Wen Yu paid attention to her all the time. Seeing this, his face changed and he immediately stepped forward to hug her.

“What’s the matter?!” Wen Yu’s voice changed. His face was panicked and his hands trembled slightly.

The dizziness was only a moment, Chi Zhengzheng closed her eyes hard now, then opened it again? It was all right, only a little tired.

She rolled her eyes and put flour on Wenyu’s face.

“Hahahaha!!” After laughing, she kicked her feet and quickly slipped away.

Hearing this, he breathed a sigh of relief, and then glared at her with an eyebrow: “Chi Zhengzheng, you can’t scare me like that again, do you know how scared I was just now?”

At that moment, my breathing was about to stop, and my heart seemed to stop beating for an instant.

I never want to have this feeling again, not for another time.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say that she was actually lying to him. She was really dizzy just now, and she is still a little uncomfortable.

But looking at Wen Yu’s face full of fear, she suddenly couldn’t say it came out.

He is so nervous about herself, if she tells him, will he be worried? Will it be that even this New Year won’t be happily celebrated?

“Right? I’m not going to do this anymore…” Chi Zhengzheng moved and nudged him.

Immediately, she stretched out her hand cautiously, held his sleeve, and blinked, pitifully.

Anyway, it’s just low blood sugar, so I won’t tell him.

Wen Yu helpless, raised his hand, tapped her nose, and whispered softly: “Don’t you do that to scare me again.”

“Absolutely not anymore!” Chi Zhengzheng raised her three fingers, her round eyes widened, and her expression earnestly assured.

Wen Yu was even more helpless, stretched out his hand, pulled the person into his arms, then lowered his head, and gently kissed her between her eyebrows: “Chi Zhengzheng, I really can’t do anything about it.”

Chi Zhengzheng raised his head, grinned, and smiled with a silly smile.

Wen Yu felt helpless.

The next process of making dumplings was quite normal, and the two of them didn’t make a fuss anymore, rubbing together, the old man made dumplings.

I thought that I could show off Chi Zhengzheng, who can make dumplings. I look at the delicate and beautiful dumplings in the box. Although most dumplings are not ugly, they are just ordinary, not big or small. One, rather rude dumplings…

Exquisite and beautiful? The exact same thing was made by Wen Yu.

It’s ordinary, but the size varies by myself.

——It’s just a slap in the face.

Chi Zhengzheng watched? Looking at the dumplings, she was a little frustrated: “Why are you doing anything? Yes, I feel that there is no room to play in front of you…”

What is it? No? Shang Wenyu.

Needless to say, is she a person with a worrisome IQ, but Wenyu’s IQ is still unmatched by her. Learning German is taught by Wenyu, and she is still comparable even in the kitchen? After I heard…

“Very cute, I will eat tonight.” Wen Yu picked up a dumpling made by Chi Zhengzheng, smiled, and put it down gently, like a baby.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She turned her head to look at Xiang Wenyu, then rushed over to him, jumped on top of him, and kissed him on the cheek.

So? What does it matter?

Such a good man belongs to her!

Although she doesn’t? Know where she is particularly good, but such a good man likes her, doesn’t she? It means that she is also very good, right?


Chi Zhengzheng was immediately happy.

Wen Yu was stunned, then smiled, didn’t put her down, just hugged her, walked to the side to wash her hands, and then hugged her and went upstairs.

After changing their clothes, the two of them are leaving for Chi’s house.

Chi Zhengzheng was again wrapped tightly by Wenyu, and he was led to the car, and then Wenyu drove the car and left Wangjiang Manor.


Because Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu were coming, Chi’s family didn’t go anywhere? They all stayed at home and waited for them to come.

They were all looking forward to it. Ding Yijun started cleaning early in the morning and came back after buying a lot of things. Chi Yan and Chi Zhouchen were also helping at home, each with a smile on his face.

But at this moment, when Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu arrived, the faces of Chi Yan and Chi Zhouchen weren’t too good.

Chi Yan received the guests outside, his smile stiff, his eyes alienated and unhappy.

Chi Zhouchen and Ding Yijun were in the kitchen, and Ding Yijun was washing the fruit, frowning slightly.

“Mom, let’s let them go quickly.” Does Chi Zhouchen’s face look good?

Ding Yijun heard the words and sighed: “This year? Thirty, the comer? Is a guest, and? All? are relatives, how do we open the mouth to let them leave?”

Chi Zhouchen sneered: “Oh, when my Chi family was in trouble, when did these people regard us as relatives? From the beginning? Didn’t they all? They accused me of being stupid and wanted to please Wen Jia. I. Dad had no choice at the time, so he called them for help, wasn’t it? They were all excuses?”

I also felt that he was really not worthy to be the heir of the Chi family, and he gave Chi Yan an idea that while he was still in his prime, he would take another child, teach it well, and take over later.

There are so many, Chi Zhouchen? Don’t you want to go? Reminiscence.

Ding Yijun sighed and could only say: “But after all, we didn’t tear our face. We can’t drive all the relatives out, right?”

“Why did they come for my Chi family, obviously for Chi Zhengzheng and Wenyu, Mom, don’t you? Should you tell the news that sister and Wenyu are coming?!” Chi Zhouchen voiced accusations. “They didn’t have a good relationship with us. I’ll see these people later, surely they won’t be happy.”

Ding Yijun was a little angry, and a little wronged: “Neither did I? It was deliberate. Yesterday? When talking to your big cousin, she always despised us for having eyesight? Zhizhu said that your sister has no feelings for us, then? When I get angry, I say that your sister is coming back today…”

At that time, the scene was really irritating, and Ding Yijun didn’t hold back, so he told the news.

After speaking, I regretted it. Chi Yan also accused her when she came back. She still had a fluke mentality in her heart. She didn’t expect that all these people would come today, not just them, but also other relatives.

Chi Zhouchen sighed, no longer? Know what to say to his mother.

Her ears are soft, sometimes she can think rationally, she speaks and does things based on intuition, and many times, her intuition is not accurate at all.

In the living room, Chi Yan and these people were perfunctory and polite.

“Chi Yan, you have a son-in-law Wenyu, why worry about Chi’s family in the future? Can you get up?”

Chi Yan: “…Wen Yu is Wen Yu, and Chi’s family is Chi’s family. Is my relationship with him?”

“There is Zhengzheng, she will definitely help Chi’s family.”

Chi Yan: “You used to play Zhengzheng, and the relationship between Zhengzheng and your family was not good.”

“Both? It’s a family, breaking the bones and connecting the tendons. She must be thinking of you in her heart. What’s wrong with the family? Good.”

Chi Yan: “Haha.” He laughed perfunctorily?

When he waited for him? Is it easy to avoid? I heard Chi Zhouchen asking him: “Dad, don’t you? Get them away?”

“No way, won’t they? Will leave, alas.” He had mentioned it several times just now.

Chi Zhouchen: “Then? Let them stay like this? Later Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu will come over and listen to these people’s nonsense?”

“What Chi Zhengzheng, that? It’s your sister!” Chi Yan glared at him.

Chi Zhouchen touched his nose: “Always forget…I think she is my sister.” It’s just that I used to call the name before, and I always forgot to change it.

“Your sister’s temperament is not the same as before, and Wen Yu is not easy to provoke, won’t she suffer.”

He paused, and then said: “Should I go again? To see the guests off, and Zhengzheng will not be able to stay when he comes back? How long will it take? Don’t you listen to their nonsense.”

After Chi Yan finished speaking, he went out again to send a guest off.

But obviously, these people still depend on whether to leave, even if Chi Yan does? To make it clear, they still insisted on staying for a while, too? Haven’t seen it for a long time? When I get to Zhengzheng, I want to take a look.

Therefore, when Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu came in, they saw the people in a large room.

Isn’t the Chi family’s current house too big? People in this room immediately filled the entire living room, and some people were sitting on the armrests of the sofa, or sitting on benches and chairs.

As soon as I stepped into the door, I met these people and looked up.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned, and then looked at Xiang Chi Yan and Ding Yijun. When they saw the embarrassment on their faces, she instantly understood.

——Isn’t Chi Family? As before, Chi Yan’s majesty is not as before. Now these people are not afraid of him.

Obviously, these people are not here to visit Chi’s family, but to “wait” Wen Yu.

This is the way they are in power. They weren’t taken care of by others before, and they even thought that they were “naturally made a couple”, and they were not promising. But when they turned their heads, these people had all kinds of flattery, rushing for them, and trying every means to get involved.

“Zhengzheng is back? I haven’t seen it for a long time, do you remember me? I am your big cousin.”

“Zheng Zheng, I am your fourth aunt. Zheng Zheng has really grown up and is getting better and better.”

“Don’t you? Yes, this is Wen Yu? Oh, it really is a talent?.”

“Young Master Wen, this is Aunt Zhengzheng Erbiao, so follow Zhengzheng and call me Aunt Erbiao.”

Most of the men haven’t moved yet, mainly because the women come forward and get close to Chi Zhengzheng.

What Chi Zhengzheng can figure out, Wen Yu? Why not? Understand?

As soon as he saw the people in this room, he immediately understood all of them. At this moment, these people gathered around to talk to each other. He maintained a faint expression, but he ignored none of them.

Chi Yan beckoned: “Zheng Zheng, Wen Yu, what gifts do you bring back?”

“Dad, Mom, Zhou Chen.” Chi Zhengzheng greeted him first, and then smiled, “It was Wen Yu’s pick. Happy New Year? I hope you like it.”

Chi Yan’s emotions just disappeared all of a sudden, showing a smile, not looking at those things, and nodding his head: “Satisfied, very satisfied, you also have a happy New Year.”

Ding Yijun laughed too, stepped forward, trying to hold Chi Zhengzheng’s hand, and then hesitantly retracted.

Wen Yu also spoke at this time: “Uncle Chi, Aunt Ding, Zhou Chen.” It was very polite.

The smiles on Chi Yan and Ding Yijun’s faces became more obvious, and even Chi Zhouchen couldn’t bear it? Stopped and nodded, what he wanted to say. Didn’t he say anything.

The relatives in this room, seeing that Chi Zhengzheng just nodded politely to them, but they didn’t say hello, Wen Yu followed Chi Zhengzheng to greet them, and ignored them. Suddenly they looked a little uncomfortable, and some people even collapsed suddenly Face.

“Zhengzheng, are you looking at Aunt Erbiao? When you grew up, Aunt Erbiao even hugged you when you were young. Why are you so rude now? Now you are developed, so you don’t? Don’t you? Relatives?” One of the middle-aged women said by the side.

Isn’t she poorly dressed, but she looks very tacky. She wears gold and silver. She is slightly fat and looks a little bit-acrid.

“Hongmei, what are you talking about?” Ding Yijun is not? Happy.

Then? These relatives are also great-

“Oh, what are you talking about Hongmei?”

“Yes, Zhengzheng is too long? I haven’t seen us for a long time, don’t you know me.”

“Sister Hongmei, don’t you want to rely on the old? Sell the old? You bully others Zhengzheng.”

These people all want to have a good relationship with Wen Yu, don’t they come to offend people.

It was that Aunt Erbiao’s daughter who also tugged at her behind.

Then? Aunt Erbiao stopped her voice and didn’t speak.

Chi Zhengzheng had no relatives in his previous life. Except on TV, where did he see this kind of scene, and this? Isn’t it her home, she couldn’t drive people out?, for a while, she was a little at a loss. Look closely? Xiang Wenyu.

Wen Yu has not let go of holding her hand. Now he looks at her, pats gently, and silently gives strength.

Has Chi Yan been in power for many years? After watching everyone, he finally stopped his eyes on Chi Zhengzheng: “Zhengzheng, your mother has always missed you, you and your mother go to the room to chat?”

Chi Zhengzheng paused and nodded.

Wen Yu let go?

So Chi Zhengzheng followed Ding Yijun to the room.

Chi Yan turned his gaze to Wen Yu again: “Wen Yu, it’s the first time you came here to chat with my study?”

“Good.” Wen Yu nodded.

So, one went to the study, the other went to the bedroom, these relatives who wanted to see Yu, all stayed in the living room, looking at each other.

Then Aunt Erbiao wants to speak again, Chi Zhouchen stepped forward with a polite and alienated smile: “If they have something, I will accompany you elders.”

Everyone fell silent.

Where do they need a yellow-haired boy to accompany them? They are going to talk to Wen Yu!

But people have already gone to the study, and it is impossible to chase them there. Therefore, everyone’s faces are not good-looking, and they don’t want to chat.

Chi Zhouchen raised his teacup and rolled his eyes when he lowered his head.


Chi Zhengzheng and Ding Yijun were embarrassed when they stood together, both? No? Know what to say.

When Chi Zhengzheng left home, the fundamental contradiction was the contradiction with Ding Yijun. There was a subtle relationship between the two.

Ding Yijun looked at Chi Zhengzheng, half loud, with slightly red eyes: “Zhengzheng, how are you doing?”

“Very good, I had a good time.” Chi Zhengzheng replied immediately.

“Is it easy to come back and stay tonight?” she said, and then she said hurriedly: “I have a room for you, and I have been tidying up.”

Chi Zhengzheng shook his head: “No use, dinner is already prepared at home, see? See? You will go back.”

“Then? Alright…” Ding Yijun pursed his lips, and asked: “He…How is Wen Yu treating you?”

“Very good, he treats me very well.”

“That? That’s all right… That’s all right…” Ding Yijun nodded.

Silence fell between the two again.

The atmosphere in the study was completely different. When Wen Yu and Chi Yan looked at each other, their eyes were sharp, and they took the lead in two moves.

After all, Chi Yan was defeated and said: “Wen Yu, don’t you? If you think you are very powerful, I am really afraid of you. If you treat Zhengzheng badly, I will definitely not? I will let you go!”

Wen Yu’s voice was calm: “No? Excuse me, you are worried.”

“I’m Zhengzheng’s father!” Chi Yan glared at him with unhappy eyes.

——This man is very good, but this man hides too deep, and his scheming is even more terrifying.

——Even Chi Yan can’t figure him out at all.

Wen Yu lifted his eyelids and glanced at him: “Oh, you didn’t make Zhengzheng? Happy, thinking that you are her father, is it her family?”

Chi Yan is speechless.

Wen Yu: “I followed Zhengzheng to make her happy. Of course, she wasn’t really happy when she came back, but as a task, I accompany her to complete it, nothing more.”

Isn’t reality? It’s a TV series, everything? Can be forgiven, everything? Can be reunited.

The relationship between Chi Zhengzheng and Chi’s family is obviously not that of family members, so naturally it is not possible to have another inexplicable reunion.

Going back to Chi’s home is to complete Chi Zhengzheng’s mission as their daughter, and to do her responsibilities.

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Chi Yan’s mouth. Yes, if you do something wrong, you do it wrong. If you hurt you, you hurt.

The study was silent for a long time, Chi Yancai said hoarsely: “I know, but I am her father. If you hurt her and make her unhappy, isn’t it because she lives with you? Where can I go? The door of Chi’s house will always be open for her.”

Even if she doesn’t have a relationship with the Chi family? Well, as long as the Chi family is there, it will always be her escape route.

Wen Yu is still calm, but this time his gaze turned to Chi Yan: “Don’t worry.”

Chi Zhengzheng belongs to him. He is so distressed that it is too late? How could it hurt?

In the bedroom, Chi Zhengzheng felt that the atmosphere was really embarrassing, so he stood up: “Then, mom, it’s not too bad, let’s go out?”

After she finished speaking, she took two steps.

Behind, Ding Yijun’s voice choked with sobs: “Right?”

Very late apology, but very sincere.

She once brought the jackal into the house by mistake, and made the jackal occupy the position of her own daughter. She saddened Chi Zhengzheng and disappointed Chi Zhengzheng. Isn’t she a qualified mother?

Looking at Chi Zhengzheng, Ding Yijun felt hard to suffocate.

Chi Zhengzheng was slightly stunned. After a while, she replied: “I will do my duty as a daughter.”

She doesn’t hate her, nor is she sad, all the harm has been borne by the original owner, so she is not qualified to forgive for the original owner.

The grievances between Chi’s family and the original owner, after all, don’t have to clarify with her.

Hearing this, Ding Yijun’s tears fell.

After the four of them came out of the room, those relatives who had been waiting for a while stood up quickly, and talked–

“Oh, what whispering are you hiding?”

“Zheng Zheng, come here soon after Wen Yu, let’s chat together?”

“Yeah, don’t you have a family? Say two things, we haven’t talked together yet.”

“Zhengzheng, bring Wenyu to recognize people.”

Chi Zhengzheng smiled? He smiled, and said, “It’s too late, so let’s go back?”

“Huh?” Everyone was taken aback.

Chi Yan looked towards Chi Zhengzheng, his eyes were full of complexities, and he slowly opened his mouth: “Zhengzheng, you can come back anytime.”

“Yeah, good.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled at him and nodded.

Ding Yijun’s eyes were still red, and he stopped talking.

Chi Zhouchen in the living room pursed his lips, a little unhappy.

Is this gone? He hasn’t spoken to Chi Zhengzheng yet.

“Zhou Chen, send off your sister and… Brother Yu.” Chi Yan said again.

“Oh!” Chi Zhouchen stood up hurriedly.

Wen Yu dressed Chi Zhengzheng and led her out? What else did Chi’s relatives want to say, Chi Yan interrupted them: “Where did we talk before? Come, come, continue.”

After such a delay, the three of Chi Zhengzheng had already left the house.

After all these people didn’t talk to Wen Yu, they were immediately unhappy. “Brother Chi Yan, are you right? By the way, Chi Zhengzheng is your daughter, Wen Yu is your son-in-law, so how can you come back? Just leave the circle? Is this really too? I’m filial, and I don’t? Say hello to relatives, don’t you? Tell them!”

“Yeah, Chi Yan, I’m going to talk about you at this point. You are so too? Indulge them. Since Wen Yu is Yu Ding’s veteran, he should also pull out your father-in-law, and Zheng Zheng, too. I have a big temper. Now my temper is not so big, it’s just too ruthless.”

Chi Yan smiled, but his eyes were indifferent: “Haha, the child is older.”

“No? Too? Too? Isn’t it? Are they well-developed now, so look? Are you late? It’s really too rude, you don’t even say hello!”

“Why didn’t you fight? Zheng Zheng called my dad, and Wen Yu called my uncle.” Chi Yan was still calm.

“Then? Nor? Shouldn’t you leave so quickly, and turn a blind eye to our relatives, I think? They just watched? No? I think you are not as good as before, so you don’t care about it!” Someone picks things up.

Chi Yan suddenly asked: “Aren’t you? So are you?”

Everyone was taken aback.

Chi Yan picked up the tea cup: “Don’t you? You don’t think I’m as good as before, so don’t you put me in your eyes?”

The living room fell silent for a moment.

Chi Zhouchen walked beside Chi Zhengzheng, but didn’t? He knew what to say, his expression was complicated.

Even when he went downstairs, he didn’t open his mouth, opened his mouth, and closed it again.

When he got downstairs, Chi Zhengzheng said first: “Okay, you hurry up? Right, I think? You dress too thin. In such a cold weather, wear thicker clothes when you go downstairs.”

She actually had a pretty good impression of Chi Zhouchen. In the original text, this kid accidentally went crooked after being stimulated, and his nature was not bad.

“Oh…” Chi Zhouchen responded.

He turned his heels on the ground before he said, “Just leave, don’t stay longer.”

“I have to leave sooner or later, and I’m going home to prepare dinner.”

“Eat here!”

Chi Zhengzheng just smiled and didn’t talk.

Chi Zhouchen understood in an instant, his eyes a little lonely.

At this moment, Chi Zhengzheng stood on tiptoe, raised his head and patted him on the shoulder: “Okay, go back soon? Right, although the company has a lot of work, you have to study hard. Your age should be a school.”

Chi Zhouchen made a cut, but he was a little happy in his eyes, and replied: “I know, nagging!”

His words were disgusting, but his face was happy. This look made Chi Zhengzheng think of keeping it. If Chi Zhouchen had a tail now, Tie Ding would also be shaking frantically.

Chi Zhengzheng laughed, waved his hand, and Wenyu were about to leave.

However, Wen Yu looked at Chi Zhouchen and looked down from above, his face expressionless.

Doesn’t Chi Zhouchen move freely, and stares: “Look? What?! Don’t think you have the ability? Start, let me tell you, if you dare to bully Chi Zhengzheng, I won’t? I will let you go! No matter how talented, there is only one life, and it is also a mere womb!”

——This is a threat.

Wen Yu’s expression remained unchanged, looking at him, contemptuously said: “Little kid.”

Chi Zhouchen: “!!!” He stared at Wen Yu fiercely, hate it? Go forward and kill him.

Wen Yu: “Study well, do you have the ability to do it? What contribution can you make.”

After speaking, he took Chi Zhengzheng and left.

Chi Zhouchen: “…”

After a while, he took a deep breath and shouted at Wen Yu: “Don’t you be proud! Wen Yu! One day? I will definitely surpass you!!”

Chi Zhengzheng, who just got on the bus, laughed again?

Wen Yu didn’t take care of the child’s provocation, and got into the car.

He looked at Chi Zhengzheng and smiled: “Go home?”

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned, then his smile became brighter, and his eyebrows curled up: “Go home.”

With just two words, let her put away all the emotions and complexities? The cold winter, white snow, but her heart is warm.

The author has something to say: Chi’s family basically has no plot, Chi Zhengzheng and them are treated as relatives.

Today is also a two-in-one day! !

I adjusted my schedule for the first time last night, failed/heartbroken.

Work and rest are too difficult to adjust, so dads must eat well, sleep well, don’t learn from cubs and cry.

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