In the past as Miss Chi Jiabiao, An Qinru felt that her life was not so good. The family was dragged down, and the Ding’s and An’s were all defeated. There was no way she could squeeze into the upper circle by relying on the Ding’s and An’s.

She often goes to Chi’s house. Chi’s is fine, but after all, she doesn’t have the surname Chi.

But? Think about it now, I was so happy at that time?!

Chi Zhengzheng is really stupid and very foolish. Ding Yijun loves herself again. Chi Yan does not care about family affairs. Chi Zhouchen is still young and has a bad relationship with Chi Zhengzheng…

Except for her surname, she has been living very well.

But because I was dissatisfied, I wanted to continue climbing, pretending to be myself, hooking up with Wen Yiran, forcing Chi Zhengzheng, step by step, to live the way it is now.

She is in too much pain now? But she doesn’t want to die. Who wants to die? No matter how bad your life is, you won’t think about dying?

And as long as she thinks of Chi Zhengzheng, thinking that she is living a good life now, thinking that she has all her hopes for? Everything, she takes a sigh of relief in her heart, it is anger, jealousy, and hopes that she will be able to live it someday. Better than Chi Zhengzheng!

Is Chi Zhengzheng going to die before?, An Qinru is really? Very happy, I can’t wait to set off firecrackers at home.

In the end, he never expected that he would receive news soon, and that Chi Zhengzheng woke up?

An Qinru’s teeth are itchy with hate, God? It’s really unfair!

Seeing that Wen Yiran was always looking at the villa? Not speaking, An Qinru continued to say in a sharp voice: “You are thinking about it? Look, I didn’t expect that you can’t even enter the villa? Let alone see Wen Yu and Chi Zheng. Is the Zheng? You can’t? Can you get close to them?!”

After a while, Wen Yiran clicked it? A cigarette was smoking, and then he said in a hoarse voice? Say: “I didn’t want to see anyone, so what about you? I want to come over?, are you following? What are you doing? Don’t be afraid Met an acquaintance?”

Speaking of the latter, his voice was mocking.

Obviously, he really understood her.

An Qinru was choked, and for a while, she didn’t know how to refute it.

Yeah, why did she follow?

Obviously come here? It’s very okay? It’s okay to be able to meet acquaintances, and it’s okay to? Can acquaintances see yourself in despair, this is the last thing she wants to see!

So why does she come here anymore? Here?

An Qinru didn’t know.

She was silent? Come down? Wen Yiran was also silent? Come down?.

Neither of them spoke, and they stood silently in the corner.

Are you standing here today? Many people, onlookers, did not get the invitation but came to join in the fun. There are also some reporters, all staying outside the villa.

And because there are too many cars parked, they are standing in a slightly off position, but they are not very conspicuous.

The villa is very big and big, they must not be able to hear the sound inside?

An Qinru and Wen Yiran didn’t know how long they had been waiting. They waited until inside the villa, the wedding car drove out, and the guests came out one after another with souvenirs.

People are constantly taking pictures.

As if feeling something, An Qinru and Wen Yiran’s eyes suddenly looked at one of the cars.

They stand in a relatively off position, but the direction the car leaves is exactly in this direction.

Because of the crowds, the car was not driving fast and the windows were half open.

Chi Zhengzheng is now wearing a Chinese wedding gown with a crown on his head. His skin is as white as snow, and his eyebrows are picturesque. Just a side face is so beautiful that people can’t look away.

Sitting next to her, Wen Yu, didn’t know what to say? She grinned.

Immediately, she looked out the window with a smile.

An Qinru thought crazily just now, if she saw Chi Zhengzheng today, it’s quite possible that she would rush over like crazy, or Wen Yiran would rush towards Wen Yu…

But in fact, they really saw Chi Zhengzheng, and when Chi Zhengzheng cast their sights over, they all subconsciously moved their feet and wanted to hide.

However, Chi Zhengzheng only glanced at it, as if looking at the scenery, outside? Everything was careless, so he withdrew his gaze again and turned his head? Looking at Wen Yu, the two smiled and said something.

The car has drove away and the windows are closed?

An Qinru and Wen Yiran stood there blankly.

——Chi Zhengzheng is real? Didn’t recognize them? They.

Maybe they hadn’t left in her? How much? What a deep memory? They are too miserable now, and they have received what they deserve? Therefore, she doesn’t even bother to retain resentment and hatred against them!

They are living miserably now, but neither Wen Yu nor Chi Zhengzheng have taken them to heart?.

Even Wen Yu is actually the culprit.

This kind of ignorance and ignorance made them even more painful than Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng’s hatred!

An Qinru slowly squatted on the ground, covering her face.

Chi Zhengzheng is still the same as before? No, she even looks better than before. Is that what she holds in the palm of her palm? What she possesses? Comfort and happiness.

Even when I was Chi’s eldest lady at the Chi’s home? It was not as good as it is now.

Is she getting better? The better.

An Qinru faintly has an answer, why did she follow Wen Yiran?

In fact, she is holding a thought? Want to take a look? Chi Zhengzheng, it is best to see that she is actually not as good as she thought…

But in fact, she lived a lot better than she imagined, a lot better.

Wen Yiran didn’t speak either, looking at the direction their car was leaving, and said nothing for a long time.

After a while, he got in the car. It was a very, very ordinary second-hand car. When we were in Wenjia, their grocery shopping car was better than this one.

In the past, he was even more incapable of being able to get in this car, but now, this has become a thing that is not easy to get.

He glanced at An Qinru, waited for a while, she didn’t move, and he didn’t bother to say anything, start the car and leave.

An Qinru heard the sound and her shoulders trembled.

The wedding was very lively.

From the villa to the Wangjiang Manor.

But for the bride and groom, it means happiness and hard work.

There were still some procedures and arrangements. Wen Yu saw that Chi Zhengzheng felt tired, so he drove Zheng Ye and the others away very bachelor.

——Whatever is important? The process is over?.

As for the guests who haven’t left yet, Zheng Ye, Wen Sisi, and Chi Zhouchen will naturally entertain them.

Inside the new house, the layout is particularly festive.

The room they are used to living in is very different today. The paved “big red bed sheet and duvet cover, all kinds of festive and auspicious things”.

Sitting on the bed, Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand and touched a longan to eat.

Wen Yu just closed the door. Seeing this, he laughed and said, “Hungry?”

Chi Zhengzheng nodded?: “Well, kind of.”

Wen Yu is not the kind of person who would work hard for her to entertain guests, so at noon, they also had a meal, but Chi Zhengzheng was a little bit too much to eat at the time, so he only ate a little, now? Hungry again?

“Then wait, I’ll go to the kitchen to find something to eat?” Wen Yu said, he wanted to go out again.

Chi Zhengzheng pointed to the table: “Hey, there? Isn’t there a bowl of glutinous rice balls? I saw Wang Sao bring it in? It’s still smoking, just eat that.”

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, then the corners of his mouth raised, wanting to laugh, but held back?, walked over, picked up the glutinous rice balls and handed them to Chi Zhengzheng.

He picked up the spoon again and said, “Then I will feed you.”

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t think too much, thinking that the glutinous rice balls are not hot anymore, so she just ate them all in one bite.

Immediately, his expression became strange, his brows wrinkled, his glutinous rice balls were in his mouth, and his voice was a little vague: “Well, it’s not cooked–” It’s cooked.

The voice stopped abruptly, she looked at Wen Yu’s smiling face, and her whole body froze.

Ahhhhhhh! !

Chi Zhengzheng can’t wait to knock on his head?

Why did she forget it? !

Isn’t this a wedding in a costume drama? Is it a common scene? !

Did they combine some Chinese traditions in this wedding? Is she really stupid to get married? I even forgot about this?! ! !

Wen Yu’s face was very bright, with a pair of eyes staring at her earnestly, and then asked her: “Should I be born?”

Chi Zhengzheng glared at him, did not speak, and spit out the dumplings.

Wen Yu didn’t care about the answer, and walked towards the door with a big smile while holding the glutinous rice balls.

After he walked out of the room, Chi Zhengzheng’s voice was squeaky, very low and light——


Of course she still wants to have a child of herself and Wen Yu?

As long as the thought of having a child is the result of her and Wen Yu being in this world, it is an existence that puts her and Wen Yu together, a little guy who looks like her and Wen Yu…

She feels warm in her heart?

Wen Yu didn’t hear her answer, and Chi Zhengzheng didn’t want him to hear it, lest he be proud.

Soon, Wen Yu came up with the food, put it on the table and ate it with Chi Zhengzheng.

Both of them were obviously hungry. A table of food was quickly eaten and clean.

When he finished eating, Chi Zhengzheng had just put down his chopsticks, and Wen Yu immediately put them down, looking at her bafflingly.

Chi Zhengzheng looked back at him, eyes? God? with doubts: “What’s the matter?”

“Chi Zhengzheng, should we consider the bridal chamber?”


He had already stood up, and held Chi Zhengzheng up in a horizontal hug.

Chi Zhengzheng exclaimed: “Hey! I haven’t taken a bath yet to remove makeup!!”

“Can’t wait? A moment of spring night is worth a thousand dollars.” Wen Yu put her on the bed, and then looked down at her, with smiles in his eyes, “I am very poor now, can’t I waste my daughter.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She looked at Wen Yu’s eyes, and swallowed, “I don’t want your family property… You are still rich, not bad for this daughter…”

I trembled inexplicably, and I felt bad tonight.

“Poor, terrible.” Wen Yu had already leaned forward, breathing on her face, with ambiguity, “Moreover, we are a family, nothing is mine, yours.”

Mine is yours, yours is mine.

Chi Zhengzheng: “But-uh!”

What else did I want to say, but was blocked by Wen Yu? Lips.

Outside, the sound of fireworks was everywhere, and inside the room, there was a lot of love in spring.

Wen Yu used practical actions? Tell Chi Zhengzheng, how much does he really have? Cherish his daughter and dare not waste a moment.

Outside, Secretary Zheng Ye and Ning, who were so tired that they almost collapsed, finally waited until the fireworks burned out.

It was agreed that the people who watched the fireworks together? The people are already in the new house. They sent away the guests, and the three of them finished the fireworks again and almost collapsed on the ground.

Okay, Zheng Ye is already on the ground.

Gao Te? helped to breathe out: “Is it all over at last?!”

Zheng Ye said: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

After a pause, he added: “A single dog that is about to die!”

Gaote nodded in agreement.

Or Secretary Ning is very sensible. At this moment, he calmly said: “The boss will not go back to work until his honeymoon is over after marriage, so during this time, we can’t take vacations.”

Zheng Ye: “…Puff!” Spouted a mouthful of old blood.

Gao Tezhu also howled, and then sat down on the ground.

——Behind every chic and cheerful? President Ba, there is a group of exhausted? Subordinates.

Are Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng real? Going to spend their honeymoon.

And the place has been selected? It’s on a beautiful island.

Chi Zhengzheng has always liked the sea, of course Wenyu will bring her here? Have a good time for a while.

The company’s affairs had been arranged before the marriage, so on the second day of the newly-weds, Chi Zhengzheng was carried on the plane by Wen Yu because he had toiled all night and was still asleep.

She was half-asleep and half-awake all the time.

Wen Yu lowered his head and kissed her, without calling her, he happily took her to the resort by the sea.

So, when Chi Zhengzheng woke up from the bed, he opened his eyes, not the familiar new house, but—

Endless? The sea.

There are floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the room, and looking out from these two sides is the boundless sea.

Chi Zhengzheng blinked, blinked, and rubbed her head again.

After a while, she suddenly jumped off the bed?——


Wen Yu sat on the balcony, heard the sound, and immediately left? Come in? With a smile on his face: “Are you awake? Let’s eat something?”

With that said, he reached out and rang the bell to deliver food.

Chi Zhengzheng has rushed to the outside balcony, leaning on the railing, her eyes widened, as if she were still in a dream, and she kept exclaiming: “Is it here so soon? Why don’t you call me? Come here in a daze?!”

Wen Yu saw that she was standing barefoot on the ground, with a face full of disapproval, stretched out her hand to pick her up?, “Put on your shoes, the beach is very humid, eat something? Then have fun, we are going to stay here for a while , You have a lot of time to play, don’t rush at this moment.”

Although being held, Chi Zhengzheng still reluctant to look away.

Deep? The sea hasn’t seen the sea much to her? People come? Say, it’s really full of temptations! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Therefore, the Zhengzheng eats on the terrace for breakfast and late.

The place where they live has two balconies, as well as a large, exquisite terrace. Chi Zhengzheng likes the terrace with hanging chairs very much, and he is full of excitement and excitement.

Wen Yu looked at her pamperingly all the way.

When he finished eating, Chi Zhengzheng was still in high spirits, holding Wen Yu’s neck with both hands, falling on his body, and said coquettishly: “Yuyu, I have finished eating?, let’s go to the beach for a while? Let’s go! “

“Okay, listen to you?.” Wen Yu naturally followed her.

Putting on a nice long dress and a hat, they walked to the beach hand in hand with Wen Yu.

Since they are coming to the beach, it is natural not to be able to choose an island with a lot of people. It is also not possible to choose a place that is rarely populated. They go to this place, which is not too crowded, but There are also some playing on the beach.

Surfers, boats, everything.

There are also deck chairs on the beach, obviously for the convenience of people sitting and resting.

In his previous life, Chi Zhengzheng was an inland child, and he always liked the sea, but whether it was where he lived or where he studied at university, there was no sea? Inland.

Before graduation, I had to be busy working in the winter and summer vacations. When I graduated, I signed and went to work. I never had time to go to the beach, and then I came to this world.

When I saw the sea for the first time, Chi Zhengzheng and Sahuan ran away.

Wen Yu was right behind her, looking at her with a smile on his face.

Chi Zhengzheng turned around?: “Yuyu! Hurry up!”

Her? voice is brisk and smiling.

“Come?!” Wen Yu quickened his pace.

On the first day of his honeymoon, Chi Zhengzheng and Sahuan played on the beach.

As for surfing or something? For those who haven’t learned how to swim? She came? She said that she really didn’t dare to try.

But she really wanted to play, so Wen Yu said, take a break today, and start from tomorrow, he will teach her to swim.

Chi Zhengzheng is full of energy. Of course, he has no rest and has been playing on the beach.

This beach is very clean, and Chi Zhengzheng is naturally quite enjoyable.

“Yuyu, I want to drink coconut milk!” Chi Zhengzheng ran over and lay down beside the reclining chair where he was sitting, looking at him with eyes.

Wen Yu smiled, gently rubbed her head, picked her up, put her on a chair, then stood up, and walked towards the place where coconuts were sold.

When he came back, he found a young boy with blond hair and blue eyes standing in front of Chi Zhengzheng.

The boy is very young, probably just adult, a bit young, but he looks very delicate and beautiful.

His brows frowned in an instant.

When approaching? Wenyu heard the person speaking in English–

“Beauty, really? Can’t? Tell me your? Name? I like you very much. Beauty knows no borders. When I saw you, I felt Eros? Shot at me? An arrow…”

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t speak yet.

Behind the blond and blue-eyed boy, Wen Yu said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

He walked over quickly, frowning tightly, standing next to Chi Zhengzheng, looking at the blond and blue-eyed boy condescendingly.

Wen Yu’s height is obviously outstanding among Asians. The European boy in front of him also needs to look up.

But this boy is obviously unwilling to admit defeat. His eyes moved away from Chi Zhengzheng, and after looking at Wen Yu, he was rather unfair–

“Oh, girl, are you really? Don’t think about me again? I think the man next to you is really not worthy of you, you look? So young, but he is so old!”

Maybe Asian men and Asian women say to this European boy that there are different? Two sets of aesthetic standards?.

Wen Yu has clear eyebrows and sharp eyes, with deep facial features. He is a face, and it looks absolutely not old, but in the eyes of this European boy, it is-old.

Of course, it’s also possible? It’s because this boy is attracted to Chi Zhengzheng, so he has a very bad filter for Wenyu.

And he didn’t think it was enough, and continued: “My goddess? I am just eighteen years old this year, and I am physically strong? At that time, no matter what, I must be better than this old man?, please? Think about me, okay?”

He blinked, blinked, and started to discharge.

Wen Yu gritted his teeth.


He succeeded in getting angry with this kid?.

Seeing that Wen Yu didn’t want to talk nonsense, just wanted to hit someone directly.

Chi Zhengzheng took him, stepped forward, and shook the ring in his hand: “Little brother, but I am also older than you? Yeah, and this man, he is my husband, we Newlyweds, come here? For their honeymoon.”

The boy was taken aback.

He stared at the ring in Chi Zhengzheng’s hand, completely unbelievable. It looked like such a young girl, the goddess who seemed to be in the same picture at the first glance, was actually married!

“Oh God.” The boy murmured unconsciously.

Wen Yu looked at him indifferently: “So, please leave wisely. Little kid, the hair is not all the same, so don’t chat with others?”

The boy was obviously shocked, and he didn’t pay much attention to it. He would hear it? Sarcastically, he looked at? Chi Zhengzheng in disbelief, as if to mourn the failure of his just budding? Love.

Then he shook his head, and left without a word.

Wen Yu was so angry.

Teeth clenched, but Chi Zhengzheng was behind him, covering his mouth and laughing.

Wen Yu turned her head back? She glanced at? She didn’t say anything, she just wrote “I’m not happy” on her face.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Oh, don’t be angry, Yuyu, can you? Take good care of it, don’t always keep your face straight, otherwise I will follow the strong? Little fresh meat in the future?!”

Wen Yu gritted his teeth.

Then, he stretched out his hand and pulled Chi Zhengzheng into his arms, his voice was gnashing his teeth? The smell: “Oh, is it? So you think my body is not strong enough, can’t satisfy you?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Huh?

Wen Yu: “Then I should work hard tonight, I will definitely satisfy you.”

Chi Zhengzheng panicked?: “…No, no, I’m too satisfied?, can you stop the beasts?!”

He was a beast last night, and she even got on the plane today. She didn’t know where she changed. She was so scared.

Work harder?

Then she will be able to get up from bed tomorrow? !

Wen Yu smiled.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Really?! I was joking just now? You are so much better than the little hairy boy just now? And you are better-looking than him, where are you better than him! I won’t look for it. Little fresh meat, fish, you are little fresh meat!”

She has a whole lot of kind words.

Wen Yu held her hand and smiled slightly: “Let’s go back to the hotel, I have to work hard.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…Am I really? Wrong?.”

After speaking, with a flick of his hand, he immediately ran away?!


If this is caught by Wen Yu, she can still get out of bed? !

After that, Chi Zhengzheng did not dare to approach Wen Yu, but Wen Yu just followed her, and did not mean to bring her back to the hotel. She observed it for a while, and finally felt relieved a little bit.

She drank two mouthfuls of coconut, and didn’t want to drink it anymore, and she still put it in Wen Yu’s hand.

Then, she walked around on the beach, leaving a string of footprints.

When the sunset came down, Chi Zhengzheng fiddled on the beach twice, and then shouted—

“Yuyu, come here? Take a look! I found? A good thing?!”

Wen Yu walked over and asked, “What?”

“Here?! Here? There is a baby!” Chi Zhengzheng said with a smile.

Wen Yu approached, lowered his head? Looked over, then slightly startled.

On the beach, Chi Zhengzheng drew? A love heart, a line of words written neatly in the center of the love heart——

Yuyu, you are mine? Baby, I love you!

Wen Yu stared blankly.

Chi Zhengzheng covered her mouth and snickered, and see, how much she can coax people.

The waves rolled, and soon, after a wave came over, the line became shallow? After another wave, there was nothing left?.

But Wen Yu still stared blankly.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Yuyu?”

She approaches.

Wen Yu suddenly stretched out her hand and held her hand, and then said hoarsely—

“Enough fun? Let’s go back to the hotel.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Damn! Haven’t you coaxed yet? !

She was stunned?.

Really? No need for him to work hard to prove it!

She really? Knows it all?! !

No, Chi Zhengzheng doesn’t actually? I don’t know.

The more she coaxed Wenyu to be happy and moved? The more Wenyu wanted to drag her to the bed :).

After all, the so-called “honeymoon or something?”, except for “playing?”, that is, falling asleep.

This month, Chi Zhengzheng will have a good time, and Wen Yu will also sleep happily.

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