AR: Ch 29

  Ji Yi followed Xu Yue to a completely unfamiliar place. It was far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it was extremely quiet on the lively New Year’s Eve.

    When Xu Yue asked her if she would dare to go home with him, she was only slightly surprised, but she didn’t feel any fear in her heart.

    I don’t know since when, the villain she was afraid of turned out to be an existence that could give her a sense of security.

    This residential complex is the layout of a garden house, and you can reach it by walking through the steps on the first floor after entering from the gate.

    But when I got to the top of the stairs, I found that it was dark and there was no light.

    She slapped her palm, but still didn’t respond.

    “Are there no street lights or voice-activated lights here?” She asked puzzledly.

    Xu Yue raised his head and glanced at the corner where the light was shining on weekdays, and he unscrewed his eyebrows, “It should be broken.”

    “…It’s bad luck.” Ji Yi touched his nose, thinking that he would have a good time on New Year’s Eve. ? It’s really miserable.

    Xu Yue stretched out his hand to her, “Grab it.”

    Ji Yi glanced down at her. There is no light in this area. He really can’t appreciate his fingers. Then he raised his hand and grabbed him with his fingers. .

    When doing these actions, she was magnanimous.

    The darkness that the light cannot illuminate hides all the unspoken emotions of the young man, as well as the impulse to be suppressed in his heart.

    “Follow me.”


    Ji Yi trusted him very much.

    Following Xu Yue’s footsteps, step by step steadily stepped onto the stairs, successfully reached the corner, and continued to climb.

    There were already lights on the higher floor, and the afterglows spilled down. She was able to see the stairs clearly, and naturally she could see the hands between the two people.

    Originally, she simply grasped Xu Yue with a few fingers, but now, inexplicably, he has wrapped her little hand with his generous palm, and can clearly feel the temperature of the palm of his hand gradually rising.

    “Your hands are so warm.” Ji Yi sighed freely.

    Xu Yuezai, who

    had just stepped up the last step of the stairs, was shocked when he heard this sentence, and forgot to remind her of the next step… Ji Yi just stepped up the stairs, moved a step forward, and mentioned a low Short Kan, if he thought he was holding Xu Yue’s hand, he almost fell.


    She really is!

    Wrestling in front of Xu Yue every time!

    Although I didn’t fall every time, the process was very embarrassing, okay!

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes, and the slightly curled eyelashes reflected a faint shadow at the corner of his eyes.

    Just after a while, he raised the corners of his lips, his beautiful eyebrows became softer, and the dark brown teary moles at the corners of his face and eyes became more charming, “It’s a pity, I didn’t rush into my arms this time. “

    Here .” Ji Yi was amused by his words similar to “fooling”? He blushed and broke away from the palm of his hand without anger, and patted the back of his hand, “Big brother, how cold and serious are you?”

    “I.” What did you do to me? What a big misunderstanding?” He raised his eyebrows? In his deliberately low tone? There was a lot of scorn in his tone.

    Knowing that he couldn’t compete with him, Ji Yi stepped on the railing of the stairs and continued to walk forward.

    But after two steps, he was dragged by his coat and hat, and he could no longer move forward.

    “Where to go?”

    Xu Yue held her shoulders and drew people closer to her side.

    Then he took out a key and inserted it straight into the keyhole in front of him.


    I saw that slender fingers pinched a round key and inserted it into the keyhole and turned to the right. Hearing the sound, the door opened.

    It turned out to have arrived…

    Xu Yue reached out and pressed the switch beside the door, and the dark interior suddenly became bright.

    “Come in.”

    “What am I wearing?”

    “…” This? The question is really hard for him.

    There are only two pairs of slippers beside the shoe cabinet, a pair of dark blue cotton slippers and a pair of black sandals, which he usually wears.

    Xu Yue glanced at it, and didn’t let her change, “Come in right away.”

    “Aren’t there two? Pairs of slippers?” Ji Yi pointed to the corner of the shoe cabinet.

    “That’s what I passed through.”

    “Do you mind?” she asked simply.

    “If you don’t mind, I can wear yours.”

    The lights in the living room are bright, and the floor is very clean, completely different from the smashed room she saw last time.

    This means that the owner who lives here loves to be clean.

    And they stepped on some water when they came just now, and they will definitely leave footprints when they step in.

    Xu Yue bent down and put the black slippers beside the shoe cabinet to her feet, “wear this one.”

    Ji Yi took off the snow boots, revealing the white plush socks.

    As she was about to continue taking off her cotton socks, Xu Yue stopped her, “Wearing it directly, it will be cold.”

    Ji Yi then withdrew his hand.

    Originally, she was afraid that Xu Yue would mind, but she was also afraid of cold.

    Xu Yue’s slippers are really not suitable for her. They will be able to wear them, but when walking, they have to step on every step firmly, otherwise they will fall off easily or even accidentally fall.

    Xu Yue seemed to see through her thoughts and reminded: “Be careful.”

    “I see.”

    “If it is true? Accidentally fall…Remember? Lean in my arms.” He suddenly looked sideways, tears in the corners of his eyes. Moles are particularly obvious.

    Ji Yi: “!!!”

    I suspect that the big guy is teasing me!

    This time there is evidence!

    Xu Yue put her in the living room, opened the door, and entered the room on the far left.

    “Wait for me.”

    Staying in the living room of someone else’s house is inevitably a little restrained. She sits on the leather sofa in an upright posture, her legs are almost 90° bent and closed, and her two hands are slightly crossed. On the knees.

    His eyes scanned the environment in the living room.

    The living room is very spacious, surrounded by beige as the main color. There are only basic cabinets and tables, but there are almost no things on it, not even a TV.

    In addition to the kitchen and bathroom, there are three room doors in this? It is probably the layout of the bedroom. I don’t know what the bedroom will be like when Mr. Xu lives alone in this?.

    She was thinking, hearing the sound of closing the door.

    Xu Yue held a black box in his hand, which looked a little heavier.

    He carried the black box on the balcony and put it on the balcony. He turned around and hooked up to Ji Yi, “Come here.”


    Ji Yi stood by the side and looked at this black box, leaning over to look carefully, but also. I don’t know what it is.

    She poked her finger twice, “What is this?”

    Xu Yue said, “Go back a little.”

    “Oh.” She did it, and took a step back.

    Xu Yue fumbled around the edge of the black box, and the lid suddenly popped open, and there was a hand similar to the middle clock rotating clockwise.

    Ji Yi looked carefully, and when the pointer turned halfway, a beam of light suddenly burst out of the box, which bloomed in the sky about one meter away. The colorful fireworks were gorgeous and gorgeous.

    A bunch of fireworks burst out at every scale where the pointer passes, and a crisp sound can be heard in the ear, and a bright light in front of the eyes.

    Although it is not as grand as the fireworks I have seen before, the clusters of sparks flashing around like clusters of meteors are particularly dazzling.

    “This? This is the most special firework I have ever seen.”

    She stared straight at the front of this strange scene, not willing to miss one.

    “Do you like it?”

    “It’s beautiful…”

    She sighed sincerely.

    When the hour hand traveled three-quarters of the distance, Xu Yue suddenly grabbed her wrist and stretched her open palm upwards. The fireworks were in her palm, and there was no strange feeling.

    “Can I touch the fireworks?” I have never experienced this before? What a novel thing, her bright and bright eyes are full of surprises.

    “This? It’s not the same as the fireworks seen in reality. It’s just an image made by a mechanical box, recording the sound of the fireworks.”

    “Is this? Is it something you made?”

    “Huh?” Xu Yue glanced at the bottom. After a little doubt, he never mentioned to Ji Yi what he would do.

    But when he saw her calm eyes, he restrained all the doubts in his heart and nodded, “Yes.”

    “Xu Yue, you are so amazing! Really amazing!!” She was excited? He hugged the big brother’s arm, as if he hugged a golden thigh.

    She knows that Xu Yue is very talented in mechanics. Not only can he draw all kinds of novel designs, but he can even do it by himself.

    So when I saw this, my first reaction when I saw this gadget was not to ask him where he bought it, but to know if he made it by himself.


    The friend she fancy is really amazing!

    The thigh she chose is absolutely correct.

    The black box will not only set off fireworks, but can also link to Bluetooth to play music. It also has a mirror on the side. In short, the whole body is a magic switch.

    Ji Yi simply regarded the black box as a rare treasure, and liked it so much.

    She made no secret of her emotions, Xu Yue could see clearly.

    But even if she liked it, she didn’t take the initiative. He asked him to take the initiative. He couldn’t help but take the initiative. He said, “If you like it, give it to you.”

    “Give it to me?” She was shocked and her mouth grew.

    She had an “o” shape, but she soon returned to her ladylike appearance, “This? How embarrassed…” But she held the black box and refused to let go, her eyes?

    The corners of the boy’s mouth raised slightly, “Don’t be embarrassed, I have to give it to you.”

    “That’s so grateful!”

    She wished? Now? Hold this magical black box and kiss him.

    When the two people were delayed until 11 o’clock in the evening, Ji Yi asked to go home. Xu Yue got up with the key and said, “I’ll take you back.” As

    soon as he arrived at the door, the phone vibrated.

    Xu Yue hooked the phone and tapped a few times. It was not a text for New Year’s congratulations, but Qin Shan was urging work.

    He pulled down the phone and put it in his pocket, just as he didn’t see it.

    They were lucky, and there was a taxi passing by as soon as they came downstairs.

    Ji Yi got into the back seat, and as soon as he sat there, Xu Yue followed.

    “I can go back by myself.” Ji Yi didn’t want to bother him anymore.

    Xu Yue didn’t say a word, and directly closed the car door, using actions to show his choice.

    After tossing for nearly half an hour, I finally got home, but found that there was no one on that floor of Ji’s house.

    Ji Yi was a little surprised, “I won’t be back yet…”

    “Why don’t you leave?”

    “I don’t know if the people at home are back.”

    “Go up and have a look.”

    She knocked on the door a few times. Ringing the door? The bell did not respond. I have to call? Ji Xinfei again, only to hear a cold customer service tone, “Sorry?, the call you are calling is in the process of a call…”

    This? Probably not busy, but Ji Xinfei deliberately refused to answer. NS.

    Ji Yi stood dejectedly at the door.

    Xu Yue came over again, tilted his head and asked: “Go home with me? Sleep?”

    The author has something to say:

    Luo Luo wishes everyone a happy New Year~ The new year

    has been relatively busy recently, and the update is late, but it won’t break. Da, eat with peace of mind.

    In addition, there has been a frequent occurrence of flu pneumonia recently. Please take precautions. I hope everyone is healthy and collect more money for a good year.

    Tomorrow the first day of the day, I will send two red envelopes from the comment area. Ha~ I love you

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