In the original text, Wen Sisi married the old man, but that man had domestic violence, and Wen Sisi had a better life than death.

It can be said that it was her tragedy to marry for Wen’s family? The beginning.

Chi Zhengzheng sighed again, stretched out her hand to pour a glass of wine, just took a sip? Put it down, her voice softly——

“Sisi, it’s useless. You feel like Wenjia is like this now, can there really be someone who can pull it out? Can it really stand up again? Letting you marry that person in exchange for hope for the Wen family, but it’s Wen Jingsen’s? Whimsical.”

Is it possible that Wen Yu will let them get up again?

How come someone is so kind to help Wen’s family without asking for anything in return?

Anyway, in the original text, after Wen Sisi got married, it had no effect. Wen’s family was still miserable, and she herself decided to suicide.

The Wen Sisi who has nothing, she can’t win against the Old man, even if she wants to leave, she can’t do it.

Wen Sisi paused slightly, staring blankly at the wine glass on the table.

At this time, who had been paying attention to the two of them not far away? Several men and women came over.

“Chi Zhengzheng?” Someone’s voice was tentative.

Chi Zhengzheng looked up.

The man came up immediately and said with a smile, “Oh, looks who it turned out to be? It’s Sister Zheng Zheng, I’m Li Ranran, do you remember? We’ve seen it several times before, and we paid it back at Zheng Ye’s? Have seen it once!”

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a long time before twitching the corners of her mouth: “Oh, remember.”

Remember a fart.

It’s a familiar face, but she doesn’t know who it is?

I must have seen each other at many banquets before, but I must be unfamiliar. At least at that time this person looked down on her? So I have never dealt with her.

Seeing Li Ranran speaking, the other few also stepped forward, carrying their wine glasses–

“Miss Chi, I’m Weng Gaoming. We have seen it before? Are you drinking here too? Or else? Have fun together?”

“Yes, I will be the host tonight, and Zhengzheng will come together.”

“Miss Chi, this is Qi Ji, you? You still know each other, right?”

Chi Zhengzheng’s smile remained unchanged, her eyebrows curled, but her tone was alienated: “Thank you for your kindness, but Sisi and I have something to say, so I won’t be with you anymore.”

Several people glanced at Wen Sisi, their eyes flashed with contempt, and then looked away.

“Okay, get together again next time.”

“Sister Zheng Zheng, we don’t have any contact information yet. This is my phone number.”

“Zhengzheng, this is my phone number, I will contact you often in the future.”

“You guys, just drink it, I said to be an affair, and it will be charged to my account later!”

Chi Zhengzheng kept a polite and detached smile. If you look closely, you can see the impatience on her face, so all of them smiled and dispersed, very witty.

After the people left, Wen Sisi suddenly laughed and said: “Li Ranran, in order to please me, he did four bottles by himself and helped me carry the bag. Qi Ji, you? You must have seen it, it was at my birthday party. , She still got together with An Qinru, did not say you?. When they smiled and complimented me that day, it was exactly the same as complimenting you today?”

Time has changed, how arrogant she was at the time? These people held her and pleased her.

After a long time, these people looked down on her and mocked her coldly.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded: “I know? They are all grass on the wall, and that’s why I am sitting opposite you, not between them.”

At this moment, if she is going to play with those people, those people will surely as they did to Wen Sisi in the past, they will hold the moon to her.

Wen Sisi was taken aback, a pair of water-bearing eyes looked at Chi Zhengzheng.

The other party was also looking at her, her big eyes were full of clarity and very clear.

“No wonder Wen Yu likes you…” Wen Sisi murmured.

“What did you say?” Chi Zhengzheng did not hear clearly.

Wen Sisi: “Nothing, just a little sigh.”

“Don’t sigh, excuse me, they used to cheat on you? It was because of Wen Jia, and now they cheat on me because of Wen Yu, not because of ourselves, there is nothing to sigh about?” Chi Zhengzheng took a sip of her wine again, and said comfortably.

“But it is also good, at least they want to invite us to drink, don’t you? I don’t have the money to treat me now. You used to blackmail me, now I can only blackmail you. They ask you, you are such a deductible person, it saves money again.” Wen Sisi couldn’t help but hooked up the corner of her mouth. This was the first smile she showed tonight.

Chi Zhengzheng shook her head abruptly, with a face of resistance: “I don’t want them to invite me, don’t you? Then their elders ran to Wen Yu and say that we had a good relationship and they all invited me to drink…Tsk.”

“Chi Zhengzheng, do you want to pay for it yourself? I don’t have any money.” Wen Sisi stared.

Chi Zhengzheng grinned: “Wen Yu knows we are going to this nightclub. We said hello in advance, and at that time it will go to Wen Yu’s account.”

Of course, the purpose of his greeting in advance? Or pay attention to her? Safety. After all, she came here twice before and problems had consecutively happened.

Wen Sisi: “???”

“If you don’t report in advance, he might not let me come.”

Wen Sisi: “???”

“Tsk tsk, although? I feel a little strict, but his intention still makes me feel happy.”

Wen Sisi took a deep breath: “You? Enough! You? Don’t look at my current situation, you? Show your affection? Shown in front of me? Or Xiuhe Wenyu? In love, you? I’m not afraid of being jealous. Is it time to beat you?!”

Chi Zhengzheng grinned: “You? Can’t beat me.”

Wen Sisi: “…” Sometimes, this friend of hers is really not an ordinary beating.

She glared at Chi Zhengzheng and said, “I’m going to die miserably, you can still laugh? Come on…”

“You? Haven’t you already made a decision?” Chi Zhengzheng suddenly said, his expression serious.

Wen Sisi was taken aback, and for a moment, she twitched the corners of her mouth, drank another glass of wine, and said hoarsely: “Yes, I have actually made a decision, but I still feel a little guilty…”

Maybe she was real at first? Very entangled, but she already had a voice deep in her heart, and Chi Zhengzheng’s words about “Wen Jia can’t be saved” made her make a decision.

——She will not marry.

“Before, you tell me, you think Wenjia is not so good to you. Actually, they treat you good for a purpose. At that time, I told you, you don’t have to do it for Wenjia. Sacrifice your own future. Wen Sisi, you are still young, you should have another world, this world has nothing to do with Wenjia, has nothing to do with Wen Yiran, and has nothing to do with Wen Yu.” Chi Zhengzheng looked at her with a pair of eyes, full of seriousness.

Wen Sisi looked back at her, stunned.

After a while, she nodded with red eyes: “Hmm…”

Another world, another world, has nothing to do with Wenjia, has nothing to do with everything, it’s just the world she has heard and thought about…

“Chi Zhengzheng, thank you.” Wen Sisi said seriously.

Thank you, for still willing to be my friend.

Thank you, for you are still willing to consider it for me.

Wen Yiran? Recently, I’ve read about the warmth and coldness of Renqing, and Wen Sisi is the same. So, Wen Jingsen wants her to marry the Wen family and ask for something impossible for out of reach hope. But Chi Zhengzheng still asks her to find another world.

This reminded her again that she had a high fever at the beginning. Wen Yiran was busy asking about the crime, and Chi Zhengzheng only thought about sending her to the hospital.

Is that the beginning of her change of view on Chi Zhengzheng? That is the beginning of their friendship?

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly smiled: “You wait and thank me later.”

“Huh?” Wen Sisi was taken aback.

Chi Zhengzheng took out a piece of paper and a key from her bag, pushed it in front of Wen Sisi, and said lightly, “This is an address in City A. The community environment is very good and the security is reliable. It’s convenient and reliable. It’s not far to go. I’ve seen someone and it’s very suitable for you. Temporary residence.”

Wen Sisi froze, opened her mouth, but didn’t say a word?

“The rent is convenient. It’s appropriate, so I only rented for one year; one year, it should be enough for you to change, enough for you to find the new you? Find another world.” Chi Zhengzheng whispered, “As for Wen Jia , Whatever. You? You can send money, give things or visit. You don’t need to lose your own happiness and life.”

Wen Sisi didn’t speak, and for a while, she suddenly raised her hand and cried bitterly, covering her face.

Chi Zhengzheng did not comfort her, but just sat opposite, calmly watching the crying “idiot” and the crying “girl”.

It’s like crying out all emotions, like happiness, but also sadness.

Regardless of the emotions, the depressive emotions that have been suppressed for so long are released at this moment in the hustle and bustle of the nightclub.

“Chi Zhengzheng…” Wen Sisi cried enough and looked up at her.

Chi Zhengzheng kept looking at her, waiting for her to speak.

“For my whole life, having you as my friend, is enough, thank you.” Wen Sisi said seriously, carefully looking at Chi Zhengzheng’s face, as if to remember this person in her heart.

She had never had so much emotion in her heart.

Chi Zhengzheng, this woman who speaks poisonously, laughs at her, hides her, blackmails her, and values ​​her friends, this… true, warm, clean, and unforgettable woman.

Wen Sisi had many friends before, as well as an enemy, Chi Zhengzheng.

But then, all the friends left, only one Chi Zhengzheng was left, this friend who had only been getting along for a few months, only she was still there.

The emotion on Wen Sisi’s face was too obvious, Chi Zhengzheng sighed.

She stretched out her hand and handed two pieces of paper to Wen Sisi, and said: “Wipe your nose, Duo Mai Tai.”

Still immersed in the moving? Wen Sisi: “…”

She glared at Chi Zhengzheng, stretched out her hand, took the tissue, and carefully wiped her face clean.

Then, Wen Sisi stood up and said, “Let’s go, Chi Zhengzheng. My uncle is almost crazy now, stubborn. Believe that I can save them by marrying someone, so in order to prevent him from tossing, I will leave about tomorrow morning. In the future…I will always be able to see you again in the future.”

The friendship between her and Chi Zhengzheng is still there, but they are separated by Wen Jia and Wen Yu, after all, there won’t be much contact.

Chi Zhengzheng also knows that, so she has not contacted him all the time, but she has prepared a place for her to stay.

“So fast?” Chi Zhengzheng was a little surprised.

Even if she is open-minded, she understands, after hearing Sisi, they will not know when they meet again? When will it be.

If the world is so big, people living in two cities, if they don’t make contact, they may never see them again.

Will they contact me specifically?

Chi Zhengzheng knows. No, Wen Sisi can’t.

“Since I have decided, I won’t be procrastinating anymore.” Wen Sisi stretched out his hand, installed the key and address properly, pursed her lips, and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

“Let’s go, I’ll give it to you?.” Chi Zhengzheng stood up and picked up the bag.

The two of them walked out together. Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know what was left on the account, and took the card to settle the account.

After that, Wen Sisi was sent out to rent a car.

“Then I’m leaving.” Wen Sisi whispered, her voice a little hoarse.

Chi Zhengzheng waved his hand: “Hurry up, you’re not the eldest lady out there, don’t you? There will be no lawlessness anymore.”

After a pause, she said softly?: “If there is anything, just call me. I won’t change the phone number.”

Wen Sisi did not speak.

After a while, her voice became hoarse and she didn’t raise her head: “Do you know?, Chi Zhengzheng, although Wenyu is like that, the kind who will not change at first sight? But if he really changes, or you feel wronged, just come to me…”

“Yeah.” Chi Zhengzheng nodded in response.

“Let’s drive.” Wen Sisi choked. The voice sounded.

The car left slowly.

Wen Sisi turned her head abruptly, Chi Zhengzheng was still standing there, watching her leave.

She covered her mouth and cried loudly.

Wen Sisi never knew that she would have a friend like Chi Zhengzheng, pulling her out of the mud, and giving her the courage to embark on a new road.

Such a good woman like Chi Zhengzheng will surely have a happy life, and she should also have the best life.

The car is drifting away.

Chi Zhengzheng took a breath and blinked her red eyes.

After Wen Sisi lives in another city in the future, she has nothing and is destined to start again. I don’t know how much hardship she will endure.

But this is the way she wants to go, she can’t help anymore.

It’s just that she is just such a friend, and she won’t be able to see it in the future.

Chi Zhengzheng patted her face, took a breath, and turned around to leave.

However, just turning around, the footsteps stopped.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: Guess who I saw?

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