What’s so special–

It’s too ugly!

There is not a word to be tuned! !

An old song “The Most Romantic Thing” was sung by Wen Yu-recitation.

In this way, he still can’t remember the lyrics, it’s really embarrassing for him that he can still sing a song.

In the room, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help but laughed, covering his mouth.

It seems that Wenyu really does not? Can sing, nor does he love to listen to songs, is this song still? When they went to take wedding photos, Chi Zhengzheng sang it to him, he likes to listen, she just kept singing .

Unexpectedly, after listening so many times, he only remembered the lyrics, can’t remember the tune!

Wen Si thought covered his ears, and said before Wen Yu finished singing?: “Alright, alright, you passed!”

——Excuse me? I’m going to sing again!

She stepped aside, Zheng Ye and the others were quick-eyed, and immediately crowded Wen Yu into the room.

In the room, the big bed was hung with tulle, and through the tulle, someone could be seen sitting on the bed with a fan in his hand covering his face.

Zheng Ye and the others were excited, and finally they received the new mother and completed the task!

Zheng Ye immediately pushed Wen Yu forward: “Hurry up, pick up Xin? Mother! The outside team is waiting!”

Wen Yu didn’t move, and said in a very sure voice: “No? It’s Zhengzheng.”

“Huh?” Zheng Ye was taken aback.

Wen Yu turned to look at Wen Sisi: “Where is Zhengzheng?”

The voice couldn’t help it with a two-point rush, obviously panicked.

Wen Sisi and the others also froze for a moment. Of course, they knew that the one sitting on the bed was Chi Zhengzheng. For the sake of similarity, they chose a girl who was very similar to Chi Zhengzheng!

Picking up the new? Niangdu? More anxious, he must have hurried forward, the person covered his face, just see what I was left?

Unexpectedly?, this has just entered the door, and there is still a tulle tent. Wenyu will recognize it before he sees it!

This is so familiar and caring…

“Then you have to find it yourself?” Let him come in so easily, they must have a trick.

Wen Yu glanced across the room, but at a glance, he couldn’t see anyone at all.

“Ahem.” Someone made a voice.

——It’s Chi Zhengzheng!

Wen Yu’s eyes lit up, and he walked quickly towards a position.

There is a full-length mirror and clothes on it. It’s quite messy. At first glance, doesn’t you think that someone is hiding here.

Of course, most people don’t think about it, they even hid the new mother.

“Chi Zhengzheng! You traitor!!” Wen Sisi gritted his teeth, his voice full of helplessness.

By hearing this, I knew that Chi Zhengzheng must have found her for Wen Yu, and deliberately exposed!

Wen Yu had already approached, opened his clothes, and removed the mirror. Chi Zhengzheng sat on the stool with a fan in his hand, his face like a peach blossom, and smiled at him.

At that moment, Wenyu’s brain was blank, full of heart and eyes, all of them, there was this woman in front of him who was smiling at him.

She was dazzlingly beautiful, her heart pounding, as if out of control.

He opened his mouth, unconsciously murmured: “Zheng Zheng…”

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with affection in his eyes.

Wen Yu slowly squatted down, half-kneeled, holding her hand cautiously: “I’m here to pick you up…”

After that, he stretched out his hand to lift the person out.

“Hey hey, what are you doing? You have all the new mother’s shoes? Haven’t found them yet? You just want to take people away so easily?!” Wen Sisi didn’t do it, and stopped him.

——Finally, there is a chance to make things difficult for me, how could she? Let it go?

Zheng Ye rushed over, stuffed her a lot of red envelopes, and blinked his eyes: “Sisi, don’t embarrass them, look at them, now they are full of heart? Full of eyes? Only? Have the other side! Just show face and reveal. Now, where is it hiding?”

Wen Sisi took the red envelope and was not moved: “Find it by yourself.”

As a result, the best men mobilized collectively and found them in the house.

The shoes are hidden deep and very difficult to find.

“Don’t embarrass us, let’s save face!!” The best men frantically stuffed the bridesmaids with red envelopes.

However, this group of bridesmaids ended up just letting go, saying: “One is in the sky, the other is in the ground.”

Everyone raised their heads, of course the ceiling? Nothing? No, they also looked down on the floor, on the bed, under the table, everywhere? They didn’t find it.

Still among the crowd, Secretary Ning is the best at observing words and expressions, paying attention to the sight of the bridesmaids, and his eyes lit up: “Lamp! Look at the lamp!”

Zheng Ye brought a stool, a tall best man climbed up and removed the light on the ceiling before he found a pair of shoes.

“Too ruthless, too ruthless!”

“This is too deep, there is one more? Shoes? I know where they are!”

“Gosh, you guys are too good at hiding, how did you put it up?!”

The bridesmaids are not moved.

The best men lie on the ground, hate it? They have to knock off the floor tiles to see.

And Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu…

They looked at each other face to face, Wen Yu half kneeling, Chi Zhengzheng sitting, holding hands, in a pair of eyes, they all have each other, and they didn’t say a word clearly, but when they looked at it, they felt like they were talking. Thousands of words.

——Or not? The kind of private words for them to listen to.

Wen Sisi took a few glances and felt that his teeth were a little sore. At this moment, the best men finally found the shoe that was stuck with tape on the bed.

“Xin Lang takes Xin Niang away!”

Wen Yu didn’t move, but still looked at Chi Zhengzheng intently.

Chi Zhengzheng was a little bit embarrassed, so he tugged at him and gave him a scorn.

Only then did Wen Yu stand up, bend over, and carefully hug her horizontally, then lowered his head, lowered his voice and said something softly in her ear.

Then he laughed and walked out holding the person.

Chi Zhengzheng’s face was red, his hands fisted, and he gently punched him twice.

He just said?-

“You are so good-looking, I really want to hurry up’Buddhist Flower and Candle’.”

The ambiguity in his eyes almost overflowed.

Chi Zhengzheng blushed.

Chi Yan and Ding Yijun were sitting in the living room. They were wearing festive clothes. After Wen Yu came out with Chi Zhengzheng, they toasted them.

Starting today, Wen Yu will follow Chi Zhengzheng and call them their parents.

The relationship between Chi Zhengzheng and Chi’s family is average. Wenyu and Chi’s family are very clear in their hearts that they can only walk around as relatives. What they missed before is now impossible to make up and save them.

But these are the physical parents of Chi Zhengzheng, and they must have the respect they should have. This is also the reason why they will pick up their relatives at Chi’s house.

Chi Zhengzheng yelled “Parents”, and Wen Yu followed suit.

“Dad, mom.”

The two of them blushed, and quickly took out the red envelope to Wen Yu.

Chi Yan opened his mouth with wet eyes, and said, “Shall I speak.”

Ding Yijun’s tears have already rolled out, and he wiped it off quickly, and said with a smile?: “Look at me, you are so happy to cry.”

After a pause, she stretched out her hand to help Chi Zhengzheng up, choked and said: “Zhengzheng…I hope you will live a happy life in the future, have a happy heart, and be healthy.”

After that, Ding Yijun’s tears were like broken pearls, which could not be kept any longer.

I don’t know where it started? She is dissatisfied with herself? This daughter has a lot of dissatisfaction. She feels that she has a bad temper. She feels that she is not everywhere? Like An Qinru, she also feels that she is really ignorant…

Ding Yijun seems to have forgotten that as the first child of her and Chi Yan, how happy she and Chi Yan were when they were pregnant with Zhengzheng. Even if the child was born, they were only happy.

Chi Yan also said? — “This is their jewel in the palm.”

Chi Zhengzheng is a jewel, but they failed to do it? They kept holding her in their hands.

Since when did it start to change?

Did Ding Yijun remember? I don’t remember it clearly, and can’t I remember it? When did I know it clearly? When she suddenly noticed her own mistake, she knew that Chi Yan was the same.

He occasionally said suddenly? “This can be given to Zhengzheng.”

After saying that, but did not give it to her, just put it in her room, they kept her room, the guests at home, will not let others live in her room.

They are very worried now? She, and also very worried about her.

——But it’s too late, she doesn’t need it anymore.

By the way, when Chi Zheng Zheng’s life was hanging by a thread, they were almost broken.

Even when I think about it, I don’t think it? It’s incredible, how did they do it in the first place? When faced with a daughter who became a vegetable, they were so sensible that they still considered their interests?

Now, Chi Zhengzheng stood in front of them, wearing a red wedding gown, saying goodbye to his parents.

She is about to marry Wen Yu, start a family, and become a family. From now on, she will be more distant from them.

Although now, they are also very far away.

Ding Yijunzhi wanted to restore their relationship and wanted to make up for Chi Zhengzheng, but looking at the beautiful new lady in front of him, she suddenly stopped thinking that way.

Their compensation and belated love are no longer needed by Chi Zhengzheng.

The so-called make up and redemption, are they just for making them feel better, for themselves? Don’t feel guilty anymore!

The injury has already been done, and even if it is erased, there will still be traces left behind.

They don’t need to make up and redeem, she really doesn’t need it, they…will also carry these guilt through this life.

So, for the rest of my life, just want her to be happy, happy, peaceful and happy.

“Thank you.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled.

Wen Yu handed the red envelope to the best man to guard, then picked up Chi Zhengzheng and walked out of Chi’s house.

Chi Yan, Ding Yijun, and Chi Zhouchen followed two steps, all with red eyes, watching them leave sadly.

Didn’t Chi Zhengzheng ever look back.

Of course she knew their guilt.

But so what?

Still the same sentence, isn’t she? She is the original owner and is not qualified to forgive them for the original owner.

Whether they are right, and the understanding they want to get, it is necessary for them to see the original owner and ask their real daughter personally after a hundred years.

The convoy set off and headed to the manor.

Apart from the driver, this wedding car only has Chi Zhengzheng and Wenyu.

The two looked at each other and then laughed together, holding hands tightly, a little sweaty.

Chi Zhengzheng said: “A little tired…” He woke up early to put on makeup, and his clothes and crown were heavy.

Wen Yu nodded in agreement, he also felt a little tired, more tired than work, but magically, his nerves have been very excited, as if every cell is burning.

Today is the day they announced to the world-Chi Zhengzheng married Wen Yu as his wife.

“Would you like to rest on my shoulders?” Wen Yu looked at her and rubbed her shoulders.

Chi Zhengzheng shook his head: “No, the makeup can’t be messed up. Today is a big day, and the recorded video will be watched for a lifetime.” She must always be beautiful!

In their car, there is still a camera that is doing its due diligence.

Wen Yu laughed.

He held her hand tightly, and let out a breath, as if that restless heart fell slightly to the ground, the excited cells were still agitated, but it was not as real as it was just now.

“Zheng Zheng, it’s great, you finally married me.”

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with a reddish cheek: “You have finally become my husband…”

that’s nice.

There is a person who puts himself on the cusp of his heart, and this person happens to put himself on the cusp of his heart. This feeling is really good.

Lucky too.

The author has something to say: Ah, the cub is back!

I went to the wedding to be a bridesmaid two days ago, so I haven’t updated it in a few days!

Now come back and start to explode, Bunny will update all the remaining extras within two or three days!

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