AR: Ch 1

MTL/N: Completely translated

Xu Yue is dead–

Ji Yi was holding a not-so-thick romance novel, her black eyes were full of water mist, and her eyes were red.

There was a romance novel in the textbook that the best friend brought her. She wanted to pass the time to look through it, but in the end she cried for the villain inside it.

The big villain has never loved his mother since he was young, and because of his ability to become a big boss, everyone feared him.

He had been living in a dark hell, but no one was willing to give him a hand. In the end, he ended up committing suicide on the day of the marriage of the heroine and the male lead.

Ji Yi: [Xu Yue is too pitiful…]

Ji Yi: [Why didn’t the author give him a good ending! ]

Ji Yi, who was confused, sent several new messages to her buddies, who quickly resonated with her.

Best friend: [Ji An’an, you actually read a novel! ]

An An is her nickname.

Ji Yi was about to type a reply, and the other party’s new message had already been sent.

A buddy who has been in the romantic world for N years, a love brain: [I want to follow the network cable to climb the author’s window! Strongly request to arrange a CP for the villain boss, but also a gentle and cute little fairy who learns top-notch! ]

Best friend: [That vicious female partner actually has the same name as you, and our An An, is the gentle and cute little fairy who learn top-notch~]

Ji Yi: […]  

I suspect that you only have those words, but I have no evidence.

She remembered that she was hooked by the villain’s plot, and even the vicious female partner with her own name can be ignored.

Ji Yi had an appointment with her best friend in the library, and went out with the novel in both hands.

When she heard the phone “ding” on the way, she took out the phone in her bag and took a look. The page popped up with a new message from the best friend, which was a link.

The best friend’s voice: “The author has greatly updated Xu Yue’s new fan on the Internet, I will send you the link.”

Touching the screen between her fingers, she caught a glimpse of the people around her starting to move forward. Ji Yi quickly put away her phone and stepped on the green light to quickly cross the road.

In order to save the distance to go through the trail, a group of people surrounded the lake to watch the excitement.

Ji Yi, who was aroused by curiosity, just leaned in, wondering why the crowd suddenly dispersed.

Ji Yi stepped back subconsciously and slipped on the soles of the moss——


Ji Yi leaned back and plunged into the lake.

There was a glimmer of hope besides fear the second before the body fell into the water. Fortunately, she could swim!

The book in her arms was left in the water. Ji Yi immediately held her breath and adjusted her posture in the water. She swept her hands and feet away from the water and successfully swam up. She put her hands on the ladder next to her, trying to use her strength to support it. But she found herself-not strong enough.


A low cry for help came from her throat. It seemed that someone was standing on the left and right at the same time reaching out and pulling her up. Ji Yi knelt on the cold stone slab, her head dizzy and even struggling to speak.

With palms on the ground, Ji Yi wanted to relax.

A pair of white spotless shoes appeared in her sight, and there was a piercing complaint above her head, “Ji Yi, what are you doing! Want to threaten me with suicide? Even if you die in front of me, I won’t like you!”  


“Tsk tsk tsk, Ji Yi, you really opened our eyes. There are a lot of girls chasing Brother Ting. You are the first one who is not afraid of death like this.” The implication is nothing more than a satire of her facelessness and skinlessness. 


Ji Yi was full of question marks, and felt that these words were a bit familiar, as if where she was listening…No, isn’t this the plot seen in her novel?

Ji Yi looked around and found that the surrounding environment was very strange. She looked up in a panic. The boy in white clothes in front of him stared at her with drooping eyebrows, with undisguised disgust in his eyes.

The short-headed boy wearing a sports vest put his shoulders on his shoulders, and Ji Yi heard the name “Song Yanting” from his mouth.

Song Yanting-that is the name of the male lead of the novel. 

Ji Yi was so frightened, her jet-black eyes rolled and she fainted.


Ji Yi’s best friend is a book fan in the field of romantic novels for many years. She has a wide range of types. The overbearing president and the little wife, the rich and the young man and the little maid, crossing, rebirth, and transmigrating into the book have seen more than a hundred stalks.

But Ji Yi has never seen it.

She likes to recite the boring words in history books, but she doesn’t bother to read love stories in novels. She has heard the best friend read the story of the dog’s blood in the novel many times, and it is not until today that she has finished reading a romantic novel.

Unexpectedly, what the best friend said became a truth, she transmigrated into a book–

She became a vicious female partner in the book, but she was killed by the villain in the end. 

Ji Yi, who was still worried about the big villain a second ago, couldn’t cry now.

She sorted out the memories in her mind. In addition to the plot of the male and female protagonist falling in love, the most important supporting role is the vicious female partner.

The female partner was abducted and sold at a young age, and she wasn’t found it until she was 14 years old. By this time, the Ji family had adopted a girl who was a few months older than her—Ji Xinfei, the original heroine.

Because of the unfair treatment these years, the female partner has a dark heart. After returning to Ji’s house, she robs Ji Xinfei for the room and dress.

Seeing that Ji Xinfei was studying jazz and piano, she insisted on signing up, but she was ridiculed.

Seeing Ji Xinmin miss a good school, the female partner begs her parents to put her into the top class with money, but she always bottoms out.

When I heard my classmates discuss in private that Ji Xinfei and Song Yanting from the grade school are the “golden boy and jade girl”, the female partner racked her brains to sabotage, and even threatened Song Yanting by diving and committing suicide under the instigation of others.

It’s just that no one thought of the female partner’s jump would have changed the soul.

The lost female partner has been involved in the work of her adoptive parents over the years, and her skinny figure has only been slightly rounded after being raised in Ji’s family for a year, but she has a sallow face but still looks malnourished.

And this boring hair is like straw in the field, and Ji Yi’s heart hurts when she thinks of her own long black, shiny and silky hair.

She originally wanted to clamp the thick bangs on the front of her forehead and opened it to see that there was a two-centimeter-long scar on the corner of her forehead, which was not big, but the scar on her face was really not to be ignored.


After facing the mirror with a long sigh, Ji Yi turned on the tap and wiped her face.

Since this body belongs to her now, she must treat it well!

Ji Yi used her fingerprint to unlock the phone and checked the balance on Alipay. Ji’s parents were more willing to make money because they felt guilty for her.

Taking advantage of the holiday, she happened to go to the mall to buy something.

Ji Yi was sitting at the door changing shoes, and someone next to her handed an umbrella over, “Second Miss, it’s raining outside, remember to bring an umbrella.”

“I see, thank you Aunt Su.”

Hearing Ji Yi’s soft voice, Aunt Su was stunned for ten seconds.

Aunt Su is an aunt who was hired by Ji’s family for a long time to cook and clean. She still remembers that Ji Yi was very careful when she first came back, and when she came back, she has never been so soft and quiet as she is now.

Ji Yi took the umbrella and smiled at Aunt Su. Her beautiful eyes had more aura than before.

Ji Yi didn’t know the road, so she relied on Baidu map for the whole journey.  

After searching the distance of the mall, Ji Yi went out and took a taxi directly.

The female partner doesn’t know how to dress up, she just has to make it exactly the same in whatever Gu Xinfei likes to use, and Ji Yi has a good family since she was a child, and she has learned a lot under the influence of her mother.

Dressing is one of them, and there are also studies on skin care.

Ji Yi is a little girl who loves beauty. She first went to the beauty shop to choose a set of suitable skin care products for herself. She couldn’t save things on her face. The cost was a lot of money.

She couldn’t spend all of her money at once. After staring at the balance, she decided to give up the beautiful dress and focus on this straw-like hair first.

Ji Yi searched for a barbershop with good reviews nearby. She walked under the eaves and put the umbrella away on a shelf. Then she dipped the soles of water on the carpet next to her before reaching out to lift the transparent curtain.

When she was about to touch it with her finger, the curtain was opened from inside, and she smelled a faint mint smell.

The man passed her, turning her head subconsciously and only hurriedly saw the chiseled profile.

The boy who went away was slender and exuded a cold temperament. Based on her instinct, the person should look good.

What reminds Ji Yi is that the young man walked directly into the rain without an umbrella, and his steady pace was not hurried, as if he hadn’t been affected by the rain.

“Hello there.”  

The enthusiastic barber came over and pulled Ji Yi’s thoughts back.

About two hours later, the barber sent Ji Yi to the door of the shop.

She opened the light purple umbrella and took a taxi at the intersection. From the reflective glass next to her, she saw her short shawl and hair, and she was quite satisfied.

She asked the barber to cut and soften the split, dead hair.

As a girl who likes long hair to reach the waist, it is the first time after she grows up that she cut her hair to this level for the first time, and her back is already her bottom line, so she must quickly grow her hair!

At this time, there was a traffic jam for ten minutes in a place several hundred meters away from Ji’s house. Ji Yi simply got out of the car and walked back, just to get familiar with the surrounding environment.

Ji Yi held a bag in one hand and an umbrella in one hand. Because it was not convenient to look at the phone, she remembered the route first, walked straight and then turned, she thought she could not go wrong.

She watched as she walked, observing the surrounding route, and after a certain distance turning, she found that there were fewer pedestrians here, only parked vehicles.

“Ah…Is it a mistake…”  

Ji Yi made a bend a few hundred meters away, looking up to see that the rain was still falling.


Ji Yi turned his head subconsciously when a cat sprang out from the side, hergaze shifted and finally landed on the side of the corridor.

It seemed that he was sitting alone in the rain, with his back leaning against the wall. The raindrops from the sky didn’t take care of him. The whole person seemed to have been soaked in water.

Ji Yi took two steps forward but didn’t dare to approach at will, “Hey, how are you?”

The person didn’t respond, Ji Yi pondered to find someone else.

When he was about to turn around, the man seemed to move his hand, revealing a silver-black necklace. The pendant of that necklace is a pair of silver and black wings.

Ji Yi’s heart trembled, and her legs moved forward and then closer uncontrollably.

His face was frighteningly pale, and a few strands of wet hair stuck to his forehead. The boy closed his eyes tightly, under the shadow of the thick eyelashes, the brown mole at the corner of his eye was like a drop of cold water, falling on Ji Yi’s heart.

Ji Yi opened her eyes wide in vain, staring at the young man, thin lips trembling and spit out a name: “Xu Yue–“

 The author has something to say:

    1. The new article is first published, and I hope that the destiny will open this book’s little cute move Collect it with your fingers~

    2. The author’s Weibo: Jiang Luoluo.

    3. Regarding the suicide of the hero and heroine in the book, the hero Xu Yue, the villain, is not because he likes the heroine of the original book, and the reason has nothing to do with love, which will be explained later.

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