The car quickly arrived at Yu Ding.

Wen Yu stopped the car, stretched out his hand, wanting to take Chi Zhengzheng out of the car.

Chi Zhengzheng did not stretch out her hand, but blinked her eyes curiously, asked, “Yuyu, am I going to the personnel department or Secretary Ning to report?”

New employees are under the management of the Personnel Department, and the secretary is under the management of Secretary Ning.

Wen Yu was stunned, and then the corners of his mouth raised slightly: “No, you are reporting here?.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…Is this okay?”

“Very good.” Wen Yu took the initiative to hold her hand and led the person out of the car.

Chi Zhengzheng thought for a while, honestly? Really? She was led by him.

In the novel, the heroine was also brought into the company by the hero, so Wen Yu brought her into the company, shouldn’t it be a problem?

The two stepped into Yu Ding’s door.

As if thinking of something?, Chi Zhengzheng looked at him: “Yuyu, I remember that your car seems to take a dedicated passage? The elevator is also dedicated, so don’t go through the gate.”

Wen Yu has done a good job of confidentiality, so he has been the boss of Yu Ding for so long, but no one can find out.

Wen Yu chuckled: “This is your first time, let’s go through the main entrance.”

It’s not clear why? Why? I want to go through the main entrance? It’s like the little biscuits that Chi Zhengzheng made by himself. He actually wants to bring it?… Show off?

“Oh, oh, good.” Chi Zhengzheng nodded blankly.

Wen Yu took her, holding hands, and walked side by side through Yu Ding’s hall.

Yu Ding’s front desk is very professional, and he is looking serious at the moment, keeping a smile.

One of them bowed his head to answer the phone, and the other saw someone coming in? He looked up and was taken aback.

Immediately, her hand hidden under the table stretched out to the side, tugged at the person who was on the phone, lowered her voice and quickly said: “Look! Look!”

So, when Wenyu and Chi Zhengzheng walked to them, the two front desks kept smiling and said in unison: “Hello boss!”

Yu Guang, has been sneaking at Chi Zhengzheng.

Wen Yu nodded and said nothing.

The security guard in the lobby hurriedly swiped their card, and Wen Yu took Chi Zhengzheng over.

After passing by, Chi Zhengzheng looked back, and the two front desks still kept smiling and watched them leave. Seeing her turning back, he nodded in a friendly manner.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Why? Doesn’t it feel good? Right?

Why is she? Suddenly, she doesn’t feel so much? It’s like secretary who is coming to work, but it seems that she is coming to inspect-the boss?

What about exclusion and rejection? !

In fact, she didn’t know, after she and Wen Yu got into the elevator…

The company’s internal group exploded–

[Reception desk: The boss brought the proprietress? It’s work! ! ! ]

As a result, the entire company fryed in an instant.

The sensation was no less than Wen Yu’s first public appearance in Yu Ding.

“The lady boss is here? Every department is in place!”

“@王经理?, hurry up! Bring the report, let’s wait and see the boss.”

“@李经理?, let’s line up first, you guys wait and then go!”

“Where is Lao Zheng?”

“Manager Zheng? Just now? Going upstairs…”


The boss lady is here?, the famous and legendary boss lady who can control the boss’ mood, can make small cookies, and…

She is coming! !

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know? Because of her arrival, how big is the company, in her opinion at this moment?

—— She is an airborne relative, and is a spurned secretary. She is about to face countless people’s eyes. The most aggressive one should be a subordinate who also looks at the boss, and is very sexy, beautiful and capable. …

——That’s what Wenyu said in the book that Wenyu read to her two days ago.

Chi Zheng Zheng was led by Wen Yu, with a look of caution and expectation, and walked to the highest level of Yu Ding.

After the meeting room, the meeting room is empty at the moment.

Then there is the assistant? In the office, inside, the special assistant Gao and the other assistants? What are they talking about?, obviously with a serious look, when Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng passed by, they stopped and shouted:

—— “Hi boss!”

Her gaze looked expectantly, but found that the assistants were all serious elites, and there were no enchanting and sexy subordinates.

The secretary’s office passed by. She knew Secretary Xu, and Chi Zhengzheng smiled and said hello to her. There was also a secretary whose face was as stern as Wen Yu.

Secretary Ning stood at the innermost side, at the door of Wenyu’s office.

“Boss, Ms. Chi, good morning.” Secretary Ning was meticulous and serious.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…good morning.”

After a pause, she asked, “Secretary Ning, where do I work?”

Yes, really. I feel like I’m here to work. I have a great self-awareness and work attitude.

Secretary Ning paused invisibly, then twitched the corners of her mouth: “Ms. Chi, your desk is inside.”

——He was smiling at Chi Zhengzheng, although his smile was very stiff.

Chi Zhengzheng was flattered: “Thank you Secretary Ning for bothering.”

Secretary Ning is really flattered and hurriedly said: “Don’t bother, don’t bother, don’t understand your preferences, I hope you are satisfied.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…?” What? What? Preferences and satisfaction?

Before she could ask further, Wen Yu led her into the office.

Inside, Wen Yu’s office is in the middle of the window, and at this moment, there is a table not far away, a…pink table.

The two approached.

There is not only a pink table, but also a pink chair. The chair is a very comfortable ladies gaming chair. It is furry and feels warm and comfortable at first glance.

Such a table and such a chair are obviously quite unmatched in Wen Yu’s cold office.

But Wen Yu was very satisfied, pulling Chi Zhengzheng and letting her sit in the newly moved seat.

Chi Zhengzheng sat down blankly.

Then, when I looked up, there were all kinds of romance novels on the table. There was no office software on the computer, but all kinds of small games.

Reach out and open the drawer. The snacks in the left drawer and the biscuits in the right drawer are divided into categories, all of which are fairly healthy snacks.

I moved my foot, what did I hit? Something.

She looked down at a foot warmer.

At this time, Secretary Ning had tea in one hand, but didn’t know where else?

The tea cup was placed by Chi Zhengzheng, and the blanket was handed to Wen Yu.

Wen Yu stretched out his hand to put Chi Zhengzheng on his lap, and then, nodded with satisfaction, “Well, that’s good.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She was stunned.

“Secretary Ning, did you prepare this?” she asked.

Secretary Ning: “Yes!” Chin raised slightly, obviously quite satisfied.

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

After a while, she asked: “Then what is my job responsibility?”

Secretary Ning’s eyes were blank, he looked at Wen Yu, then at Chi Zhengzheng, with a tentative voice: “You are responsible… for fun?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

Is it hard to be pushed out by others?

Wen Yu started to work, and people kept coming up? Looking for him.

These people are obviously Yu Ding’s high-level people. Chi Zhengzheng has nothing to do, so he kept watching them eagerly. After these people came in, they saw her first.

——After all, whether it is this person or this seat, it is extremely? “eye-catching”.

Their faces were “kind”, and they nodded friendly towards Chi Zhengzheng, and then stepped forward to submit a report to Wen Yu and so on.

Chi Zhengzheng put his chin on his hands and looked at them.

There was a smile in his eyes.

Really handsome, Wen Yu is really handsome, especially Wen Yu who is serious at work, handsome and blind! !

Wen Yu works, Chi Zhengzheng nympho.

He looked up at her from time to time, and the two smiled at each other, the atmosphere was warm.

But after reading it for a long time, Chi Zhengzheng felt a little bored. After thinking about it, she couldn’t help but reached out and touched the novel.

Well, Secretary Ning’s selections are all bestsellers, which are still very good-looking.

I watched it and fell into it, but without holding back, I took a pack of snacks from the drawer.

Wen Yu was looking at the report with a calm face.

Manager Zhang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with a frightened face. His report was not good. He knew it in his heart, but he had to bring it up today. He couldn’t delay it anymore.

“You know? Your report is like–” Halfway through. 

“Kacha—” Next to it, there was a fine chewing sound.

Wen Yu slightly paused.

“Kacha—” There was another sound.

It was Chi Zhengzheng who was eating.

Wen Yu looked at her, his eyebrows relaxed all at once, and then he threw the report to Manager Zhang, and said lightly: “You take it back and correct it yourself.”

Manager Zhang: ? For a moment, his voice was slightly excited: “Yes, boss!”

Reaching out, as if afraid of repentance after hearing it, he hurriedly left with the file.

When he walked out the door, he put his hands together on his back and bowed in the direction of Chi Zhengzheng——

Thanks to the proprietress for her great kindness! !

Chi Zhengzheng, who was looking at the novel with a smile on her aunt…She didn’t know anything about it.

During the lunch break, Chi Zhengzheng ate dinner, refused Wen Yu’s request to “get close” to her, and went into the toilet.

She was still a little careful, so she entered the toilet downstairs.

After that, she raised her ears and prepared to listen to gossip.

The toilet really is a good place for gossip! ! !

She heard it very quickly, and it was still related to her. Chi Zhengzheng was agitated, her ears moved, and she listened carefully.

Are they going to hate themselves? Are they going to say that they are not worthy of Wenyu?

“The lady boss is here? You know? Don’t you?”

“Why? I don’t know? It’s spread all over the company, Manager Zheng? You know? Our gossip mind, and secretly took photos.”

“The lady boss looks really good? No wonder the boss likes her so much!”

“Thanks to the boss, Manager Zhang today? I was let go by the boss, and I am in a very good mood. No one in our department gets scolded anymore.”

“The same goes for our department. Our person in charge said that we hope the boss’s wife will come to the company every day.”

“The boss’s wife has a real influence on the boss.”

“Nonsense, she is the woman who shakes Yu Ding’s stock market on her own.”

“Oh, bless the lady boss for her good health. People who were panicked some time ago don’t come again?”

Chi Zhengzheng was slightly stunned.

Not only did I not hear that I disliked myself, on the contrary, I actually heard about my influence on Yu Ding!

She doesn’t know these things.

But when I think about it, it will be clear that she has been ill for so long, and Wenyu even wanted to follow her. Naturally, he would not worry about the company at all. During that time, Wenyu did not show up, and all kinds of ruins and news flew randomly. , The stock market fell…

I am afraid that the whole Yu Ding is panicked, for fear that Yu Ding will go bankrupt.

Chi Zhengzheng sighed. She probably won’t meet the plot in the novel. The whole Yu Ding’s attitude toward her is the attitude toward Wen Yu.

After people left, she also went out and went upstairs.

I didn’t let Wen Yu follow just now. I’m afraid he is worried again, right?

Thinking of this, Chi Zhengzheng moved faster.

But when I arrived at the door, I found that there was someone inside, who was still…a woman in enchanting clothes! !

She slammed the brakes, stopped, and cocked her ears.


The classic plot is coming?

“Mr. Wen, your behavior some time ago made the board very dissatisfied. You care too much about Ms. Chi, and you shouldn’t bring her to the company and affect the office. Yu Ding was founded by you, but up and down. “Many employees, and the board of directors are staring, you shouldn’t…” A woman has a nice voice. Just listen to the voice and look at the back, you know? This is a beautiful woman.

Chi Zhengzheng kept listening. In the TV series, it is easy for the male and female protagonists to misunderstand this situation, because the female protagonist did not hear the words of the male protagonist.

She must listen to them all! !

How do you know? Wen Yu didn’t even listen to that person’s words, and interrupted her: “What is it to you?”

“President Wen, I am worried about you, I…”

Wen Yu was expressionless, stretched out his hand, picked up the phone and made a call: “Come on, let Deputy Manager Wu go through the resignation procedures.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

Deputy Manager Wu:? Her eyes widened: “Mr. Wen, why are you? Dismiss me?!”

Wen Yu: “I don’t think that a person who concentrates on her boss’s personal affairs all day can do his own job wholeheartedly.”

“I am not, Mr. Wen, I am thinking about you, so I came over immediately after hearing the board’s dissatisfaction with you? Tell you, and I can do my job well, I…”

Wen Yu interrupted her again: “Go out.”

Deputy Manager Wu opened his mouth and couldn’t say a word.

When the personnel from the personnel department came up and led Deputy Manager Wu to leave, Chi Zhengzheng was still standing at the door.

Wen Yu said with a smile: “How long will it take to stand? Isn’t it cold outside?”

Chi Zhengzheng touched her nose and drew in? “It’s not cold…”

Wen Yu pulled her into his arms, sat down with her in his arms, rubbed his head, and looked content.

If I can’t see her for a while, I’m really worried.

Chi Zhengzheng peeped at him with complicated eyes.

Wen Yu: “What’s wrong?”

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t hold it back. In the end, he said, “Are you dismissing her just because of one of her suggestions? It’s not so good? Okay?”

Wen Yu smiled, raised his hand and nodded the tip of her nose, and said with a smile?: “That’s why I have to fire her. Didn’t you hear her keep mentioning the board of directors? She is the daughter of Director Wu and has been in the company.”

As he spoke, his eyes were cold, “If they stay on track, what would I do to them? But I didn’t come to the company some time ago. They came? I wanted to make a profit. I’m back now, so naturally I have to clean up them! Even if there is nothing for today, I will fire her tomorrow.”

This person is Director Wu’s daughter, and Director Wu was also a beautician who tried to have a relationship with Wen Yu.

With average ability, Wen Yu used to be willing to sell Director Wu a face, but now he can’t.

“Since she is the director’s daughter, is it okay to dismiss?”

“It’s okay.” Wen Yu smiled, “Except for the effort when he first started, after that, Yu Ding’s development has little to do with them. Yu Ding has repaid them enough. They don’t have enough shares. Many, now they are relying on me, not me. They are honest?, I won’t cross the river to dismantle, they are not honest? I will take action.”

“Oh oh…” Chi Zhengzheng answered, her eyes sluggish.

“What’s wrong?” Wen Yu put his head on her shoulder and asked gently in her ear.

Chi Zhengzheng’s ears moved, and he sighed, “Nothing? Isn’t it…it’s not the same as what I thought?”

The whole Yu Ding’s reaction told her–

Because? Airborne and secretary were bullied, and then heard Wen Yu’s words “This is my woman, oh, who gave you the courage to bully her”…It’s impossible :).

Wen Yu didn’t understand? But he held her hand tighter, and when she was facing sideways, his lips rubbed her cheek.

He lowered his voice and said something in her ear.

Suddenly, what? All the emotion was gone, Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were round and her face flushed.

The author has something to say: Today is also a day to love you, it’s almost over!

Happy heh heh!

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