Even if Chi Zhengzheng’s body functions are declining, even if Chi Zhengzheng is likely to be dying, the doctors are still helpless and can’t come up with any solution.

She was awake at first, and now she is in a coma again, as if she has no way to explain the reason.

This also led to her always lying on the bed, plugged in various tubes, motionless, as if asleep.

Wen Yu sat beside her, holding her hand tightly.

“You eat something, it’s been three days, you just drank some water, so how can your body stand it when you go down?” Zheng Ye sighed, his eyes filled with emotion.

Since Chi Zhengzheng entered the hospital, he has only seen the madness of his boss.

Originally thought that this man was the top face of Mount Tai? He didn’t change his color, but he didn’t expect that in this world, there are also things he can’t afford.

Even in the case of Chi Zhengzheng, he would not accept it at all.

——As if she was not sick, but just asleep, and he was by the side, guarding her and waiting for her to wake up.

Wen Yu didn’t move.

Zheng Ye’s eyes were worried: “If you are physically unwell, how can you wait for Chi Zhengzheng to wake up? She is like this now, she still needs you to support her.”

Regarding the situation of Chi Zhengzheng, he secretly asked the experts today, and the situation is not optimistic.

With a long sigh, he put the food in his hand on the cabinet next to him.

At this time, Wen Yu stretched out his hand, picked up the food, and chewed mechanically.

Zheng Ye finally breathed a sigh of relief, turned around, and walked out of the ward. Yu Ding was a big man. Wen Yu now doesn’t care about it, if he doesn’t care, it would be a mess.

When he walked out of the ward, he faintly heard Wenyu whisper in a hoarse voice–

“Little lazy bug, why are you still asleep? Get up quickly and eat something.”

His soft tone, as if the person on the bed is really asleep, the next moment she will open his eyes and accompany him to eat something.

Zheng Ye’s nose is inexplicably sore, if Chi Zhengzheng is really…

The consequences, he can hardly imagine.

Twenty years ago Wen Yu never rejoiced, God will not be so cruel, to take away his only joy?

Before Zheng Ye had gone far, he collided head-on with the three people who came in a hurry. The three people were very anxious, as if they hadn’t seen him at all, and continued to walk towards the front.

Chi family?

Zheng Ye turned around abruptly and returned to the ward.

At this time, the three of Chi’s family had entered the ward.

“Zhengzheng!” Ding Yijun cried, rushed over, stretched out her hand, wanting to touch Chizhengzheng, but didn’t dare to touch her, feeling at a loss.

“What’s wrong with Zhengzheng? Wenyu, tell me, what’s wrong with Zhengzheng?!” Ding Yijun cried, staring at Wenyu with bright red eyes.

Wen Yu ignored her.

“Wen Yu!” Chi Yan was also very angry, staring at him: “You said you will take care of Zhengzheng, is that how you take care of her?! And Zhengzheng went to the hospital on New Year’s Eve, but you never informed us!”

“Wen Yu, speak up, tell me what happened to Zhengzheng?!” Ding Yijun cried bitterly.

As soon as her hand touched Chi Zhengzheng, Wenyu waved it away.

“Wen Yu!!”

“Don’t quarrel!” Zheng Ye walked in, looking at Chi Yan and Ding Yijun, “Wen Yu is not to blame for Chi Zhengzheng’s illness. If we are to blame, we must also blame the car accident a year ago.”

Chi Zhouchen stretched out his hand to wipe the tears that he couldn’t control, and hurriedly asked: “What’s the matter? How is it related to the car accident a year ago?”

Zheng Ye briefly explained Chi Zhengzheng’s situation clearly.

“So… Zheng Zheng will faint this time because of the car accident a year ago?” Chi Yan opened his mouth, his voice hoarse, and his eyes were flushed.

“So you have no position to blame Wen Yu. If you want to blame, you can only blame the person who caused her in a car accident a year ago, and you yourself. When she just woke up, you didn’t pay much attention to it. Didn’t even give her a good physical examination.” Under Zheng Ye’s glasses, the eyes were sharp and hit the nail on the head.

“Zheng Zheng…can she still wake up?” Ding Yijun shook her body.

Zheng Ye pursed his lips: “It’s not optimistic.”

Ding Yijun’s legs softened and fell directly to the ground.

“Get out.” Wen Yu finally said, his hoarse voice was very soft, and disappeared into the air after speaking.

“No, I don’t want to go, I want to guard Zhengzheng!” Ding Yijun reached out and wanted to hold the other hand of Chi Zhengzheng.

“I said, all go out.” Wen Yu looked at them with a pair of eyes.

When they met his gaze, everyone was taken aback, and even Ding Yijun was taken aback.

His face was bloodshot in his eye sockets, and his whole person had experienced a lot of vicissitudes in just a few days, and he didn’t take care of his stubble.

The face is expressionless, but it makes the whole body cold, like a fierce beast that has been released. If it is careless, it will hurt people.

–He is crazy.

“Zhengzheng just fell asleep, you are talking nonsense! Don’t need you here, all go out.” His voice was still soft, as if he had just said an ordinary sentence.

After that, he turned his head to look at the person on the hospital bed, stretched out his hand, and straightened her messy hair.

Ding Yijun opened his mouth, and was shocked by Wen Yu just now, and could not speak.

“Let’s all go out, just in time for you to talk to the Doctor?” Zheng Ye sighed.

Chi Zhouchen gritted his teeth, stepped forward and helped Ding Yijun up, then slowly walked out of the ward.

Zheng Ye closed the door.

He looked towards Chi Yan and Ding Yijun: “I know you care about your daughter, but you must know that now? The most uncomfortable person is Wen Yu. He has a much deeper affection for Chi Zhengzheng than you. If you are worried, go and talk to the doctor, don’t go in and quarrel.”

After speaking, Zheng Ye turned and left.

Chi Zhouchen and Chi Yan took Ding Yijun to see the doctor.

When they came out again, all three of them had red eyes. Chi Zhouchen helped Ding Yijun to sit on the chairs in the corridor, and then leaned against the wall, his eyes a little dull.

how come……

Obviously they are in their 30s? I have seen Chi Zhengzheng, she is still so healthy, can’t see that she is sick at all. Why did she fall ill so suddenly?

Not optimistic? Persist in less than a month?

What do you mean?

Chi Zhengzheng can only live for less than a month?

No! impossible!

Chi Zhouchen blinked, tears from his eyes poured out, his hands clenched into fists, and he couldn’t accept it.

Chi Yan didn’t speak either. The thing happened too suddenly, and the first reaction was—impossible!

But Ding Yijun cried bitterly: “No, how could Zhengzheng die? She is so healthy, so young, and now the medicine is so advanced, how could something happen to her?! I don’t believe it, I do not believe!”

She raised her hand, punched her chest with her fist, and said in grief: “It’s all my fault, all on me! Why didn’t I pay attention to it in the first place? Why didn’t I let Zhengzheng be there for the hospital to observe her!

“Mom… calm down…” Chi Zhouchen dullly stretched out his hand to stop his mother’s self-inflicted behavior.

“I can’t calm down!” Ding Yijun slid to the ground, leaning on the chair, hoarse: “I blame me, I believed in An Qinru! It is all my fault that I led the jackal to the house?”

No more pain.

As time passed, Ding Yijun had already regretted it, but now that Chi Zhengzheng’s fall has brought her regret and self-blame to the pinnacle.

At the beginning…

It was clear that An Qinru and Wen Yiran stimulated Zhengzheng, so she would have a car accident!

At that time, Ding Yijun believed An Qinru and felt that she was not deliberate, nor was she the fiancé who deliberately wanted to grab Chi Zhengzheng.

She didn’t call the shots for her own daughter, nor did she punish An Qinru, or even protect An Qinru…

But later? Facts proved that An Qinru clearly fancied Wen Yiran and deliberately seduced!

If Zhengzheng really had an accident because of that car accident, what face does Ding Yijun have? Face? To Zhengzheng? ! Face to Wen Yu and Chi’s family? !

She was wrong, she was really wrong.

She once seemed to have been caught in Gu, but she actually surpassed her own daughter in Yi’an Qinru!

How could her biological daughter, who was conceived in October, pass before her?!

She is also one of the executioners!

“It’s not just your fault… I’m also wrong… these years? I have neglected Zhengzheng too much.” Chi Yan said, covering his eyes choked, tears streaming from his fingers.

Chi Zhouchen didn’t speak.

Him? Isn’t that right? He knows in his own heart, yes.

It’s no wonder that Chi Zhengzheng is indifferent to their Chi family. It is the cause they planted and the fruit they produced!

Ding Yijun’s lips were bitten out of blood, and she was distraught–

“I really hate it!!”

I hate An Qinru, I hate Wen Yiran, and I hate myself!

While Chi’s family is outside. Distraught, inside the door, Wen Yu lowered his head, and touched Chi Zhengzheng’s forehead against the center of her eyebrows.

“They are gone, no noise anymore. But you don’t want to go to bed anymore, get up quickly? Right, don’t you want to eat spicy food? I will eat with you, okay?” Wen Yu’s voice was gentle.

The forehead is slightly cool to the touch.

Wen Yu was slightly stiff, then seemed as usual, tightened her quilt, and said: “As long as you open your eyes, whatever you like to eat, I will accompany you to eat, okay? You get up quickly, otherwise I will have to Change the Lord’s mind.”

The person on the bed lay calmly.

“I’m telling you a secret. Actually, I didn’t plan to let you find a job. I promised you completely, but I lied to you. I was going to block you and prevent you from successfully finding a job. Then? You don’t have to go do jobs.”

“Later, I thought of another idea. When you can’t find a job, I will recruit you on behalf of Yu Ding, so that you can be with me even when you go to work, and I can occupy all of your life.”

“Chi Zhengzheng, can you see how bad I am. You already know it yourself. You must be angry with me, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll coax you. I’ll coax you all the time until you forgive me.”

Those possessive thoughts and careful thinking in the past seem to be worthless until she may leave the face of the world forever.

As long as she can wake up? She can go to work if she is willing to go to work. She can eat whatever she wants. As long as she is by his side, as long as she is alive, he can agree to anything.

However, she was still lying on the bed, motionless.

Wen Yu pierced her with his stubble again, and laughed?: “Don’t you hate it when I pierce you with my stubble? Every time I stubble you, you get angry, hit me with a pillow, and call me aside …”

He paused, his smile slowly dropped, and his eyes reddened: “I told you my bad thoughts? I’m sorry, and I pierced you with stubble. Why don’t you get up yet?”

His voice was very low and shallow, and he murmured, and it quickly dissipated in the wind——

“Chi Zhengzheng, stop making trouble, you promised me, you wouldn’t scare me anymore…”

An accident happened to Chi Zhengzheng, and the news spread quickly.

Chi Jia’s disappeared. He did not go to the company at all and did not appear in front of the people. One after another brain experts were picked up from all over the world. This is enough to explain – Chi Zhengzheng had a problem that occured.

And the problem is serious.

There are also some people who have contacts, found out that Chi Zhengzheng was like this because of a car accident a year ago, her old injuries recurred, and she became a vegetative again, and… her fate was short-lived.

Wen’s family left the city, but Wen Yiran also had brothers and connections.

These people couldn’t help when he was in trouble, but they told him the news. Some of them were implicated because of Wen’s downfall, and they hated Wenyu.

On the phone, they laughed unscrupulously–

“Wen Yu is a kind of love, I tell you, Chi Zhengzheng has been in the hospital for ten days. I bought someone from the hospital with money, and I know first-hand news. Wen Yu is like a lunatic, and I know that he will find someone to help her every day. For Chi Zhengzheng, he didn’t eat or drink a few days ago! He stayed at the hospital every day, Yu Ding is completely under Zheng Ye, who is in charge. Wen Yu does nothing but guard Chi Zhengzheng!”

Wen Yiran was stunned and did not speak.

On the other end of the phone, that person’s voice was agitated?——

“It is said that Chi Zhengzheng is about to die, and can’t live for a few days. When she is dead, seeing Wen Yu’s state, I am afraid that she will be decadent if she is not dead. Even if she does not die, you will have revenge! If he also falls, you are his relatives, and Yu Ding will be yours too!”

Wen Yiran was stunned for a long, long time, then he asked in a hoarse voice: “Chi Zhengzheng…what’s her situation?”

“Didn’t I say it all, she’s going to die, I guess it won’t last a few days, so many experts, there is nothing they can do, many people left after seeing it, they could only shake their heads, tsk tsk, it is a pity that such a big beauty it’s…”

The person was still talking, Wen Yiran could no longer hear, and the phone fell on the ground.

He sat slumped on the sofa, with a dazed and unbelievable expression on his face.

“Hahaha!!” An Qinru laughed loudly in the room.

Immediately, after losing weight, only An Qinru, who had a big belly, ran out with a mobile phone. Her voice was excited: “Chi Zhengzheng is dying, Chi Zhengzheng is dying! She deserves it! She deserves it! Hahaha, finally give it to me, wait till today!”

The news she received didn’t know what happened, only that Chi Zhengzheng seemed to have relapsed from her old injuries and was about to die.

An Qinru is very happy, even if she is in a bad situation, even if she is still wearing old clothes, and there is no jewelry, even if she has withered hair and wrinkles on her face…

She is still very happy!

I thought that Chi Zhengzheng would lead a happy life after she left, but she didn’t expect her life to be so short that she was about to die.

“Hahahaha.” An Qinru continued to laugh.

She is like this, the more miserable, the more she hates Chi Zhengzheng in her heart.

Was cursing her really effective?

Although Chi Zhengzheng has not been thrown away by Wen Yu, she is dying and can’t live a good life!

“Smack–” Wen Yiran slapped An Qinru’s face with a heavy slap.

An Qinru tilted her body. Fortunately, the room was small. She stretched out her hand to support the wall. She was taken aback and looked at Wen Yiran.

After they moved to City C, life was very sad. Xu Wei always bullied An Qinru. Although Wen Yiran didn’t interfere, he never beat her.

Now? Because her belly is getting bigger and bigger, Wen Jingsen will not allow Xu Wei to bully her again. Unexpectedly, Wen Yiran would actually do it…

“You hit me?” An Qinru opened her mouth and murmured.

“Do you know why Chi Zhengzheng had an accident? It was because of you, because of the car accident! How could she have had a car accident if you didn’t deliberately irritate her?!” Wen Yiran stared at An Qinru, his eyes red.

At the beginning, he was the only one with An Qinru and Chi Zhengzheng. Apart from them, he knew best what happened.

An Qinru was holding her stomach, her face full of bitterness: “Wen Yiran, do you blame me? Was there no reason for you?! Is it because you keep saying that you want to break the marriage? You are the one who keeps saying that she is annoying and that you love me. A slap won’t make a slap, a fly won’t bite, and her car accident was half of your cause! You are also the culprit!”

In the past few months, she has succeeded in becoming a bitter and mean shrew, where can they see the slightest gentleness and demure from her.

Wen Yiran sat down on the sofa again, what was falling in his eye sockets, and had a heartache.

“Yeah… I am also a sinner…” he muttered.

Yes, he also had his sins in the beginning.

Him? Why did he do so many things in the first place? Why did he hurt his fiancee so much in the first place?

Chi Zhengzheng is his fiancée, but it’s not her fault. It was his family who got them engaged, he nodded and agreed, but what did he do later…

He was seduced by An Qinru and harmed Chi Zhengzheng unscrupulously.

Wen Yiran grabbed her own hair, full of regret.

“She had a bad life. She was a idiot with no wrists. After the car accident, she was smart, but God is not on her side, let her be short-lived! Hahahaha!” An Qinru continued to laugh, taunting.

Wen Yiran swept the things on the coffee table on the ground, staring at her: “You shut up! If you speak again, don’t blame me for doing it!”

A pair of eyes is full of hatred.

An Qinru was taken aback, took two steps back, opened her mouth, and dared not speak anymore.

Chi Zhengzheng’s situation is terrible, far worse than outsiders thought.

A year ago, when she became vegetative, she was not as scary as she is now. Ten days ago, she was still alive and kicking. After she was sent to the hospital, she was visibly weakened by the naked eye within ten days, as if she was about to be broken in the next moment.

It was like a big hand of fate, controlling her to have the end that she should have.

Experts have nothing to do with this situation.

They said – the patient is now in this situation, it can’t even be delayed for a while, probably won’t be soon until the last few days.

Then, Wen Yu, who had been calm and convinced that Chi Zhengzheng was just asleep, went crazy.

These experts, who were invited by him, were driven away by him.

Zheng Ye, Secretary Ning, and Gao Tezhu were busy cleaning up the follow-up for him and sending the doctor away.

There was only one doctor left in the ward.

——Invited from abroad?

Him? Seeing Chi Zhengzheng is like seeing a rare object, his voice is curious and excited: “I have never seen this kind of situation. I checked her previous cases, and the damaged nerves in her head are exactly the same as before. How could it be possible to wake up a year ago? And what’s even more amazing is that in the same situation, but now? She suddenly fell down again, not directly dying, but miraculously, step by step toward death!”

Zheng Ye felt something was wrong, but he suppressed the suspicion and asked: “Then doctor, now is there any way to save her?”

The doctor said: “Now? There is only the only way? Let’s have a craniotomy. I want to see with my own eyes the inside of her head, see what is going on, this is amazing!”

“How likely is it to save her?” Zheng Ye asked.

Doctor: “I will wait for the craniotomy to see? I don’t know, probably 10%.”

“Get off–” Wen Yu raised his head and looked at the doctor, his eyes seemed to be cannibalistic.

He seems crazy.

Secretary Ning hesitated and paused. He was always silent? Still speaking: “Boss, Mr. Zheng, 10% may be hope, better than now? This?…”

Zheng Ye tugged at him, and pushed the reluctant doctor out of the ward.

Secretary Ning spoke in Chinese: “Mr. Zheng…”

Zheng Ye also responded to him in Chinese: “I know you are worried about them and want to seize a glimmer of hope, but the doctor is not reliable. He clearly just wants to study Chi Zhengzheng, 10%, basically dead on the operating table!”

The secretary opened his mouth and blinked with reddish eyes.

After a while, he said: “But if Miss Chi really…the boss, the boss can’t live.”

In the ward, there was a voice suddenly—

“Ping pong pong!”

Wen Yu smashed something.

But soon, they heard Wenyu’s gentle and careful voice again–

“Zhengzheng sorry, I didn’t mean it! I was wrong, were you scared?”

The voice trembled slightly, as if coaxing the from gentle man who loved his woman the most.

It’s clear, how that woman is now? I don’t know anything.

The author has something to say: Ma, I just know that today is the time for the college entrance examination.

Then the whole person shuddered and panicked inexplicably.

And then–

Wait, I don’t have the college entrance examination, so why do you panic? ?

(A cub QAQ who was traumatized by the college entrance examination)

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