Wen Yu’s burn looked a little scary, but because he came to the hospital for treatment in time, it didn’t get in the way. Didn’t it take two days to complete it.

On the contrary, it was Chi Zhengzheng. Although she woke up from the previous state, she was not like when she was just transmigrated. When she got better, she would jump vigorously, but she was a little weak, and she needed time to recuperate.

But Chi Zhengzheng did not want to live in the hospital.

“Let’s get out of the hospital.” After watching another wave of doctors away, Chi Zhengzheng looked at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu’s face was a little ugly.

Of course, this is not because of Chi Zhengzheng, but because of these curious doctors.

Of course, his power can keep these experts and scholars from all over the world out, but when faced with the other party’s “consult and see if there are any problems?”, he had to put people in again, thinking about what’s the hidden danger, they can also discover it.

After that, no hidden dangers were discovered, but a bunch of surprises and shocks were gained.

——The situation of Chi Zhengzheng is unprecedented!

At the beginning, Zheng Ye tried his best to invite them. Now there is no need to invite them. They ran over by themselves and lived in this hospital. They wanted to see Chi Zhengzheng’s “heads” all day long.

But if you leave the hospital…

“This…” Wen Yu hesitated.

He was worried that Chi Zhengzheng’s body was not yet fully recovered.

“I know my own situation. I’m just a little weak now. It’s gone? What’s the problem? Maybe leaving the hospital will help me restore my body?” Chi Zhengzheng blinked, looking at Wen Yu.

He always takes this kind of look? There is no way he can do it.

After thinking for a while, he called Zheng Ye: “Help me find Dean Xu and ask in a quiet way, can Zhengzheng? Can he be discharged from the hospital and go home for recuperation.”

Zheng Ye: “…” You are in the hospital, can’t you? Ask yourself?

He didn’t need Wen Yu to speak, he knew—Wen Yu was sure? Guarding Chi Zhengzheng, staying on.

As his classmate and boss, Wei Shi can only see Chi Zhengzheng in his eyes.

Although I really wanted to hear Yu Wenyu, he was the boss after all, so Zheng Ye Kuisheng responded——

“Okay, boss.”

The result of Zheng Ye’s inquiry was very fast. The answer will soon be available. Faced with Wen Yu and Zheng Ye’s inquiry, the director told the truth that Chi Zhengzheng could be discharged from the hospital, but he also asked the doctor to give her a very long medical order. , And have to come to the hospital the next day.

Her current situation is indeed a medical miracle, and it is also an object of curiosity by many experts.

So she must be alive and healthy. Those experts can have a set of reference data.

Regarding Chi Zhengzheng’s body, Wen Yu took the long doctor’s advice very seriously, and put it away, and then carefully led Chi Zhengzheng out of the hospital.

As for the discharge procedures and so on, naturally someone will handle it.

The car drove slowly from the hospital to Wangjiang Manor.

Needless to say how painful Wen Yu felt when he came out of the hospital last time, Chi Zhengzheng was so thin that he was held in his arms and motionless.

This time, he also held her, but the person in his arms had warmth and breathing, and would move from time to time.

That’s it, Wen Yu kept staring at her, as if with a wrong eye, she might disappear.

The car drove into Wangjiang Manor and drove to their door.

Wen Yuben wanted to walk with Chi Zhengzheng, but she didn’t agree, “I’ve been doing activities on my own. I haven’t been doing activities for many days? I have walked away properly. This kind of feeling?

She was still pale, but her eyes were full of light.

It’s good to be alive.

“Then be careful, you are not in good health.” Wen Yu’s brows kept wringing, reaching out to support her, and walking slowly.

Chi Zhengzheng is funny: “Yuyu, are you upset when I wake up? Why do you frown so tightly?”

Wen Yu lifted his brows and looked at her, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised: “Happy, I’m just worried about you. It’s still a bit cold outside, let’s go in.”

He reached out and touched her face, the touch was warm, his eyebrows relaxed even more.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him, but felt a little distressed.

The hands clasped tightly, following the strength of his support, stepped into the gate of Wangjiang Manor.

“Yuyu, we’re home?”

“Well, I’m back home.”

Eye sockets are moist.

Chi Zhengzheng remembered that when she had fallen into a white world, Wen Yu’s voice, “We are back home”, awakened her from that world.

Fortunately, she woke up, otherwise what would Wen Yu do?

“Mr. Wen, Zhengzheng! Come in!” The door was wide open, Wang Sao and Li Shu and Aunt Li were all smiling, each holding something in their hands.

There is also a brazier on the ground.

Wang Sao greeted her, wet her eyes, and said, “I’m finally discharged from the hospital, Zhengzheng, you scared us to death.”

“Wang Sao you are worried, I am fine now.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled, his face pale, but there was light in his eyes.

Wang’s sister-in-law also smiled again and quickly said: “Zheng Zheng, step over the brazier, and leave the sickness and all the bad things outside. From now on, Zheng Zheng will be safe and live a long life!”

“Right, right, right, there must be a blessing if you don’t die in a catastrophe, if you seek good luck and avoid evil, turn disaster into good fortune, the good fortune of Zhengzheng and Wen has just begun.

Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu both smiled and nodded, and then she stepped over the brazier with Wen Yu’s strength.

Wang Sao and Aunt Li were both speaking auspicious words, and it was Wen Yu, who also looked serious and said something–

“No disease, no pain, long life.”

This is his greatest expectation.

The lively home, the smile in Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes is even stronger.

After entering the house, Uncle Li began to pack things, Wen Yu took out the doctor’s order: “This is the doctor’s order, her body is still very weak, Wang Sao you all look at it, pay attention to some, in addition, I asked a special body care The cook is coming back, and she will arrange the next three meals.”

“Okay, it’s time to replenish Zhengzheng.”

“There is still Wen Yu.” Chi Zhengzheng added.

Wen Yu looked at her.

“You have lost a lot of weight, and you are not handsome anymore. You have to repair your body quickly and get back to the way you were.” Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were distressed.

In fact, did he lose weight? He has become ugly, or he is amazingly handsome, but Chi Zhengzheng feels distressed for him and wants him to make up for it quickly.

Wen Yu touched his face, thought about it, and said: “Then I will make it up too…”

Can’t it become ugly, Zheng Zheng quite likes his face.

After eating, Chi Zhengzheng’s spirit was a little ill.

“Go upstairs to sleep.” Wen Yu stretched out his hand and picked her up.

Chi Zhengzheng yawned and nodded.

With his feet firmly under his feet, he hugged her upstairs and put her on the bed.

Cover her with a quilt and prepare to leave.

I moved my gaze, noticed the piece of paper on the table, and paused after smelling his footsteps, and then calmly walked over, as if he was tidying up the table, pressing the piece of paper under the book.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Yuyu, come over and let me have a look.”

She was looking at him with a pair of eyes and yawned again, but she looked at him vigorously.

“Reading? Do you? Go to bed, don’t read it, what do you want to see? Do you want to see it again in the afternoon?” Wen Yu’s attitude was ordinary, with a vague condemnation.

Chi Zhengzheng blinked and said, “Isn’t reading a book? It’s the’will’ you wrote?”

Wen Yu: “…” She actually knew?

Chi Zhengzheng gritted his teeth: “Don’t you show me it? Wen Yu, you are really good…”

“Zheng Zheng…” Wen Yu wanted to step forward.

Chi Zhengzheng opened the quilt: “Then I will get it myself.”

“Don’t move, I’ll get it for you!” Wen Yu hurriedly said, his face changed slightly.

Chi Zhengzheng pursed his lips and kept looking at him.

As long as she thinks that he has written a will, she really intends to leave with her, and her whole heart is like a knife twisted, painful and extremely uncomfortable.

After all, Wen Yu took the “will” over.

Chi Zhengzheng took the “will” and looked at it with his lips pressed.

The above content is not much, it can even be said to be very simple.

1. After you die, be cremated with her and put it in a columbarium. No need for a funeral, buried by the sea.

2. Give Zheng Ye the house in Wangjiang Manor. This is his and her home. I hope Zheng Ye will keep it for him.

3. The retention and another Wangjiang Manor house will be handed over to Wife Wang as the cost of care and retention.

4. Establish Chi Zhengzheng Charity Fund, Yu Ding handed over to Zheng Ye, and donated 30% of the annual profit to the charity fund.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at the will, did not speak, and kept his head down.

Wen Yu was inexplicably nervous and kept staring at her closely.

After a while, he found something? Something smashed on the paper, it was tears falling down, wet the writing on it.

Wen Yu panicked: “Zhengzheng, what’s wrong with Zhengzheng?!”

Chi Zhengzheng did not speak, but looked down at the will.

Wen Yu stepped forward and reached out and hugged her gently, feeling a little at a loss: “Zhengzheng, I’m sorry? Don’t cry, is it uncomfortable? Zhengzheng, don’t scare me…”

The face is pale.

The sound of Chi Zheng Zheng? The sound is hoarse: “Wen Yu, why are you so stupid…”

Wen Yu was slightly stiff and didn’t speak.

“Promise me, no matter what happens in the future, live well, live well, okay?” Chi Zhengzheng raised his head and looked at him with tears on his face.

Wen Yu pursed his lips: “You promise me first, you won’t leave me again.”

Chi Zhengzheng cried, she really wanted to condemn him, and wanted to tell him that even if she died, he should live a good life.

But she couldn’t tell.

In the past, she always said that even a couple needs space. She always thinks he is domineering and paranoid, but now, she knows how much he loves her, how can she say that?

It was herself, if Wenyu left her, she couldn’t accept it either.

Reached out, hugged his neck tightly, cheeks pressed against his heart, listening to the sound of the heartbeat?, promised: “Yuyu, I promise you.”

Wen Yu smiled, “I promise you too.”

This time through life and death, they seem to be one body, no one can leave the other, and can’t be separated anymore.

As long as he is by his side, in this life, no matter what the wind or rain, he can walk on with a smile.

But prerequisite, the other party is around.

Chi Zhengzheng has been recuperating at home for more than a week, and her body is obviously much better. Wen Yu went to work and kept guarding her.

——She is far more important than his career? Much more.

“Yuyu, won’t you go to work?” Chi Zhengzheng tilted his head.

Next to him, Wen Yuzheng looked serious? Reading a novel to her, or a romantic novel called “Love in the Century: A Priceless Wife, Buy One Get One Free”, is almost reading the finale.

Before that, he had read a book about sadomasochism, and Chi Zhengzheng was halfway through it, listening carefully.

As a result, the next day, I found the book was gone.

Wen Yu frowned and said, “It doesn’t look good, that one? I lost it. Change one.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Don’t think she doesn’t know, he secretly watched all night last night and wiped his tears!

Sure? It looks good!

But it was probably too torturous, Wen Yu disgusted, and picked Ben? Sweet pet to read to her.

This book? Wen Yu is quite satisfied, and it is considered serious.

To work?

Wen Yu said, “I work at home.”

He didn’t lie, he still has to take care of the company’s affairs a little bit. It has been delayed for a long time.

So every day when Chi Zhengzheng takes a nap, he will have video meetings and deal with official affairs.

“My body has recovered a lot, otherwise you go to work in the company? I want to go to work too!” Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were bright, so he looked at him like that.

Wen Yu frowned suddenly.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his eyebrows: “Why? You want to stop me from looking for a job, so that every company dare not hire me, and disturb the possibility of me going out to work?

——Those things he said in a coma, now occasionally I can think of some.

Wen Yu: “…”

He hurriedly said: “No, your body is not yet complete? Wait until you are complete, okay?”

He put his holding hand to his lips and dropped a kiss gently, “I won’t stop you. If you want to go to work, go to work. As long as you are happy, I will be fine.”

——What are those so-called domineering and careful thoughts, all of them were defeated during the period when she was in a coma.

He still wanted her to be there all the time and no one was seen, but he wanted her to be happy.

He never saw her lying motionless on the bed again.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with his big eyes blinking.

She knew that her coma had changed him a lot, and in the face of life and death, everything else was trivial.

They will get along very well in the future.

Those issues that she had worried about were all solved because of Wen Yu’s changes.

Of course, it is not a problem even if the message remains unchanged.

——Because she also changed after waking up.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled and rushed over, holding Wen Yu, and kissed with joy on her face.

“Yuyu! I’m going to work, I don’t know if you Yu Ding would like it? I’m still raising my body, so I’ll be your secretary first? Okay? Secretary, hehehe.” I don’t know what to think of? Well, she smirked.

Wen Yu was taken aback, then he was happy, “Really?”

“Of course!” Chi Zhengzheng smiled brightly.

Don’t know why? He looked at her smile, always feeling-she seemed to be a bit too excited?

In fact, Chi Zhengzheng was indeed very excited.

On the second day, when Wen Yu wrapped her tightly and took her to work, she was full of energy and anticipation along the way. From time to time, what did she think of, and she even laughed? Come.

“Why are you happy?” Wen Yu couldn’t help asking.

Chi Zhengzheng coaxed him: “Of course it’s with you? Go to work, so happy.”

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, then the corners of his mouth rose and the roots of his ears were reddish.

Very coaxing.

Chi Zhengzheng continued to grin.

The book that Wen Yu read to her? In “Love in the Century: A Priceless Wife, Buy One Get One Free”, there is a female protagonist who goes to work in a male protagonist’s company, and then suffers a lot of difficulties. Everyone looks down on her and bullies her.

Then, the male lead jumped out, hugged the female lead, and said loudly—

“This is my woman, ah, who gave you the courage to bully her?”

Thinking of the plot, Chi Zhengzheng trembled all over.


She really wanted to see if it was President Wenyu, would he say this sentence by then!

She didn’t understand anything, so she parachuted to the company as secretary? Will the people at Wenyu’s company also exclude her? Say bad things about her in the toilet?

When the time comes, she must go to the toilet to listen.

How to do.

Thinking of this, she was not afraid at all, but was full of energy, looking forward to it!

Chi Zhengzheng rubbed her hands and chuckled secretly.

The author has something to say: Then, I went to the company…

Chi Zhengzheng:? ? ? Huh? What story should there be? ?

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