AR: Ch 30

Ji Yi opened her mouth, not knowing what to say.

    Why can the elder brother invite the girl? The child goes home to sleep? All kinds of things to be said? Seriously?

    The most frightening thing is that she finally gave in…

    Calling Ji Xinfei at the door of her house was refused. She waited stubbornly for half an hour. During that time, she called Ji Xinfei three times.

    Finally she gave up.

    Looking pitifully at the boss leaning on the elevator, with a tragic look, “Please stay…”

    “Tsk.” He had already expected this ending.

    This? It’s already ten o’clock in the evening.

    “It’s cold.” Ji Yi stood at the door and rubbed his hands, but he couldn’t resist the cold on his face.

    Xu Yue opened a door and quickly took a blanket out of it, “Need it?”

    She shook her head, “It’s okay, I’ll be warm after standing in the house for a while.”


    Xu The more I took back the blanket, when I came out again, I suddenly asked: “Would you like to take a bath?” Take a


    She was between “love to be clean” and “inconvenient”? After thinking about it, she shook her head and said, “Forget it, it’s not very convenient.”

    Xu Yue nodded, took her to the sink and bathroom, and told her the light switch and Water switch.

    Ji Yi had to wash his face and feet, and there was already an extra bed of quilt and pillows on the sofa.

    As a guest, she consciously climbed up and raised her hand to say good night to the boss, but found that the boss stared at her with surprise.

    Ji Yi touched his face subconsciously, “I didn’t wash my face?”

    “No…” Xu Yue asked, “What are you doing up there?”

    “Sleep!” She made sense? Of course.

    Xu Yue raised her hand and pressed her temple, her tone was rather helpless, “Do you think…this? A sofa? Is it for you?”

    “Ah? Isn’t it?”

    She realized that her behavior was too casual, immediately I got up from the sofa and became cautious, “I’m sorry, I think you are sleeping with a quilt and pillow.”

    “It’s sleeping, but not you.”

    He directly mentioned Ji Yi’s outside? Set the collar and take the person to the rightmost room.

    This room has a deep style, just as unpredictable as Xu Yue’s own person.

    He pointed to the bed and said, “You sleep here tonight.”

    Ji Yi was flattered again.

    At first glance, there are people living in this area. Eight out of ten are Xu Yue’s usual bedrooms.

    The boss not only took her in, but also let out his room.

    Really? I’m so touched!

    But besides being moved, there is reason? I have to refute it hypocritically, “What do you do if I sleep in your room? Originally, I was very grateful that you could take me in. Now? I still occupy the owner’s house.

    My bedroom, I’m really embarrassed.” Xu Yue pointed to the bed, with a hint of joking in his words, “So are you here? Invite me to sleep with you?”

    Ji Yi: “No! Don’t get me wrong! I don’t have this? What a meaning! “

    Big brother, I can’t answer your words properly!

    She was really thick-skinned than Xu Yue, so she simply hid in the bed and buried herself.

    Xu Yue lazily took up his hands and stood on the bedside, seeing the little girl bury her whole person in the big quilt, and curl her mouth.

    After a while, Ji Yi cautiously got out of the bed, and half-opened his eyes to look, only to find that Xu Yue’s figure was no longer in the room.

    “When did you leave?” She was a

    little puzzled.

    Didn’t even hear the door closing?

    Xu Yue specially left a bedside lamp for her, giving her a sense of security in this unfamiliar environment.

    But she stayed in this warm room without sleep.

    Ji Yi was lying by the window, resting his cheeks and looking at the bright lights in the distance.

    The New Year’s bell? It’s about to ring, and New Year’s Eve is about to end… The new year is coming soon.

    She tiptoed close to the door, gently unscrewed the doorknob, and found that the light in the living room was still bright.

    The little head poked out, she was a little panicked when she looked left and right without seeing half a person.

    “Xu Yue?” I

    didn’t hear a response, and I felt a little guilty, and walked out of the door.

    She licked her dry lips and tongue, raised her volume slightly and shouted, “Xu Yue, are you there?” She

    still didn’t get a response.

    Just when she was nervous, she suddenly heard a “click–” and the door on the far left opened.

    “Are you looking for me?” The

    boy stood by the door, holding a screwdriver in his hand.

    Ji Yi pursed her lower lip, “I thought…” I thought

    that this strange place was the only one left behind? That would make her feel terrified.

    Hearing this, Xu Yue raised his hand, “Wait for a while.”

    He plunged into the room again?

    Ji Yi stood there, and quietly grasped the hem of his clothes with both hands.

    Xu Yue walked out soon, washed his hands before walking towards her.

    The little girl didn’t wear an outer sleeve, and her feet were wearing sandals. Just standing there, her feet seemed to have been frozen red.

    Xu Yue frowned when

    he saw him , “Go back to the room? Go.” Seeing that he was not very happy, Ji Yi obediently responded, “Oh.”

    Suddenly he forgot his purpose of coming out.

    Because I was not familiar with the environment here, when I went back, God accidentally mentioned the edges and corners of the bed, and it hurt that she immediately bent down.

    “Ji An’an, why are you doing this? You are stupid!”

    He almost laughed angrily .

    The pace at my feet didn’t stop, I walked straight over, and put the person on the bedside to sit down with a light hug.

    He squatted down on one knee again, leaning his fingers lightly against her feet, and asked, “Where did I hit?”

    “Here? Er…” Ji Yi rubbed his knee down a little bit.

    Feeling embarrassed again, coughing clear, pretending to be a joking tone, “Your bed is too hard, right!”

    Xu Yue suddenly raised his eyes to meet her gaze, and added slowly: ” Remove the second and third characters, it’s more real.”

    Remove the second and third characters?

    You too…too hard, right?

    “??” Ji Yi was almost blocked from coming up.

    Angrily, he opened the quilt and buried himself in it again.

    After a while, I didn’t hear anything. When she thought Xu Yue had already left, a familiar voice suddenly came from above her head, “Get a break early. If you have something to ask for me, I’ll be right outside.”

    Then, She heard the closing of the door.

    After getting out of the bed again, she sniffed and smelled a faint scent of mint.

    It’s the breath that belongs to him.

    Before leaving, the request made her feel more at ease, and she actually slept in this strange place until dawn.

    Ji Yi touched the phone next to the bed and glanced at the time, then he lifted the quilt and put on his clothes and got out of the bed.

    Xu Yue is still sleeping.

    He is very tall, and the overall length of the sofa is no better than him alone. When sleeping, both feet are exposed outside.

    Ji Yi looked at it with distress, and hurried to the room? Take out the little blanket inside and cover him gently.

    She tilted her head and took a closer look, and found that the boss still did not wake up.

    So he moved with his feet and hands gently, with his elbows resting on the edge of the sofa, and his palms resting on his cheeks.

    The big guy’s face is really unsatisfactory, the more I look at it, the more I can’t help but get closer, Ji Yi stares at

    me … Xu Yue will send it out as soon as he wakes up? Existing big eyes are falling straight on?… His face On, still a little obsessed?

    He hesitated for two seconds, didn’t move, that’s it? He asked indifferently: “Am I good-looking?”


    Nodding obediently.

    Continue to fool face.

    Suddenly Xu Yue raised his hand and tapped her forehead, “Saliva is about to flow out.”

    Ji Yi conditioned reflexively reached out and wiped his mouth, then… finally reacted.

    “Xu Yue! You fooled me again!”


    Who called you so cute.


    Ji family finally returned?.

    Xu Yue? Send her home again

    When Ji Yi raised his hand and rang the doorbell, Xu Yue suddenly dragged the person to the stairwell of the safe passage, and educates him righteously, “Ji An’an, you are not allowed to go home with the opposite sex in the future, let alone go home. “Someone stayed overnight at home, do you know?”

    Ji Yi blinked without saying a word.

    Xu Yue frowned, asking for an answer sternly, “Have you heard?”

    “Have you heard?” She nodded and slowly added: “But you invited me to go yesterday.”

    Xu Yue took a deep breath. , His expression was serious, his voice was stern, “If I let you go, you go? What if someone else plots against you, what do you do!”

    There is no sense of prevention at all.

    This? Who is the stupid girl going to piss off!

    “You also said that others? Will plot against me, and you are not someone else?”

    Her concise explanation cut Xu Yue’s anger by half.

    “You!” What else does he want to say, for a while? Can’t speak.

    Xu Yue’s eyebrows moved, and his right hand was placed on her shoulder and pressed lightly, and solemnly said: “In short, I will meet you in the future? See me first, you know?”

    Ji Yi nodded without hesitation and raised her head. The small face smiled at him, “I remembered.” He

    got a satisfactory reply. He moved his hand away from Ji Yi’s shoulder and pointed towards her door, “Okay,

    let’s go back.” “Then I will first I’m home. Tell me when you arrive.”


    Xu Yue stood there, watching her walk along the corridor to the door of the house, raising his hand and rang the doorbell.

    Soon, the door opened from the inside, and the petite figure disappeared from sight.

    He stood with his back on the bar of the stairs and left after a while.


    The spring semester starts, and the students who had fun during the winter vacation have returned to the campus one after another.

    Starting from the division of subjects, they will be reclassified according to their grades every semester. Xu Yue, who won the first place in the whole year last time, and Ji Yi, who ranked second, are undoubtedly promoted to the same class.

    “Hey, this time when school starts, Ji Yi wants to return to our class. This time there are good shows.”

    “That’s not necessarily true. Ji Yi is now? But he is a schoolmaster, even better than Ji Xinfei.”

    “I’m afraid I didn’t come back to grab my boyfriend?”

    Even after a semester, they still can’t forget Ji Yiduo’s madness when he was chasing Song Yanting.

    The students in the original class are already sitting in the same positions as last semester, and the faces of Song Yanting and Ji Xinfei are really not pretty.

    “Don’t say it, they are here!” When the

    voice fell, the head teacher led the five new classmates into the class.

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