Secretary Ning is a little sad. He has never seen Wen Yu like this. In their hearts, the boss of Yu Ding, who is so powerful and omnipotent, would actually collapse, be pained, and be too fragile to withstand a single blow. .

“Send the doctor to leave.” Zheng Ye arranged.

Secretary Ning nodded and respectfully sent away the doctor who still wanted to perform a craniotomy for Chi Zhengzheng.

Zheng Ye stood at the door for a while, sighed for a long time, and then left.

Inside the door.

Chi Zhengzheng lay calmly on the bed, Wen Yu just smashed something, and was talking to her in a low voice–

“I just smashed something. You definitely would glare at me before. Just one glance, why don’t you open your eyes and scold me two sentences?”

The person on the bed breathed weakly, and did not respond to his whispers.

“Are you still angry? Annoyed at me? Don’t want you to go out to work, so annoyed at me? Do you think I’m too much? That’s why you don’t want to open your eyes and don’t want to see me?” Wen Yu sat down next to him , Holding her hand, put it on her face.

Her hands were a little cold, even slightly blue.

Wen Yu’s condition is also very bad. His beard has not been shaved for a long time, and his hair is messy. He has lost a lot of weight, and his eyes are dark. Obviously since Chi Zhengzheng fell, he has never slept well.

“I apologize to you, okay? Nothing is there without you on my side. Being healthy and alive is more important. I was wrong, I’m sorry, you get up quickly, Keep is still waiting for us, let’s go home, do you care so little about it that you willing to leave it?”

As long as Chi Zhengzheng can wake up, he can promise her everything, as long as she is alive, as long as she is happy, he accepts everything.

“They? They all say you can not be saved… how is it possible? They don’t know anything, they don’t know you. It was okay before, good, well, healthy, lively, they don’t know anything. They still don’t know that we even bought groceries together, ate New Year’s eve dinner together…” From the corners of his dry eyes, drops of water slipped down and hit the back of Chi Zhengzheng’s hand.

So how come the live Chi Zhengzheng can not be saved?

These people are lying to him!

“They lied to me. How can they even want to open up your head? You love beauty and your hair the most. If you know what they are doing, you would definitely be angry.” Wen Yu whispered.

After a while, he closed his eyes, and more tears began to fall.

“Zhengzheng, Chi Zhengzheng, can you hear me at the end? When you talk, you always talk about me? You talk a little, but I have said this. How many days, but you haven’t said a word, you are talkless, you can’t talk to me again in the future? Talkless.”

Wen Yu said, holding her hand and touching her forehead religiously.

Before? No matter how Wen Jia treated him, no matter how he faced him, no matter how windy and rainy he faced, he would never cry.

But now, Wenyu cried out in a low voice, with a choked voice: “10%, only 10% is possible, that is, 90% on the operating table, and can’t get off again…”

What’s more, how could he fail to see that 10% was what the doctor said casually when he wanted to open the craniotomy. In fact, there was not even 10%.

If you really want to leave.

Wen Yu couldn’t accept that Chi Zhengzheng left coldly on the operating table. She was so afraid of the cold, how cold would it be?

And? And he always feels…

I always feel that what happened this time is like a dream, a nightmare that has not yet woken up.

Okay, like the next moment she wakes up from a dream, she will open her eyes, look at him with a smile, and then whisper to him—

“Yu yu.”

Just like before, the look is flying, the smile is like a flower, it is the most beautiful color in this world.

Wen Yu lasted for many days, didn’t eat well, didn’t sleep well, and coupled with the mentally painful blows, he was exhausted to the extreme.

He held her hand and was alone in the ward, and shed a lot of tears.

He didn’t want to cry, but before he knew it, he burst into tears.

Wen Yu thought that a year ago, he and Chi Zhengzheng were in the same room. She had just become his fiancée. He had no feelings for her, so he stood in the ward, talking on the phone with Secretary Ning.

And Chi Zhengzheng, this vegetable person who was determined not to wake up, just sat up suddenly, and the two looked at each other.

What was she talking about?

Oh yes, she said—husband! ! !

In his shocked eyes, she hinted to him that she would not say what she had heard, she would stand by his side, and she seemed very afraid of him.

At that time, Wen Yu felt that this was a bit stupid.

He didn’t really care about what she heard? When Wen Jia found it, it was when Wen Jia went bankrupt.

And she just woke up, she can obviously pretend that she doesn’t know anything, but just with a “husband”, it reveals that she actually heard all the sounds from the conversation.

This girl, really stupid.

At that time, he did not regard her as his fiancée, and she did not regard him as his fiancé, on the contrary, she was afraid of him.

However, the first words between her and him was a cry —husband.

In fact, their relationship has been doomed since they met.

Wen Yu knew that she had a secret, and that she was almost a different person compared to Wen Yiran’s fiancée. If she lived in Chi’s house, Chi’s family would surely be able to find out.

From head to toe, from personality to habits, from temper to aesthetics, everything has changed.

——No matter how scientific he is, he will have doubts.

So he always felt that – in the ward that day, it was their first sight, not so beautiful, but destined to never forget the first sight in this life.

With a “husband”, from that day on, she was destined to be his sweetheart.

Did God bring her as the most precious gift to him?

In front of him, he seemed to be back in Wangjiang Manor.

“Wenyu, Yuyu, what are you doing?!” Chi Zhengzheng put his hand on his waist, holding it, and glaring at him.

Wen Yu was stunned, staring at her blankly.

“Didn’t you say before, let’s decorate the yard? Come and hang the lantern, I can’t hang it!” Chi Zhengzheng saw him not moving, and stepped forward to push him.

She was wearing a white down jacket, a scarf, and a hat. She had big round eyes, so lively and so cute.

Wen Yu blinked, reached out to hug her, but froze.

The head swayed down, and in his eyes, it was the pure white of the hospital.

——He is so tired he fell asleep.

He looked at the direction of the hospital bed with a misty gaze, and Chi Zhengzheng sat there, smiling at him.

Her face was still a little pale, but her eyes were still those that fascinated him, and the smile at the corner of her mouth was light and shallow, like clouds and wind, as if to dissipate in the wind.

There was a difference between her appearance and the appearance of her body, but he recognized it at a glance—it was her.

Wen Yu cried, sobbed and laughed–

“Where have you been? I have been waiting for you for so long.”

Tears misted his eyes, and he reached out to her.

But… it’s empty again.

Beside, there was a machine making a sound of “Didi——”.


Chi Zhengzheng was sent to rescue, the director has secretly told Zheng Ye——

“Probably it will be today or tomorrow.”

Chi Zhengzheng’s death date is either tonight or tomorrow.

Them? No one dares to face Wen Yu’s anger, they can only tell Zheng Ye secretly, wanting him to tell him this bad news without irritating Wen Yu.

In fact, these doctors have been prepared for a long time. When the experts leave one after another, they are already doomed to end, but if Wen Yu does not give up, they will not give up.

Zheng Ye raised his hand and wiped the marks on his face.

Why is he crying?

Zheng Ye didn’t understand. He didn’t even understand whether he was crying for Chi Zhengzheng or Wen Yu.

Death is painful, but leaving the sorrow to the living makes the living even more painful.

“I got it…” Zheng Ye said hoarsely.

After responding, the director sighed and left in a hurry.

Seeing life and death, and also seeing joys and sorrows, he won’t have so much emotion in his heart.

Just thinking, this world is fair, no matter whether it is poor or rich, there will be them in this world? Helpless things, like Wen Yu, he will take all the brain experts in the world….

But if you can’t keep it, you are destined to not keep it.

Zheng Ye stood there for a long time, and when he stood there was no trace on his face, he patted his face, shook his head, and then slowly walked towards Wen Yu.

He was sitting at the door guarding, the door separating him and Chi Zhengzheng was still tightly closed.

Zheng Ye walked to his face, patted him on the shoulder silently, but said nothing.

——He thought, Wen Yu would not talk to him either.

In the past? How many days, it was all like this? That’s how Wen Yu said to Chi Zhengzheng.

However?, Wen Yu spoke up——

“Is there no way?”

His voice was hoarse, but not crazy, very calm.

Zheng Ye looked at him abruptly, and then he was taken aback.

Wen Yu was no longer crazy, but he didn’t want to drive, nor did he calm down. On the contrary, it was more like… lifeless, about to die.


“Tell me.” Wen Yu didn’t look up, looked at a place, and didn’t move.

Zheng Ye opened his mouth, but couldn’t tell.

He seemed to be able to feel Wen Yu’s despair. This life and death was spoken to him, only with emotion and sorrow, but for Wen Yu… what kind of attack should it be?

“I got it.” Wen Yu said.

Zheng Ye didn’t say anything, but he already understood it.

“You, be stronger… she doesn’t want to see you look like this…” Zheng Ye opened his mouth, and finally just said this sentence.

Wen Yu: “Zheng Ye, she will come out later, can you help with the discharge, I am going to take her home.”

After a pause, his voice was soft: “She doesn’t want to stay here.”

Zheng Ye looked at the face. This was the same man. What a short period of time, the man who lost a lot of weight and his bones popped out, his eyes were sore again, what is there already.


“Zheng Ye, do you know? She actually likes Wangjiang Manor very much. She doesn’t like the house there, but the feeling of being at home. She said I gave her home.”

Wen Yu shook his head, his voice helpless: “In fact, she gave me home.”

“In this year, she gave me a lot of things, gave me my family, gave me my heart, and also gave me warmth, my joys, sorrows, grief, and joy, because she, all of a sudden, all at once.” His voice was hoarse.

Tonight, he probably wants to talk, wants to talk about her, and wants to talk about them.

“You will probably never understand, when she smiles at me, when she looks at me with bright eyes, when she hugs me, when she kisses me…? How happy I can be.”

Wen Yu couldn’t forget his return to Wangjiang Manor from Wen’s house. She placed chopsticks beside the dining table. When she saw him coming back, she grinned at him…

From that day on, his heart took root and his life also had belonging.

Wen Yu didn’t forget that she was wearing a crocodile pajamas, her head was lowered, her face was embarrassed, she was holding hands, and her tail flicked and flicked when she followed him home…

From that day on, he was destined to lead her and never let her go again.

Wen Yu couldn’t forget when he took off the head of the doll costume. She seemed to be fished out of the water, but laughed at him happily. When she said surprise…

And when she took the broom and blasted those who hurt him out of the house.

She hugged and kept telling him, this is a good time, a good time to raise, when they raise together.

Chi Zhengzheng gave him too much, she gave him joy, love, let him belong, make him stable in the world, heal his wounds, and warm the loneliness of the past soul…

Wen Yu raised his head and looked at Zheng Ye. Inside those deep eyes, he was full of doubts——

“She is God’s gift to me. The best. She brought me too much. She promised me, she would stay with me for the rest of my life. She gave it to me, why did she take it back?”

He was in desperate doubt, and Zheng Ye’s tears could no longer be controlled.

Zheng Ye had never experienced the feelings Wenyu said, but he thought, if God gave him a person who fell in love with him and made him feel painful, he would let that person leave…

How cruel it is.

If you want to take it back, why should you ever get it?

Is it just for Wenyu to have joy, just to make him grieve goodbye?

The door of the intensive care unit opened.

“Zheng Ye, go ahead and leave the hospital.”

Wen Yu stood up and walked towards the person lying on the bed.

Reached out and hugged her gently, his voice was very soft and gentle–

“I will take her home.”

The car quickly drove into Wangjiang Manor.

Wen Yu had been holding Chi Zhengzheng in his arms, still holding her now, and cautiously got out of the car.

Zheng Ye hurried to open the door.

Wen Yu looked calm and walked into their home in a hug.

At the door, they posted the couplet “Peace and Joy”, on their heads, they hung up the lanterns by themselves, and on the windows, they also posted the word “Fu” by themselves.

After Wen Yu entered the door, Keep rushed over. It hadn’t seen them for a few days, shaking his tail, his expression was excited.

“Zheng Ye, you will keep it and take it away, okay? Okay? Take care of it.” Wen Yu’s voice was soft.

Zheng Ye suddenly raised his head and looked at Wen Yu in shock, his voice raised: “No! Me? No, you leave it alone, and you will take care of it in the future!”

Keep seems to feel something, “whispering” back, rubbing Wen Yu’s instep, raising his head, and yelling at Chi Zhengzheng he is holding.

Wen Yu was silent for a while, and said: “Keep it, keep it, can you really keep it?”

“Wen Yu, don’t do stupid things. If Chi Zhengzheng knows what you are thinking, she will definitely collapse!” Zheng Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed Wen Yu.

“Are you going, I stay with her.”

“No, I won’t go!” Zheng Ye didn’t agree. He gritted his teeth with a firm face.

He noticed that it was wrong, Wen Yu’s state was wrong!

“This? It’s her home and mine. I want to be alone with her.” Wen Yu looked at him. There was no room for a beak in those eyes.

Zheng Ye took two steps back.

Wen Yu’s voice was calm: “You knew me. What life did you live, and you never knew what I was like when there was no Chi Zhengzheng. So, Zheng Ye, go out.”

Zheng Ye took two steps back again, his body shook slightly.

Yes, he is Wenyu’s only friend. He knows everything about Wenyu, the neglect and torture he has suffered since childhood, and the loneliness deep in his soul.

Zheng Ye went out at the bottom, and the door closed.

He did not go, sat on the ground leaning on the door, raised his head, bit his fist and cried.

The door is closed. After Chi Zhengzheng is gone, will Wen Yu really come out?

Chi Zhengzheng seemed to be in a dream. This dream was bizarre. For a while, it was her boring life when she was a child, and the other was her boring life at work and off work.

After a while, it was another man who went from being looked down upon, to taking the road of dominance step by step, cold and ruthless, no one could make him smile.

Piecemeal, her surroundings are misty, and her consciousness is also dizzy.

This is not the same as when she first came to this world. At that time, apart from being unable to move, she could clearly hear the voice of the outside world.

Now she can’t hear. Not only can’t hear, except for some bizarre fragments, she doesn’t even know who she is, dizzy and white, there is nothing.

She didn’t know where she came from, or where she should be.

When did you hear the sound suddenly?

It’s just now!

There was a male voice who said softly and softly–

“Zhengzheng, we are home.”


All of the past events came back in an instant.

The author has something to say: Ouch, you guys really think too much.

This article does not quarrel overnight, and the sorrow will not exceed three chapters! This story is useful! !

MTL/N: Chapter completely translated

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