The wedding of Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu was organized by Wen Yu.

When Wen Yiran and An Qinru got married, he felt that the other party’s wedding was too crude, and planned to wait until he got married with Chi Zhengzheng, and he must hold a grand wedding.

Although a lot of things happened in the middle,  

There are even some experiences, even if you think about it now, you will feel fear.

But fortunately, the ending is good.

Regarding marriage, in fact, Chi Zhengzheng thinks that with a marriage certificate, a simple wedding is enough.

But Wen Yu didn’t think so.

“This is a lifetime event, I want you to be the most beautiful and happiest woman.” Wen Yu turned the wedding plan in his hand and said seriously.

Chi Zhengzheng blinked: “I am so beautiful and happy now.”

Everyone knows that she is the cusp of Wen Yu’s heart, almost okay? The woman who controls Yu Ding’s stock market, isn’t this still beautiful?

Besides, two people spend a lifetime? Chi Zhengzheng feels that happiness is more important than scenery.

——However, Wen Yu obviously wants to give her all the good things.

“Hey, the wedding is my responsibility. You? Just wait happily to be the bride.” Wen Yu tilted his head and kissed her on the cheek, then stood up, holding the plan and leaving the office. .

Looking at him, Chi Zhengzheng, with a brisk footstep, sat back reluctantly, took out a German novel, and read it.

Wen Yu hurried to Zheng Ye’s office.

Zheng Ye was packing things up, when he saw him? Come in, he was a little surprised: “Oh, not with you? ? Mother, why come to me?”

Wen Yu also looked surprised: “Where do you want to go?”

“Take a vacation.” Zheng Ye took it for granted, “I haven’t taken enough for my vacation. If I don’t want to watch you, I won’t come back when my wife proposes to you.”

“Don’t take a vacation.” Wen Yu stepped forward, put the plan and the materials on Zheng Ye’s desk, and said: “I think these plans are not good enough. There are too many places to change. , This wedding, how about you? How about planning for me?”

Zheng Ye: “???”

He was shocked and looked at Wen Yu: “What? Wedding planning? I’m not a wedding company, I won’t!”

“I have invited a team, they will help you, you are only responsible for coordinating, and implementing my ideas.” Wen Yu looked serious, his voice was full of tolerance, “other people,” I’m worried.”

“Look for the planning department? Manager Zheng, he? Not only the planning department, but he has also been married. He is very experienced!” The dead fellow said, Zheng Ye was burdened.

Wen Yu frowned: “I asked about his wedding process. It’s too simple and perfunctory, and I am very dissatisfied.”

“Where is Manager Cheng?”

“He? Divorced, unlucky.”

Zheng Ye: “…”

He swallowed, and struggled for the last time: “I really won’t… And, you’re going to be married, I’m older than you? I don’t have a partner yet, maybe? I’ll be on vacation this time. I can find…”

Wen Yu pushed the plan in front of Zheng Ye, looked at him, and said objectively: “You want too high a request, you can’t find it, wait for you to lower the request, ask for a vacation, and help me organize the wedding first. it is good.”

Zheng Ye: “…”

Wen Yu showed a kind smile: “Besides, sum up the experience, waiting for you to get married later, you will also have a reference.”

Zheng Ye: “…”

“Let’s talk about what I have to ask, first, my wedding must be unique…15th, wedding…20th, Zhengzheng likes…” Wen Yu said with a serious expression on his face. One’s own requirements.

Zheng Ye: “…”

Hearing Wen Yu’s answer to Article 30, Zheng Ye took a deep breath, interrupted him, and asked——

“? Board, may I ask, are you doing this for your wedding, do you want to kill a single dog for fun?!”

Is he? Single? Is he guilty?

Why do you want to hurt him so much? !

Wen Yu’s wedding did not kill single dogs to add to the fun. Zheng Ye and the whole team were busy preparing for the wedding in an orderly manner.

In this regard, Chi Zhengzheng heard Zheng Ye complain.

He said, he didn’t go bald young when he was working, he was going bald for their wedding.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at the thick plan, and felt that it was very inappropriate, but obviously, Wen Yu didn’t listen to it, and was eager to make this wedding.

Of course, the current Chi Zhengzheng has no time to consider this matter.

They now have a big thing to do.

——Get a marriage certificate.

The wedding is publicly announced, and the certificate is officially recognized.

Wen Yu seemed a little worried. It took a long time to choose a date. Among all the good days that were suitable for obtaining a certificate, he chose the nearest one.

Because of this, Wen Yu got up early on this day.

“Zhengzheng, Zhengzheng…” he whispered.

Chi Zhengzheng opened his eyes, blinded, looked at him?, his eyes blank: “Huh?”

“I got up for breakfast. Today is the day we get the certificate.” He said, grinning, a little silly, bowed his head against her forehead.

Chi Zhengzheng said hoarsely: “What time is it?”

“Five thirty.”

She froze for a moment, her head still half-wake and half-dreaming, she was really a little dizzy, subconsciously turned her head and looked out the window, the sky was still dark, not yet dawn.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

All of a sudden, her eyes closed, and the quilt was lifted, covering her head, and her voice was full of anger: “It’s still early… Don’t worry…”

“It’s getting late, always? Clean up, let’s go early.” Wen Yu’s voice was still excited, with joy.

She got her head out of the quilt and asked: “Yuyu, when did you sleep?”

Wen Yu didn’t say anything.

Chi Zhengzheng was shocked: “You? Aren’t you awake?!”

Wen Yu was a little embarrassed and blinked: “Can’t sleep…”

I was excited the whole night, as if suddenly there was a consciousness that Chi Zhengzheng wanted to become his wife. Turning around, his head was full of excitement. One night, he was so happy for a few hours. Watching Chi Zhengzheng silly and happy for several hours.

That’s it.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She was shocked.

Wen Yu was so excited that he couldn’t sleep. Is there him? Looking at him, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t sleep anymore, so he could only get up.

He? Go to make breakfast, she takes a bath and changes clothes.

It’s only seven o’clock until breakfast is over, and the clothes and makeup are changed.

It’s rare that Wen Yu was the one who wandered out this time.

He? Changed his suit and asked anxiously: “How about this one?”

“Handsome! When was this one made?” Chi Zhengzheng asked curiously with a thumbs up.

Most of Wen Yu’s suits are similar. She distinguishes it from the previous one. After moving into the master bedroom, the two are so close, she can see the difference between his suit.

This one is really good-looking and brand new, obviously it was just made to order.

Wen Yu lowered his head and looked at it: “I just sent it yesterday. How many more sets are there. Can you help me pick one?”

“This set is very beautiful.” She adjusted the whole dress for him, thought about it, and said: “I’ll help you choose a tie.”

“it is good!”

Chi Zhengzheng not only chose a tie for him, but also fastened it for him. He heard that the remaining chin was slightly raised, and the corners of his mouth were curved.

“How is my body?” How much does Chi Zhengzheng have? Tensed.

Wen Yu Qing held her in her arms, bent over, and lowered her voice in her ears: “You? You look good, really.”

“Sweet talk.” Is that what you say? But the curvature of her mouth is still quite obvious.

After changing their clothes, the two held hands in the car, and Brother Wang drove them to the Civil Affairs Bureau. The documents were all kept in Wenyu’s hands. He was obviously a little nervous, and his palms were sweating.

There is no shortage of new people every day. A pair of young newlyweds, with bright smiles on their faces, stand in the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Today’s Civil Affairs Bureau is destined to be extraordinary.

Where are the faces of Wenyu and Chi Zhengzheng? Even if they are both newlyweds, they can’t help but look at them.

Wen Yu was sitting in distress, looking nervous and expectant.

“Zheng Zheng, are you thirsty?” Wen Yu asked.

“Not thirsty, I just drank water.”

Wen Yu: “Zheng Zheng, are you hungry?”

“…Had breakfast.”

Wen Yu took a deep breath: “Zhengzheng, you? Don’t be nervous, I said, I will always treat you? Okay, don’t? Worry, don’t worry, don’t worry, you can marry me, you are more important than my life.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…Yuyu, is it you? Are you nervous?”

His palms were already sweaty, and Chi Zhengzheng felt a little hot when he was held in this way.

Even because of his nervousness, I became nervous.

“I’m not nervous.” Wen Yu sat very upright, and said nothing? Persevering.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Really?”

“Really!” Wen Yu swallowed, decisively.

She rarely sees him? This way? She couldn’t help but cheered, her eyes flashing sly.

Wen Yu stretched out his hand and stopped her gently, with a gentle voice: “Well, I admit, I’m very nervous, bad guy.”

Chi Zhengzheng also stretched out his hand, hugged him, and looked at him with his head up. His eyes were shining, like two pearls, dazzling, “Yuyu, don’t be afraid, I will treat you well too.”

“Yeah!” Wen Yu nodded his head, “I think that after getting the certificate, you? Are you my official wife? I am nervous, but I am so happy…really so happy…”

The two are tired of being together.

Behind them, two young couples who were also waiting silently looked at them.

After all, it’s a face, appearing? One is already eye-catching, or two at a time, and the certification is about to be obtained!

One of the men looked at them seriously, his future wife lowered his voice in his ear and said, “These two are so beautiful, and the future child’s face must not be low.”

The man didn’t say anything.

The woman frowned, stretched out her hand to pinch him, and stared at him?: “Look at it, the eyeballs? They are all glued up, you? No matter how you look at it, that beauty isn’t you? ? Mother!”

The man pushed his glasses, but didn’t look back, he couldn’t help but look at Chi Zhengzheng.

The woman was a little angry and hit him again? “I said? You? Don’t? Look again, you? This is really annoying, you? Look at the man next to the beauty…”

She talks a lot and talks a lot.

The man finally looked away, moving from Chi Zhengzheng to Wen Yu.

It was a daze again, and then, the look in his eyes became even more stunned.

Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng stayed together and didn’t pay attention to their surroundings, but the two people next to the couple looked at them from time to time, which made the woman feel a little embarrassed and very sad.

When she was old, she went on a blind date under the arrangement of her family. She and her about to get married had only been acquainted with her for only three months, and she was urged to get married.

This man is very ordinary, but with a local registered permanent residence and a stable job, he has become a marriage partner that many relatives must seize.

She didn’t expect herself to be her own object, just like the man in front of her, with an astonishing aura, obviously looking cold, but when she looked at the wife next to her, her eyebrows instantly softened.

She only asks for a plain home, don’t face the urgency of her family for her unmarried.

Thinking of this?, the woman red eyes: “Liu Jia, do you? Don’t you want to marry me? You? Look at your attitude…”

She said so much, but he didn’t react at all.

This is the first day of obtaining the certificate, which is equivalent to newly married!

The man finally turned his head to look at her, did not coax her, but just looked at her with a look of “you? Why are you so ignorant”, and then lowered his voice: “You? What do you understand, don’t keep arguing, okay?”

He said, actually stood up, stretched out his hand with a flattering smile, wanting to pat Wen Yu’s shoulder.

However, at this time, Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng stood up. As today’s first couple, they held hands and walked over to complete the procedures nervously and expectantly.

The woman was surprised: “What are you doing?”

She was shocked, and her voice was not small.

The man felt a little embarrassed, turned his head and glared at her, tugging at her to lower his voice: “You? Be quiet, you? Do you know who the man was just now?! He? Is Yu——”

The woman was disappointed and looked at him? She said: “I don’t care about him? Who is he? No matter how good he is, no matter how powerful he is, it will not be my future husband, but you?…I am really disappointed.”

She said so, but her face was already full of tears.

She didn’t know who the man was just now, but the other party was well-dressed, and the watch in her hand was worth more than one million. She could still see this.

But just such a rich and handsome man, before he is about to receive his certificate, is still nervous and looking forward to it. He has a cold personality, but he tenderly promised his own wife, holding his wife’s hand tightly… …

She doesn’t expect her husband to be rich and handsome, but at least he should have a heart.

The woman stood up and said to the man: “You? Since you like to watch, then you? Just here? Look, I think we are not suitable. Thanks for discovering the problem? It was early and I haven’t received the certificate, so I have less trouble.”

After that, the woman turned around and left.

The man was a little annoyed and couldn’t help saying: “You, don’t you regret!”

Women do not look back, nor regret.

Fuck him? Damn, I would rather not get married than just find someone to marry casually!

The couple broke up before going through the formalities.

Just sitting in the other pair behind Wenyu and the others, they looked at each other.

The woman swallowed: “Husband…”

The man hugged her hurriedly with a nervous voice: “Baby! I just glanced, not only at the beauty, but also at the handsome guy. He looks good and seductive. Just glanced at it, really, in my heart, you ? Is the most beautiful!!”

The woman leaned over and lowered her voice: “Woo, that handsome guy is so handsome, I forgot to take pictures!”

The man had a dark face and pouted: “Which mother, is he handsome than me?”

Woman: “Husband, don’t ask me, I can’t lie to you?.”

Man: “Hey yeah.”

The woman said anxiously: “But I only love you?!”

Man: “Well, I forgive you? I love you too?!”


Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu still didn’t know that they had become the touchstone for the newcomers, but obviously, one of them failed the test.

The two of them are going to the scene to take pictures at the moment.

Where is Wen Yu sitting? He was very nervous, his whole body was stretched, and his forehead was even slightly sweaty.

“Handsome guy, smile!” said the staff who took the picture.

Wen Yu held Chi Zhengzheng’s hand tightly, sat upright, tugged at the corner of his mouth, very stiff.

“You? You weren’t forced? Or? Or go back and think about coming again?” Maybe he was too stiff, and some staff couldn’t help it.

When the voice fell, Wen Yu’s eyes seemed to be cannibalistic, and he stared at the man fiercely.

“Taking pictures, now?” He squeezed the words from his throat.

Next to him, Chi Zhengzheng suddenly said: “Husband, I love you”?!

Wen Yu was taken aback.

Immediately, he grinned and smiled like a fool?.

——Okay, the staff understands, he? It’s not that he doesn’t want to get married.

——I want to get married too much, so I feel unreal? I’m so nervous that I don’t know how to react.

Regardless of how stupid the smile is, the photo is taken.

The author has something to say: Staff: Say, are you forced to get married? !

Chi Zhengzheng:? ? ?

Wen Yu:? ? ?

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