The convoy entered the manor, and the guests? Someone has already been entertained.

Chi Zhengzheng put on the wedding dress, took Chi Yan’s hand, and walked towards Wen Yu who was standing in the front.

The road she was walking on was covered with bright roses.

There are a total of 99999 roses in this wedding, one is not many, and one is quite a few.

Wen Yu told her about the 99999 roses, and she also knew that the bunch of roses he bought back then that she didn’t see? In fact, there is still such a story.

As long as Wen Yu asked the florist owner to pack 99999 roses, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help but laugh.

Many people cry when they get married, but Chi Zhengzheng does not.

When she walked by holding Chi Yan’s arm, she neither cried nor nervous. She stared at the man in the distance, and only the other man was full of eyes.

She is really lucky.

To be able to come into this world, to be able to meet this man, to be able to fall in love with a man who is full of heart and only has himself…

Exchanging rings, hugging kisses, they are all smiling.

——No one doubts their feelings.

No matter how luxurious, no matter how beautiful a wedding, the procedure is roughly the same.

But because the couple on the stage are really too outstanding, the gods and relatives, everyone can’t look away when they look at it.

Seeing? The bride and groom are about to step down, and the wedding procedure is about to finish, the host handed the microphone to the groom.

The people in the audience were slightly taken aback.

Even Chi Zhengzheng, who was preparing to step down from Hewen Yu, was stunned for a while, looking blankly at Xiang Wenyu.

What else to say?

Isn’t it right here? Is it all right?

Why didn’t I tell her before?

Wen Yu took the microphone and held Chi Zhengzheng’s hand tightly, and then looked down the stage, looking at the camera, with clear eyes and a smile in his voice——

“Today, I want to announce one more thing. Starting today, I will transfer all the property under my name to Chi Zhengzheng. Starting today, I will work for my wife.”

The people below were stunned.

As if I couldn’t believe my ears.

Marriage is a sacred thing, and powerful men who are willing to enter marriage are usually more cautious, because that not only means getting married, but also means that half of the family business will be divided in the future.

This is also the reason why many wealthy men always have various prenuptial agreements when they get married.

It is also the reason why many self-made men do not dare to divorce their wives easily even if they have raised three or four.

Wen Yu loves Chi Zhengzheng very much, as everyone knows.

But everyone never thought that he would dare to do this level!

Are you crazy? !

Yes, they? Use the word dare.

Marriage is very sacred, but in ancient times there was peace and separation, let alone the modern age where the divorce rate is extremely high?

Nowadays, divorce has long since become a very common thing, even if it is not divorced, there are many couples who are not of one mind.

Wen Yu made this choice, what if Chi Zhengzheng doesn’t stick with him in the future? !

What a terrible wealth is Yu Ding?

This business empire has already been in its embryonic form. It only takes time to grow into a real business empire, and no one can shake it.

Wen Yu wants to put everything under his own name under the name of Chi Zhengzheng. They? If they have one heart all their lives, that’s all. But if Chi Zhengzheng has other thoughts, what will bring Wen Yu will be turbulent, even Shake his foundation!

and so……

How dare he? !

The scene was quiet.

It was Chi Zhengzheng who was stunned for a long time before he said in a hoarse voice: “Fish…”

She didn’t know? That he would come out like this!

But Chi Zhengzheng probably knows? Why?

Before Wenyu’s company fired a female manager, it was Director Wu’s daughter. Later, when Wenyu was preparing for the wedding with Chi Zhengzheng, she came to the company again, and I don’t know how to get in. of.

While Chi Zhengzheng was not in the office, he blatantly seduce Wen Yu.

Such a rich, handsome, and amazing man, yet so affectionate for his lover, do you know? How many women are envious and worried in their hearts?

Wu Jing? Li is not the first, nor is it the last.

Of course Wen Yu was thrown away, but Chi Zhengzheng still sighed, pinched his face and sighed–

“You excellent man, rich and handsome, afraid of us? When you get married in the future, there will be all kinds of Yingyingyanyan beside you. Yuyu, you can’t change your heart!”

She just sighed, even staring at him is not a threat.

She believed from the bottom of her heart that Wen Yu would not betray her.

Wen Yu didn’t say anything at the time, just a thoughtful look on his face, because he was relieved by Chi Zhengzheng, so after mentioning it, he didn’t say anything more.

Unexpectedly, he actually offered to transfer all his things to her today!

That is to say, from now on, once he betrays her, she might make him have nothing, and he “announced to the world” at this moment is also to tell everyone that he is Chi Zhengzheng He is unprofitable when he works part-time.

Let that ? There is no ethics, people who want to hook him will feel relieved.

The most important thing is to let Chi Zhengzheng feel more at ease.

“I believe I will never betray you, and I believe you too.” Wen Yu looked at Chi Zhengzheng and smiled softly at her.

He took the microphone away, and only the other party could hear what they said.

Marrying him is a thing that makes her happy. Except for his confession in the morning when he received her, Chi Zhengzheng is always smiling, but at this moment, she has red eyes again.

——Because of his trust.

Unconditional trust, trust in himself, trust her, and trust them? Feelings will remain the same in this life.

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were serious, and his voice choked: “Yuyu, no need. Because I believe you too, so I don’t need…”

Wen Yu did not answer.

But obviously, his idea has been decided and he will not change it.

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were red, and he felt uncomfortable. He could die for her, he could give everything for her, and he could also transfer all the property under his name to her…

While this moved her, she was also very guilty.

“Yuyu, really don’t need it, I don’t agree.”

Wen Yu squeezed her hand tightly, only her in the center of his eyes, he chuckled and said——

“Not only to reassure you, but also to reassure me, I know you, you see?, you think I’m too good to you now, so you must want to live up to me?”

A sly flash flashed in his eyes, with a deep smile and love.

Chi Zhengzheng was astonished.

The guests? After being shocked, someone started talking in a low voice–

“Wen Yu is really crazy…”

“What is he doing this for? Is there any commercial plan?”

“You think too much, maybe he is? He simply loves Chi Zhengzheng too much.”

“He is so affectionate for Chi Zhengzheng, he is even willing to give up all his wealth!”

“What a terrifying behemoth Yu Ding is, he can actually give it to Chi Zhengzheng!”

“It’s really unexpected…”

“If Chi Zhengzheng has two hearts in the future, even if Wenyu can get Yu Ding back and control the situation, it will be a painful one.”

“Does he believe in Chi Zhengzheng so much?”

“Wen Yu is too emotional, because Chi Zhengzheng fell ill before, so he never went to the company and stayed in the hospital all day.”

“I really envy Chi Zhengzheng…”

“Wen Yu and the Wen family have no affection. He usually has iron-blooded wrists. The only weakness is Chi Zhengzheng, right?”

“Speaking of it, Wenyu is the boss of the Wen family. If it weren’t for Wen Jia to treat him badly, he wouldn’t have fallen to this point now. Wen Yu is so affectionate. If Wen Jia treats Wen Yu well, life will definitely be better now. “

“Yeah, they? For the wedding, the Wen family did not come alone except Wen Sisi as the bridesmaid of the woman…”

“Shhh, I just was outside? Seeing? I heard about my family!”


“Wen’s family moved away a long time ago, and I don’t know how it is now?”

“What else? Regret it, if I were them? I will regret it!”

Regret it?

Not to mention Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei, it is Wen Yiran, he also regrets it.

The life in City C was not as easy as imagined. Wenyu did not pursue them anymore. He didn’t care where they were. For this reason, Wenyu’s family did not suffer any further suppression in City C.

Doesn’t that mean they? Just have hope of getting up.

Wen Jingsen said in the early years that he was accustomed to it. Now he is paralyzed and can only lie motionless in the hospital bed. Natural temperament is not good, and it is common to smash things if they don’t agree with each other.

But he was paralyzed, only his head and one hand could move, and he couldn’t smash anything. He could only support his scrawny body and yelled at a gloomy face.

Xu Wei habitually took care of him at first, but then stopped doing it.

When Wen Jia left, he still brought some jewelry that could be sold, and Wen Sisi occasionally sent a little money, but this was of little use to Wen Jia who was used to a good life.

Wen Jingsen can’t support Xu Wei’s life like before, so of course she will not treat Wen Jingsen like before.

If it wasn’t for Wen Jingsen’s medical expenses that Wenyu had paid, she could not even buy the medicine for Wen Jingsen!

At first, Wen Jingsen scolded Wen Yu, but later he called Wen Yu his son and should take care of him. It was Xu Wei and the others to blame? They have fallen to this point…

Xu Wei is not to be outdone, and scolds him as the culprit. If he has the ability, don’t know about it for more than a lifetime, and develop an enemy after birth, and so on.

The two cursed at each other, and the family was not at peace for a day.

If Xu Wei was not old and declining, if it weren’t for sheer fascination, she would even get divorced immediately and no longer live in poverty.

But even if she stayed, it was because of the long-term depression that she became sharp and mean, even for his own son, she occasionally scolded angrily.

Wen Yiran felt that the days at home were very painful.

He also tried to go out to find a job, but he was not an unknown person. As soon as others found out about him, they would never want him.

He didn’t want to stay at home, so he could only lower the application requirements repeatedly.

But even if a company that doesn’t understand him accepts him, someone will soon come to say hello, and then he will be fired.

It was not Wen Yu who shot him down. It turned out to be the one who used to please him, and the one who mixed with him behind his ass. “Friends”. They beat the dog in the water and felt that he was stepping on his feet. It’s a pleasure.

He also wanted to make a comeback, tried twice, not only lost his little money, but also took on debts again.

Did Wen Yiran know?

How hard was Wenyu’s life at the beginning, and how good was it when he was able to start from scratch at the beginning!

And once he couldn’t afford Wen Yu, he actually couldn’t even compare to Wen Yu’s hair.

And An Qinru…

Just thinking of the name, the person next to him said in a sharp voice: “Wen Yiran, how do you look at it? Chi Zhengzheng can’t look at it? You take a look! Do you see? Look? Is this ostentatious? Know? Dao Wenyu told her How good is it, you? If you like her, she won’t like you too!”

The voice was sharp, but there was a sour smell that could not be concealed.

What an enviable wedding. At the beginning, her wedding was far worse than Chi Zhengzheng. That’s all. Her marriage was a fire pit, but Chi Zhengzheng obviously wanted to enter the blessing nest.

At this moment, An Qinru still doesn’t know what Dao Wenyu said at the wedding, otherwise she would be jealous and go crazy.

The Wen Yiran in front of him has changed a lot from before. In less than a year, he was so thin that he lost his appearance, and his eyes were lingering frustration and haze. The changes they encountered almost made this The man was devastated.

Originally Wen Yiran was handsome and handsome. In their circle, there are countless young women who like him and are highly sought after, otherwise Chi Zhengzheng would not have been so crazy to him.

But now Wen Yiran, without being chic, even his handsomeness gradually disappeared, his beard is shaggy, his clothes are black and his clothes are wrinkled, it is difficult to connect him with the previous Wen Yiran.

Perhaps he was standing in front of Chi Zhengzheng, and she couldn’t recognize him either.

Wen Yiran heard the words, took a look at An Qinru, did not speak much, and seemed quite reticent.

But his refusal to speak is not to obey, but to be too lazy.

——He has been used to the sharpness of this woman.

Especially when she was fighting with Xu Wei, the accident? After she shed her child, she hurt her body. It would be impossible for her to be pregnant again in this life. She changed even more.

He always ridiculed Wen’s family, just because he has no respect for Wen Jingsen.

Because of this, Xu Wei even let her divorce Wen Yiran and get out of Wen’s house.

But strangely, An Qinru didn’t leave.

Wen Yiran did not drive her away either.

An Qinru’s character changed drastically, perhaps not a drastic change, but no longer pretended to be gentle and gentle before, revealing all his ugly true features.

She felt that Wen Yiran’s appearance had changed significantly, but she also knew that her appearance had also changed a lot.

An Qinru didn’t even dare to look in the mirror.

She could hardly recognize who the old woman inside was.

The author has something to say: …I’m sorry, I said a good news, but it seems that I haven’t recovered from the hard wedding.

It will really be more explosive today! !

(PS: Seriously, being a bridesmaid is pretty tiring…)

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