She is Chi Zhengzheng!

She may not be the original Chi Zhengzheng, her body? Maybe it is fake, the world she came into is even? It may be fake, but her memory is true, Wen Yu is true!

She thought that the original story line had completely changed, but even if she came to this world, today, one year later, the ending of Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu’s “no CP” destiny are still on the path they should go.

But how can it be? !

Chi Zhengzheng was very anxious.

How could she die?

She can’t die, she can’t die!

If she dies, what will Wen Yu do?

She promised him, she will stay with him, for the rest of their lives, they will go down together.

How could she miss the appointment?


If she is destined to die today one year later, she will definitely not get close to Wenyu, let alone let him fall in love with her!

He used to have the trajectory of a hero without CP system, without her appearance, although lonely, it is just as wonderful.

He is strong, he is fearless, he is powerful, he has no sorrow, no pain, and never loses.

Without falling in love with someone, there will be no pain, no sadness!

No one can beat him!

Wen Yu has suffered so much in this life. He has no family affection. He just had the love that belongs to them. She only wants to be happy. She wants him to be happy and heal the hurt and loneliness in the past with the happiness of the future.

I don’t want his grief because of myself.

She couldn’t get away from the white world.

The weakness and weakness of the body and the sluggishness of the spirit all told her where she was at the moment.

——She is dying.


If this ending is already doomed, why let her come into this world and disturb Wen Yu’s peace of mind?

How can it be? !

Wen Yu put Chi Zhengzheng on the bed and covered it with a quilt.

The heating in the house was turned on, and the frost and cold outside could not be felt at all.

He was next to her, holding a pen and paper and writing something, not a few words.

After writing, he put the pen and paper on the table, walked over, hugged her, and let her head rest on his knees.

The window was open, and it darkened early in winter, and the outside had gradually darkened, but because of the reflection of the white snow, sitting on the bed, he could still see the white world, the white snow, and the road was completely white on both sides.

“It’s snowing again.” Wen Yu gently tidyed her hair. She loves to be beautiful and can’t make her unsightly. “Zhengzheng, I remember that you like to watch snow the most. The snow is heavy outside tonight, you If we are awake, tomorrow morning, we can go to the pavilion to make tea and enjoy the snow.”

There had been a heavy snowfall before, but he was afraid that she would catch a cold and did not agree to let her go out to play.

At that time, he controlled her strictly, for fear that she might get sick or catch a cold, he was cautious, and he didn’t dare to let it happen at all, so he was particularly cautious.

She was pouting and was very angry.

She was going to protest, but Wen Yu easily diverted her attention.

He can always easily make her divert her attention, and can easily make her happy, forgetting what she was thinking about before.

But now, he regretted it.

Wen Yu lowered his head and touched her forehead with a low voice: “Zhengzheng, I regret it. I shouldn’t stop you. If you like to watch the snow, you should go out and watch the snow instead of being cautious… “

He was so careful, so afraid of her getting sick.

Eliminate all dangers, however, he still failed to protect her, she still fell down.

And he couldn’t do anything about it.

If it’s all over again…

He will let her be happy and go along with her heart?

“Chi Zhengzheng, I asked you to marry me that day, but you actually wanted to agree? I’ve heard it all? You said it halfway…” Wen Yu twitched, “So, you are my wife who hasn’t gone through the door. “

What happened that day? Love, he actually didn’t want to remember at all.

“Wife…” He called her.

Then, the teardrops fell from the corner of the eye.

“You have promised me that we will always be together, and you promised me that you will spend with me every Spring Festival in the future, you make me so happy, but…”

Such a happy day, but the moment she fell, became a day Wen Yu never wanted to remember again.

Her promise hasn’t been spoken yet, and she may never be able to speak again.

“Chi Zhengzheng, can’t you hear me? You promised my marriage proposal and I’m sorry to fail to marry you.” Wen Yu’s head still touched her forehead, her forehead was a bit cold.

With a hoarse voice, he continued: “You still owe me an answer…”

“But it’s okay. Waiting for another world, would you tell me personally in our next lives, OK?” Wen Yu asked.

Naturally, Chi Zhengzheng did not agree, and there was no sound.

He touched her face with his hand, and felt the temperature getting colder and colder, and he stagnated slightly.

Immediately, as if unaware, he continued: “I have just written a will and we are to be buried together. You like snow and the sea, but the snow is too cold. I’m afraid you will be cold. Let’s go to the beach.”

“If one day the sea changes and our cemetery is not there, we can go into the sea together, okay? The sky is big, and you can go wherever you want, but before that, you still have to accompany me, we burn our ashes, and mix them together. Even entering the sea in the future we will be inseparable.”

“I will remember all the promises of this life, and you must come to fulfill them in the next life.”

The temperature was even cooler, but after Wenyu stopped crying, he said calmly–

“What you haven’t been able to do while alive? Love, you can’t regret it when you die.”

With such a lively Chi Zhengzheng, he could only watch her fall, watch her getting colder and colder, watch her temperature get lower and lower, her life is passing, and no matter how hard he works, he can’t catch it.

Live a life without Chi Zhengzheng?


No longer.

He was originally a duckweed walking alone in the cold night, drifting and helpless. He didn’t know why he came, and he didn’t know when he left. He had no affection, no love, and didn’t understand expectation, joy and happiness.

It was she who walked to his side, grabbed him, let him have roots, let him know that he missed the world, filled his empty heart, no longer lonely, no longer cold.

After experiencing this kind of warm and meaningless cold night, he could no longer walk.

Every step, every minute, he can think of that warmth, and then-heartache.

“It’s just that I’m still a little unwilling, and some regrets…”

His voice was hoarse: “I’m not able to hear you say anything again… I wish I could hear you call my name again…”

She was lying in his arms, but he missed her very much.

She closed her eyes slightly, her voice and smile seemed to be still in front of her, and every move was so vivid.

She stood in front and smiled at him, her smile more dazzling than Chaoyang.

Wen Yu stopped talking, touching her forehead, feeling the cold temperature, and touching her face with his hand, as if to carve her appearance into the depths of his soul.

She still owes him the promise, no matter what she will become in her next life, she will have to honor it!

His eyes are always closed, and in front of him is her vivid appearance, all of their past, every happy and happy picture.

——Chi Zhengzheng.

——Can I see you again? To you? Listen to your words again?

The touch of the finger is cold and moist.

Smell Yu slightly paused.

He opened his eyes, withdrew from the memory, and then propped up stiffly, looking straight at Chi Zhengzheng’s face with his eyes.

In his eyes, there was fear, unbelief, and…expectation.

——Not an illusion, right?

At the corner of her eye, two teardrops seemed to slip.

Wen Yu became stiff, and then, his body trembled slightly, raised his hand, his hand trembled severely, but again, it touched those two lines of wet marks.  

For an instant? Was fogged, his voice was hoarse to the extreme, and he opened his mouth tremblingly?——

“Chi Zhengzheng, Zhengzheng…”

He wanted to say “Can you hear?” “Can you open your eyes” “I really love you” “Please wake up, I actually don’t want the next life, I just want this life”…

He had a lot of things to say, but after opening his mouth, he just said her name all the time, as if his voice was bloody.

Thousands of words, only one sentence-“Chi Zhengzheng”.

Chi Zhengzheng could hear part of it. She felt that she was getting weaker and weaker, but she could also hear part of his words.

——What did you fail to do while alive? Love, you can’t regret it when you die.

——Neither I couldn’t listen to your words again… I listened to you calling my name again…

She heard it!

At that moment? Her heart broke.

This is Wenyu, this is Wenyu who is so powerful that it is omnipotent, how could he become? How could he become this way?

She loves him so much that she can’t wait for him to forget all his worries and live happily all his life. Ever thought that she could make him into it? This way-about to die.

Even his voice is desperate and powerless.

God is unfair! She does not accept it!

The gears of fate have long since changed, so why should God take her away from Wen Yu?

She feels so distressed, dear to the man she loves, so desperate.

She must open her eyes, she must open her eyes!

She can’t go, she wants to see him? She wants to talk to him…

Those two drops dried quickly, like Wen Yu’s illusion.

His tears kept falling on Chi Zhengzheng’s face, as if trying to cover up the traces of the two tears, he hurriedly wiped and blocked them to prevent his tears from falling on her face again.


The trace has disappeared, just like his illusion, and it’s like he mistakenly took his tears as her tears.

The more anxious he was to check, the more drops of water fell.

Without a trace, Chi Zhengzheng’s body gradually became cold.

——Just now, it was really his illusion.

Wen Yu lay down, covering his face, resting his forehead on Chi Zhengzheng’s hand.

He closed his eyes, the pictures in front of him disappeared, and the vivid images of Chi Zhengzheng were completely gone.

Wen Yu was full of tears.

He never looked up, nor did he notice? The closed eyes kept pouring tears.

He has lost his soul and soul, leaving only an empty torso.

Zheng Ye was sitting at the door, counting the time.

He couldn’t leave without worry, because he suspected–Wen Yu didn’t want to let himself out.

He estimated a time in his mind, that time, probably the time when Chi Zhengzheng will completely leave. When the time comes, he will rush in, stop Wen Yu, and never let him do stupid things.

Chi Zhengzheng left the intensive care unit and was carried home by Wen Yu. The time when her own life ended was tonight and tomorrow. When she came back, Zheng Ye knew that she was back to Wangjiang. Manor, it’s time to leave.

But he couldn’t let Wen Yu follow her.

Zheng Ye knew that Wen Yu was uncomfortable, and he also knew how painful he would be.

But he can’t watch him die, he must stay behind.

As for the future…

How to live a life for a person who has been plucked out of his heart and lives in his thoughts and memories all the time, he no longer wants to think about it, and he dare not think about it!

Why does destiny treat Wenyu and Chi Zhengzheng like this?

Those two people who love each other are distinct? They can hold their hands and grow old with them. Why is the destiny like this?

Is it really intentional to play tricks like this? Right?

Time. Zheng Ye opened the door.

Time? It’s time, the temperature of the body on the bed has completely faded, even if the heating is very warm, even if Wenyu covers her with a quilt, her body can no longer be warmed.

Wen Yu didn’t move, resting his head on her hand, just motionless.

The air became quiet, there was no sound, only a little wind faintly heard outside the window.

“Yu yu…” The voice was inaudible.

Wen Yu was taken aback and froze.

This time, he never looked up.

Is it an illusion again?

With the hand resting on his forehead, his fingers moved slightly.

The movement is very slight, if he were not stiff and motionless, he would never notice it.

Wen Yu suddenly raised his head.

With the eyes that he thought would be closed forever, the eyelids trembled, and tears surged in the corners of her eyes. She could not open her eyes, but she kept streaming out of tears.

——She is struggling to wake up.

“Chi Zhengzheng!!” Wen Yu trembled, holding her hand, tense to the point that the sound broke, and tears fell again.

The eyelids are still moving, and the person hasn’t been able to wake up yet.

Wen Yu took off his clothes abruptly, using his warm body, to hug Chi Zhengzheng tightly, and then wrapped it in a quilt.

Her body’s temperature was extremely low, and now she was hugged by him, and it started to rise slowly.

He didn’t feel cold at all, but was filled with excitement and unbelievable ecstasy.

——He can feel that she will wake up!

——He must warm her body?!

Zheng Ye rushed up at this time, looking anxious.

At the sight, Wen Yu took off his clothes and held Chi Zhengzheng tightly, his pupils shrinking.

“Zheng Ye, boiling water! Quick!” Wen Yu shouted.

Zheng Ye was taken aback for a moment, his eyes staring blankly.

Wen Yu’s pale and haggard face was full of madness and excitement at the moment: “Quick! Zheng Ye, bring me the boiling water!”

“Oh oh oh…” Zheng Ye replied blankly.

He obediently listened to Wen Yu’s instructions, went downstairs, and went to the kitchen to get water. The water was boiled by Wang’s wife at noon, and it was put in a thermos pot.

Only when I went up the stairs, my eyes were red.

——Wen Yu is crazy.

He was afraid that he would see a grief-hearted Wen Yu, but he didn’t expect to see a crazy Wen Yu.

He had just entered the house with boiling water, and Wen Yu had already rushed over.

Wen Yu moved quickly and poured boiling water directly on him. The water in the thermos was of course not as hot as when it was just boiled, but there was still a very high temperature. The skin turned red in an instant and seemed to be blistering .

He doesn’t care?

“Wen Yu!!” Zheng Ye was shocked and was about to step forward.

Wen Yu had already wiped the boiled water on his body with a towel. While it was still hot, he went to bed quickly and hugged Chi Zhengzheng tightly. His body was terribly hot and stinging.

But feeling the temperature slowly rising in his arms, Wen Yu cried and laughed excitedly.

Clearly? Eyes are flushed, but there is a smile.

“Ayu…” Zheng Ye’s voice was hoarse, and tears fell completely.

Wen Yu is really crazy.

He opened his mouth, and his voice was very soft: “Ayu…she has already left, you should be more sober, she definitely doesn’t want to see you become?——”

The sound stopped abruptly.

Because, Chi Zhengzheng, who was determined to be dead by him, slowly opened her eyes.

Zheng Ye: “…”! ! !

by? ! !

The author has something to say: Zheng Ye: Fraud and corpse? !

Mom, I’m scared! ! !

MTL/N: completely translated

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