AR: Ch 5

When that young man still had good intentions towards the world, there were always people with bad intentions who used deceit and insult to stifle that kindness bit by bit.

    Xu Yue had stomach problems when he was young. Someone took the initiative to show him his food, but in fact he secretly added ingredients to the bread.

    Xu Yue accepted the man’s “kindness”, and as a result, he suffered from acute gastroenteritis. His stomach hurts to the point of uncomfortable walking. There was no one who would accompany him to the hospital and pay him medical expenses.

    He just gritted his teeth and stood up!

    From then on, I never eat anything given by others.

    Ji Yi has never experienced that kind of suffering since she was a child. She still remembers that mom and dad would be nervous for a long time when they coughed.

    Perhaps it is precisely because of being at the two extremes of life that she cares so much about Xu Yue’s story.

    Everyone laughed at her for being too self-sufficient, only Ji Yi knew that she was not angry, but felt very sorry for the boy.

    After sighing, Ji Yi reached into the desk again and fumbled, and took out an unopened bottle of AD calcium milk from it. It was put in the schoolbag yesterday afternoon, because the schoolbag was not taken away by climbing the wall and leaving the school gate, so the things were still there.

    She held the AD calcium milk in her palm and handed it to Xu Yue again. Before Xu Yue refused, she promised him, “This is absolutely clean!”

    Xu Yue tilted her head slightly and saw that the girl still had a simple smile on her face.

    His brows were gradually raised, a gleam of light flashed in his indifferent eyes, he glanced silently, and continued to sleep on the desk.

    Ji Yi pursed her lips tangledly, and gently scratched the plastic container with her white fingers in the powder. It was cold, as if she was in the mood at the moment.

    In the end, the bottle of AD calcium milk failed to be delivered.

    As soon as the lunch bell rang, the students all rushed to the cafeteria happily, but Ji Yi didn’t move.

    Xu Yue, who had slept for four classes, finally straightened his back. Yu Guang glanced at the tablemate who was sitting quietly next to him, calmly withdrew his gaze, pulled the shoulder bag out of the drawer, and hung it easily on his shoulders, and walked away. classroom.

    Zhuo Yihang was waiting for him at the door.

    The classroom was almost gone. Zhuo Yihang caught Xu Yue’s figure at a glance. Although he didn’t see him at the same table, he was clearly a woman.

    Zhuo Yihang was amazed, “Brother Xu, your new tablemate is actually a girl!”

    Xu Yue glanced at him sideways, “a lot of nonsense.”

    After Xu Yue left, Ji Yi got up and went downstairs to the cafeteria. I didn’t leave just now not because I was hungry, but because the boss didn’t dare to disturb the sleeping arbitrarily. She was afraid that the boss would hold grudges.

    The bread that Xu Yue threw away was originally prepared for herself, but she didn’t eat it. Her belly was empty since the third class. Now she can’t wait to eat two big bowls in one go!

    This is the first time Ji Yi has come to the school cafeteria of Yancheng No. 1 Middle School for dinner, because he couldn’t find a seat late in the day. She walked inside carrying the dinner plate for a long time before she found an empty seat and saw a person she knew—Ji Xinfei.

    When I was a student, I liked to go in groups wherever I went, or it was two people together, and few people like Ji Yi came alone.

    The female partner in the book concealed their sisterhood at school because they hated Ji Xinfei.

    But they are still sisters in name, so it’s okay to sit and have lunch together?

    Thinking of this, she walked in and walked to the empty seat next to Ji Xinfei, gently put down the dinner plate, and sat in the corresponding position.

    She has only seen class 8 students and is very strange to other people. After sitting down, she found that many people around her were watching her.

    Ji Yi was a little confused, but didn’t show it.

    She sat there quietly, chewing and eating slowly.

    Everyone suddenly realized that Ji Yi was imitating Ji Xinfei again.

    Everyone in the first class knows that Ji Yi and Ji Xinmei are at odds with each other, but she always impersonates Ji Xinfei, dressing and even hairstyle, the comparison between the two is totally different.

    But this time it was done in a decent way, looking really like a lady.

    Ji Yi didn’t know the thoughts of others for the time being, and only later heard people murmur, “I said that Ji Yi must have been sitting next to Ji Xinfei on purpose. I’ve been swiped to Class 8, and I don’t think I’m ashamed!”

    Ji Yi: “…”

    God testified, she really didn’t know there was a second floor!


    Ji Yi got up from bed when the alarm clock rang the next morning.

    Aunt Su was ready to nourish earlier, Ji Yi and Ji Xinfei sat at the same table and no one spoke.

    When she left the house, Aunt Su handed over a light purple thermos bucket to Ji Yi.

    Ji Yi took the thermos and smiled politely, “Thank you Aunt Su.”

    Ji Xinfei asked after she left the house, “What is she doing with the thermos?”

    Aunt Su shook her head, “Miss No. 2 only asked me to put some hot porridge. Ask Dim Sum so that she can take it away without telling me the reason.”

    “Really? If Aunt Su finds something wrong with Xiao Yi, she must tell me first.” After saying that, Ji Xinfei felt wrong and added. “Otherwise, Mom and Dad will be mad at her

    again .” Aunt Su nodded again and again.

    Ji Yi brought the thermos to the classroom, but he didn’t see Xu Yue during the whole morning self-study. He only came when the bell rang for the first class.

    Ji Yi glanced at Xu Yue, then glanced at the thermos barrel next to him, without speaking.

    Xu Yue didn’t sleep today. He spent the entire class reading, but it was not the content of the class.

    Ji Yi glanced at it secretly again, and it was full of English letters.

    It’s terrible…

    She has top-notch grades in other subjects, but her English has stepped on the score line, as if she tried her best to prove that she was patriotic in her heart.

    She remembered that Xu Yue was a very smart person. He would participate in competitions with bonuses, but the final exams that ordinary people care about were worthless in his eyes.

    I really can’t figure out what the boss is thinking.

    Ji Yi was distracted.

    The mathematics teacher discovered that the female classmate who had listened carefully yesterday was fishing in troubled waters in class today, holding the blackboard eraser and tapping on the blackboard, “The fifth row of female students by the window, get up and answer this question!”

    Almost everyone’s eyes fell. Waiting for a good show on her, the person who stood up leisurely, saw the title on the blackboard, and quickly said the answer.

    Others didn’t know whether her answer was correct, but the math teacher’s expression slowed down, “The answer is correct, sit down.”

    Everyone thought she was a blind cat and a dead mouse.

    Finally waiting for the end of class, Ji Yi moved aside calmly, and asked in a low voice: “Xu Yue, have you eaten breakfast?”


    His slender fingers stopped on the edge of the book, and he turned over another page, ignoring him. His attitude is more like Xu Yue’s silent rejection.

    Ji Yi tilted his arm and touched the thermos with the back of his hand. With a turn of his fingers, he picked it up and handed it to the person next to him, “This is a nutritious breakfast made at home, clean.”

    “What do you want?” Xu Yue flat Asking questions, his eyes still stop in the book.

    “Huh?” Ji Yi blinked, his eyes seemed to be gleaming, “I don’t want anything.”

    “I don’t want anything?” Xu Yue’s mouth evokes a slight ridicule, not believing that this world is still There are such selfless people.

    The bloody lesson had already taught him to recognize the cruelty of reality. Everyone had a purpose for him, without exception.


    “You like me?”

    “Ha!” Ji Yi’s teeth clenched tightly together.

    Xu Yue turned his eyes, suddenly closed the book and leaned towards her.

    Ji Yi seemed to be frightened, and hid back reflexively. When his head was about to knock on the window-

    a warm and thick hand was placed on the back of his head.

    She hit the palm of Xu Yue’s hand and clearly heard the creak of the tough joints hitting the glass.

    With his eyes facing each other, Ji Yi stared at him straightforwardly, seeing that his eyes were like a pool of thick ink that could not be removed, with many mysterious and unfathomable meanings hidden in them.

    Ji Yi stammered and almost bit his tongue, “I don’t, no, it’s not like…”

    Xu Yue pulled out his hand suddenly, and said with a smile: “Not the best.”

    Xu Yue was together, seeming to take away the fragrance of mint around him.

    Ji Yi panted against the window. She didn’t know why her heartbeat was speeding up uncontrollably, but she was really nervous when facing Xu Yue just now!

    Don’t you know that it’s tempting to be angry with others?

    Looking further, she is afraid that she can’t hold it anymore, okay!

    Inexplicably slapped, Ji Yi didn’t even look at him. But on the second and third days, she still insisted on bringing a portion of food. She has always believed in the allusion of “water droplets through stone”. As long as she persists, she will always move the boss.

    I don’t know if she was lucky, and the classmates avoided her and Xu Yue, so that Xu Yue hadn’t found her real name until now.

    Ji Yi was secretly happy about this, but didn’t expect the truth to come so fast——

Everyone stood on the playground, and the physical education teacher asked them to stand in two rows from short to tall.

    Ji Yi’s body is underdeveloped now, and he is the first one on the far right of the second row of girls.

    Maybe it was because the first physical education class of this semester, the physical education teacher asked the physical education committee to lead them to jog for three laps, and then asked the male students to go to the sports room to get some equipment, free activities, but only on the playground.

    Ji Yi never fell in love with physical education. Hearing the teacher said about free activities, he quickly stood back and pushed to the edge of the stairs to stand.

    There was another female classmate who was resting there.

    “Ji Yi.”


    “I think you are different from the legend.”

    “…” Is she a legend at a young age?

    “Sure enough, hearing is fictitious, seeing is believing, I think you are pretty cute.”

    Ji Yi cherishes that someone took the initiative to talk to her, she smiled and touched one of the candy in her pocket and handed it out, “You are the number one A person who spoke to me on the initiative, this candy is for you.”

    “Wow, thank you.” The female classmate took the candy openly, peeled it into her mouth, and introduced herself with the candy in it. “My name is Song Yanke, I fell from Class 2.”

    Ji Yi smiled softly: “It’s okay, study hard to get to Class 1.”

    A feather shuttlecock suddenly flew towards them. Seeing that Ji Yi put a hand on Song Yanke’s shoulder, kicked her right foot backwards upwards, and accurately sent the feather shuttlecock back to the original direction, and her whole body seemed to have rotated in the air for a week, and she was shocked to see all those who saw this scene. people!

    “Fuck! Ji Yi is awesome!”

    At the same time, a ball hit Xu Yue directly.

    The man who hit the ball nervously apologized to him, but found that Xu Yue’s eyes were far away.

    “Ji Yi?”

    Xu Yue’s face suddenly became cold.

    It turned out to be her.

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