“Mr. Wen!” “Good morning Mr. Wen!” … Along the way, people kept greeting respectfully. Wen Yu did not squint. He can guess the awe and fear in these people’s eyes at this moment without turning his head. How can you not be afraid? As everyone knows, Yu Ding’s boss, Wen Yu, is a working machine.Continue reading “IMMLCPFN: Extra 7”


My name is Wennian, male, six years old this year. My father is the famous Wenyu, and my mother is the famous Chi Zhengzheng. My name is taken by my favorite mother. Of course, this is a very good thing for me. After all, according to my dad’s level and his pitiful care for me,Continue reading “IMMLCPFN: Extra 6”


In the past as Miss Chi Jiabiao, An Qinru felt that her life was not so good. The family was dragged down, and the Ding’s and An’s were all defeated. There was no way she could squeeze into the upper circle by relying on the Ding’s and An’s. She often goes to Chi’s house. Chi’sContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Extra 5”


The convoy entered the manor, and the guests? Someone has already been entertained. Chi Zhengzheng put on the wedding dress, took Chi Yan’s hand, and walked towards Wen Yu who was standing in the front. The road she was walking on was covered with bright roses. There are a total of 99999 roses in thisContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Extra 4”


What’s so special– It’s too ugly! There is not a word to be tuned! ! An old song “The Most Romantic Thing” was sung by Wen Yu-recitation. In this way, he still can’t remember the lyrics, it’s really embarrassing for him that he can still sing a song. In the room, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help butContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Extra 3”


Seeing the marriage certificate, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help but laugh. Regarding Wen Yu’s stupidity above, she suddenly didn’t know what to say, and the corners of her mouth kept rising. Wen Yu is also looking at the marriage certificate. After all, there is one certificate for each person. Before looking at the marriage certificate, hisContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Extra 2”


The wedding of Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu was organized by Wen Yu. When Wen Yiran and An Qinru got married, he felt that the other party’s wedding was too crude, and planned to wait until he got married with Chi Zhengzheng, and he must hold a grand wedding. Although a lot of things happenedContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Extra 1”


She gritted her teeth and stared at him: “Wen Yu!! You you you you—” The ears were red to bleeding, and the whole body was hot. Wen Yu’s hands on her waist were also a little hot. In those bottomless eyes, there was an ambiguous voice, and his voice was hoarse: “Can you?” Chi ZhengzhengContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 79 【END】”


The car quickly arrived at Yu Ding. Wen Yu stopped the car, stretched out his hand, wanting to take Chi Zhengzheng out of the car. Chi Zhengzheng did not stretch out her hand, but blinked her eyes curiously, asked, “Yuyu, am I going to the personnel department or Secretary Ning to report?” New employees areContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 78”


Wen Yu’s burn looked a little scary, but because he came to the hospital for treatment in time, it didn’t get in the way. Didn’t it take two days to complete it. On the contrary, it was Chi Zhengzheng. Although she woke up from the previous state, she was not like when she was justContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 77”