Seeing the marriage certificate, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help but laugh.

Regarding Wen Yu’s stupidity above, she suddenly didn’t know what to say, and the corners of her mouth kept rising.

Wen Yu is also looking at the marriage certificate. After all, there is one certificate for each person.

Before looking at the marriage certificate, his expression had always been nervously expectant. The moment he saw the marriage certificate, he was obviously stunned, and he was obviously shocked by his stupidity.

“Yuyu…hahahaha!!!” Chi Zhengzheng looked at his reaction and finally laughed.

Wen Yu rubbed his eyebrows, a little helpless: “Zheng Zheng.”

She turned to look at him, blinked her eyes, with a sly smile in her eyes? “What can I do? This picture will follow you for the rest of my life! Or divorce and get married again? Change the picture. ?”

Obviously ridicule.

But Wen Yu still frowned and glared at her: “No nonsense!”

Be stupid, be stupid, this is the marriage certificate, or the marriage certificate of him and Chi Zhengzheng.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu is happy again?

He stretched out his hand, took the certificate in Chi Zhengzheng’s hand, and put it together with the marriage certificate in his hand, and said: “Take it away. I will put it away first. When we go back, we will lock it in the safe.”

“Okay.” Chi Zhengzheng looked at the way he cherished. Although he still wanted to take a picture of the photo above, he could bear it.

After receiving the marriage certificate?.

Wen Yu held Chi Zhengzheng’s hand tightly, his ears were slightly red, and his heartbeat was a bit fast. “We are married. We are a husband and wife recognized by the law.”

“Huh? Yes.”

“So… what should you call me?” Wen Yuergen became more red, but looked at her seriously.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a moment, and then rushed on, jumped on top of him, and hugged him: “My husband!”

“Hey! Call again.” Wen Yu laughed stupidly again.

Chi Zhengzheng: “My husband, my husband, my husband!!!”

Wen Yu still smirked, holding Chi Zhengzheng tightly to prevent her from falling.

Chi Zhengzheng blushed: “Then what should you call me?”

“Wife!” Wen Yu blushed, but shouted firmly and crisply.

Chi Zhengzheng smirked with the same style.

No matter how silly the laugh, no matter how happy, the marriage certificate has been obtained, they are a husband and wife recognized by the state, and they are protected by the law!

Wen Yu held Chi Zhengzheng all the time, and Chi Zhengzheng was also holding his arms around his neck.

The two people are so crooked? Together, sweet and greasy conversation——

“Yuyu, you said you don’t know how to take pictures so, what should we do when we take wedding photos?”

“I was just a little nervous just now, after that? Not anymore.”



Before the wedding, we have to take wedding photos.

Chi Zhengzheng worried that Wen Yu was still so nervous, and he was a little worried.

But in fact, when he really started taking pictures, he didn’t feel any tension anymore.

——The meaning of getting a marriage certificate is different.

He adapted to the lens, especially when the cameraman asked him to look at Chi Zhengzheng, his affectionate appearance always took the most natural and best-looking photos.

Wen Yu ordered a dozen sets of clothes for Chi Zhengzheng. If Chi Zhengzheng didn’t think it was too much trouble to change clothes, he would buy more.

More than a dozen sets of clothes, different styles, plus a private jet, the two flew around and around, just to take good-looking photos.

Two days ago, they were quite deliberate. They went to a place where they didn’t just take photos, but they would also play in the local area. After a few days, Chi Zhengzheng became paralyzed and didn’t want to move.

Wen Yuzai? Looking through the photos.

He was satisfied with every one? With a smile on his face.

“Yuyu…Is it only tomorrow?” Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with a look of expectation.

Wen Yu turned around and hugged her, stretched out his hand, and fed her a piece of fruit, with a gentle voice: “Well, tomorrow is the last day. This is the photo of our wedding. From now on, we will take a group every year and wait until we are old. , Every day there are so many photos that we can show to our juniors.”

He took out one, which they took in the forest. “It’s so beautiful.”

Chi Zhengzheng looked at the photo, and was also satisfied? Nodded, it is very beautiful. They are like elves growing in the deep forest. The beautiful scenery of nature makes them look like immortals descending from the earth.

Holding hands, you can see the affection between the two even in the photos?

Thinking of how old he is in the future, he can flip through these photos, and Chi Zheng instantly regained his energy.

They have left their footprints in “all parts of the world”, and are still on a high mountain. Together, the two of them put on the lock of their love.

They held hands in many places and took countless beautiful photos. When they came back, there were only ten albums.

——Of course, this is also related to Wen Yu’s reluctance to delete any photo.

“Yuyu, in the future? Do we have to take photos every year?”

“of course.”

“It’s great, after the old? We must be able to save a picture of a room.”

“I have asked Li Shu and Aunt Li to set up the showroom. From now on, we will add photo albums to it every year and according to the year.”

“Hey! That’s great, we have to write something in the album to commemorate this year!”

“Okay, it’s up to you.”

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were full of smiles. Her face was full of happiness, and Wen Yu looked at her with affectionate eyes.

The two leaned against each other, flipping through the album, and selecting photos that were placed in a conspicuous place at home.

The atmosphere is warm.

The wedding was held on a very good day. The wedding was planned by Wen Yu himself and assisted by Zheng Ye.

A lot of guests were present.

Of course, guests who do not have an invitation letter are not allowed to enter. Many people who want to flatter Wen Yu come in with those who have an invitation letter.

This wedding only accepts blessings, not gifts.

Outside the manor, there was a lot of traffic.

At this moment, Chi Zhengzheng was wearing a big red wedding gown and sitting in Chi’s room.

This wedding dress is a work of Su Embroidery. It was booked several months in advance, and it was embroidered by Su Embroidery Master.

Chi Zhengzheng had already finished his makeup and was a little nervous.

She doesn’t have many friends, so the bridesmaid invites girls who have a good impression of her in the circle.

Chi Zhengzheng left a place for Wen Sisi.

——Although Wen Yu and Wen Jia are related by blood, they are notoriously not emotional. As a bridesmaid, she is a friend of Chi Zhengzheng.

And Wen Sisi also rushed back.

Wen Sisi, dressed in a purple bridesmaid dress, looked at Chi Zhengzheng and couldn’t help saying: “I really didn’t expect you to invite me to be your bridesmaid…”

“I have always been planning to. You are my friend.” Chi Zhengzheng said.

After a pause, she grinned: “And today is such a good day, why don’t I ask you to show off?”

Wen Sisi: “…”

She didn’t have a good air: “You haven’t seen you for so long, you still have such a bad tongue.”

Wen Sisi has changed a lot. She has matured, her temperament has become more restrained, her hair has been cut short, and she has become more capable. Obviously, she is doing pretty well outside.

“I have always been like this.” Chi Zhengzheng picked up the mirror and looked at his delicate makeup.

Wen Sisi whispered: “Zhengzheng, you are really good, I am very happy to see you happy…”

Immediately, she felt a little embarrassed, and kept her eyes away, her cheeks were slightly reddish: “But I tell you, they are afraid of hearing more, I am not afraid, I will not let him in easily today?!”

Chi Zhengzheng put down the mirror and couldn’t help saying: “Don’t embarrass him too much…”

“Yo yo yo, is this going to protect you?” Someone ridiculed.

Chi Zhengzheng was embarrassed? She smiled thoughtfully, and suddenly, everyone in the room couldn’t help but laugh.

Outside, come on soon? Loud noises—

“Hey Lang is here!!”

Suddenly, Wen Sisi waited for the bridesmaids, rushing up, standing in the doorway.

Wen Yu wears a set of Chi Zhengzheng’s wedding dress, which has been modified. It is lighter and not as gorgeous as the one on Chi Zhengzheng.

Zheng Ye and his best man followed? Behind him?

“Come on? Come on? Come on! Please do your best, ladies and sisters, make way for us!” Zheng Ye took out a large stack of red envelopes, and just stuffed them over.

He moved too fast, and there were too many red envelopes, and many fell to the ground.

The bridesmaids are not people who are short of money, but at this time, the act of understanding is still going to fish for red envelopes. If they act in a mess, they don’t block the door. Zheng Ye and others immediately rushed inside with Wenyu.

Wen Sisi stood a little behind, was very sober, immediately blocked the door, and shouted—

“Don’t worry about the red envelopes, don’t let them in?!”

The bridesmaids regained their senses immediately, hurriedly took their place, blocked the door, and laughed with annoyance——

“You are too insidious!”

“We will never let go easily!”

“Yeah, come on, the best men do push-ups. The man speaks five hundred words of love to his mother. The best man will do it for as long as he speaks. When we are all satisfied, you can go in!”

“Yes, yes! That’s how it should be!”

Zheng Ye wailed: “Are you making things difficult for us!!”

“Just to make things difficult for you, who made you too cruel, you want to rush in directly!”

“Hurry up, Zheng Ye, take the lead and get down!”

“Hahaha yes, hurry up!”

Chi Zhengzheng sat in the room, holding a ball fan, listening to the laughter, she couldn’t help smiling.

Zheng Ye and the others lay down obediently and shouted to Wen Yu-“You have to hurry up!”

Wen Yu couldn’t help but rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, and said, “I think about it…”

“Don’t think about it! I have done five, hurry up!” Zheng Ye howled.

Wen Yu took a deep breath. He looked through the gap, only red could be seen, but Chi Zhengzheng could not be seen, but he knew she was in his heart, so his heart was beating, expecting and anxious.

After a while, he spoke, looking at the inside of the room, as if looking at Chi Zhengzheng, earnestly said——

“Chi Zhengzheng, thank you. Thank fate for letting me meet you. You are the most precious gift from heaven. It is more important than everything I have. Thank you too, thank you for coming to me in this world, thank you, thank you for your willingness to stay in this world, thank you for your willingness to stay by my side, and be with me for the rest of my life… I will always remember our white-headed appointment, I would like to use it, staying for an appointment throughout your life will remain the same in this life.”

Five hundred words, no one gave him a detailed count.

In fact, after he finished speaking, the bridesmaids were all dumbfounded.

What kind of character Wen Yu is, he knows more or less about his family. He looks so serious that no one suspects that there is water in his words, they all know-he is speaking the truth.

Five hundred words of love, did not say “Dear”, just whispered “Chi Zhengzheng”, not even a sentence of “I love you”, but it seemed that every sentence was love and every word was gentle.

Such a man who has everything, such an indifferent man, is only gentle to one person, and only gives everything to one person. Putting that person in his heart is more important than life.

None of them is immobile.

The bridesmaids are all single and come happily. To be a bridesmaid, one wants to have a friendship with Chi Zhengzheng, the other is-Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu’s wedding, who doesn’t want to be a little bit happy?

When they heard these words, they couldn’t help being envious.

After Wen Yu finished speaking, in the room, Chi Zhengzheng covered her mouth and cried.

There was a moment of silence.

Wen Yu asked: “Is it all right?”

The bridesmaids recovered and immediately said: “Of course not! Come on, come on, you will definitely not drink less today, we will not drink you wine, we will prepare the five flavors of life for you !”

Someone brought out a plate? Five cups on it.

You can tell by smelling the taste-it is sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty.

Zheng Ye and others just got up? They were already sweating. Seeing this, they howled: “You are too cruel! Such a big cup!”

“You can also help drink it. Anyway, say yes. How much you drink will prove how true you are to your mother. You can watch it inside. Lang, let’s see if you want to disappoint your mother. ?” The bridesmaids booed, giggling.

But they didn’t really want Lang to finish the drink alone.

Wen Yu took a deep breath again and smiled helplessly.

Zheng Ye swallowed while looking at the cup, and tentatively said: “This…anyway, your sincerity, Zhengzheng must know it, or we can help you drink it?”

One cup is worth it. If Wenyu drinks all of it, it is probably a bit ecstasy…

However, Wenyu didn’t want them to help. Although this does not represent his sincerity for Zhengzheng, today is a wedding, so I always want to show everyone his sincerity.

As a result, Wen Yu hardly paused, picked up a cup, and drank it in one sip.

The smell is very ecstasy, his brows are frowning very tightly, especially the sour cup, probably because there is a lot of vinegar, and his face changed when he smelled it.

Next to him, Zheng Ye looked scared.

Mom, getting married is terrible, bridesmaids are terrible! !

“Is it all right?” Wen Yu asked after drinking a clean one last?

The bridesmaids were also stunned, dumbfounded.

I have to say that Wen Yu passed these two stages very beautifully. Zheng Ye and the others are still trying to stuff red envelopes next to them. Every bridesmaid is full of arms, and these bridesmaids want to give way.

Wen Sisi stood there, holding her chin slightly, and suddenly said: “The last pass, you can sing a love song.”

Wen Yu’s brows were more frowned than those five weird cups of water he was about to drink.

Wen Sisi was happy.

Sure enough, Chi Zhengzheng’s idea? Good, I’m embarrassed! !

No one has ever heard Wenyu sing, even Chi Zhengzheng.

“Don’t you sing? Then you can’t pick it up??? Mother!” Wen Sisi raised her eyebrows, “?? Mother can hear you!”

“I’m coming? Let’s come? Let’s!” Zheng Ye said hurriedly.

“No, you can only come by yourself!”

Wen Yu took a deep breath and stood there calmly. His complexion had recovered, as if it was not a big deal to him.

——Does the king really know everything?

At this time, Wen Yu spoke.

Everyone, including Chi Zhengzheng in the room, looked shocked.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng:? ? ?

Wen Sisi:? ? ?

Wen Yu:…

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