AR: Ch 6

  Xu Yue didn’t know Ji Yi, but he knew this person, who was notoriously rebellious in his first year of high school.

    Of course, he can remember the name “Ji Yi” entirely because the group of clowns who wanted to overwhelm him said that it was Ji Yi who paid for him.

    Those boring girls are discussing who is the first in grade between him and Song Yanting. Ji Yi, who is obsessed with Song Yanting, is naturally concerned about it.

    Sure enough, anyone who approaches him has a purpose.

    Xu Yue bent over to pick up the ball under his feet and smashed it out fiercely-

    everyone was frightened by his dark eyes, but they saw Xu Yue quietly turning and leaving the playground.

    On the other side, Ji Yi was swayed by Song Yanke’s arms.

    Song Yanke has completely transformed into a little fan holding the thigh mode, and the eyes staring at Ji Yi are shining, “It turns out that you are a hidden master! How did you do that handsome spinning movement just now? Can you martial arts? Can you teach me a great god?”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    How can I explain to this new little fan girl that she really does not know martial arts!

    “That’s not martial arts, it’s just dance training.”

    When she was young, her parents felt that she should cultivate some hobbies, so they took her to visit related amateur courses such as piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.

    She finally chose dance and piano, focusing on folk dance and piano, but other types of dance also have contact with musical instruments.

    Their dance teacher is a very magical character, who likes to train them in difficult movements in a different way than usual, and the back kick spin is just one of them.

    Speaking of the fact that the female partner had to fight Ji Xinfei in the first place, it was not without benefits. At least this body has good softness, so that she can use her skills.

    Ji Yi’s move caused some students in Class 8 to re-examine her, but Xu Yue became colder than before.

    “Xu Yue, you…”

    “Shut up, be quiet.”

    “Oh…” Ji Yi thought about it and didn’t want to understand where he provoke him.

    Next English class.

    Ji Yi looked at the English text in the book, holding the signature pen with the cat’s head in his right hand and placing it at the corner of his mouth.

    Looking restlessly toward Xu Yue, he found that he was reading a thick English book again, and it was different from last time.

    “It’s amazing.” Unconsciously, he said what was in his heart.

    Xu Yue glanced here, she subconsciously set her posture, knocked her teeth on the cat’s head, and pulled her upper teeth to bite her tongue. The corners of her mouth trembled in pain.


    She quickly reached out her hand to cover her mouth, and silently turned her head to the window.

    Song Yanting happened to pass by the window.

    Ji Yi stared more at the protagonist because of curiosity. As far as she was concerned, Xu Yue’s appearance was more attractive.

    She just made a comparative effort in her heart, and heard people muttering: “Look at Ji Yi and staring at Song Yanting.”

    Ji Yi: !!!

    You can also keep your rumors down, okay?

    Resisting the urge to stand up and retort, Ji Yi closed the English book boredly. She put her finger on her chin and explained to the person next to her: “I don’t think he is because he is good-looking.”

    Xu Yue raised his eyes.

    He heard the soft voice preaching: “I think you look better than him.”

    I felt as if I was scratched by something, the corners of my mouth were slightly raised, and the different colors under my eyes were fleeting.

    “Superficial,” he said.

    Ji Yi didn’t like to listen to these words, so she retorted in a low voice, “What about being shallow, shallow people like your face.”


    On Saturday, Ji Yi received a training message for a dance class, informing her that she would suggest a dance class in the classroom at 8:30 on Sunday.

    Ji Yi adjusted a seven-thirty alarm clock. As soon as she came downstairs, she saw Ji Xinfei walking out of the door carrying a bag.

    Although she and Ji Xinfei are sisters in name, they are like strangers most of the time, doing their own things and seldom communicate with each other.

    “Did she

    leave so early?” “The eldest has been going earlier.”

    Aunt Su thought of Ji Yi’s recent changes and asked tentatively: “Second Miss, are you still going to the dance class?”


    Ji Yi answered readily, Aunt Su nodded and continued to arrange breakfast for her.

    Ji Yi bit a piece of pastry, and suddenly remembered a question, “Didn’t I still sign up for the piano class? When did the class come, and I suddenly forgot.”

    “Hey… But the second lady, you said no during the summer vacation. I’m going to piano class again.”

    “Really…” Did she miss the plot, or did her arrival change the story in the book?

    Ji Yi couldn’t find the answer for the time being, but she planned to talk to Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi, and she wanted to continue studying for the exam.

    When Zhao Shuyi heard Ji Yi’s proposal to apply for the piano class, she readily agreed with only a moment of hesitation.

    Ji Yi thought about clarifying things all at once, with a questioning tone: “Parents, I want to continue to learn dance, but this time it is not jazz, but folk dance. Is that okay?”

    Ji Guosheng put down the newspaper in his hand. , Pushed his glasses to look at Ji Yi, and said very seriously: “Don’t be fooling around.”

    Ji Yi explained: “It’s not a

    fooling around this time, I think very clearly.” Ji Guosheng: “I think you’re just looking for trouble , think about it. It’s one thing, who knows if you will go back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? I don’t agree with this matter.”

    “I know your mind. You are too competitive and want to compare everything with your heart. Heart is your sister. She is excellent. You should be proud of her instead of trying to step on her!”

    Ji Guosheng was already a little angry after speaking.

    It was as if the long-held depressed emotions finally couldn’t help being released.

    Perhaps because the female match has too many previous convictions, all the blame now falls on her.

    Ji Yi listened quietly and did not immediately refute.

    Zhao Shuyi saw her daughter lower her head, and her heart was sour, “Don’t say that, Xiao Yi will let her learn if she wants to, and our family doesn’t lack that money.”

    Zhao Shuyi is also on the side of her biological daughter anyway, “Xiao Yi, you Don’t worry, mom will contact you immediately. If you don’t like the previous piano class, let’s pick another one.”

    Such a firm maintenance almost made Ji Yi see the shadow of her biological mother in her body. With a thought, she turned back to calm down. Zhao Shuyi, “It doesn’t matter mom, the previous piano class is fine.”

    “Dad, this time I am not for others, only for myself. I hope you and mom can trust me.”

    Ji Yi’s initiative and persistence, coupled with Zhao Shuyi Ji Guosheng finally nodded his head after persuading him.

    In the second year of high school, there are only half a day on Saturday and one day off on Sunday. If you want to participate in dance classes and piano classes, there is basically no extra time to play.

    Ji Yi likes to learn all kinds of knowledge, which will make her feel happy.

    But she forgot that she still had a few unresolved problems.

    On Sunday afternoon, she calculated her time to go out to report to the dance class, and received a call from Li Jingmei halfway through.

    Li Jingmei: [Come to Nanxing Road soon after watching the show, Xu Yue will definitely finish playing this time. ]

    Xu Yue?

    Ji Yi was wondering, Li Jingmei sent another text message: [Don’t forget the reward you promised us. 】



    She forgot a very important thing. The female partner was against Xu Yue because she liked Song Yanting, and even paid for someone to contain Xu Yue. This is what she started, and she has to deal with it.

    Ji Yi hurriedly walked to the side of the road. He happened to see an empty car with a red light on, beckoned to stop and then set up to sit in, “Master, go to Nanxing Road.”

    Ji Yi called the dance class teacher to ask for leave. On the way to Nanxing Road, the hand holding the phone was a little trembling.

    Because Xu Yue is a supporting actor, the process of his injury has been mentioned in one stroke. He only knows that the heroine helped once during his injury. From then on, Xu Yue remembered the heroine’s favor.

    If she rushed over this time, maybe she could stop it in time, then Xu Yue would not be injured.

    Ji Yi called Li Jingmei anxiously, “Don’t move him, wait for me to pass!”

    Li Jingmei only found her inexplicable after hearing this.

    “How do you do that, what if you run too far? You come here quickly, and someone will definitely keep it for you until the end.”

    The car with the address sent by Li Jingmei could not be driven directly, Ji Yi followed the navigation after getting out of the car, and left. As he walked, the pace has accelerated.

    The distance of several hundred meters is not too far, but the situation is critical now, and she cannot tolerate her to waste a minute and a second.

    I regret that I didn’t ask for Xu Yue’s phone number before, but now I want to notify it.

    “Xu Yue, don’t have an accident…”

    If something happens this time, she will definitely be hated by Xu Yue! Then her ending will become extremely bleak.

    The second life was hard-won, and she can’t waste it anymore!

    The address of Li Jing’s hairdressing turned out to be near a dilapidated repair shop, and Ji Yi gradually saw some figures.

    She saw Xu Yue standing in the middle of the crowd at a glance. He was very tall and had a very special temperament.

    Ji Yi yelled at the phone: “Li Jingmei, let them stop! Stop!”


    did you say?” Li Jingmei didn’t understand.

    Ji Yi ran in a hurry, feeling blood leaking from his throat.

    “Stop! Don’t hurt…cough!” After

    all, it failed to prevent this from happening in advance. Someone among them took out a dagger and stab Xu Yue’s back, Ji Yi rushed over and pushed him forward.

    The sharp dagger made a clear cut of blood in her arm.

    The bright red blood rushed out, and Ji Yi’s tears turned from the pain, and he could not help crying.

    Li Jingmei and others did not expect this scene.

    “Ji Yi, are you crazy?”

    Not only Li Jingmei thought so, but Xu Yue couldn’t understand it.

    Ji Yi, who paid for someone to kill him, actually rushed out to block the knife for him in the end?

    Are you crazy?

    Really crazy!

    “Li Jingmei, tell them that you didn’t count those words before.” Ji Yi pressed the knife mark on his right arm with his left hand, and endured the pain, “You can’t hurt Xu Yue.”

    “Then you said you want to give it to us. Where’s the money?”

    “I’ll give it to you.”

    Li Jingmei only wanted money, and when Ji Yi promised, she nodded her head.

    Just when Ji Yi thought the matter was resolved, the person holding the dagger held a bloody dagger at her, “Do you think I really care about your money? Go away, Xu Yue and I still have old accounts to settle. Liquidation!”

    Ji Yi looked at Xu Yue nervously, only to find that he was also staring at him, as if he didn’t care about the danger at the moment.

    The police car’s bell gradually approached, and no one knew who yelled “It’s a police car,” and everyone fled around.

    Ji Yi gritted his teeth and endured the pain, cold sweat oozing out of his forehead.

    Suddenly someone raised her arm and pressed her wound with gauze.

    Xu Yue’s voice rang in his ear, “Follow me.”

    The author has something to say:

    Happy New Year~!

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