Not far away, there were two women who had lost a lot of weight.

Xu Wei, An Qinru.

Chi Zhengzheng paused slightly, with surprise in his eyes.

But Xu Wei and An Qinru have already walked? Come, their steps are a bit hurried.

After approaching, the street lamp clearly reflected the appearance of the two of them in the eyes of Chi Zhengzheng. She thought for a while, standing still, and not far behind was the bodyguard sent by Wen Yu. She was not afraid of these two people. do what?.

“Zheng Zheng…” Xu Wei smiled at the corner of her mouth.

She had been well maintained before, and the years did not seem to leave any marks on her face, but during this time, she suddenly grew ten years old, with many wrinkles on her face, drooping eyelids, and two more Points are bitter and mean.

“Sister Zhengzheng.” An Qinru also twitched the corners of her mouth, although she obviously couldn’t laugh.

Compared with Xu Wei, An Qinru’s changes are even greater. Not to mention that her belly has become bigger. She has lost a lot of weight, with her abdomen protruding and very haggard. She is black and she has obviously not slept well for a long time. .

Are these two people and the changes in memory really too much? Yu obviously, Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback.

Immediately, she asked calmly: “What’s the matter?”

She is looking at these two people, and the two of them are looking at her too.

Especially An Qinru.

They came with Wensi Sisi. They saw her before Chi Zhengzheng entered the nightclub. It was only because the bodyguards followed all the time, and they couldn’t get close. I wanted to enter the nightclub, but I couldn’t.

This nightclub is called the Pearl Bar. It is a high-end bar. A membership card is required to enter. After Wen’s family went bankrupt, their members were all cancelled and they could not even enter the gate.

At this time, Chi Zhengzheng sent Wen Si Si Si to leave, and this gave her a chance to get closer.

Chi Zhengzheng and the last time I met? There is not much change, but she is still so beautiful, exuding wanton? Chic and relaxed and lazy in every gesture.

The dress is very simple, but with a sense of design, coupled with her figure like a hanger, standing on the side of the road, it is also the existence that people can’t ignore and can’t look away.

An Qinru was mad with jealousy.

Next to him, Xu Wei smiled shyly: “Zhengzheng, it’s been a long time since I saw you, do you still live? That’s it? Okay…”

“What do you want me to say?” Chi Zhengzheng frowned, and went straight to the main question.

“I just want to talk to you.”

“Oh, then I have no time to talk to you.” After that, Chi Zhengzheng will leave?

Xu Wei hurriedly said: “Zheng Zheng! You are Wen Yu’s fiancée. It was the agreement between our two families that we had your marriage. Now you and Wen Yu have had a good time, and it is considered that our original matchmaker did nothing wrong! Wen Yu After all, it is the eldest master of the Wen family, and you will be the wife of the Wen family in the future.”

As she said, she stretched out her hand and held Chi Zhengzheng’s hand with a look of affection: “I am his stepmother, so I am not qualified to say anything?, but Jingsen is Wenyu’s relatives and is related by blood. I am. He Jingsen knows that you are a good boy, and he recognizes you as a daughter-in-law very much, so I beg you to help us, and help us intercede with Wen Yu. Jingsen is now paralyzed and repented. Are they biological fathers and sons? .”

Xu Wei’s face was kind and pleading, holding her hand tightly, her eyes flushed, and she looked very pitiful indeed.

Chi Zhengzheng showed a weird look, then he withdrew his hand and took two steps back: “Do you think I’m stupid or think I’m a lie? What was the original marriage contract between Wen Yu and me? It’s the matter, don’t you know it? You don’t think I am worthy of Wen Yiran. Didn’t you look down on Wen Yu and put us together?”

“It’s all aunt’s fault, it’s all the aunt’s head was confused at the time, but at any rate it was a mistake that made you and Wen Yu come together… Wen Yu is more exciting than Yiran!” Xu Wei apologized?, stretched out her hand, and paid. I want to hold Chi Zhengzheng’s hand.

She did this to ask Chi Zhengzheng to help, and she personally admitted that Wen Yiran is not as good as Wen Yu.

Chi Zhengzheng avoided?, not allowing her to hold her own hand, and said coldly: “You don’t ask me to help you. If I don’t persuade you to kill you, I just let it go? You guys, don’t forget, we too There are old grievances.”

Xu Wei thought? She? So? So foolish?

Not to mention that they wouldn’t deal with it themselves, Xu Wei and Wen Jia’s harm to Wen Yu was doomed to their end.

As early as when he just wore it, Chi Zhengzheng felt that Wen Yu’s revenge was a relief when he was browsing the plot.

Now that she falls in love with Wenyu, can she still forgive Wenyu’s family?


Seeing her? Going to leave, Xu Wei has hurriedly talked about? An Qinru, shouting: “Zhengzheng, are you still hating us? It was because of? An Qinru! Is it her? Hook up Yiran, is it her? The method is to marry into the Wenjia. If you are angry in your heart, send it to us. As long as you persuade Wenyu to let go? Wenjia, we can kneel down for you!”

She grabbed An Qinru’s hand abruptly, and An Qinru, whose belly was already big, was immediately torn down and half-kneeled on the ground.

“Zhengzheng, you used to like Yiran so much. Yiran has been tortured to the point of madness. Even if you look at Yiran for the sake of it, it depends on your experience? Go, help persuade Yu, and ask him to help us. !” Xu Wei was already crying.

Hearing this, Chi Zhengzheng frowned: “Wen Yiran and I have never been there, and I will definitely not help you.”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

“Chi Zhengzheng!” Xu Wei still wants to stop her?.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded to the two bodyguards who were waiting for her to signal. The two immediately grabbed Xu Wei and An Qinru, and Chi Zhengzheng walked towards the car.

Halfway through, she stopped and said: “The cycle of cause and effect, the retribution is unhappy, you should be responsible for what you have done.”

After that, she got in the car and left the car.

The bodyguard left the two of them, got into another car, and hurriedly followed.

In the same place, only Xu Wei and An Qinru were left.

An Qinru sneered: “I just said she? I definitely won’t? Help, she? I wish we were worse, how? Maybe? Help us?”

Xu Wei raised her hand, pinching and cursing at An Qinru: “Isn’t it all because? You, Chi Zhengzheng used to like Yiran, she? She has feelings for Yiran, if not because of hating you, she? Why? Maybe not help?! I blame you, you broom star!”

An Qinru frowned, stretched out her hand to block, fear flashed in her eyes.

She was still able to fight with Xu Wei before, but now her belly is getting bigger, and when she fights with Xu Wei again, she is always the one who is bullied.

An Qinru looked at the direction that Chi Zhengzheng was leaving, her eyes full of regret.

——She? What’s the matter? What happened to her?

When Chi Zhengzheng returned, Wen Yu was sitting on the sofa in the living room with a computer in front of him. Obviously, he was dealing with work again.

“I’m back.” Chi Zhengzheng walked in while changing his shoes.

Wen Yu raised his head to look at her, his eyebrows relaxed all at once, waited until she approached, stretched out his hand, pulled the person over to take a closer look, and then asked, “She didn’t hurt you. Right?”

“Huh? Xu Wei and An Qinru?” Chi Zhengzheng was surprised.

“Well, you shouldn’t talk nonsense with her, in case they are not pleading, are they crazy and want to hurt you?” Wen Yu saw her? It’s okay, he pulled the man into his arms and hugged him tightly.

Chi Zhengzheng laughed: “They have already reported to you? Didn’t they have them? Xu Wei is not young, An Qinru is pregnant, she can’t beat the two of them together? Me, let alone return. There are bodyguards.”

“Then you shouldn’t let yourself? Get into a potentially dangerous situation, what if she? They really have bad intentions?” Wen Yu never let go of his brows.

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand to smooth the crease between his eyebrows, with a smile in his voice: “According to you, there may be accidents outside and everywhere, so I don’t want to go out?”

Wen Yu was silent for a while, and he said: “It’s good to bring people with you.”

He really doesn’t want her? Go out, but there is still reason.

The deeper the love, the more afraid of loss. Wenyu has never experienced family affection, and never thought that he can have love. If he falls in love with Chi Zhengzheng, he is afraid of losing Chi Zhengzheng.

For fear of her being hurt a little, for fear of her being a little surprised.

Chi Zhengzheng glared at him, thought about it, and asked: “She? What are we doing today? Find me?”

She? Knows that Wen’s family is not having a good time?, but she doesn’t know more details.

Both Xu Wei and An Qinru begged her? Here is what happened again.

Wen Yu: “Do you know that Wen’s house was not in this city before? Wen’s house used to be in City C, but only came here after he made a home. Wen Jingsen wants to make a comeback through Wen Si? Si?’s marriage, Wen Yiran felt it was impossible, and felt unable to live here, and wanted to bring his family back to City C.”

When speaking, he sneered slightly.

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly realized that it was like this.

Wen Yiran is leaving? Here, besides being unable to live here, the fundamental reason should be to avoid? Wen Yu.

Xu Wei and An Qinru were reluctant. They all tried to marry Wen’s family for a good life. Now that Wen’s family is down, they have to leave Beijing and return to the small place. …… The two are obviously unacceptable.

So even begging her? This method is used.

“Oh, I understand.” Chi Zhengzheng touched his chin and nodded.

“Don’t worry, this is the last time. They are leaving. They won’t show up in front of you again in the future.” Wen Yu held Chi Zhengzheng’s hands tightly.

If it was before, maybe he wouldn’t? Allow Wen’s family to leave? Here, although returning to City C is the same miserable, but in front of him, he can always appreciate their miserable situation.

But now, he already felt that he didn’t care about it.

Because? With Chi Zhengzheng, his life has become full and satisfying, and he doesn’t need to appreciate the miserable situation of Wen’s family anymore.

He didn’t stop him, letting Wen Yiran take Wen Yiran’s family, leaving with nothing and debts? Here, he went to C City to live.

“Oh…” Chi Zhengzheng nodded.

She knows that Wen’s family will be completely gone. After they leave, it is estimated that they will not have a chance to see each other again.

She leaned on Wen Yu and whispered: “It’s good that you haven’t covered your eyes with hatred. They have already had results. In the future, they will forget Wen Jia, and all the unhappiness they have experienced. Forget all of them, let’s face the future together?”

Wen Yu was silent for a while, and then husky? Yin responded: “Okay…”

When the two people hug each other, the air becomes warm.

After a while, Wen Yu moved her nose and frowned: “Did you drink?”

“Drink a little…” Inexplicably guilty.

Wen Yu paused and said, “The nightclub is not safe. Don’t go there anymore, let alone drink.”

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him, staring.

Wen Yu: “If you really want to go, I will accompany you.”

“That won’t work.” Chi Zhengzheng quit, sitting upright, glaring at him, “You can’t always be with me, right? Even a couple should have a little privacy.”

She found that Wen Yu was gradually shrinking her independent space. This was not enough, and she could not agree with her.

Wen Yu pursed his lips, with grievances in his eyes, his eyes lowered slightly, and his voice was hoarse: “Private space…Do you want me to accompany you?”

He lowered his eyes, and also hid the dark surge inside.

Chi Zhengzheng: “It’s not like that. In case we quarrel, I would like to gather with friends and have a drink? The Pearl Bar is strictly managed. We are all regulars, so I only go there. , Won’t? What’s going on? It’s, you don’t need to do this? Be careful…

She? is about to persuade Yu endlessly, although she? does not have to go to a nightclub, but this is not a problem of a nightclub, it also involves the problem of getting along between lovers.

As a result, Wen Yu interrupted him: “You are right.”

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback, so he figured it out soon.

Wen Yu took out his cell phone, made a call and went out——

“Secretary Ning, buy the Pearl Bar.”

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yu looked at Chi Zhengzheng, with a petting look in his eyes: “I can go later.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”  

The author has something to say: Wen Yu: I understand.

Chi Zhengzheng: No, you don’t understand anything!

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  1. This ML.. I kinda understand him, being alone since he was young, lacking the love from family, he finally got the wifey he desreve and he is afraid of losing her..(though him being clingy and possessive is quite scary IRL lols)

    reading MTL, makes my english literacy a lil tangle..hahaha..I feel like I’m like those Chinese in our country that lacks certain words whenever they talk…hehe..

    thnaks for the MTL

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