When he finished eating, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t wait to say?: “Wenyu, hurry up, tomorrow is the New Year’s Eve, we must be late for people? Many!”

“Here.” Wen Yu responded.

When he walked over, he was holding a scarf and gloves in his hands. Obviously, he was wasting time just because of these two things.

When he walked in front of Chi Zhengzheng, he was not in a hurry. Instead, he slowly wrapped his scarf around Chi Zhengzheng, covering the person so tightly, almost covering half of his face.

Putting on her gloves again, tightening the zippers of her clothes, took the hat hanging on the side, and put them on her head.

The former Wangjiang Manor was empty, and the villa where Wenyu lived was like the same room, without any debris, and the entrance was an open space.

But since Chi Zhengzheng came, there were more and more things in the villa, and some things she didn’t bother to put in the cloakroom were hanging in the hallway.

Wen Yu didn’t let people clean up. Every day when he went home, he opened the door. As long as he saw a hat, or a pair of gloves, or something else, he would smile and be extremely warm when he saw the things he placed casually.

“Hot!” Chi Zhengzheng frowned, frowning.

The heating is still on in the room, and Wen Yu can’t wait to wrap her up so tightly, so hot.

“Observe, it’s cold outside.” Wen Yu said, opening the door.

It was already white and snowy outside, and a chill came immediately.

Chi Zhengzheng hurriedly said: “Wait! You also wear a scarf and gloves!”

She said, hurriedly get in? Go find a scarf and gloves for Wen Yu, keep and follow her, and run up and down happily.

She counted the things in her heart, and quickly took them out, tiptoes up, and her mouth narrowed: “Keep it low.”

Wen Yu lost a smile and bent over.

Chi Zhengzheng seriously wrapped his scarf on his face, and then said, “Hands.”

Wen Yu stretched out his hand.

Chi Zhengzheng put it on him.

See how serious she is? Wen Yu couldn’t hold back, lowered his head, and dropped a kiss on the tip of her nose, with gentle eyebrows and a smile on her face.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a moment, then glared at him, blushing slightly.

“Wow!” Keep following them, wagging his tail.

“No, you can’t go out if you keep it. It’s cold outside. We’re going to the supermarket and we can’t take you.” Chi Zhengzheng looked serious and reasoned with him.

Obviously retention is not what you want to listen to, “Woo”, and then get out of the room?

Outside, the cold wind was rustling, and a gust of wind blew in, holding back a small sneeze.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…Go back quickly, don’t toss.”

Keep the dog who has grown a lot and is almost one year old? He is also a big guy, and he is no longer the small thing that can be held in the palm of the hand, but the stickiness is still the same as before.

“Wow!” Keep it and don’t do it.

Wang Sao came over from the auxiliary building with a smile and shouted: “Keep it, go, and go with me. Mom and Dad have something to do today, so I won’t take you.”

With that, she came over to take it away and keep it.

Retaining the “Woo” sound, looked at Chi Zhengzheng pitifully.

Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help feeling a little distressed, so he squatted down, rubbed his head, and whispered softly: “Keep it, hurry up and follow Wang’s wife, and my mother will come back and play with you later.”

“Wang!” Really?


Retaining the tail flicking wildly, rubbing the late Zhengzheng.

Wen Yu watched to keep it, his face turned dark, and then he reached out to help Chi Zhengzheng up: “It follows Wang’s wife most of the time. Don’t worry, let’s go.”

so annoying.

This dog should not have been taken in.

He used those cold and merciless eyes to stare deathly at Retain.

Retained and backed silently, and walked to the side of Wang’s wife.

——Dad really hates it.

Wen Yu always finds it annoying, thinks it entangles Chi Zhengzheng, thinks that Chi Zhengzheng always pays attention to it, as long as he is at home, always let Wang’s wife keep it and take it away.

Because of this, although Chi Zhengzheng is at home all day, he does not always stay in front of Chi Zhengzheng, and spends more time with Wang Sao.

Don’t know? Why, retention is always the best? I like Chi Zhengzheng, always sneaking from the auxiliary building to the main building, especially when Wenyu is not at home, which is when he is most happy.

“Oh, okay?” Chi Zhengzheng took another look, and Liu also looked at her with those watery eyes.

Suddenly, her face was unwilling.

“Let’s go.” Wen Yu Lengsui took a look, gently holding Chi Zhengzheng’s hand and left through his gloves.

The two walked out together.

The snow on the road is very clean, but in winter, the snow scene is also a painting and a scene, so in addition to the road, the snow on both sides of the road, the lawn and other corners of the road are not cleaned, and everything is white. ? Snowy.

Before I knew it, it was almost a year since I came to this world.

Many things happened this year, but there is no doubt that Chi Zhengzheng is happy.

In the last life? No? Too much nostalgia. Grandma has passed away, and her parents have left long ago. They are all in her heart as they used to be. No matter where she goes, as long as she is there, the miss is there.

And in this world, because she has the person next to her, she feels that this world has a sense of belonging to her.

When there is Wenyu, there is joy.

“Yuyu, did you go to the supermarket to buy Chinese New Year goods?” Chi Zhengzheng asked.

Hearing the word “Yuyu”, Wen Yuwei trembled invisibly, then squeezed her hand tightly, and whispered?: “No?.”

It’s not just that I have never bought New Year’s goods, or even have never celebrated the New Year.

This day is the same as every ordinary day. To him, there is no difference.

“It’s okay. From now on, we will buy New Year goods together every year and spend the New Year together!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Wen Yu’s mouth, and his voice was soft. Just after opening his mouth, he disappeared in the cold wind: “Okay?”

But when Chi Zhengzheng heard it, his smile became brilliant, his brows crooked.

There are a lot of people in the supermarket.

At the first glance Wen Yu saw it, he immediately frowned. From the baby still in the car to the gray-haired old man, it can be seen in the supermarket today.

As soon as I got down from the elevator, I saw lanterns, blessing characters and spring festival couplets, red envelopes and so on.

Chi Zhengzheng pulled Wen Yu over: “Wen Yu! Let’s choose the couplet, I don’t want the couplet sent by the property, but the lantern and the blessing character are fine, but I choose the couplet by myself!

The things delivered by Wangjiang Manor’s property are all excellent, excellent, especially those delivered to them, which are very diverse, and they are still selected by them.

The Spring Festival couplets still have books written by everyone, but Chi Zhengzheng didn’t like it very much, so Wen Yu was taken away.

The house in Wangjiang Manor? Each household has six people to serve. They decorated the whole community early, so Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu let them decorate their house, but they didn’t want the Spring Festival couplets. The gate was outside. The lanterns did not let them hang.

“Okay?” Wen Yu followed her, his eyes cringed.

It’s just because of the crowds that he pushed the car with one hand, and held her tightly with the other, for fear that she would be squeezed away by the crowd, could not be found, or be hit or injured by someone.

“What do you think of this pair? Welcome the Chinese New Year?” Chi Zhengzheng picked up one.

But before Wen Yu said anything, she already shook her head: “No? No? This pair is a bit ordinary.”

“How about this pair?” Chi Zhengzheng picked up another pair.

Without waiting for Wenyu to say anything, she shook her head: “No? No?, Yuyu, you are in business. Shouldn’t you ask for a pair of Spring Festival couplets with money?”

As she said, she started to look around, looking for what she liked.

Wen Yu still didn’t speak, but he stretched out his hand and picked out one of them, his eyebrows softened, and he brought it in front of Chi Zhengzheng, and said softly? “How about this one?”

Chi Zhengzheng looked over and was taken aback, “Peace? Happiness?” This pair is something unusual.

The corners of Wen Yu’s mouth rose slightly, and he glanced up and down nostalgicly: “Well, peace, happiness and joy.”

——I hope you are safe, and I hope we are happy and joyous.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his head and looked at him, looking at his serious eyes, as if he suddenly understood.

“This pair is good! We want this pair, when we will post it together!” Chi Zhengzheng took it in his hand happily, took a closer look, and then carefully put it in the cart.

The two continued to walk forward.

The hand was still holding, but because the supermarket was very hot, he took off the scarf and gloves. Even Chi Zhengzheng wanted to take off his coat. Wen Yu didn’t agree, and only opened the zipper for her.

The two of them held hands and continued to walk.

“Wen Yu, let’s go buy some food. For Chinese New Year this year, it’s okay? If you want to give Sao Wang and the others a holiday, then let Uncle Li and them also have a holiday. Let’s cook and eat for a few days by ourselves.”

“Good?.” Wen Yu won’t have any objection.

“Whether Wang’s wife and the others stay in Wangjiang Manor or go home, let’s cook by ourselves and let them rest and rest during the Chinese New Year.”

“it is good?.”

“Then we’re going to buy food, I’ll make dumplings for you? Let’s eat! Let’s cook dumplings for New Year’s Eve dinner? Let’s eat hot pot!” Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes lit up, and his voice was expectant.

In the past in another world, she and her grandma would eat hot pot on the 30th year. When they were young, the family was poor. The hot pot on the 30th year was the most anticipated thing. The whole family sat together and had a lively meal.

Chi Zhengzheng always feels very happy.

Later, when her grandmother passed away, she continued the habit of eating hot pot on her own in her new year. It was just because she couldn’t eat too much by herself, and a small pot could not finish some.

Hearing that she said making dumplings by herself? Wen Yu’s eyes were full of smiles.

As soon as he heard about hot pot, Wen Yu frowned and said in disapproval: “Unhealthy.”

“Oh! Just eat it once in a while, smelling Yu, smelling Xiaoyu, Yuyu~” Chi Zhengzheng blinked and acted like a baby.

Wen Yu: “…Okay? Right.” How could he refuse her?

“Wenyu, you’re so good?!” Chi Zhengzheng put on a high hat for him, turned his eyes and said, “Then I? Can I buy more snacks?”

Wen Yu frowned again.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Okay? Not good? Well, it’s the New Year~”

Wen Yu can hold mosquitoes in the middle of his eyebrows? But after all he said: “This is only one time, not for example.”

“Good?!” Next time, I’ll talk about it next time.

Soon, the two went to the place to buy vegetables.

This area is the most crowded, Wen Yu kept Chi Zhengzheng tightly guarded, watching her put the hot pot dishes she wanted to eat in the car, and chanting from time to time—

“Oh, this me? I like it!”

“Hey, I like this fish, let’s have one too.”

“This one is good? Eat this one.”

“I definitely like this retention, buy a copy for retention!”

Even in such a noisy place, Wen Yu listened to Chi Zhengzheng’s broken thoughts, with a gentle smile on his eyebrows.

It’s so good?.

If this life has been like this, don’t ask for nothing.

The process of buying vegetables was not without waves. There was a chubby bear kid running, because his mother was calling him. He looked back and he didn’t see the way forward and bumped into Chi Zhengzheng.

Wen Yu stretched out his hand abruptly, took her into his arms, and blocked her in front of him.

As a result, the bear kid bumped into Wen Yu.

Because of his eagerness, Chi Zhengzheng shook slightly. It was not a hindrance, but I don’t know? Why, Chi Zhengzheng took a moment before his eyes, and his brain buzzed for a moment, blank? For a moment.


“Oh, what are you doing? Didn’t you notice that there are any? Kids?” A woman rushed over, holding the crying bear child? She began to roar.

Obviously, most bear children have bear parents.

What else did the woman holding the baby want to say, raising her head to meet Wen Yu’s gaze, and froze in place for a moment.

At this moment, Wen Yu’s eyes were dark and obscure, like a poisonous snake that made people fearful.

The woman couldn’t help shivering.

But in fact, he doesn’t know?, Wen Yu is in a good mood today, and he is not prepared to do more. If he almost hit Chi Zhengzheng when Wen Yu is in a bad mood?

Chi Zhengzheng has recovered, his head is no longer dizzy, and his eyes are no longer spent, he immediately stared fiercely?: “You beat me up, obviously this kid hit us first, we don’t care about the children, you Why do you blame me? People?”

The woman was a little scared when Wen Yu looked at her, she opened her mouth and couldn’t speak.

The children are still crying.

Wen Yu’s body is too hard, and he still hurts when he hits it.

At this time, the aunts who were shopping for groceries next to each other immediately went all out–

“Yeah, it’s your child who is running rampant. Do you look good on the child? Yeah, what kind of person is this.”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter whether it hits someone else? A person or the kid himself? It’s not a good thing? You have to do your job as a mother.”

“For those of you who are celebrating the New Year, can you look good on your children?”

“We’ve all seen it just now. The beautiful women and handsome guys were standing still. Your kids ran into them.”

“No, I almost bumped into me just now? Your kid is not too small. If this bumps into an old man…”

The woman looked embarrassed and she was busy making an apology: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s our fault.”

With that, he patted the child, hugged the person and fled.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at their backs and muttered: “What kind of person is this, this kind of unreasonable posture, it is easy to give children a bad head, our children in the future? If so…”

“Legs are discounted.” Wen Yu continued.

Chi Zhengzheng: “… Then it doesn’t need to be so strict, okay? Good? Just teach it.”

Ma yeah, can Wen Yu’s tendency be okay? Her child will not live in the future? But it will be bad?

It’s a discounted leg at every turn!

and many more!

No, how can I tell the child in the future? !

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly raised his head to look at Wen Yu, and as expected, he met his smiling eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…!!!”

Wen Yu whispered: “Don’t worry, our children in the future, I will be fine? Okay? Teach him/her not to let the children grow crooked.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

She pushed him a bit, blushing: “Don’t talk nonsense, I haven’t promised to marry you yet.” So it’s too early to talk about children!

Wen Yu didn’t say it, just laughed.

Chi Zhengzheng raised her head and met the eyes of the elder sisters and mothers around her. She coughed hurriedly, and said softly, “Thank you, elder sisters, for just speaking.”

These people haven’t left yet. Hearing this, he looked at them, jokingly?——

“You’re polite, let’s be honest, the little girl and her boyfriend are really affectionate.”

“Yes, and the little girl looks really good? Looks better than the celebrities on TV? Looks, so does my boyfriend, she is a talent, she has the ability to look at it.”

“No, now there are young couples who are capable of shopping together, which is really happy. I noticed you just now. Just now, the handsome guy stood in front of you. He is a good man. “

“Little girl, are you still married? If you meet it well, hurry up!”

“So is the handsome guy. Just now, the little girl immediately spoke to protect you, but she should be nice to her.”

This time, it was Chi Zhengzheng’s turn to flee with Wen Yu Luohuang.

She blushed and dragged Wen Yu away, and Wen Yu still smiled, with a satisfied face, and even replied: “Yes.”

Chi Zhengzheng’s face suddenly turned red.

The two walked to the snack area.

Chi Zhengzheng turned his head and gave Wen Yu a stern look, but the other party just smiled?: “Have you heard?, but hurry up.”

She shook Wen Yu’s hand abruptly.

However, he had just shaken it off, and was grasped by him again, this time he couldn’t shake it off again, and was held firmly by him.

Chi Zhengzheng blushed and the roots of his ears were hot, the temperature still couldn’t come down!

She walked forward with her head sullen.

After another good time? After a while, she calmed down and started to throw snacks into the car frantically.

Wen Yu frowned, she threw it in front, and he put it on the shelf in the back.

Especially? I encountered junk food, and? Unhealthy food such as pickled pepper and chicken feet. Wen Yu didn’t say anything, and put it all back.

After walking through the snack area, Chi Zhengzheng looked back at the car contentedly?: “Is the car full?”

The sound stopped abruptly.

She stared at Wen Yu incredulously, and roared: “Wen Yu!!!”

Wen Yu touched his nose, a little guilty.

The last area is the gift area, and Chi Zhengzheng pauses slightly.

Beside, Wen Yudao?: “Want to visit Chi’s house?”

Chi Zhengzheng frowned: “…It? I don’t really want to go, but I think I should go.”

Chi’s family is different from Wenyu. Some of the obligations should be fulfilled when raising her so much. Yesterday Ding Yijun called and asked her to go home for the New Year.

Chi Zhengzheng refused, and later Chi Zhouchen sent a message saying that even if he didn’t go home for the New Year, he should have a meal together.

She didn’t reply, she was a bit tangled.

Wen Yu did not speak, holding her hand and continuing to walk.

Chi Zhengzheng thought he didn’t want her to go back. He didn’t expect to take two steps, Wen Yudao?: “These things are not good? I will prepare the gifts. Although I am not close, I should visit as an ordinary relative. a bit.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “When will you go?”

“The second day of the new year?”

“…What good things do you think of!” Not yet married, why are you going back to your family?

Besides, she didn’t want the Chi family to exist as her natal family.

“That’s thirty, go in the afternoon and leave no food.” Wen Yu said.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded: “That’s okay, I? Tell them in advance.”

“Okay, let’s go together.”


While they were talking, the two went to check out and drove back to Wangjiang Manor.

After spending an afternoon visiting a supermarket, they ate dinner when they arrived home. After dinner, the two gave a vacation to Wen’s family. Uncle Li and Aunt Li went home. Brother Wang and Sao Wang did not leave, but Chi Zhengzheng They no longer let them do anything.

Even the retention was brought to the main building.

This made Wen Yu very upset, and his brows were twisted together.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t pick up work in the past two days and spent the New Year wholeheartedly. In fact, she didn’t pick up work after finishing her German certificate exam. She waited for the new year to prepare a resume before she went to find a job.

Wen Yu Nian Thirty also said that he would not work for these two days.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback. The model worker still has time to rest?

Then, Wen Yu Shixiao replied to her-when the emperor still had a rest, he couldn’t rest anymore?

So, starting from the New Year’s Eve, the two of them have nothing to do.

After getting up in the morning and having dinner, the two began to hang up the door? The lanterns and couplets outside.

Of course, Wen Yu came to operate, and Chi Zhengzheng handed him things and directed them.


“No way? No way? It’s a bit off, and I have to point to the left.”


“It’s over!”

“how about this?”

“It’s over again! Wen Yu! Did you mean it?!”

“Hahaha.” Immediately put it right.

Sure enough, he did it on purpose.

Hang up the lantern, paste the couplet, and the two wash their hands and enter the kitchen.

The lunch for lunch was naturally made by Wen Yu, and Chi Zhengzheng was chopping stuffing, preparing to make dumplings after the meal.

Her hands are sour, and she said: “This is a big Chinese New Year, but it’s quite busy. Let’s make dumplings after we have dinner? Then we will visit Chi’s house. When we come back, we have to wash and chop vegetables. Ready to eat hot pot in the evening…”

Wen Yu turned around and fed her a piece of meat, with a soft voice: “That’s good?”

He is very happy.

Chi Zhengzheng ate the meat, glanced at Wen Yu’s apron, and smiled: “Hey, I also think? Very good?!”

At noon, did Wen Yu cook too many dishes, but they were more abundant than usual.

The stuffing is well chopped, and Wen Yu’s meals are also ready.

His craftsmanship is better than before. In addition, Chi Zhengzheng has a filter, it tastes so delicious, and it lasts for a meal.

Wait until after the meal.

After Wen Yu washed the dishes, the two began to make dumplings.

“Come on, don’t you? Let me teach you! Hehehe.” With that, Chi Zhengzheng first bagged one. It’s not special? Good?, but it’s okay.

Wen Yu raised his eyebrows, but skillfully squeezed out a dumpling in his hand, which was very standard and good-looking.

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!! How can you?!” The big guy even makes dumplings? !

Wen Yu smiled and said: “I couldn’t make money from the stock market when I was in junior high school, so I could only work everywhere. I worked as a temporary worker for a Northeast dumpling shop outside the school to make dumplings.”

After speaking, one after another, he was extremely proficient.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned.

She used to work part-time when she was in school, but when she was still young in junior high school, her grandmother refused to let her work, and only asked her to help with something. Later, she worked part-time, mostly as a tutor.

Wen Yu is so bad at talking, obviously not a tutor…

He didn’t know before? How much suffering.

She couldn’t help being a little bit sad.

But apparently, Wen Yu hadn’t cared about it anymore. He is now having a good life, and the winds and frosts of the past seem to be less of a concern.

Seeing Chi Zhengzheng looking at him, his small face puffed up, his expression pitiful…

Unable to hold back, Wen Yu touched her nose with a white-faced hand.

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

“Haha.” Wen Yu laughed out loud.

She puffed up, stretched out her hand, smeared Wen Yu’s face after touching her face.

Wen Yu avoided immediately.

Chi Zhengzheng went after him, and the two started fighting in the kitchen.

“Wen Yu!! You stop!”

He is very easy to hide, he just needs to stand on tiptoe, face dodging, Chi Zhengzheng can’t get his face even with her hand up.

After running for about two steps, she jumped up again and wanted to smell Wen Yu’s face. Chi Zhengzheng was inexplicably dark in front of her eyes, her body swayed slightly, and she could not stand firmly.

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