AR: Ch 2

 In the book, the female partner did all the bad things and was finally retaliated by Xu Yue. After losing everything, she froze to death on the street.

    As a big villain, Xu Yue must be a temperament with revenge. The female partner seems to have insulted Xu Yue twice before she wears the book… I

    don’t know if Xu Yue remembers her face.

    Ji Yi shook his hand holding the umbrella, put the bag and the umbrella on his right hand, stretched out his empty left hand, and was caught before he touched him.

    The young man opened his eyes suddenly, and the dark eyes flashed with the light of the dark bird, and it was frighteningly cold.

    Xu Yue’s strength was so strong that her wrist was strangled all at once.

    “It hurts—” Ji Yi was a girl who was afraid of pain, and her eyes burst into tears with this powerful force.

    But now is not the time to be squeamish, she tried to hold an umbrella to block him from the rain above her head, and hurriedly explained, “I think you fainted, no, it’s not about hurting you.”

    Xu Yue stared at her face, her stomach tumbling. sharp.

    Because of the huge pain in the body, his head fainted and his vision was blurred, and he couldn’t see Ji Yi’s appearance at all.

    He just clearly heard a soft and delicate voice crying pain in his ear, and he finally loosened the thin wrist that seemed to be only bones.

    Thin lips uttered a very unkind word, “Go away.”

    He didn’t need anyone to show sympathy and compassion, and he didn’t want to see those self-righteous people feeling regret and disgust after showing kindness to him.

    Ji Yi took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

    Really seeing Xu Yue was even more terrifying than it was written in the book. He was like a man crawling out of hell, with no light in sight.

    She remembered that Xu Yue was tortured in his childhood, so he didn’t trust anyone and was guarded against anyone who tried to get close to him.

    But this is the future boss and must be pleased in advance.

    “You will get caught in the rain when you sit here, why don’t you go… Go to the corridor next to you to hide?”

    Xu Yue didn’t say a word.

    When Ji Yi saw his hand on his stomach, he suddenly remembered something.

    She stretched her palm out of the umbrella to feel the rain, and the rain had almost stopped.

    She simply stuffed the umbrella into Xu Yue’s hands, “Wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

    Xu Yue saw the girl’s slender figure drifting away, a sneer sneered at the corner of her mouth.

    He stood up on the wall and walked forward with pain in his stomach, while the clean umbrella fell lonely in the rain, stained with a little mud.

    Back in the dilapidated building, there was a gloomy feeling when I opened the door, and there was no light in the dark room.

    Xu Yue walked into the toilet in the darkness, opened the shower head and raised it to the top of his head, and rinsed himself all over.

    In the memory, someone pressed his head into the water tank, no matter how hard he struggled, he would not let go. There were only unbearable insults and vicious curses in his ears.

    The sound of water in his ears gradually amplified, and he clenched his fist against the cold wall and turned off the water heater vigorously.

    The sound of water disappeared, and he leaned weakly against the wall.

    The weather approaching September was not cold at all, but there was an icy feeling crawling out of my heart and spreading all over my body.

    Just because he has never experienced warmth.


    Ji Yi remembered that there was a cake shop on the road just now. He ran to buy a box of soft bread and milk in the rain, and walked back carrying it.

    It’s a pity that when she hurried back, there was no longer Xu Yue by the corridor, only the umbrella was left in place.

    Ji Yi bent over to pick up her umbrella and put it away. He glanced left and right, put the bread and milk bag into the big bag of skin care products, and then repositioned and walked home with his mobile phone.

    When I arrived at the door, I realized that I didn’t have the key. I pressed the doorbell and saw Aunt Su standing behind the door with joy, holding the doorknob in her hand.

    Ji Yi thanked him politely and replaced his wet sneakers by the door.

    She found that there were a few more pairs of shoes on the shoe rack, she thought about it, and probably guessed the reason.

    As soon as he entered the house, he heard a few cheers and laughter, and Ji Yi was shocked, not yet fully adjusting to the new family.

    Aunt Su smiled and explained, “It’s the husband, wife and eldest lady who are back. Missy went to other provinces to participate in the competition and won the first place!”

    Aunt Su’s mouth was quick, and she realized that she had made a big mistake after speaking. , Quickly reached out and hit his mouth.

    Ji Yishan is jealous, it may be that the soft and quiet temperament just bewitched her for a while.

    Aunt Su turned off the topic with anxiety, “Second Miss, I see that your coat has some water, please go back to the house and change your wet clothes and I will wash it for you.”

    Ji Yigang recovered from his dazedness, yes. Aunt Su shook her head, “It’s okay, Aunt Su, go and do your own thing.”

    She remembers this story. The female partner threatened Song Yanting with “suicide” while Ji Xinfei was leaving, but was killed by Song Yanting and others. Taunting, I went home and lay down for two days. Before I got over, I learned that Ji Xinfei had won the first place in the provincial piano competition.

    That day Ji’s father talked about a big business and went home. Two happy events were piled up together. Ji’s father happily took the whole family out for dinner. The result was that the female partner lifted the dinner table in anger, and Ji’s father slapped her in anger. .

    “Hiss…” After

    thinking about it, I felt that the back spine felt cold, so I should go around it first.

    Ji Yi planned to go back to the room quietly, but she didn’t expect that the sharp-eyed Ji’s mother would see her as soon as her front foot stepped up the stairs.

    “Xiao Yi.” Ji’s mother Zhao Shuyi called her name.

    Ji Yi retracted his foot, turned around slowly and responded, and did not speak to his mother.

    Her biological parents died unexpectedly when she was fifteen years old, and she was sad for a long time because of this. Fortunately, her uncle’s family still treated her generously, which allowed her to get out of the pain of the past. Nowadays, it is not very habit to call strangers parents.

    But other people obviously didn’t know Ji Yi’s thoughts.

    Zhao Shuyi was a little surprised to see that she had her hair cut, but this daughter had never liked other people’s control, so Zhao Shuyi resisted asking too much.

    He just walked over and handed a pink handbag to Ji Yi, “Xiao Yi, this is the gift my mother brought back to you.”

    Ji Yi hesitated for a moment, nodded, “Thank you.”

    When he felt embarrassed, his father Ji Guosheng A sonorous and powerful voice came, “I set a position in Will’s restaurant, and my heart said that I like the western food there.”

    Ji Xinfei acted like a baby next to Ji Guosheng, “Dad is the best~”

    “Hey, Xiao Yi is also there.” Ji Xinfei walked towards her, pointed to the pink bag in her hand and said: “This is a gift specially chosen by my mother and I for you. See if you like it or not.”

    Ji Xinfei behaved a little cautiously, she was afraid that Ji Yi suddenly Losing her temper, I hope this gift will make her feel better.

    Zhao Shuyi comforted Ji Xinhui, “Your sister will definitely like it, don’t worry.”

    Ji Yi: “…” At

    this time she probably understood the female partner’s mentality.

    The female partner has suffered outside for many years, but when she returns home, she finds that her dearest parents show great love for another adopted daughter, and her heart must be unbalanced.

    Ji Yi didn’t have any extra feelings for them, but she couldn’t stand the happy scene of three people in the family. He found an excuse to go back to the room and didn’t go to the western restaurant.


    Wait for Ji Yi to recover from the fact of “wearing a book”. As soon as September arrives, she is about to enter Yancheng No. 1 Middle School as a sophomore in high school.

    She turned out the stack of high school textbooks in the bookcase and found that almost all the textbooks for the first year of high school were new.

    I really don’t know what the female partner is doing in the first year of high school. Since I have to fight with Ji Xinfei for everything, why not hang her on her grades?

    Now Ji Yi has a headache seeing these books. In her previous life, she managed to get through the college entrance examination, and if she accidentally fell into the water, she had to go back to the terrifying high school life again.

    Ji Yi went downstairs to drink water and heard two voices arguing.

    Ji Guosheng: “Director Long called and said that Ji Yi’s grade counts down in the whole year, so she can’t be forced to put her in the top class.”

    Zhao Shuyi: “But Xiaoyi is so competitive, she definitely doesn’t want to go to Class 8. and I owe her so much, you would give some money to go to college and get the relationship, so that the small memory remain in the elite class of it. ” “

    pennies pennies, you know pennies! she is jealous heart, want to tell You must go to the best class if

    you are struggling with your heart, but how can you compare her to your heart?” “Xiao Yi has suffered so much outside, that’s our daughter.”

    Zhao Shuyi seemed to cry.

    Ji Guosheng sighed heavily, “Okay, I will contact again to see if I can accommodate.”

    Ji Yi heard this and quietly returned to his room.

    When the family finished eating in the evening, while Ji’s father and Ji’s mother were both here, Ji Yi took the initiative to speak, “That… school is about to start. I didn’t do well in the exam last semester. When

    Zhao Shuyi heard it, her heart raised her heart, “Xiao Yi, don’t worry, parents will find a way to keep you in class 1.”

    Ji Guosheng stopped talking, and the dark eyebrows wrinkled tightly. It seems a bit fierce.

    Ji Xinfei was clever and kept silent.

    Ji Yi spoke again, “I mean, no matter which class is assigned, I will study hard in the future.”

    The three of them cast surprised glances at her.

    Zhao Shuyi couldn’t believe it, “Xiao Yi, what do you mean by that sentence?”

    Ji Yi calmly explained: “I used to be ignorant, but I have figured it out. I will study hard in the future and try my best to reassure you… “

    My parents’ titles didn’t make it out.

    But Ji’s father and Ji’s mother didn’t care about the details at all. They just looked at Ji Yi with surprise. They haven’t paid much attention to this daughter recently, and her daughter seems to have changed a lot.

    Ji Yi smiled shyly.

    That smile hides the biggest secret in the world.

    Rock City No. 1 Middle School is not far away. Ji Yi is already familiar with the route to school. She went to the school on the day of registration on September 1.

    Ji Yi’s “mix” became famous in the first year of high school. At this time, the teacher in Class 8 saw her hand in her summer homework in a proper manner, and looked at her more. Seeing this little girl with her hair tied and wearing simple and clean sportswear, she looked like an honest student.

    After successfully signing up, Ji Yi walked out of school with a brisk pace.

    Unexpectedly, she was suddenly pulled in at the corner of the laneway. Four or five non-mainstream girls surrounded her, and two were smoking cigarettes.

    The good girl who has always lived in an ivory tower has seen this kind of scene, and suddenly felt a little soft…

    One of the red-haired girls held out a hand towards her with a cigarette, Ji Yi suddenly stuck his head and desperately grasped the schoolbag strap. , Shook his head and shouted a terrifying name: “Don’t bully me! Xu Yue is my brother!”

    At this moment, a black figure that was about to pass through the lane stopped –

The author has something to say: the school content has private settings, don’t overly refined~

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