AR: Ch 4

he cold feather wing pendant scraped her face from the tip of her nose, rubbing her face slightly, but she did not dare to move.

    Ji Yi never dreamed that one day she would be held in Xu Yue’s arms, and when she looked up, she could see the angular chin and the slightly sliding Adam’s apple.

    But what was even more unexpected to her was…

    “Boom—” Xu Yue let go, and she sat directly on the ground.

    “It hurts—” Subconsciously pressing her wrist against the painful place, she realized that the movements were unsightly, so she could only rub her feet instead, but her feet were soft anyway.

    Ji Yi was vomiting blood in her heart. At first, many people couldn’t reach her by holding her hand, but now she was thrown directly on the ground! She has never suffered such a crime.

    No wonder it’s the second male, can such a temper be the male lead?

    Ji Yi hasn’t read romance novels much, but the two men she used to listen to her best friends are all gentle and infatuated.

    And Xu Yue is awesome. After becoming a villain, he kept stumping the male protagonist and robbed the female protagonist, but he didn’t seem to be unable to do so because of love, but fell in love with the male protagonist and killed him.

    Xu Yue calmly glanced at the girl sitting on the ground rubbing her legs, remembering that she was just being nosy, perhaps because she heard her sitting on the wall and calling him damn, perhaps because she heard her say that she was called Ji An’an.

    When the girl fell into her arms, she carried a faint fragrance, which made people feel comfortable.

    Xu Yue squinted his eyes.

    That was not the compassion he should have, so he let go.

    Seeing her sitting on the ground yelling pain, the soft sound came into her ears, but it seemed to be scratching on the tip of a person’s heart, and it was a little itchy.

    Xu Yue remembered what she had just said, and his eyes sank.

    “Ji An’an.” “Here


    “You just scolded me?”

    “No, no.” Ji Yi stammered in denial, shaking his head into a rattle.

    Xu Yue glanced at her coldly and reminded: “You said Xu Yue deserved to die.”

    Ji Yi couldn’t wait to puck her own mouth, and dared to talk nonsense.

    She twisted her nose and asked half-truth: “I mean those who bully you really deserve to die. Are you okay?” Those who

    bully him deserve to die?

    Xu Yue sneered at this.

    This was the first time he heard someone speak for someone like him, and he was distracted to ask: “Oh? Who did you listen to?”

    “Yes, I heard it!” Ji Yi was a little anxious. The question is so sharp, what should she do if she is unwilling to reveal the flaws.

    “There are so many problems, why do you still want to make up for me?”

    “No! I am very worried about you.” The

    girl Yuan opened her big eyes, and the dim street lamp couldn’t hide the brilliant star in her eyes.

    Her expression looked serious, but it was a pair of deceptive eyes, so he Xu Yue didn’t believe a word.

    There is no need to waste time.

    Xu Yue took a big stride and left. After a while, the little girl behind ran after him, still panting beside him.

    “Stay away from me.”

    “Oh…” Ji Yi glanced at him eagerly and took two steps back.

    I thought: This man is fierce.

    Xu Yue thought it was clean, but the footsteps behind kept on, just a little bit farther than before, just a little bit.

    He stopped, and a small head hit his back straight, and the sound was painful.

    “It hurts–“

    Sure enough, it was this soft voice again.

    Xu Yue was upset for a while, and the eyes that stared at her were dark and cold. “You fucking stay away!”

    Ji Yi shrank his neck and spit out aggrievedly, “I don’t know where this is…”

    The main thing is that apart from the dimly yellow street lamp, there are no people around, she is scared alone.

    Seeing her charming and persuasive appearance, I really don’t know where the eldest lady who ran out would cause trouble.

    Apart from staring at him with those dark eyes, he would only cry out for pain.

    Xu Yue was not talking. Ji Yi waited for him ten meters before starting to walk, rubbing his forehead along the place where he had walked, and finally walked to the school gate.

    Now she knew the way.

    But in a blink of an eye Xu Yue disappeared.

    Ji Yi couldn’t help but guess: Xu Yue didn’t bring her out deliberately, right?

    Xu Yue said so much that day, Ji Yi felt that he was much closer to his goal.

    She slept well that night.

    A good night’s sleep, I don’t know how long I slept, she vaguely heard intermittent knocks on the door.

    Ji Yi slowly opened his eyes, rubbed his eyes and got out of bed to open the door, only to see Aunt Su standing at the door.

    “Aunt Su, what’s the matter?”

    “Second Miss, you haven’t woken up yet. Missy went out just now.”

    “Going out?”

    Ji Yi, as she woke up from a dream, suddenly opened her eyes, and quickly went back to the house to grab her clothes and put them on. I was too late to comb my head, and rushed out of the house before I had time to eat.

    She has been a sophomore in high school since yesterday, and she has to study early!

    Ji Yi stepped on to the classroom, sat on the bench one second before the bell, and let out a long sigh of relief.

    The first morning self-study belonged to the head teacher. Ji Yi nervously took out the book and put it on the table to start previewing, while the others in the classroom were still chatting.

    Very noisy.

    In the past three years in high school, she was in the best class, and the class hours were basically quiet. Even if someone spoke occasionally, she would control the volume, and finally was driven by the atmosphere of learning.

    However, Class 8 is the worst class in the whole second grade, and even the teacher is not very concerned about them, so this morning self-study is basically spent in chat.

    Ji Yi looked at the brand-new book page and it was really boring. She knew all the knowledge in it, and she could even give herself exam questions…

    Finally, when it came to the next morning to study, Ji Yi walked out of the classroom slowly and planned to go to the small shop downstairs. Buy some milk and bread. Looking at the empty seats next to me, I suddenly felt very happy, at least traveling unimpeded.

    But when she walked down leisurely, she returned to the classroom with milk and bread, and found a stack of new books facing the same table.

    The monitor of the original 8th class was favored by the class teacher, and he succeeded as the monitor of the 8th class of high school. It was he who put another book that hadn’t had time to pick up there, because there was only one place left in the class.

    No one wants to be at the same table with Ji Yi, Ji Yi is still thinking, which hapless child hasn’t come? When I see her, I must be unwilling to be at the same table with her, right?

    Ji Yi broke off the straw from the milk carton, tore off the plastic packaging and inserted it into the hole, taking a bite of the bread slowly and sucking the milk.

    From a young age, her mother taught her to chew and eat slowly. She must pay attention to her manners both in front of and behind people. This is not only to make a good impression on others, but also to improve her own taste in life.

    So even if she eats bread, she can be eaten with a sense of ritual.

    Putting the last bite of bread into his mouth, Ji Yi took a big bite with the milk carton in his arms and wanted to solve it all at once. Before he could swallow it, there was a person sitting next to him with a “huh”.


    She hurriedly covered her mouth and swallowed the milk, almost choking herself.

    “Xu, Xu, Xu Yue?”

    Her tablemate was actually Xu Yue?

    Isn’t it possible that her vest can’t be covered!

    Since Xu Yue entered the classroom, he was told euphemistically that he had changed his table this semester.

    The squad leader has tried his best to express to Xu Yue with the tactful meaning of turning eighteen turns: Zhuo Yihang, who was at the same table with him for a year last year, was assigned to the next class, and this semester everyone has chosen a seat and only one is left. centre position.

    Standing in the first row of the classroom, Xu Yue glanced coldly at the class. No one dared to talk nonsense, and they lowered their heads to avoid him, for fear that he would randomly adjust positions. This has been done for a long time.

    Xu Yue carried the black shoulder bag in one hand and walked to the empty seat, and unexpectedly discovered that his new tablemate was the ugly, stupid and squeamish Ji An’an.

    Hey, still immersed in eating, pretending to be gentle.

    Xu Yue stuffed his shoulder bag into the drawer, leaned his back against the table, and lifted his right foot slightly to raise Erlang’s leg, looking like an uncle.

    Slender arms stretched out to fetch a book, sat there and flipped through it casually. When he felt bored, he stuffed the book in his hand into the drawer, changed the posture of Erlang’s legs under his feet, lay his arms on the table, and went to sleep!

    Ji Yi was up and down in his heart, for fear that Xu Yue would find her lying, but he didn’t expect Xu Yue to look at her from beginning to end, completely treating her as air.

    Seeing Xu Yue sleeping, Ji Yi’s mood gradually recovered.

    She always feels that the whole class is looking in this direction, but think about it, in the eyes of other people, she and Xu Yue are two “Plague Gods”?

    Pooh, after a while, she must let those people see if she Ji Yi is good or bad!

    Even though she has mastered the knowledge of the second year of high school, but adhering to the principle of respecting the teacher, Ji Yi still listens to the class very seriously.

    The mathematics teacher taught 8 classes a year, and it was the first time I saw a classmate listen so seriously.

    If you want someone to get up and answer the question, but you are afraid that the children in Class 8 will not be able to answer the question. Isn’t that a blow to people’s enthusiasm for learning?

    Furthermore, Ji Yi was sleeping next to a lunatic who the whole-year teacher could not help him. The math teacher finally held back.

    Successfully passed the two classes in the morning, because it was raining outside, I stopped today’s exercises between classes.

    Ji Yi rested his chin with one hand, and couldn’t help but glance at Xu Yue’s face.

    When he closes his eyes, he can see the slightly curled eyelashes as if pulling his eyes into a curve. Looking down, the bridge of his nose and the curvature of the thin lips are extremely perfect, especially the mole on the corner of the eye with the open face. His looks and temperament add a charm.

    Xu Yue seemed to converge when he was sleeping, so he was so hostile, it was… really beautiful.

    As soon as he opened his eyes… it was


    Look better!

    and many more?

    Is he awake?

    Xu Yue keenly noticed that there was a gaze staring at him unabashedly. He endured it for a long time, but the man still didn’t know how to restrain it!

    So he opened his eyes and found that the ugly girl smiled strangely at him.

    After Xu Yue woke up, his face was ugly. Ji Yi found that his fingers were touching his stomach intentionally or unintentionally. Thinking of his stomach disease, he hesitated and took out the remaining bread in the drawer.

    She bought it in the morning in case she needs it, and now she has to contribute it to the boss.

    “Are you hungry? Bread for you.”

    Ji Yi handed it to him, but he didn’t pick it up.

    Knowing that the boss is arrogant, Ji Yi put the bread directly on him.

    Unexpectedly, Xu Yue stood up suddenly, raised his hand, and the bread flew into the trash can accurately.

    What followed was a warning, “Put away your mind!”

    Ji Yi’s face turned pale, and suddenly remembered that Xu Yue had been humiliated because of a piece of bread.

    The author has something to say:

    Ji Yiren is not charming.

    Xu Yue’s cold rejection was just thinking that he had suffered too much malice and didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. He didn’t mean to be cool. In fact, he was very gentle.

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