Of course, she didn’t use any force.

Wen Yu was silly.

Chi Zhengzheng continued to roar: “I want to hate the rich!!!”

Why? Show her this poor person and show her innumerable figures? !

So angry! !

Wen Yu hurriedly said: “No, I didn’t mean that…I…”

“What are you? You? What are you not showing off your wealth??!”

“I, I just want you to marry me.”

Chi Zheng Zheng’s hand froze, his expression stiffened on his face, and he looked at Wen Yu in shock.

Wen Yu also froze, and for a while, he stammered: “No, no, I mean, this is, this is the common property of our husband and wife after you marry me, nor is it, I mean if you are willing to marry Words to me…”

Chi Zhengzheng’s hand suddenly loosened, don’t start, his face blushed: “What are you talking about?”

Rarely, Wen Yu even stammered.

But Chi Zhengzheng had no time to make fun of him. At this moment, her brain was blank.

Wen Yu took a deep breath, her hands tight and tight, her palms already wet.

Is it a calm person after all, he tried to breathe smoothly, and then seriously?: “I have settled Wenjia’s affairs. From now on, I want to go on with you.”


She seemed to be able to hear her heartbeat, raising her hand and covering her chest.

After a while, she said: “Wen Yu, how long have we been together, how can it be so? Get married soon, at least, at least have a longer time in love…”

Wen Yu was a little disappointed and looked at her: “How long will it take to talk about getting married?”

Chi Zhengzheng turned his head, glared at him, and said fiercely: “Then it depends on your performance! Moreover, there is no such thing as you in a marriage proposal. You are perfunctory, how can you propose to marry me with a computer?

It’s not a proposal, it’s showing off wealth! !

Her fierce appearance is not scary at all, nor is it lethal.

But Wen Yu’s heart tightened, and anxiously shook Chi Zhengzheng’s hand: “No, I am not perfunctory, I just… just after thinking of us suddenly.”

His expression was flustered and his face was at a loss.

Chi Zhengzheng was accustomed to his calmness at work, and he was accustomed to his handling of Wen’s affairs. Such a man, with such an expression at this moment, felt soft in her heart for an instant.

“I didn’t blame you… I just… just…” Chi Zhengzheng twisted.

“Sorry, it’s my fault, but I really am not perfunctory, I will not perfuse you, never will.” Wen Yu’s voice was a little hasty.

Chi Zhengzheng said loudly?: “I didn’t blame you, I’m just shy! Don’t you know how shy you are?”


This is enough to smell Yu!

Why? So? Slow, why? Have to force her to say it? !

Why doesn’t he understand the girl’s duplicity? !

Chi Zhengzheng covered his face and released it again, fanning with both hands to cool down, his big eyes kept blinking, and he did not dare to look at Yu.

Wen Yu was stunned.

After a while, he smiled slowly at the corner of his mouth, stood up, walked behind her, bent down, and hugged Chi Zhengzheng tightly from behind.

“Then let’s talk about love for a while.”


“Get married if you have enough talk.”

“Hmm…” It depends on your performance.

“Do you like Chinese wedding or Western style?”


“Where do we spend our honeymoon, do you have a city you want to visit?”


“After we get married…”

“Wen Yu! We are not married yet!!”

Wen Yu smiled, bowed his head, and kissed her: “Sooner or later.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She glared at him, then, her face flushed, the corners of her mouth opened, and she giggled.

“Go, don’t look.” Wen Yiran’s voice was cold.

An Qinru also turned to look at the small house behind him. This is where they lived after Wen’s bankruptcy. She is very disgusted with it, but again, this is also Beijing City, not the small place in City C!

She retracted her gaze and stared at Wen Yiran: “I said I won’t go! If you want to go, you guys go, my family is in Beijing, so I don’t want to leave!”

“You married into the Wen’s house, wherever you go, you have to follow it!” Xu Wei got off the car and said, pulling An Qinru?, “I tell you, if you want to leave the Wen’s house, you have a dream!”

Xu Wei didn’t want to leave either, but Chi Zhengzheng found it, it was useless, and received Wen Yu’s warning.

Wen Sisi ran away and didn’t want to marry. They had no way to go in this city. Wen Yiran wanted to take Wen Jingsen. Xu Wei didn’t want to, she could only follow her husband and son if she had nothing.

Wen Jingsen is paralyzed and needs someone to take care of her. In this case, she will never let An Qinru go!

An Qinru shook her hand away, “Chi’s family is still in Beijing. Besides, there are Ding’s and An’s. I won’t leave. You have no right to ask me to go with you!”

Her eyes widened and her hair was messy, like a mad woman.

Wen Yiran looked at her, lit a cigarette, and said coldly, “You don’t need to leave, but Chi’s family doesn’t care about you, Ding’s family and An’s family have also lost their fortunes. They feel that you are dragging them down. You, what are you doing here? Do you have a place to go?”

An Qinru froze, opened her mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

After smoking, Wen Yiran got into the car and shouted?: “If you like to walk, I can warn you, Wen Yu hasn’t stopped us now. There is still a way out. I can control what he does to you if you leave it. No more.”

After speaking, he closed a car door.

An Qinru’s face was full of tears, and for a while, she stumbled and climbed into the car.

She has nowhere to go…

If Wen Yiran didn’t divorce her, she wouldn’t be able to live even if she stayed in Beijing. She was still pregnant with a child in her belly.

The car was rented to move the goods, with their luggage behind.

Wen Yiran smoked in the front row, and didn’t say anything.

Wen Jingsen lay in the back, moaning, scolding Wen Yu twice as “beasts” from time to time.

An Qinru and Xu Wei were sitting in the middle. Xu Wei, who became more acrimonious, was like a shrew scolding the street.

And An Qinru…

She looked out the window, looked at the city that was drifting away, tears streaming down her face.

Why did it become like this?

If you do it again, she will never marry Wen Yiran, she, she will definitely not snatch Chi Zhengzheng’s fiance!

Let Chi Zhengzheng marry into Wen’s house…

Let her suffer all this!

The scolding in the car continued, and the car went farther and farther.

At the end of this summer, Wen’s family left the city completely, leaving nothing.

What did Wen Yu not do anymore? His time was devoted to work and Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned when he knew it. This was something that was not in the original text. Although she had known it from Wen Yu in advance, she was still taken aback when Wen Jia really left.

In October to February, winter had already arrived. With the arrival of the first snow, Chi Zhengzheng received the news of Wen Sisi.

She said that she found a job in a new city and went out to work for the first time. She was a little uncomfortable, but she was trying to adapt.

When he saw the news, Chi Zhengzheng glanced at Wen Yu, who was in the office, and smiled.

——This time, in the original text, is probably when Wen Sisi committed suicide.

——But the reality has successfully changed.

“What are you happy about?” Wen Yu asked when he looked up and saw her smiling.

Chi Zhengzheng shook his head: “Nothing? Just happy.”

The ending of Wen Sisi has changed. Chi’s family has been severely injured but still exists. Wen’s family has also received retribution. If she leaves this city, what she has read can be changed.

Therefore, Wen Yu, the “no CP” male protagonist, can also have love.

Hearing Yu’s words, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

He stretched out his hand and pulled Chi Zhengzheng up: “Go, go downstairs to eat.”

“Oh, wait! I haven’t finished the translation yet! I will give it to others at night!” Chi Zhengzheng exclaimed.

Wen Yu: “Then don’t pay.”

Chi Zhengzheng glared: “You have to lose money!”

Wen Yu: “Then pay.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “You said it lightly. This is a question of professional ethics. Forget it, I will start working again after dinner.” It’s just ten o’clock now, and the chefs have just arrived.

“Zhengzheng, you don’t have to be so hard?” Wen Yu said helplessly.

“It’s not hard for me, it’s quite free. I arrange the time by myself. I will have to go out to work after the New Year. It will be true then…”

Wen Yu stopped.

Chi Zhengzheng also stopped and turned to look at him: “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“Go out to work?” Wen Yu muttered while looking at her.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded, breaking his fingers to plan: “Yeah, I have all thoughts about it. I will do a simultaneous translation first, and then I…”

Wen Yu’s lips tightened all at once, and for a while, he said: “Zhengzheng, can you not go?”

“Why? Not going? I should have a job too.” Chi Zhengzheng looked up at Wen Yu, with surprise on his face.

Wen Yu didn’t speak, just pressed his lips tightly.

Chi Zhengzheng frowned and looked serious: “Wen Yu, I also want to have a job, not only for income, but also to make my life more fulfilling. I can’t always stay at home?”

Wen Yu puzzled: “Stay at home? Isn’t it? I can see you every day, and you can see me every day.”

“I go to work and commute, and we will be together every day.” Chi Zhengzheng looked back at him earnestly, his eyes also puzzled.

Wen Yu fell silent again. After a while, he said? “That’s different.”

“Why is it different?” Chi Zhengzheng stubbornly.

Wen Yu stopped talking.

Chi Zhengzheng always looked at him, but also stubbornly did not speak.

There was a stalemate for a while.

“Zhengzheng, okay if you don’t go?” After all, Wen Yu spoke first, stretched out his hand, and hugged her into his arms?, “You are by my side, I will support you, what? Give you everything.”

Chi Zhengzheng broke his hand, broke free of his embrace, and looked at his eyes: “That’s not the case, I am not a canary. Can’t you keep me at home? Control everything about me.”

“I care about you…”

“I know you care about me, but you can’t go on like this.” Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with unprecedented stubbornness, “I should also have my own space. I can’t do nothing? I will be very unhappy.”

The two of them looked at each other and froze again.

After a while, Wen Yu took a deep breath and exhaled it gently.

Then, he twitched the corners of his mouth and coaxed her in a low voice: “Well, if you want to go, then go.”

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were suspicious: “Are you serious? Really? You think? Would you like me to work?”

“Well, yes.” Wen Yu hugged her again, her face buried in his chest, unable to see the turbulent waves in his eyes, “Although I can’t bear it, I will try to support you and make you happy.”

Chi Zhengzheng smiled, hugged him tightly, nudged, and his voice was sweet: “Wen Yu! You are so kind!”

Wen Yu clenched his hands tightly and said nothing.

The arrival of the new year means the arrival of a new year.

This is the first time that Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng have spent the Chinese New Year together, and both of them attach great importance to it.

“Zheng Zheng, get up. Didn’t you say yesterday that you are going to buy Chinese New Year goods today?” Wen Yu stretched out his hand and took Chi Zheng Zheng out of the bed.

Chi Zhengzheng slept very deep, and Wen Yu shouted twice before she finally opened her eyes: “Um… what time is it?”

“It’s ten o’clock.” Wen Yu replied, putting her clothes on.

Although there is heating at home, he always puts on her a jacket.

“So late?” Chi Zhengzheng was startled, struggling to get out of Wen Yu’s arms.

“Yes, get up and have some breakfast, I will wait for you first.” Wen Yu laughed.

“Okay!” Chi Zhengzheng responded while putting on his shoes.

Wen Yu shook his head helplessly and went downstairs.

Chi Zhengzheng put on his shoes and stood up abruptly, but his eyes were dark and he fell on the bed again.

She blinked and shook her head again, her eyes clear again.

“Strange, why did you faint? Is it low blood sugar?” she muttered.

Then she stood up again, nothing wrong this time? The problem, she knocked on her head, did not take it to heart, and went to the bathroom to wash.

The author has something to say: Don’t worry, this book is not much. At the end, there is no forced love or paranoia.

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