AR: Ch 3

 Without thinking, Ji Yi blurted out, and Ji Yi seemed to see a crow flying over his head—

    “Xu Yue is your brother?”

    “Hahahahaha.” Everyone laughed.

    Ji Yi’s face flushed with suffocation.

    In her consciousness, the most awesome thing in the book is the villain Xu Yue. The whole school knows his name, so I just want to say it can bluff someone, right?

    A joking voice came from the entrance of the lane, “Brother Xu, is that your sister?”

    Xu Yue retracted his gaze, his eyes calm as stagnant water, with no ripples.

    He said: “I don’t know.”

    Ji Yi: “…” The

    face slap came too fast like a tornado.

    But seeing the group of young ladies who were wearing miniskirts, dyed their hair and still smoking outside of school, Ji Yi was heartbroken, clutching his schoolbag and ran away.

    Xu Yue didn’t squint, but suddenly a petite figure ran into him.

    Unexpectedly, the two fell together, and at this moment Ji Yi was pressing on Xu Yue’s body.

    All eyes fell on them.

    Ji Yi rubbed his head, turned his head to look, and fixed his gaze on Xu Yue’s face that seemed to be gathering violent storms, and quickly moved away from his feet, “I’m sorry!”

    Xu Yue’s eyes were dull, and he made a fist. Raise his hand high.

    “Xu Yue is going to beat someone again?”

    “That girl is really unlucky.”

    Everyone knows that Xu Yue madman is not easy to provoke. In his eyes, he does not distinguish between men and women.

    Ji Yi squinted at him, and did an incredible thing for everyone just before his action fell.

    She clasped Xu Yue’s fist tightly with both hands!

    Stumbled and said: “You are a good person, you can’t beat me.”

    “I gave you an umbrella.” In the end, the voice became smaller and smaller, but this was the only memory she could mention.

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes and saw the girl raising her head, revealing a pair of bright eyes under her thick bangs, so beautiful that she seemed to be able to speak.

    A pair of deceptive eyes.

    “Hey…who told you that I am a good person?” His eyes were full of irony.

    Good guy?

    He has never been.

    He doesn’t remember the person’s appearance, but the voice in front of him overlaps with the memory of not long ago. It is gentle and soft without the slightest attack power. When he pinches his hand, he will squeeze out “pain”, but it is inexplicably circling in his ear. It’s been a long time.

    This time he finally saw her face clearly, it turned out to be a…ugly girl.

    Xu Yue’s fist did not fall on her in the end, but he pushed her away mercilessly, so strong that she couldn’t stand it and hit the wall directly.

    The boy next to Xu Yue was laughing from start to finish. He jumped to Ji Yi and asked, “Hey, which class are you in? What’s your name?”

    “Ji…Ji An’an.” Afraid of being “spike kill” if he reports his real name “, so she lied again.

    After wearing the book, Ji Yi wanted to live well.

    The prerequisite is that Xu Yue shouldn’t be blackened, and even if blackened, she can’t hate her, otherwise she will end up on the street picking up rubbish…

    In order to save her life, she will frantically scan her favors in front of Xu Yue, at least do something. The previous insults to Xu Yue have been offset, so beware of the villain’s Qiuhou afterwards.

    Fortunately, Xu Yue didn’t recognize her as Ji Yi, so she still had a chance.

    Ji Yi drew up a life plan secretly. She is not a female partner, and she cannot be reviled in her miserable life like a female partner.


    “Aunt Su, where is our curling iron?”

    “Second Miss, wait a minute, I’ll get it for you.”

    Aunt Su was thoughtful and said to get her curling irons, and directly brought her a box with big curling irons inside. , Small curling irons, mini curling irons for curling bangs, and hot waves.

    “I’ll just use this, thank you.” She chose a small curling iron among them.

    “Second Miss, you are welcome.”

    “Where did you put this stuff? If I use it in the future, take it myself.”

    “It’s in the room next to Missy.” Aunt Su said.

    Ji Yi raised her eyebrows, “These are all Ji Xinfei’s?”

    Aunt Su hesitated for a while, and then answered: “Uh… Miss bought it.”

    Aunt Su remembered that Ji Yi had just come home and was arguing with Ji Xinfei for something, and used curly hair. Bang improperly messed up his hair and almost burned.

    After that, Ji Yi threw all the curling irons into the utility room and she picked them up, but Ji Yi never used it again.

    Ji Yi left a small curly hair stick and placed an order for a new one after Aunt Su left.

    The reason why she didn’t trim her bangs was because she was waiting for it to grow (zhang) a little longer, which is just right now.

    She divided a handful from the middle, pinned the extra with a single word on both sides, and then rolled the remaining sparse bangs inward to get the air bangs shape, and the whole person looked much more refreshed, and it happened to block the scar on the forehead. .

    It’s just this face…

    “Oh.” He

    patted his face in the mirror, and caring for the skin is not something that can be done in a day or two.

    But she has carefully looked at the female partner’s facial features. In fact, they are somewhat similar to her original appearance. If they are as long as her previous life, then it should not be bad.

    At this time, Ji Yi didn’t know that she was labeled “ugly” by Xu Yue.

    Rock City No. 1 Middle School is the best middle school in Rock City. The school is in a hurry. The next afternoon after registration, you have to go to the school classroom to pick up books, and then start a new semester from late self-study.

    The teacher asked them to choose seats at will.

    Everyone chose a new tablemate based on their eyesight, and then began to recognize people from side to side.

    Ji Yi sat by the window of the corridor and smiled when it was her turn to introduce herself, “Hello everyone, this is Ji Yi.”

    “You are from Class One?”

    “Yes.” Ji Yi nodded calmly.

    The classmate next to him suddenly turned his face.

    The name Ji Yi is definitely a disgusting existence in the second year of high school. She is ugly and she wants to be beautiful, so she relied on the wealth of her family to play her temper and flamboyant in front of her classmates. Everyone hated her to death.

    Although the people in Class 8 had never been in contact with her, they wanted to stay away from her just by hearing the name.

    The students around turned around, and the female student who had just sat next to Ji Yi also moved her books, leaving only empty desks.

    Ji Yi: “…”

    Well, she is hated.

    Fortunately, self-study on the first night is true-self-study, and the teacher left after a few words.

    I could vaguely hear other classmates talking, pointing to her, Ji Yi quietly listened without losing his temper. She wrote the name properly in the new book, took a random main subject, and found that the knowledge in it was very familiar.

    In fact, she can take the college entrance examination directly now, but time does not allow it!

    “Boom, boom—”

    Someone knocked on the window.

    Ji Yi turned his head and saw that there were two girls standing outside, the same young lady who pulled her into the lane yesterday.

    What the fuck are you chasing here?

    Ji Yi quickly didn’t open his eyes and pretended not to see it, and set up the textbook.

    After a while, she heard the phone beep, and the person who

    noted “Li Jingmei” sent a text message: “Xu Yue was surrounded in the alleyway, watch the excitement come quickly.” Ji Yi was dazed, and finally remembered the identity of the little sister.

    The female partner didn’t study well, but she mingled with the little Taimei outside and used to dominate Xu Yue twice with Li Jingmei.

    I don’t know what they are going to do now, but from the short message, Xu Yue’s situation is not good.

    Ji Yi squeezed a fist, and finally put down his textbook and walked out of the classroom.

    When she left with the two little sisters, the people in the class pointed.

    “Looks like an honest student, but I ended up mixing with those people.”

    “Let’s just say, she is Ji Yi from the end of the crane in Class One. There are many ugly people, so stay away from her in the future.”

    “Fortunately, I didn’t. Be at the same table with her.”

    But they didn’t know that one day in the future, the whole class would all slap their faces.

    Ji Yi followed the little sister down the teaching building, but saw them walking in the opposite direction from the school gate.

    Ji Yi asked suspiciously: “Aren’t we going out of school? How to get out?”

    Li Jingmei glanced at her, ” What’s wrong ? Yesterday you were inexplicable, but today you seem to be a different person, and you ask such idiot questions. “

    Ah.” Ji Yi pretended to be calm, “I just said casually, let’s go on, hurry up.”

    As a result, I never expected that the little sisters said that the school gate turned out to be over the wall!

    Little Taimei is agile, and she climbs up all at once.

    Ji Yi looked at the high wall with a sense of fear. She had never done anything that violated school discipline and school rules.

    “What are you doing in a daze? Hurry up!”

    Seeing Ji Yi lingering, Li Jingmei frowned impatiently.

    They are willing to take Ji Yi with them entirely because Ji Yi has a lot of stupid money and can cheat a lot of money every month.

    “Hurry up! Otherwise you won’t even see Mao when it ends in a while. I planned a whole summer vacation to teach Xu Yue. Tonight is a big drama!”

    She knew that Xu Yue would be fine, but it would be easier to save people from danger. Up close.

    Ji Yi gritted his teeth and started to climb up like them.

    Maybe it’s because after learning dance for a year, the body is still flexible, but Ji Yi has zero experience in climbing walls, and has not been able to climb twice.

    Li Jingmei sat on the wall and mocked, “Puff, I won’t even be able to climb the wall for two months during the holiday.”

    At this moment, she suddenly received a call and didn’t look at Ji Yi again.

    Ji Yi finally climbed the wall to hear Li Jingmei serious, he said:. “There came the news that many more ran”


    Ji Yi Ling a shock: That’s good she did not have to climb the wall up!

    But before she had time to rejoice, a strong light shone through, and at the same time she heard the loud voice of the security guard, “Hey! What are the classmates over there doing!”

    Ji Yi instantly stiffened.

    “Run!” At this moment, Li Jingmei jumped off the wall and ran.

    Ji Yi felt her hairs stand up all over, and she squatted on the wall and swayed from side to side.

    I just know that if she is caught by the security, hers will be over!

    “Damn Xu Yue, I, Ji An’an, have never done anything bad in my life, and I was arrested after climbing a wall for you!”

    Ji Yi said without saying a word , suffocating a sigh of relief, gritted his teeth and jumped out——

    In an instant, Ji Yi’s heart beats a drum.

    There seemed to be a wind whispering “Whh–” flying past her ears.

    He didn’t fall as handsome as he had imagined, and he didn’t fall to the ground, but fell into a warm embrace.

    Ji Yi clung to the “thing” that was catching her, bumped the tip of her nose against an icy object and scratched her face.

    Before she could see it clearly, she had already smelled the delicious mint fragrance on the boy’s body.

    The author has something to say:

    Luo Luo: I would like to ask Brother Xu, your daughter-in-law climbed the wall for you on the first day of school. What do you think?

    Xu Yue: My wife loves to drill into my arms, why?

    Luo Luo: …(There used to be an author, she had lemons

    that she could n’t finish eating every day) When will I receive the comment ε=(′ο`*))) Alas

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