AR: Ch 28

 Lu Yi wearing glasses looks gentle, he can laugh when facing Ji Yi? “Xiao Yi, please come and take pictures, things are ready.”

    “Uh…” Ji Yi is not stupid, he is a discerning person. At a glance, I knew that there was a secret between Xu Yue and Lu Yi.

    She glanced at her hand on her shoulder again, and didn’t mean to let it go.

    “Xu Yue, can you let me go first?” Her voice was as soft as usual.

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes, and his dark pupils were covered with a layer of haze. The color of his lips seemed to be a little lighter than usual, and his cold expression concealed his uneasy emotions.


    A low mumbling murmur came from his throat.

    Want it again?…was given up?

    He was still expecting it.

    The hand pressing on the shoulder gradually loosened, and the posture of the fingers bent as if it was frozen at the moment, holding it in mid-air and refusing to fall.

    “Pray like a dog without dignity, and others will pity you?” Lu Yi deliberately approached and said these poisoned words in a voice that only two people could hear.

    His eyes were full of contempt and a hint of disgust, “What do you think, what qualifications do you have?”

    Ji Yi’s small face completely strode down.

    Although she only heard the latter sentence, from the perspective of Lu Yi’s unkind attitude, she was deliberately mocking.

    A “famous” anger rose in my heart because I hated Lu Yi’s attitude towards Xu Yue.

    With a serious expression on her small face, she suddenly turned to protect Xu Yue by her side, and gave Lu Yi angrily, “Why do you have any right to question my friend?”

    Xu Yue and Lu Yi are both the same. shock.

    Ji Yi’s reaction was completely beyond their expectations.

    That’s not a girl’s momentary mood. She faced Lu Yi eloquently, “I am a model and you are a photographer. I usually respect you and call you Teacher Lu. It does not mean that you can use my name to insult my friends at will.”

    Lu Yi couldn’t understand her choice. Through? The light in his eyes was mixed with questioning, “Couldn’t he not let you take the picture? You want to? Give up your chance for such a person?”


    Whether to shoot or not is her choice.

    She can refute Xu Yue, but does not allow others to ridicule Xu Yue in her name.

    Lu Yi was furious, “Then why don’t you ask him, why don’t you let you shoot? Do you think he can make up? What reason!”

    She greeted him calmly? Lu Yi’s angry eyes, her tone firmer?, “No. I believe him, that’s the reason.”

    Her bold defense seemed to stimulate Lu Yi, Xu Yue turned around and left her behind, and confronted Lu Yi himself?

    Ji Yi was afraid that he was really out of control, and immediately pulled him up. He went to find Zhao Yingfeng.

    “Ms. Zhao, I’m sorry that something can’t be taken today.”

    “What’s the matter?” Zhao Yingfeng, who was dealing with the props, was a little confused.

    “The matter is a bit complicated. I will contact you again after I handle it. I’m really sorry.”

    Ji Yi was very polite and apologetic when facing Zhao Yingfeng.

    Zhao Yingfeng couldn’t figure out the situation for a while, but seeing her really anxious, she waved her hand and didn’t stop her, “If you have something to do, you can deal with it first, but you can’t forget about owing me a set of photos.”

    Zhao Ying is passionate about photography, nothing else?

    Ji Yi reluctantly pulled out a smile and nodded at him.

    When he left, he deliberately held up his chest, showing that he was very backbone.

    Xu Yue followed behind her without leaving, her thin lips pressed tightly, and she was silent all the time.

    After a long distance, Ji Yi let go of her hand naturally, and spit out a sigh of relief, “I’m almost suffocated, am I so handsome just now?”

    She smiled at Xu Yue, as if asking for credit.

    Xu Yue frowned without speaking, and suddenly stretched out his hands to embrace her in his arms, and kept tightening, as if he wanted to rub her into the blood.

    It’s inseparable anymore.

    “Ji An’an.”

    “Why, what’s wrong?”

    “Ji     An’an.”     “Yes



“I’m here, what’s wrong, just say it.”


    Except for repeating her over and over again Aside from the name, Xu Yue said nothing more.

    Suddenly she felt a force of strength falling on the socket of her neck.

    Xu Yue kept holding her hands and refused to let go, with her chin resting on her shoulders, looking very intimate.

    Ji Yi probably could feel that his emotions were a little out of control. After hesitating for a long time, he finally raised his hand and patted his back lightly.

    The book says that Xu Yue had a miserable childhood and was always given up by people in different ways when he grew up, so he finally took the extreme road.

    She didn’t understand why no one chose him for such a good Xu Yue?

    But at this moment, I suddenly discovered that the answer is not important anymore.

    If no one chooses him, then she will be fine.

    Aren’t you foolish? Seeing him commit suicide in the dark and lonely room alone in the future with his own eyes.

    In this life, she wants to let “Ji Yi” live well, but also foolish? Let Xu Yue live well!


    After arguing with Lu Yi, Xu Yue found her a new set of photography on the same day, and the merchant expressed satisfaction after watching it, even stupidly cooperating with Ji Yi for a long time.

    Afterwards, Ji Yi specifically apologized to Zhao Yingfeng, and agreed to some feasible requirements, with full sincerity.

    As for the grievances between Lu Yi and Xu Yue, she didn’t get to the bottom. Everyone has their own secrets, and she just made the choice she wanted.

    The New Year’s Eve is approaching, Ji’s family does not have the lively atmosphere of the New Year. The day before New Year’s Eve, Ji Guosheng went abroad to discuss work, and Zhao Shuyi also followed.

    Foolishly, no matter how busy her parents are, they will spare time to spend time with her. The family will have a happy new year. Even if I live in my uncle’s house later, there are definitely a lot of red envelopes that I should have.

    And this year’s New Year’s Eve, she couldn’t find the feeling of the holiday.

    Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi are still abroad, so busy that they can’t take care of them? The two children at home.

    Aunt Su also returned to her home for a holiday early for the new year.

    Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei are the only ones left at home.

    Ji Xinfei brought her own halo, and many people invited her out on New Year’s Eve.

    It is said that fireworks will be set off in the square at eight o’clock in the evening. Ji Yi stayed at home alone, so bored, he simply went out with his mobile phone.

    But she underestimated the level of traffic congestion on New Year’s Eve. The subway stopped running, and the taxi was blocked in the middle of the road…

    However, the fireworks in the square only lasted for ten minutes, so Ji Yi missed it perfectly.

    “This New Year’s Eve is really bad enough.” The

    temperature is lowering at night, and she is not foolish? Blowing a cool breeze outside.

    No way, I can only turn around and go back.

    But when she finally walked to the door, she reached out and touched her pocket, but she found that she didn’t bring the key…

    Aunt Su will go back to her hometown, surely she can’t come back, so she can only call Ji Xinfei.

    “Ji Yi? What’s the matter with you?” Ji Xinfei was at the party, and there was a bit noisy over there.

    Ji Yi rubbed her ears, “Well, I forgot the key, where are you now? Can I go there? Can I get the key?”

    She offered to go and get it, so that it won’t delay Ji Xinmei’s time.

    But Ji Xinfei didn’t respond, and hung up with two beeps.


    Ji Yi looked at the hung up page, feeling a little speechless for a while.

    Even if you don’t give her the key, you don’t have to be so direct!

    What can I do? Going to the hotel without an ID card is still a minor even if there is one.

    Is it necessary? She waits for Ji Xinhui to return home like a little pitiful?

    Also…too? It’s miserable.

    Ji Yi struggled for a long time, and finally took out her mobile phone and sat by the door, and she was able to rub the WiFi at home.

    Someone in the circle of friends was taking a picture of the whole family, and some were having a delicious dinner. Only she was sitting pitifully at the door. Like a little homeless beggar.

    “Goo…” I was hungry.

    Ji Yi touched his stomach, got up and went downstairs, planning to go to a restaurant outside the community to settle dinner.

    The sky is getting dark, and the warm-colored street lights are extraordinarily bright.

    Standing at the intersection of the community is a long figure, with black clothing from head to toe to make his whole person very dark, as if to hide in the dark night, but was illuminated by the lantern on the tree.

    Ji Yi moved his lips, not daring to call out his name directly.

    The mobile phone in her hand was squeezed tightly, she stepped lightly and walked towards the person in the dark step by step.

    That young man stood lazily under the tree, put his hands into the pockets of his coat at random, lowered his head, his eyes fell on the ground, but he didn’t know what he was fooling.

    Until a pair of beige boots came out? Now in his sight.

    There is an obvious English letter on one side of the beige booties. The round shoelaces are tied into an unsightly bow by the owner. The extra straps are longer and shorter. Maybe you need to loosen them in two more steps.

    The owner of the pair of shoes stopped half a meter away from him, and no one said immediately.

    Just when Ji Yi was about to open her mouth…

    Young Nian suddenly took a step forward, unexpectedly squatted down on one knee in front of her, carefully untied the loose knot for her, and skillfully tied it into equal bow knots on both sides.

    Ji Yi was flattered.

    The future boss bowed his head in front of her, and tied her shoelaces himself? ? ?

    Is this true? Is it happening?

    Isn’t she dreaming?

    “Xu Yue, you grab me a bit.” She took the initiative to pass her white and tender hand up.

    Hearing this, Shao? Nian also raised his hand.

    As he slowly approached, Ji Yi’s eyebrows moved, and he quickly retracted, and even beat him back, “Are you really? You want to grab me? You are too cruel!”

    Such a tone really? It’s him. Hearing the most innocent “accusation”, Xu Yue stretched his eyebrows, and the coldness of the past disappeared.

    How could you be willing to…

    “Why are you here? Isn’t it New Year’s Eve today? You don’t need to go back? Home…”

    Ji Yi suddenly stopped speaking and didn’t dare to say any more.

    Xu Yue didn’t care, and answered her straightforwardly, “You don’t have to go back to your house to spend the new year.”

    Ji Yi had a clue, “Then, I will spend the new year with you!”

    If you bring Mr. Xu on, she will not be alone.

    Under her expectant gaze, Xu Yue nodded gently.

    “That’s great!”

    Ji Yi felt much better because of the company, and said that she would treat her tonight.

    But in the end Xu Yue paid the money.

    It feels very good to be around the boss, not only is there someone to accompany, money, but also quietly listening to her nagging.

    “Originally, I planned to go to the square to watch the fireworks. I’m not foolish? On the road? It’s too crowded. I haven’t arrived yet, and the fireworks are all over.”

    This tone sounded rather regrettable.

    Xu more sideways suddenly saw her go sip at the mouth and asked:? “Jian An, you dare me to go home yet??”

    Author has to say:

    Xu brother Niubi ……

    says very much, a Say it’s all important poems

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