Zheng Ye was stunned, stepped back two steps, hit the wall, and then his voice trembled: “She, she, she… is she dead or alive?!”

No one gave him an answer to this question.

Because the two people on the bed can only see each other at this moment.

Wen Yu felt a lot of pain. The water didn’t hurt people like freshly boiled water, but it also burned. But the pain made him feel real, and it made him understand——

The person in his arms is really warming up, not his imagination.

After so many days, he didn’t know how many conjectures he had. He could see when he closed his eyes slightly, or in a dim place? Chi Zhengzheng opened her eyes.

But when she woke up, she was still lying on the bed, motionless, opening her eyes was nothing but his hallucinations.

It hurts and it’s real?.

Wen Yu tugged at the corner of her mouth, reaching out to hold her face, but didn’t dare to touch it.

——Still afraid is a dream.

Chi Zhengzheng was weak, her face was pale, and her eyes were hazy, but her gaze firmly looked at Wen Yu. In those eyes, there was a crazy desire to survive.

Wen Yu’s trembling hand finally touched her face.

Chi Zhengzheng opened his mouth slightly, still unable to speak, and could only speak silently——

“Sorry to keep you waiting……”

The silent words made Yu Yu tremble all over, and for a moment, he couldn’t make a sound.

He wanted to say–

It’s ok.

You can wake up, and it’s worth waiting for a long time.

Thank you, thank you for waking up.

But after all, he didn’t say a word, just holding her tremblingly, still crying.

Zheng Ye was still leaning against the wall. For the first time he saw Wen Yu crying so badly. When Chi Zhengzheng was about to die, he also cried, but he had never been so, and started crying like a child.

——In that cry, there are surprises and grievances that cannot be concealed.

Seeing him like this, what shock and sadness disappeared, Zheng Ye slowly smiled.

Chi Zhengzheng wakes up, and Wen Yu can also live, which is great.

He took out his cell phone, called an ambulance, and drove a critically ill patient who had just woke up to the hospital with a…a self-inflicted scalded patient.

“This is definitely a medical miracle, it’s really amazing!!”

“There is no problem at all, and the brain damage has healed on its own?!”

“It’s incredible? The brain is really a magical part!!”

“How is her recovery?”

“There are still some questions, but none of them are big problems.”

“This look? Resurrected when it’s dead? A miracle, it’s definitely a miracle!”

The doctors surrounded Chi Zhengzheng like giant pandas, all with strange faces.

It’s not just them. The experts who have seen Chi Zhengzheng before have all come, and many of them are on their way.

——This time it wasn’t Wen Yu’s request, but they came spontaneously.

In the ward, new doctors kept coming in for consultations. As soon as they came in, they picked up Chi Zhengzheng’s latest examination report, amazed and shocked.

If it were the past, Wenyu would definitely want to blast these people out, but at this moment, he was on a hospital bed with Chi Zhengzheng, his fingers clasped, and his eyes stared at her closely. It’s not bad to open your eyes for a moment.

Chi Zhengzheng was already asleep at the moment. She had just been sent to the hospital and fell asleep after only half of the examination was done.

The body has just awakened, but there is really no strength at all.

Alongside, Zheng Ye was there.

These doctors wanted to inquire about Chi Zhengzheng, but Chi Zhengzheng was asleep and wanted to inquire about Wen Yu. His eyes only looked at Chi Zhengzheng, and he didn’t respond to their inquiry at all.

“Hey, hey, I’m also an insider. Let’s go out and talk. The two of them are sick and the other injured. Let’s not disturb them to rest.” Zheng Ye pushed his glasses, smiled politely, but with a beak intolerance.

So, these doctors left the ward with Zheng Ye.

When the door is closed, can you still hear it vaguely? Their conversation——

“What happens after the patient goes home?”

“It’s almost the same as in the hospital, I didn’t take a closer look.”

“Then how did she wake up? Did she use any medicine?”

“Of course not, it should be willpower, Wen Yu has been guarding her, talking to her…”

After Wen Yu took Chi Zhengzheng home, Zheng Ye stood guard at the door, and did not see the appearance of Chi Zhengzheng with his own eyes.

So, he actually didn’t know what was going on at that time.

But it didn’t matter, this did not prevent him from reducing the impact of this incident, and did not allow Chi Zhengzheng to receive too much attention.

Zheng Ye also really thought that Chi Zhengzheng had survived the boundary of death by means of willpower.

No one knows except Wen Yu. Strictly speaking, Chi Zhengzheng…had stopped breathing and his body temperature has disappeared.

——Wen Yu will not tell anyone.

They went out, and inside the ward, only Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng were left lying down.

He kept holding her hand, although her hand was still cold, but there was already a temperature and a heartbeat.

She just fell asleep.

Wen Yu thought of this and couldn’t help but touch her cheek, after confirming the temperature, he let out a sigh of relief.

He didn’t wake her up, he just kept guarding her. Within two minutes, he had to confirm her breathing, heartbeat, and temperature, and then let out another breath.

The sky is bright, and a new day has arrived.

Zheng Ye brought breakfast into the ward.

“Ayu, you didn’t sleep last night, didn’t you? Hurry up and take a rest, and I will help you guard.” Zheng Ye came over with the porridge, his voice still brisk.

Wen Yu shook his head, spoke, his voice was extremely hoarse, and he coughed twice. Then? He said, “Wait, I will guard her.”

“Don’t wait anymore. Now that she has woken up, the doctor also said that the brain damage is basically self-healing, and there will be no accident. You should eat and rest first, and then take medicine later.” Zheng Ye babbled.

When it comes to applying medicine, he couldn’t help saying: “I said you are a fool? It’s not the boiled water that has just been boiled. You really dare to pour everything on your body. If I gave you boiled water at that time, would you? Dare to splash yourself?”

Wen Yu didn’t say a word, but obviously, he meant it—yes.

Zheng Ye snorted and frowned: “You don’t know how to use a hot water bottle, why do you pour water on yourself? You are too axis, in other words, you have a bag in your head and come blind.”

Didn’t you come here blindly?

The doctor who gave Wenyu medicine today did not blame him less, especially looking at the blisters, Zheng Ye was really speechless.

He felt that Wenyu was a lunatic at that moment, and he could do it by splashing boiling water. If Chi Zhengzheng was really dead, what else could he not do?

“Fool…” Chi Zhengzheng said on the bed.

The voice is very soft and low, with a sense of weakness and weakness.

Zheng Ye’s eyes lit up and he was about to step forward.

Wen Yu, who didn’t respond when he spoke, had already stood up, leaned close to Chi Zhengzheng’s face, and his voice was hoarse and excited: “Zhengzheng, are you awake? Is there anything uncomfortable? I asked the doctor to come over and see. Look.”

Chi Zhengzheng shook his head lightly. The movement was very light. Obviously it was very difficult to make this movement.

She kept watching Wen Yu.

Chi Zhengzheng knows how long she has been fainted, and I faintly heard it during the examination? The doctor said, but she didn’t expect that these days, Wenyu had lost so much weight, and he was so thin that she was a little out of shape.

Unshaven, his always clean and tidy clothes are also a little wrinkled.

He was black now, and her face was so haggard that she felt distressed.

“Fool…” Chi Zhengzheng whispered, “Why don’t you take care of yourself? Why do you scald yourself?…”

Wenyu held her hand, held her hand to her lips, and kissed gently, with a gentle voice: “If you don’t think so much, you will get hurt if you get hurt. It won’t matter. If you can wake up, my injury is nothing. If you can’t wake up…” Then what is the difference between being injured or not?

At that moment, Chi Zhengzheng’s body needs warmth. The human body is the most thermostatic. He made his body become hot and hugged her tightly. He could wrap up most of her body and make her whole body covered. It can be warmed up without being scalded.

——That is the best way.

As for him getting a little burnt?

Not important, not important at all.

The pain even makes him feel real.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t speak, but her eyes blinked and tears fell.

Wen Yu leaned forward, bowed her head and kissed, her voice hoarse and distressed: “Zhengzheng, don’t cry, I’ll be fine, you can wake up, I’m so happy, really happy.”

——It is the happiness from death to life.

That kind of desperate hope is hard to describe in words.

“Yes, can…bye? To you… I am, I am also very happy…” Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were glowing, extremely bright, she looked at him tightly, and her voice was soft, “I didn’t miss the appointment… …From now on, I will be with you…”

She struggled from death to come to this appointment.

Never missed the appointment.

“Okay, I’ll write it down for you, and you can’t break the contract.”

Wen Yu shed tears, “You know, after you fainted, I regret that I didn’t propose to you earlier or let you marry me earlier. The relationship between our husband and wife should be settled early.”

That way, even on the tombstone, you can write. Wife Chi Zhengzheng, Husband Wen Yu.

He stretched out his hand to touch the ring, but felt empty.

Something like that happened that night, what kind of ring or ring, I don’t even know where I left it.

Chi Zhengzheng twitched the corners of her mouth, her voice heavier: “I am willing, Yuyu, I haven’t finished what I said that day, I am willing to marry you and be your wife.”

Wen Yu cried and laughed, bowed his head, rubbed her cheek lightly, not daring to use force.

Zheng Ye walked out of the ward and closed the door.

Inside, the room is obviously very big? But there is no place for him to stand at all!

It was clear that after he was busy, he went through all the formalities for Chi Zhengzheng, dealt with the doctor, and arranged Yu Ding’s affairs, but he never expected that they would not see him at all?

He should be angry, but after closing the door, he grinned and his eyes were full of smiles.

It’s great for them to do this.

It seems that falling in love is still a bit interesting. Otherwise, when Chi Zhengzheng gets better and Wen Yu returns, he will take a long vacation, and then find a good relationship?

That’s a deal!

It was already dawn, and the ward where Chi Zhengzheng lived had a good view. Looking out from the window where the curtains were opened, the morning sun could be seen slowly rising.

A brand new day has come again.

The cold winter came to an end and the spring came.

Chi Zhengzheng had some strength and struggled twice.

“What’s the matter? Don’t move, are you uncomfortable?” Wen Yu became anxious all at once.

Chi Zhengzheng shook his head, thought about it, or said: “Yuyu, I…I was dead, right?”

Wen Yu froze and did not speak.

She knew it, and said softly: “Actually?, I’m Chi Zhengzheng, but I’m not Chi Jia’s in this world?…”

Wen Yu raised his hand and pressed a finger to her lips, shaking his hand slightly, preventing her from speaking.

After a while, he took a deep breath and looked at her: “I know, I always knew, I love you.”

Chi Zhengzheng after the car accident and before the car accident were completely different.

But what is the relationship?

What he loves is the Chi Zhengzheng in front of him, the Chi Zhengzheng who gives him home, warms him, and heals his wounds.

It is this cute love, Chi Zhengzheng who attracts him all the time.

Chi Zhengzheng was slightly stunned.

Wen Yu’s voice became even more hoarse: “Zhengzheng, since you are awake, don’t you…you won’t leave?”

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback again.

After a while, she said: “Well, I won’t go.”

Wen Yu smiled, with a satisfied face: “That’s good, that’s good.”

His requirements are very low and not much, as long as she doesn’t leave, as long as she is still with him, anything is fine.

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were a bit sore.

and so……

Wen Yu thought her “death” was because she wanted to “go back”?

Since she is going back, does he know where she will go back? He follows her, can he really catch up with her?

Since he can’t catch up, why does he still do this?

——He loves her, much deeper than she imagined.

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were moist, and when she looked at him, her voice was dull: “Wen Yu, I love you, I won’t go, never will.”

The one-year period expired, since she opened her eyes.

Then never leave again!

In this world, her lover still has a white-headed appointment with her.

The author has something to say: Ahhhh, the update is much late!

I was wrong, crying.

Forget it with your fingers, there are probably two or three chapters left.

Only sweet!

Sweet enough to have a throat! !

MTL/N: Completely translated

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