AR: Ch 27

The time to go out was at nine o’clock, and Ji Yi set the alarm clock at eight o’clock.

    As soon as the alarm clock rang, he got up from the bed, quickly cleaned himself up, picked out another nice woolen coat and put it on the outside, and finally picked up the installed Hanfu and turned it around in front of the mirror.

    The phone on the dressing table made a “buzzing” vibration. Ji Yi picked up the phone and went downstairs with the bag.

    “I’m out.”

    Xu Yue stood downstairs in the community, wearing a black down jacket.

    The morning sun is very soft, and outlines the delicate contours of his profile.

    He? It seems that he is not afraid of the cold, the zipper of the down jacket is still open, the turtleneck sweater inside is exposed, and the silver-black wing necklace.

    Xu Yue also said that it was…devil’s wings.

    Ji Yi ran to him, and poked his elbow with his finger, “Xu Yue, have you eaten yet?”

    “…hungry?” He? He wanted to answer at first, and then he thought about that sentence? Perhaps it has a double meaning.


    “Take you to eat.”

    This is the first time the two are outside of school? “Make an appointment” to meet. The first breakfast was only settled at a nearby bun shop.

    Counting time to walk to the public handover station, Ji Yi took out the card and swiped it, and Xu Yue took it out… there was only one hundred yuan in bills.

    Just when he was about to throw it in, Ji Yi quickly grabbed his wrist to stop it, and swiped it again with his card.

    It was not crowded at this time, and the two found an empty seat in the back row to sit down.

    But as soon as you sit down? Ji Yi couldn’t help but want to irrigate some chicken soup for the future villain, “It’s not easy to make money, and you can’t spend it casually. Do you know what your behavior was just now? Loss!”

    The boss spread out the one hundred yuan bill clearly: “It’s just that there is no change.”

    All the change just now was used to buy breakfast, and only one hundred yuan bill was left, and he didn’t have any cards. .

    Ji Yi glanced at him? He glanced, and quickly folded the hundred-yuan bills and stuffed him? In the palm of his hand, “No? You can’t waste the change so much. Isn’t there still me?”

    Xu Yue looked surprised? She? With a glance, she filtered the sentence in her mind again: Isn’t there still me?

    After that person died, he never trusted anyone again.

    Even with all the ordinary things in life, he has never thought of relying on others to solve it.

    It happened that this serious girl in front of me would say something misleading every time.

    Xu Yue twitched the corners of his mouth, “Ji An’an, do you know what you can’t say? Some people can’t help?”

    Ji Yi raised his eyelids, and his eyes were still open to him. “But you are Xu The more I am, I am willing to help you.”

    Whether it is the tragic character in the book or the lively young man who has come in contact with him personally now, she is willing to help him.

    About to reach the station, the two stood up and walked towards the back door.

    Didn’t you expect the bus to be bumped suddenly when the bus was delivered? Did you remember the memory of carrying the bag?

    At the moment of his death, he was pulled back with his arms around his waist with a strong hand, and a mint scent rushed into the tip of his nose.

    When the car stopped, she was shocked to realize that most of her body was leaning on Xu Yue’s body, and her soft face pressed against his chest.

    “Hey, can the one in front leave? If you don’t get out of the car, just let it go.”

    Someone behind urged her, she suddenly recovered, and jumped out of the car as if to escape with a bag.

    Knowing that Xu Yue was following, she didn’t look back, but accelerated her speed and ran forward.

    The big and long legs soon surpassed her pace, stopping the person, “Hey, what are you running?”

    ” Yes , it’s just a bit late, yes, I’m going to be late!” Ji Yi stumbled to explain, not even? I am ashamed to look up to see? His? expression.

    Xu Yue suddenly leaned toward her side and pressed her.

    Ji Yi’s eyes widened, and his mind went blank for a moment.

    Then there was a knock on his head, and he heard from his ear? With a smile, “eyes are so big? What are you doing? Just help you carry the bag.”

    Ji Yi clutched his head and muttered in a low voice: I doubt the villain The boss is teasing me! But I don’t? There is evidence!

    It was ten o’clock when I arrived at the photography studio, and it was Aimee who picked her up.

    Aimee smiled and greeted Ji Yi, her eyes were drawn to the teenager next to her, “This is?”

    “His name is Xu Yue, my friend, who came with me today.”

    “Oh~” Aimee said. Don’t look deeply at the two of them, look at them, don’t say they’re broken, “In this way, I will take you to put on makeup first, as for your friends…you can also come and see them together.”

    Xu Yue very Consciously wanting to follow, Ji Yi had a clever idea and stopped him outside, “You can play with your phone here.”

    Xu Yue took his hand and stared at her, then asked, “Can’t you see?”

    “I will put on makeup and change clothes in a while, isn’t it convenient?” Ji Yi said nonsense seriously.

    Xu Yue raised his eyebrows and took a few steps back.

    Ji Yi nodded in satisfaction and followed Aimee into the makeup room.

    Aimee seemed to see through her mind, “Do you not want him to see? See your makeup process?”

    “Yes, a sudden change of image will give people a sense of visual impact.”

    Who made Xu Yue question her yesterday? It doesn’t look good in Hanfu? Here it is!

    It’s all because she is standing in front of the full-length mirror and taking pictures casually. She looks short and fat. She looks very sloppy with her hair scattered. You must dress up well today. It’s best to brighten the eyes of the boss!

    “Do you like that boy?”

    “What?” Ji Yi was stunned? He repeatedly shook his head and denied, “No! Me and him? Just friends.”

    Aimee took a dark gray eyebrow pencil and drew it for her. When she bent her eyebrows to Liu Ye and made the last stroke, she reminded Ji Yi softly, “When an average girl says this, she is already inadvertently moved.”


    There seemed to be a flame exploded in his heart.

    Xu Yue sat outside and waited for an entire hour without saying a word.

    Zhao Yingfeng came in with some photography props, and was a little surprised to see that there was an unfamiliar teenager in the studio. When he looked at the appearance of the boy, he didn’t even have his identity. He didn’t even want to ask, and he handed it over with his business card. “Hello, my name is Zhao Yingfeng, I am a professional photographer…” In a

    word?: “Are you interested in taking pictures? I can take pictures for you for free.”

    Ji Yi heard Zhao Yingfeng as soon as she came out of the makeup room. In Huyou Xu Yue was a model, and Xu Yue had no expression on her face, she didn’t hold back a laugh.

    Hearing a chuckle, Xu Yue glanced back.

    Ping Ping Tingting’s girly style stepped slowly, the waist-length skirt outlines her slender waist, and her gorgeous red dress looks like fireworks in winter.

    She took the skirt and turned it around in front of Xu Yue. The hem of the six-meter skirt turned like a blooming flower.

    “Good-looking?” She? asked? Xu Yue.

    The girl grabbed the skirt with both hands, with anticipation in her eyes, and smiled at him.

    When she laughed, her bright eyes were delicate and pretty, and the willow-leaf eyebrows were very old-fashioned. The red eyebrows hanging from the hair bun on both sides to the front of the forehead are like cinnabar, which adds a touch of beauty to the beauty.

    Xu Yue stared at the girl’s bright face, was silent for a while, and looked away embarrassedly, “Put the coat on.”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    So her stunning plan failed?

    Ji Yi didn’t move, Xu Yue took the initiative to fetch her coat for her, wrap it around her body, and cover it tightly.

    While sitting in the car, Ji Yi was thinking about a question: Did Xu Yue have any? Did she replace her short, fat, and sloppy image with the current Meimei appearance?

    Suddenly remembering the lack of a person, Ji Yi asked? “By the way, Mr. Zhao, Master, why didn’t you have it today? See? Old Master Lu?”

    Zhao Yingfeng replied, “He? He has something to deal with, so he will go directly to shoot. ground. ” “

    Oo. “

    Ji recalled sitting in the car, even wearing a coat will still cold, she? under? consciousness shrugging and rubbed his hands together.

    Xu Yue’s small movements were still discovered by Xu Yue, he? Something else? Not to mention untie his down jacket and put it on Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi quickly refused, “Don’t, you will catch a cold.”

    “I won’t.”

    “You’re not a body of iron…” The

    two disputed over this question, Zhao Yingfeng turned back helplessly teasing: ” Do I still have to eat dog food when I come out to take a photo?”

    “…” The

    two were silent at the same time.

    Ji Yi quietly glanced at the person next to her with the foresight, for fear that the boss would think about it and finally wipe her out.

    Is she just a female partner, OK? !

    The boss will treat her? Well, it’s all because of his “no regrets and no regrets” giving food and water and caring. Is it related to falling in love? There is half a dime relationship, after all, the boss committed suicide in the end.

    In the end, Ji Yi wrapped up like a bear, and only returned his coat to Xu Yue when he got out of the car.

    “I’m going to take a picture in a while, so I have to take it off and get used to it in advance?”

    Zhao Yingfeng leaned against the car and called? “Lu Yi, how long will you have? Oh, it’s almost there, right? We are waiting for you at the door. “

    Xu Yue frowned, “Lu Yi?”

    “Yes, another photographer named Lu Yi, he is very good at taking pictures.” Ji Yi commented casually, didn’t he notice that the person standing next to him changed in an instant. Turned his face.

    When looking at the man who came to the distance, Xu Yue’s face was stiff, his hands clenched into fists, as if to crush something.

    Ji Yi was about to pass, Xu Yue suddenly put his hand on her shoulder, controlling her, making her unable to move forward.

    “What’s the matter?”

    Ji Yi turned to look suspiciously? Come over.

    His fingers changed to a grasping posture, staring at Ji Yi and asked, “

    Ji An’an, who is taking the picture of you?” Ji Yi bluntly replied, “Old teacher Lu Yi and old teacher Zhao Yingfeng, he You two.”

    His eyes were locked on her face, “What if I said, don’t take pictures?”

    Ji Yi asked inexplicably?: “What’s wrong?”

    “If I tell you not to take pictures? Now, will you agree?”

    Xu Yue’s emotions suddenly changed, making Ji Yi look dumbfounded.

    The strength to press on her shoulders is getting stronger and stronger, she squeaks out “pain”, and is more concerned about the state of the people around her, “Xu Yue, what’s the matter with you?” Xu Yue

    relaxed a little, but was stubborn. Repeat, “Ji An’an, don’t let him? Take it, okay?”

    “But this is my job.”

    “I’ll help you change a photographer!”

    Lu Yi walked over, still in his usual gentle appearance, what he blurted out? But it was full of sarcasm, “You let Xiao Yi not shoot. No? Who do you think you are?”

    That tone, as if mocking, he? Just a trivial rubbish scum.

    Xu Yue frowned tightly, and a sharp light burst into his eyes.

    The author has something to say:

    So, how would An’an choose?

    1. Feelings belong to feelings, and work is well scored.

    2. There are always exceptions and preferences

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