Zheng Ye was stunned, stepped back two steps, hit the wall, and then his voice trembled: “She, she, she… is she dead or alive?!” No one gave him an answer to this question. Because the two people on the bed can only see each other at this moment. Wen Yu felt a lot of pain.Continue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 76”


She is Chi Zhengzheng! She may not be the original Chi Zhengzheng, her body? Maybe it is fake, the world she came into is even? It may be fake, but her memory is true, Wen Yu is true! She thought that the original story line had completely changed, but even if she came to thisContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 75”


Secretary Ning is a little sad. He has never seen Wen Yu like this. In their hearts, the boss of Yu Ding, who is so powerful and omnipotent, would actually collapse, be pained, and be too fragile to withstand a single blow. . “Send the doctor to leave.” Zheng Ye arranged. Secretary Ning nodded andContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 74”


Even if Chi Zhengzheng’s body functions are declining, even if Chi Zhengzheng is likely to be dying, the doctors are still helpless and can’t come up with any solution. She was awake at first, and now she is in a coma again, as if she has no way to explain the reason. This also ledContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 73”


After returning to Wangjiang Manor, Chi Zhengzheng and Wenyu began to pack up the ingredients. Wen Yu washed vegetables, Wen Yu cut vegetables, Wen Yu served the plates. Chi Zhengzheng…was on the side when Wen Yu was washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and serving dishes. “Really? No need? Can I help?” She blinked and asked fromContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 72”


Wen Yu paid attention to her all the time. Seeing this, his face changed and he immediately stepped forward to hug her. “What’s the matter?!” Wen Yu’s voice changed. His face was panicked and his hands trembled slightly. The dizziness was only a moment, Chi Zhengzheng closed her eyes hard now, then opened it again?Continue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 71”


When he finished eating, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t wait to say?: “Wenyu, hurry up, tomorrow is the New Year’s Eve, we must be late for people? Many!” “Here.” Wen Yu responded. When he walked over, he was holding a scarf and gloves in his hands. Obviously, he was wasting time just because of these two things.Continue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 70”


Of course, she didn’t use any force. Wen Yu was silly. Chi Zhengzheng continued to roar: “I want to hate the rich!!!” Why? Show her this poor person and show her innumerable figures? ! So angry! ! Wen Yu hurriedly said: “No, I didn’t mean that…I…” “What are you? You? What are you not showing off yourContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 69”


Her round eyes suddenly widened, looking at Wen Yu in disbelief. He unexpectedly? Want to buy the Pearl Bar? ! She has very reason to believe that in the future? Pearl Bar, if she goes to drink again, the manager will only serve her with juice, or even more exaggerated, the manager may serve her withContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 68”


Not far away, there were two women who had lost a lot of weight. Xu Wei, An Qinru. Chi Zhengzheng paused slightly, with surprise in his eyes. But Xu Wei and An Qinru have already walked? Come, their steps are a bit hurried. After approaching, the street lamp clearly reflected the appearance of the twoContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 67”