“Mr. Wen!”

“Good morning Mr. Wen!”

Along the way, people kept greeting respectfully.

Wen Yu did not squint.

He can guess the awe and fear in these people’s eyes at this moment without turning his head.

How can you not be afraid?

As everyone knows, Yu Ding’s boss, Wen Yu, is a working machine. He is ruthless and has no desires, has no wife, no children, or even a girlfriend. His relatives with the same surname have long been deprived of everything by him, and all of them are impoverished.

As he gets older, the coercion on his body becomes more terrifying. Whether it is the company’s employees or the companies seeking to cooperate with him, there is no need to be nervous when facing him.

“Boss early!” Secretary Cheng was 40 years old this year, and was brought out by Secretary Ning.

Secretary Ning just retired in 2017. He and Zheng Ye are the only people who can chat with Wen Yu a few words, but the high-intensity work makes the body difficult? If you can’t keep up with Wen Yu’s rhythm, you can only retreat. Up.

Secretary Cheng said hello and immediately began to report.

Wen Yu took the information and looked at it while listening.

Secretary Cheng looks very calm, if he is not calm, it is impossible to become Yu Ding’s first secretary, but standing in front of Wen Yu’s face, can he still hear from his voice? A few points panicked.

“Well, that’s the arrangement.” Wen Yu said lightly.

Then, Secretary Cheng respectfully withdrew, Wen Yu seemed to still be able to hear the breath he made when he closed the door.

The office fell silent.

Wen Yu didn’t immediately put into work.

I don’t know why, but today he felt a bit lonely.

Yu Ding is huge. This is his life’s painstaking effort, but in fact, at Wen Yu’s age, he should have tried to hand it over to his heir a long time ago. He should be like Secretary Ning, slowly retreating?.

He could hear that Yu didn’t know what he could do besides work.

This is his focus and his instinct.

So I still work, go to work, and develop my career.

His opponent who was knocked down before? Pointed to the nose and cursed, and the man said-Wen Yu is a machine with no emotions, your life seems to be prosperous, but your heart is empty… Wen Yu, Are you really? Ridiculous?!


Wen Yu doesn’t think.

His childhood is miserable, so that he has no trust in anyone, is unwilling to get close to anyone, never pays his affection, nor meets someone who can deliver his affection.

But Wen Yu didn’t find it ridiculous at all? He avenged his revenge and founded this huge Yu Ding. His life is fulfilling.

And he has made a will, after his death, his business empire will be donated to society.

It was good. Although there was not much emotional fluctuation, he was fulfilled enough in his life to fulfill his wish. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with him.

It’s just that I don’t know why recently, he suddenly? Feels a little lonely.

This kind of loneliness came very strange. He used to live like this, but he has not had this kind of emotion since then. Recently, I don’t know why. No matter where he is, he feels that there should be someone beside him.

——A person who has filled his heart.

Wen Yu looked at the side of the desk, it was empty, but magically, Wen Yu felt that there should be someone there. She laughed? Yan Yan, she smiled like a flower, she warmed his heart and hugged him. His loneliness.

Chi Zhengzheng.

Wen Yu’s brows suddenly frowned.

He founded Yu Ding, a well-known figure among others, but in fact, his interpersonal relationship is very simple. In this life, he can remember very few people.

He remembered the name Chi Zhengzheng as his former fiancée.

Why do you think of this name?

Wen Yu’s brows were frowned tightly, and the heart that came from the ancient well was beating unexpectedly.

“Yuyu!” There seemed to be a crisp sound calling him, that sound was soft and sweet, but full of love.

Wen Yu clutched his chest? His eyes became sour inexplicably.

——The spread of emotions never seen before.

He seems to have forgotten something, very important, very important, even so important that his ancient well-like heart beats wildly, as if out of control.

“Chi Zhengzheng…” he murmured.

In my mind, a shadow flashed through.

“Zheng Zheng!!” Wen Yu sat up suddenly.

His eyes opened, and his gaze hit the wedding photo hanging on the wall, which looked like they were young.

Wen Yu turned his head stiffly. On the bed, Chi Zhengzheng, who was already 60 years old, muttered: “Yuyu, what are you doing, have you had a nightmare? Go to sleep…”

She murmured almost unconsciously, and while she was talking, she stretched out her hand, tapped twice on his back, but her eyes did not open, and her breath became long without tapping twice.

Wen Yu let out a long breath.

Then he lay down again, took Chi Zhengzheng into his arms and hugged her tightly.

It’s a dream.

No, maybe not a dream, but a life without Chi Zhengzheng.

For Wen Yu, life is like that, such as an ancient well, dull and full, because he has never experienced the sweetness that fills his heart.

But for him, it was loneliness and loneliness that lingered just thinking about it.

Wen Yu’s hand tightened again, Chi Zhengzheng was used to being held by him, moved, changed a comfortable posture, and continued to sleep soundly.

——”Zhengzheng, really? Good, thank you for being there.”

You really are a gift from God.

The most precious gift.

Wennian and Wensui discovered their family. The two elders are in love again.

Although? One is sixty-five years old and one is sixty years old.

Well, these years, they have always been very affectionate, but they have been together for nearly forty years, and sometimes they have become a long stream of warmth.

Although he would stuff them with dog food from time to time, after he got older, he became a little more reserved.

But these days, they are in love again.

The main reason is, for their family, the 65-year-old dad didn’t know which way he had smoked. Suddenly he began to show all kinds of affection, all kinds of sweetness and crookedness.

Although their 60-year-old mother has a dumb face, the two have a good relationship, and she has always followed him.

Then… I fell in love again.

The two originally came to visit their parents, but when they entered the house, the mother who would have come to greet them did not come out. The nanny said that they were in the showroom.

The two walked over one after another?.

Then I saw Chi Zhengzheng snuggling in Wen Yu’s arms–

“Zheng Zheng, look at this, this is a photo of our honeymoon at that time!”

“I was really? Good-looking at that time.”

“You look good now, even if you become an old lady, you are also the best-looking old lady.”

“Yuyu you too, you have become an old man, and the most handsome old man!”

“Zheng Zheng I love you!”

The two looked at each other and backed silently.

Going back to the living room, Wen Nian asked: “Or? Let’s go? My parents probably won’t care about us either…”

Wen Sui nodded, agreeing very much: “Yes, I’ll go back to the company? Let’s continue to work. After Dad chooses his son, a lot of things in the company are all mine.”

“Then you also pay attention to your body.” Wen Nian exhorted as an older brother.

Wen Sui was helpless: “You should be, don’t forget the time to do the experiment, and be caught by your sister-in-law? Go?”

Their siblings are six years old, because they have a pair of parents who are too affectionate, so they spend a lot of time together since childhood, take care of each other, and have a good relationship.

Regarding their careers, Wennian is obviously more interested in physics than doing business, and has now become a famous professor in A.

Wen Sui and Chi Zhengzheng look alike, they look like a little white rabbit, but they have magically inherited Wen Yu’s business talent and are very good at business.

Because of this, Wen Yu cultivated Wen Sui early, so he chose not to do it, and threw Yu Ding to Wen Sui.

Wennian and Wensui didn’t disturb their parents, they exhorted the nanny a few words, and then exhorted each other to leave the villa.

Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng have been very affectionate throughout their lives, treating each other as cherished.

Pampering and pampering each other.

Wen Yu has always been worried about Chi Zhengzheng’s body. When he was young, he had such troubles. He was afraid for a lifetime, for fear of something wrong with her body.

But fortunately, Chi Zhengzheng has always been in good health. It seems that after the crisis that almost died, there was no more trouble, and she lived healthy to 80.

And this year, Wen Yu is already eighty-five.

“Yuyu…” Chi Zhengzheng sat beside the hospital bed, stretched out his wrinkled hand, and held Wen Yu’s hand lying on the bed.

Although she was old, she was still the best-looking old lady.

Wen Yu is also the best-looking old man.

But he had fallen ill a year ago. At that time, the doctor asked him to prepare for the funeral, but even if he was lying on the bed, he could only give a weak response.

Chi Zhengzheng knows why.

Wen Yu said that he would never walk in front of her. If he left, she couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable she would be if she was left alone.

He has spoiled her all his life, and he has loved her all his life, even when he comes, he can’t bear to make her sad.

“I feel that I’m going to die soon… I know you are very uncomfortable, let’s go together…” Chi Zhengzheng said softly, her voice weak.

On the hospital bed, Wenyu closed his eyes but opened his mouth.

Chi Zhengzheng approached with difficulty.

She heard, saw him say–

“Zheng Zheng, I am very happy in this life… Next, the next life… let’s, still be together…”

This year, he seldom was able to speak soberly, but at this moment, he seemed to be extra sober and able to speak reluctantly.

Chi Zhengzheng had already exhausted her strength just now. After she sat back, she couldn’t hold her back, so she leaned her head on Wenyu’s arms, her teardrops slipped, and she nodded, “Okay.”

“I, we… also make and make an agreement, next, next life… you have to remember to go to the appointment…” Wen Yu opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Okay…” She heard that she agreed.

Then, close your eyes.

On the hospital bed, the corners of Wenyu’s mouth raised, with a smile, and completely lost his breath.

He was very happy. They had a white-headed appointment all their lives, so they stayed there for the rest of their lives.

Now they have agreed on the next life, Zhengzheng is a trustworthy person, no matter where the crowds are, she will come to the appointment.

Wen Yu smiled and left, finished an appointment, and went to the next appointment.

He loves this woman and wants to stay with her forever.

He never heard it, Chi Zhengzheng said in her heart——

“Yuyu, I’m sorry.”

“The next appointment, I can’t keep it.”

At the beginning, her body was already cold, and she was almost dead.

Chi Zhengzheng knew Wen Yu’s pain, she was screaming frantically in that white world, struggling to wake up.

But nothing can be done!

Then, she saw a shadow.

Shadow asked her, if? If the price of opening her eyes is that there will be no more lives, only this life, is she willing?

Chi Zhengzheng agreed.

How could she not agree?

In such a desperate situation, I still want to wake up and go to the appointment, how can I not pay the price?

The rest of the life will not be worth the life of this and Wen Yu.

So Yuyu, I’m sorry, I’m going to miss the appointment.

Chi Zhengzheng leaned on his arms and closed her eyes completely.


Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know that after she and Wen Yu left together, a phantom appeared again in the void of air.

The phantom gradually became clear, and it was clearly Chi Zhengzheng when she was young!

No, it should be said that it was the “Chi Zhengzheng” before the accident.

An old man suddenly appeared beside the phantom. The old man asked the phantom: “You really decided?”

“Well, she fulfilled my wish and showed me another possibility in life. I don’t want her to disappear like this. She has already promised Wen Yu that their white-headed agreement is over, and there is a promise for the next life.” Xu Yingdao, the sound is envy.

While speaking, the phantom gradually dissipated in the air and turned into nothingness.

The old man shook his head.

Looking at the woman on the hospital bed who is resting on the man’s arms, her soul that was dissipating has recondensed.

Then, she hurriedly chased in one direction?

The one she loves is already waiting for her in the front.

——They still have an appointment for the next life.


The author has something to say: Okay, goodbye to all! !

This book is really a brand new challenge. Although it is difficult, it is also completed!

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