AR: Ch 26

Ji Guosheng looked back and forth between the two daughters. “What happened between your two sisters?”

    Ji Xinfei and Ji Yi looked at each other, without saying a word .

    Ji Guosheng frowned, and asked sternly, “Is there something hidden in

    Ji Yi’s second grade?” Ji Yi’s eyes showed a hint of coldness, and he put down his chopsticks unhurriedly.

    When he raised his eyes, he smiled, “Do you think it will? What’s the secret?”

    “Ji Yi! What is your tone? I am your dad, ask? What are you, you answer!” Ji Guosheng’s subjective consciousness is extremely high. Qiang, doesn’t like the feeling that things are out of control, but Ji Yi’s performance makes him feel that his face is dull.

    “Is there a father? Do you question your own daughter like this?”


    Bang— ” Ji Guosheng was so angry? Sparks went wild, slapped the table, “

    Inversely you!” Zhao Shuyi was about to make a tone, but Ji Guosheng was so cold-eyed that he was so stared that he did not dare to speak.

    Ji Xinfei immediately stood up and comforted, “Dad, don’t get angry with Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi does things naturally? Of course she has a reason?” In

    Ji Guosheng’s mind, Ji Xinfei is an obedient and excellent daughter, Ji Guosheng. How much of his expression eased?.

    Seeing this picture of father-daughter affection? Ji Yi wanted to laugh a little.

    I deliberately looked at Ji Xinfei and asked? “Then? What about my sister? You said I surpassed you, would you be happy for me, right?”

    Ji Xinfei was asked by her words instead , with a look of error on his face. , He just nodded along with the words just now, “When…Of course!”

    “That’s good.” Ji Yi took a napkin and wiped the corners of his mouth gracefully.

    She lowered her head, took out her mobile phone, clicked on a dance event registration system, and filled in the information for registration.

    After completing this series of things, she stood up from her position, and Zhao Ji Xinfei smiled slightly, “In order to keep my sister happy, I will work harder.”

    Ji Xinfei was confused by her two words without beginning or end. Got to panic.

    The dinner called celebration broke up unhappily.

    As the New Year approaches, the streets are decorated with lights, and the lanterns hung on the trees are lit up with warm colors, adding to the lively atmosphere.

    The people who come and go on the road are either walking in groups or in a hurry, where? She is probably the only one walking aimlessly on the street alone.

    Ji Yi looked up? Looking up at the sky, the dark night sky, the moon and stars can not be seen.

    She remembered that when she first came to this world, she had also been in a state of anxiety, tossing and turning back and forth many times, but she insisted on forcing herself to accept everything that was bizarre.

    Because she wants to live well.

    But now I found that this place is really too bad.

    A selfish family member, a classmate who speaks badly…

    can always disturb her good mood.

    And this body fearful of the cold…

    “Heh…” Standing outside? Too cold, Ji Yi looked around, walked into the nearby milk tea shop, ordered a cup of milk tea and started playing with her mobile phone.

    Because I just posted the results, the class group of’no

    class teacher’ chatted lively that there was a red envelope reminder in the class group established by 99+ class teachers . She just clicked it and received the red envelope, but there was still some remaining.

    The finger lightly tapped on the screen and grabbed more than two yuan.

    Fixed an eye? At first glance, it was still a red envelope from the head teacher?

    Wait…what’s the line written on the red envelope?

    “Congratulations to my classmates? First and second in grade”

    Because the number of red envelopes is limited, I wrote such a short sentence.

    Ji Yi glanced at the lively group of’no class teacher’, and subconsciously typed out a line and sent it out: [What does the first and second place written on the red envelope sent by the old teacher mean? ]

    Soon, the monitor sent a screenshot for her to see.

    This is the ranking table of the results of class 8. Ji Yi has a total score of 712, and there is a big boss on top of her with a total score of 732.

    700 points or more, want to open the points? Counting the line is simply harder than reaching the sky, but the first grade is 20 points more than her?!

    What? The name of the person is-Xu Yue?

    Ji Yi almost knelt.

    It turned out that she was wrong. The first place was not Song Yanting at all, but Xu Yue, a well-known genius in Yancheng No. 1 Middle School.

    By the way, no one dared to question his results, because Xu Yue participated in the competitions of composition, Olympiad, English, physics and biology and other subjects, all of which won prizes.

    So? The question is coming:

    Xu Yue is not interested in the usual exams, even if he stays in Class 8.

    Why did you take the exam this time?

    Ji Yi couldn’t find the answer, but she called Xu Yue the first time she knew the results.

    The first second after the call was connected, she couldn’t wait to

    say , “Xu Yue! You actually got the first grade in the exam!” “Why? Can’t it?”

    She deliberately held the mobile phone close to the desktop? Lightly beat the table so that the people on the other side could hear, “Woo, you are 20 points more than me?, Master Xu, are you secretly hiding?”

    Xu Yue heard the sound from the sound tube. The sound of the voice, and the girl’s squeamish question? She was stunned, and then replied: “…Yes.”


    ?? ” Xu Yue completely clouded her with a single sentence.

    I’m just kidding, you really should?

    “But really, you’re not too troublesome exam has been done nothing? Why or why it suddenly wanted to learn Pa?”

    Xu more on that? Head? Hum sound, “I am willing.”

    “Trekking trip, you are Learn God, you have the final say.”

    It’s still a little bit? Be careful, if Xu Yue didn’t take the exam, then? She would be the first in grade.

    Fortunately, the other party is Xu Yue.

    “Miss, I’m sorry to disturb you. We have something to do in our shop today. We are going to close in advance.” The clerk of the milk tea shop stood beside her.

    Ji Yi turned his head? took a look? and found that there were no guests around.

    Looking in the direction of the clerk’s finger, there is still a sign written with a highlighter on the counter, telling the closing time.

    Ji Yi quickly got up, took the remaining half a cup of milk tea and went out.

    The phone was still on and the call was not over. As soon as I picked it up, I heard Xu Yue’s voice, “Are you outside?”

    “Well, on the street.”

    “Hurry home? It will rain tonight.” “As

    soon as he finished speaking, Ji Yi felt something falling on his head, and there was a drop of water on the back of his hand.

    Immediately afterwards, the fine and dense raindrops fell.

    Ji Yi quickly ran back under the eaves, watching the raindrops slowly grow bigger, and reluctantly told a cold joke to the phone, “Master Xu, you can change your career to become a prophet.”

    Hearing this, Xu Yue frown.

    He put down the pen in his hand, got up and walked to the window, opened the curtains to take a look, the rain on the balcony was drenched with the mint grass placed on the outside.

    “Ji An’an, where are you?”

    “I’m on xx road.” Ji Yi reported his position frankly.

    “You wait…”

    Halfway through the words, wx popped up a message from Qin Shan.

    The time for the new design draft agreed with Qin Shan is tonight, and he has no extra time to waste.

    Talking too much, he finally changed to a warning: “Take the car and go home? Get in the car and send me the license plate number. When you get home, send a message.”

    Ji Yi stood outside the milk tea shop, and when the cold wind blew, she Can’t help but tremble. The cold fingers were operating the screen of the mobile phone, and he positioned himself to call the taxi back.


    Good test, less homework.

    Ji Yi completed this winter vacation homework in just three days, and most of the time after that was arranged in the dance studio and music room, as well as the photography collaboration with Lu Yi.

    Lu Yi sent a new message, saying that there are merchants? I like her temperament and want to talk about cooperation in commercial auctions.

    There must be remuneration for commercial auctions, Ji Yi is very excited.

    Finally you can make money for yourself!

    It’s a pity that things backfired.

    This is a new store? I don’t want to pay more, but if you take pictures, you can give her the new products in the store.

    Ji Yi considered it for a while and agreed to take over the job.

    Everything is difficult at the beginning, she hasn’t thought about it, and it’s not bad to accumulate popularity step by step.

    A few days later, she received a set of red Hanfu, which was a real commodity sent by Dot.

    Lu Yi and Zhao Yingfeng liked her looks and temperament and agreed to take pictures for her for free.

    In the evening when I chatted with Song Yanke about this, Song Yan was very curious, “Are there any photos to try on? Guiqi!”

    When she received the Hanfu, she took a picture in front of the full-length mirror, and then deleted it. .

    At this moment, Song Yan was entangled in her eyes, so she clicked “Recently Deleted” to restore it and send it out.

    She clicked too quickly, and didn’t realize that the new dialog box that popped up this time was not Song Yanke, but it was… Mr. Xu?

    Ji Yi panicked and clicked to withdraw.

    But it’s useless.

    Xu Yue sent a “?” sign.

    Ji Yi quickly explained: [Wrong frequency]

    Xu Yue was too lazy to type?, and directly sent a string of voices, “Ji An’an, send the photo again.”


    Then send the ugly photo to the sisters. It’s okay, send it to the boss? no! Absolutely not!

    He raised his hand and flipped through the record. It turned out that Xu Yue sent him an English link, so he put the message box on top, causing her to send the wrong photo!

    How can there be such a coincidence! It happened to be met by her!

    Song Yanke was still asking for photos. This time she carefully read the dialog box before sending it.

    Of course, the boss didn’t fight? Even if she just let her go, “It’s you who wears ancient costumes?”

    Ji Yi declared: [That? It’s Hanfu! ]

    Around this topic, the two chatted inexplicably.

    The final result was that Ji Yi was confessed a lot.

    For example:

    Is this a product sent by a merchant?

    If you want to see it, wait until I take the finished product.

    I’m going to shoot the location tomorrow.

    “Wear it? How little? Go on location?”

    “Then? Otherwise, you have to seize the opportunity? To develop yourself, to make money later.” As a poor man, she now makes money besides studying.

    Xu Yue snorted, “Ji An’an, are you stupid? Tell me if you lack money.”

    “Can you? Help me for a while? Help me for the rest of my life and get enough food and clothing.” She has her own principles and persistence.

    Xu Yue couldn’t persuade him, and he was silent for a while, and changed his snoring, “When and where will I take the picture tomorrow?”


    “I want to go too.”

    “You want to accompany me?”

    “No, I’m just Too idle? Panic.”

    Ji Yi laughed out with a “puff”, and replied in voice: “Wait a moment.”

    She found Lu Yi’s WX number and sent a message asking? Can he bring friends with me.

    Lu Yi responded quickly: [Of course it can. With

    the consent of the photographer, she informed Xu Yue of the time and location of the studio.

    Xu Yue replied coolly: “Tomorrow I will pick you up.”

    Everything seems to be moving in a better direction, and Ji Yi sleeps well all night.

    But if she can predict the future, she will definitely not let Xu Yue meet Lu Yi.

The author has something to say: What does

    Xu Yue mean:?

    The relationship is gradual. Xu Yue is different to Ji Yi, but he hasn’t lost his reason for her yet, of course… the truth will never be absent.

    Two pits were dug in this chapter. Regarding Ji Xinfei and Lu Yi, I hope everyone has seen it, haha~

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