My name is Wennian, male, six years old this year.

My father is the famous Wenyu, and my mother is the famous Chi Zhengzheng.

My name is taken by my favorite mother. Of course, this is a very good thing for me. After all, according to my dad’s level and his pitiful care for me, he is likely to be take one?-

Smell Aizheng.

I don’t want to be called “cancer” at all, so I am very fortunate that it was my mother who had the right to name it.

My family is about to have a younger sister, my father is very nervous, he has been admitted to the hospital with my mother, and he has been on duty to guard my mother.

Uncle Zheng Ye said that my father is the most irresponsible boss!

But fortunately, God seems to treat my dad extra nice, so that even if he often skipped work and fell in love, he did not affect his career in the slightest. Instead, he used his business talents to make Yu Ding a huge business emperor. No one can compare.

My mother became the richest woman.

No way, who made my father without money, all the property belongs to my mother.

I am also very worried about my favorite mother. I can’t wait to go to the hospital to see my mother. Is pregnancy and childbirth really? It’s too hard, and my mother is really great.

But why am I still here? And writing a diary?

Because, school is not over yet.

So sometimes, I really hate going to school, it’s really boring.

Especially there are a group of stupid classmates, and a teacher who likes to give out meaningless homework.

I don’t actually know? What is the point of writing a diary for nothing?

Is it to make this group of children? After the children grow up, come back and pay tribute to their second grade stupidity?

The premise is – this diary can be found after “they” grow up.

Although they are all older than mine, I really think they are stupid, and how many others? They don’t like being clean, their clothes are dirty, so I don’t want to see them.

At this point, I have to say why I am coming to school.

Although my father is very powerful, and although he and I love each other deep in our hearts, many times, we are both disgusted with each other.

Especially when it comes to mother.

My dad thinks I am an eyesore, and my mother cares too much. She cares about me ignoring him.

I am also very angry. He is still my father, and he has been occupying my mother. When I was less than three years old, he would not let me and my mother be in the same room!

I used to receive elite education. I attended classes at home every day. When my mother was at home, she would take care of me. If my father went to work, that would be the time when I was alone with my mother. Really? It’s so happy.

But my father is so annoying. He actually told my mother seriously, saying that my personality is too cold and I don’t like to contact with my peers. I am a small person and a big ghost. He suggested that I should come to school to have more contact with my classmates and change my personality!

Then, my mother thought about it, and she agreed!

Yes, my father is a “very clever” man. He always has good reasons to persuade his mother to achieve his goals, such as sending me to the second grade, letting me go to school, and a group of stupid children? The child is sitting in a classroom.

I know that I have already learned the knowledge of junior high school, and now I am even letting me read. This is definitely a waste of time!

Life is just a few dozen years, it is a waste of life, heinous!

I am very worried about my mother. Although her due date is still three days away, who knows? Will my sister come here early? How about the world?

The arrival of my sister was actually an accident, well, I was also an accident.

Mom is looking forward to it, but Dad thinks it is dangerous to have a baby and disturbs their two-person world.

I didn’t know how dangerous it is to have children before, so I knew I was an accident and always hated my dad.

But now, I already know that giving birth is a dangerous thing. My mother took the risk to give birth to me, and now she is risking to give birth to a younger sister.

She is really great.

I also understand my father. He really cares about his mother so much that he is scared and nervous. He doesn’t really dislike me, but he certainly can’t compare to his mother.

My sister is about to come to this world. My father is worried about his mother and cannot sleep well all night and all night. Several times I saw him in the office and lost his mind.

Well, Dad is actually very good to me, but he is a little stricter, and he always goes against me.

Oh, I don’t know what mother is doing now, I miss her very much.

This is the end of the diary, right? The number of words must have already exceeded the standard, but it hasn’t arrived at the end of class.

I am going to hand it to the teacher, and then go to the hospital to see my mother.

Wen Nian checked it carefully, and then stood up solemnly and walked to the teacher on the podium.

He is very calm, with a small bun face, he is very delicate and beautiful, but he is small and big, he has a face of “I am already an adult” and “I am not a child “. .

Wennian’s children, how smart are their friends, and are in the second grade at the age of six. They are still a little short in their class, so they can only sit in the first row.

Therefore, in a few steps, he walked to the teacher on the podium and handed the diary to the teacher.

His Chinese teacher is helpless, the child is really such a smart child, which teacher doesn’t like it? But sometimes, he is so smart that I don’t know what to say. It’s very helpless.

“Younger friend, didn’t the teacher say it? You can hand in homework only after class.” The Chinese teacher blinked.

Wen Nianxiao Baozi wrinkled his face and said, “But I want to get out of class and go home early.”

“No, Wennian, sit back and read a book for a while. You can’t get out of class in advance.” Of course, the Chinese teacher disagreed.

The children in the second grade are still young. This school is also a top international school. Of course, we must pay attention to the safety of these children.

Only after school is unified and sent to the parents or the nanny can they rest assured.

Wen Nian had already expected it, sighed, and sat back.

When the Chinese teacher saw him sigh, he couldn’t help smiling.

Looking down at the diary again, the more I look at it, the more complicated my expression becomes.

Wennian children’s friends are really smart? Other children have worked so hard to write two hundred characters, and there are a lot of typos and pinyin. He has already written so many characters.

But as his “long-winded teacher who likes to assign meaningless homework”, the Chinese teacher is also for a while? I don’t know what should I say?

Such a young friend, what can she care about with him?

And this is the son of Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng!

As the child of Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng, this boy naturally received attention when he entered school. His growth process is bound to be accompanied by a certain amount of pressure.

But looking at it, the Chinese teacher felt soft.

In fact, she really likes this little friend, such a gifted child, she has never met before, but this child is really a little disobedient, so she has a headache.

Seeing the back now, she knew that he wanted to hurry up from get out of class today, because he wanted to go to the hospital to see his mother, but couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

If this child was her child, how caring it would be!

The Chinese teacher put down his diary, stood up, walked to Wennian, bent down, and lowered his voice: “Niannian, has your nanny come? If? If she has already come, I can send you out in advance.”

“Come!” Wennian’s eyes lit up.

Then quickly jumped down and stood beside the teacher.

The Chinese teacher shook his head and took him out.

The writing class is still a while, but it is clear that Wennian has over-completed. She took him to the school gate. Seeing that the nanny surnamed Wang was actually waiting, she handed him over to her.

“Thank you, teacher, goodbye, teacher!” Wen Nian thanked him briskly in a rare voice, bending over to salute.

The teacher waved his hand, and goodbye to Wennian.

Then, Wennian, who dismissed get out of class early, hurriedly went to the hospital with Wang Sao.

Chi Zhengzheng was walking around, and Wen Yu supported her nervously.

She was a little speechless: “Are you a little too young? Your heart?”

She is not too old, she is not an advanced parturient at all. She did not have dystocia when she was born, and of course there will be no problems this time!

Wen Yu is obviously still very nervous, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and twitched the corner of his mouth: “I’m not nervous, you are a second child, you will be fine.”

——If he said this, and his voice did not tremble, Chi Zhengzheng might believe it.

“Yuyu, don’t worry, I promised to be in the appointment for a lifetime, I will definitely not miss it! Soon, when I enter the delivery room, my baby and I will definitely come out in peace!” Chi Zhengzheng said with a smile. Yi, appease him.

“Okay…” Wen Yu looked at her and agreed.

After a while, he said in a hoarse voice: “I really don’t want to have any more in the future, okay?”

He has made up his mind. After the child is born, he will go to ligation. He must not let Chi Zhengzheng risk giving birth again!

Chi Zhengzheng laughed: “Well, good.”

She looked at Wen Yu panicking in front of her, and suddenly she thought of the time when she was pregnant with Wen Yu.

They didn’t have a baby a few years before their wedding, and Wen Yu didn’t have that plan. Chi Zhengzheng also felt that he was still young and didn’t care about it.

At that time, she also found herself a simultaneous translation job.

Not to mention, it was easy for Chi Zhengzheng to find a job. She thought it would be a bit difficult for her to find a job, but she never expected that the first company in the interview would hire her.

That’s still a big company that is often outside the company, and the interview requirements are very high. She was just trying, but she never expected the other party to admit her right away.

Chi Zhengzheng thought it was because of Wen Yu. After all, because of Wen Yu, her name was also known by many people.

But after a while, she knew why she was admitted.

It’s really not because of Wen Yu.

Wen Yu actually protected her very well, and did not allow the media to report much about her, and even few photos, and the person who recruited her at the beginning actually didn’t know who she was!

That? Someone told her later-because she looks so good? That’s great!

Simultaneous translation, as long as the level is sufficient, when you go out to see a foreign guest interpreter, Chi Zhengzheng just stops there. Their image project is definitely enough!

Chi Zhengzheng really didn’t expect that he would end up eating rice with this face!

However, her level is indeed very good, and she is highly regarded. Chi Zhengzheng is full of fighting spirit, working hard, and wants to do her translation career well!

Then, during a translation session, she suddenly appeared dizzy and almost couldn’t stand firm.

At this time, excellent staff would stick to it. After all, the dizziness was only a moment, and then it was all right.

But Chi Zhengzheng is a life-saver, and she doesn’t have to rely on this to work for food.

She was so dizzy that she almost died.

Chi Zhengzheng’s face turned pale at the time, and then, while everyone on the scene was dumbfounded, she stopped translating, and found a place to sit down, took out her mobile phone, and called Wenyu.

After that, she would just sit there, and move? Not moving? Where can I care? What translation?

People in the company kept winking at her, and the leader’s face turned black.

The German was also dumbfounded.

As soon as she went on strike, they almost couldn’t talk about it at that time. After a company manager had communicated with Chi Zhengzheng to no avail, they could only bite the bullet and speak English.

That? Germans speak good English, they can only communicate reluctantly, and want to arrange another time for the negotiation.

Before long, after the German reluctantly agreed, Wen Yu rushed in before leaving.

His face was pale, he almost weakened his legs when he came over, and fell in front of Chi Zhengzheng.

After a long while, he tremblingly picked up Chi Zhengzheng and sent to the hospital for examination.

For Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng, the sky was about to collapse at that time, and where could they care about other things, but for the boss of Chi Zhengzheng company, they were simply shocked.

This is the same time for their company. It turns out that their mysterious simultaneous interpreter turned out to be the wife of Yu Ding’s boss, Wen Yu! !

Not to mention how shocked the people at the company were. After Wen Yu sent Chi Zhengzheng to the hospital in a panic, he waited for the test results with a pale face.

For a moment, the fear struck, and Wen Yu almost couldn’t support it.

But Chi Zhengzheng was also panicked. She needed him, so he braced for it.

Then? Waited for one? The result-

“…I’m in good health, just? I’m pregnant, just four weeks ago.”

Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu were taken aback at the same time.

Then, Wen Yu fell to the ground and almost fainted.

Wennian arrived in the panic of his parents. Fortunately, they knew that after he arrived, their parents were greatly relieved. His father almost fainted on the spot because of his relief. !

Later, after being discharged from the hospital, the company said that Chi Zhengzheng could go back to work at any time, almost as if to hold her up.

That? The Germans also happened to want to cooperate with a subsidiary of Yu Ding. They were not angry at that time because of Chi Zhengzheng’s strike. Instead, they quickly finalized the cooperation.

But Chi Zhengzheng still couldn’t stay longer, so he left.

After giving birth to Wennian, she changed to a small company that she didn’t know her, and continued to do simultaneous translation.

Withdrawing from his memory, Chi Zhengzheng looked towards Wen Yu, with a very determined voice: “Yuyu, don’t worry, it’s really fine!”

Wen Yu nodded and responded.

Wen Nian is the time to come.

“Mom! Mom!” Compared to his calmness in front of outsiders, when he was in front of Chi Zhengzheng, he was a little chirping sparrow.

After entering, he first called his mother several times before screaming to Wen Yu awkwardly——


Wen Yu nodded, didn’t say anything?

“Huh? Every year, didn’t you have time to finish school yet? Why did you come back?” Chi Zhengzheng held his stomach, glanced at the time, and asked.

Wen Nian explained seriously: “Because I finished writing the diary, the teacher would send me out in advance.”

“Oh.” Chi Zhengzheng responded, and didn’t say much.

She reached out her arm around Wennian.

It’s a bit inconvenient because of having a big belly.

Wennian didn’t dare to move? I was afraid that I would run into her.

“Mom, is my sister behaved today?” Wennian raised his hand, and Xiao? gently touched Chi Zhengzheng’s belly.

He is very smart, but he is still a little puzzled that there is a sister in his mother’s bulging belly.

But he didn’t ask much, because he knew it, and he would definitely know it in the future.

“Very good, my sister is as good as Nian Nian!” Chi Zhengzheng’s voice was smiling, and he gently touched Wennian’s head.

Wennian touched her belly, serious?: “Sister, when you came out? Don’t make your mother uncomfortable, or I will beat your ass!”

His eyes widened, Xiao Baozi put on a fierce face.

Chi Zhengzheng laughed.

“Don’t worry every year, my sister is a sensible.” Chi Zhengzheng praised.

But she didn’t expect that this “sensible sister” would come to this world in advance that night.

Chi Zhengzheng entered the delivery room, and Wen Yu and Wen Nian stayed outside.

The father and son sat together, looking at the delivery room, with anxious expressions on their faces.

A nurse came to remind me when he saw this, Wen Yu seemed to have only thought of Wen Nian, and said in a hoarse voice: “Nian Nian, you go to sleep first, I’m here?”

“No, I also have to guard.” Wen Nian insisted.

Wen Yu also? Don’t say anything anymore.

He is now? The brain is blank, only worry, how can he care for others.

And Wennian is an idea. He doesn’t want to go to sleep. He just wants to guard his mother and sister. He also respects him.

In the ensuing time, Wen Yu felt like a year.

When he was born and heard about the new year, he witnessed the whole process in the delivery room. At that time, he almost collapsed.

When Chi Zhengzheng finished giving birth, he found that Wenyu not only had tears on his face, but also pinched blood on his palm.

So, when she gave birth to the second child this time, she would not let him in, and there was still a year outside for him to watch, and Chi Zhengzheng went into the delivery room alone.

Wen Yu knows how painful she is at the moment, even if it is so-called painless, it is impossible that there is no pain at all, he has not seen it, and feels his heart is broken.

There must be no more children!

Wen Yu swears.

The baby was actually pretty good. The baby was not very big. In the early hours of the morning, the door of the delivery room opened and the nurse came out with the baby in her arms.

“Congratulations, it’s a daughter of two and two pounds.”

Wen Yu and Wennian were one of their students, they had already rushed to the nurse, and Wen Yu asked anxiously, “Where is Zhengzheng? Is Zhengzheng okay?!”

That one big and one small? The anxious and worried look caused the nurse to be taken aback for a moment, and then smiled.

“The mother is fine, everything is safe.”

The nurse sighed from the bottom of my heart that this family is really warm and happy.  

Chi Zhengzheng fell asleep, and when he woke up, he saw Wen Yu staying in front of her bed, staring at her without blinking.

Seeing her waking up, he twitched the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“Children?” Chi Zhengzheng asked.

“Take a leave of absence for the boss, and sleep in another room.” Wen Yu looked to the side with a soft voice, “The second child is also asleep. This girl is in good health.” 

Chi Zhengzheng looked at the “that” child.

The newborn baby is very small. Very small. It’s not pretty, but Chi Zhengzheng is very warm in his heart.

She looked at the child and whispered: “Sui Sui, is she called Sui Sui, okay?”

“Good.” He never refused her.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled, year after year, year after year, year after year, she hopes most sincerely.

They are also the three people she cares about most in her life.

The author has something to say: There is one last extra.

He is an old man, and the truth about Chi Zhengzheng waking up at the beginning, there may be tears, please remind me in advance!

Bunny has always liked to write about old age, because a lifetime is too long and there are too many variables, so I will not wear books and rebirth. I will finish writing them at the end, and feel relieved magically / laugh and cry

If you don’t want to see it, see you here!

Love you (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

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