyes and looked over.

    Ji Xinfei also happened to be watching her.

    The two eyes met, Ji Xinfei’s eyes reddened instantly, “Xiao? Yi, you? finally surpassed me, I’m happy for you.”

    The taste of these words… Doesn’t it sound right?

    Ji Guosheng put down his chopsticks and stared at Ji Yi.

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