An Qinru followed Wen Yiran back to Wen’s house. On the way, Wen Yiran didn’t say a word, her face was expressionless.

She is a little scared, she has never seen him before? He is like this, no matter whether he is happy or angry, he will show it, and it will definitely not be the indifferent reaction like now.

——This makes her very flustered.

“Yiran, I…I just…” An Qinru opened her mouth, “I want to ask them to help Wen Jia…”

Wen Yiran didn’t speak, and drove the car back to Wen’s house in silence.

He didn’t care whether An Qinru followed, he went in first, and An Qinru gritted his teeth and followed.

Inside, Xu Wei sat on the sofa, and when she saw her coming in, she immediately stood up and cursed–

“You bitch, do you want to leave? I tell you, it’s impossible! Since you are married into our Wen’s house, don’t want to leave! You still dare to sneak to Chi’s house, shameless bitch, broom star , How did our family marry you! I tell you, now Wenjia…”

She talked endlessly. The servants in the family were basically gone. Everyone knew the current situation of Wen Jia. They couldn’t pay their wages anymore. They all had to live. How could they do nothing for Wen Jia?

Besides, the people of Wenjia were not so kind, and it was not good for them to live, so naturally they all dispersed now.

Wen Jingsen was lying on the bed. He was the only one who lost his temper. How could Xu Wei dare to say anything to him and Wen Yiran?

As a result, her suffocated anger was all directed towards An Qinru.

Hearing these words, An Qinru’s head “buzzed” and couldn’t help saying: “Do you think I want to be in Wenyu now? If you have the ability, you can kick me out. If you didn’t abuse Wenyu before, How could he get revenge on Wenjia?”

“What did you broom star say? Believe it or not, I killed you!”

“Come on, you hit me again, if you hit me again, I will sue you for domestic violence, just in time for a divorce!” An Qinru said subconsciously.

Xu Wei said angrily: “Sure enough, you bitch just wants to get a divorce! You are dreaming!”

Seeing that the two were about to fight again, Wen Yiran said indifferently: “Mom, go up and see Dad, he can’t live without anyone.”

When the voice fell, Xu Wei immediately stopped her voice. Seeing that Wen Yiran had something to say to An Qinru, she stood up calmly and went upstairs.

Only Wen Yiran and An Qinru remained in the hall.

The anger and confidence just disappeared all at once. An Qinru opened her mouth. For a while, she didn’t know what to say or why, she could quarrel with Xu Wei, but inexplicably didn’t dare to face Wen Yiran.

Wen Yiran lit a cigarette for himself and smoked. He has been old-fashioned recently, and smoking a cigarette like this makes it even more vicissitudes of life.

He said: “Wen’s family has fallen to this point. I just didn’t take the time to deal with it before? Actually, I didn’t want to keep you in Wen’s house.”

An Qinru was taken aback.

“I always thought at the time, you are sincere to me, and there are my children in my belly. I definitely can’t let you follow us without dying. It’s like back then, I actually didn’t want to marry you, but I saw it in the past. Emotionally, because you are weak and pitiful, I am willing to marry you and let you marry into Wen’s house.” Wen Yiran’s voice was soft.


“But what did you do? You want to leave, want to escape, and you seem to forget it all at once. When you said that you were pregnant, how happy and expecting you were. An Qinru, your recent reaction, you still remember what you were pregnant with. With our child, the child you are expecting?”

Wen Yiran took a deep breath: “I ask you, when I…I had a marriage contract with Chi Zhengzheng, did you deliberately seduce me? Your approach was just to marry Wen’s family, not because you liked me. ?”

“No, Yiran, I am real…”

“You can say that you are sincere. If you are sincere, then take on debts with me and live with me under Wen Yu’s suppression.” Wen Yiran interrupted her, staring at her with a pair of eyes.

Suddenly An Qinru stopped talking and pressed her lips.

After a while, she cried and said: “Yiran, I really like you! I am afraid, I am afraid that after Wen Yu will suppress us, I am still pregnant with a child in my stomach, I always want to be our child Think about it, Yiran…”

After all, she just wanted to get a divorce and want to leave Wen’s house.

Wen Yiran laughed suddenly: “Hahaha, I’m such a fool, how did I think? You are sincere to me? Hahaha, An Qinru, for you, I betrayed Chi Zhengzheng…”

“Chi Zhengzheng, Wen Yiran, you really fell in love with Chi Zhengzheng! You dream, she has more to hear, she may be interested in you!” An Qinru still had tears on her face, but gritted her teeth.

Wen Yiran murmured: “Yes, she has more to hear…”

He looked at An Qinru abruptly, his eyes full of coldness: “You seduce me in the first place, but now I am down and want to abandon me? I was going to let you go, but now I have changed my mind. I will never divorce you!”

“Wen Yiran!” An Qinru roared.

Wen Yiran was expressionless and looked at her indifferently.

An Qinru shuddered suddenly and reached out and hugged her arm.

At this moment, she suddenly realized that she had done a lot of wrong things because of the sudden bankruptcy of Wen Jia and her mentality was out of balance.

Her performance not only didn’t let herself leave Wen’s house, but also let Wen Yiran see her true thoughts, no longer have feelings for her, even hate her, and won’t let her go…

An Qinru grew cold all over her body.

The court quickly seized Wen’s property. The company went bankrupt and could no longer afford some debts, but there were still a lot of debts that Wen’s family had to bear.

Zheng Ye had a sum there, and he owed a lot of people.

These people heard the family trouble every day, and the house had been sealed up. Wen Yiran gritted his teeth and took the Wen family to live in a small house, but the creditors didn’t let them go, and the days were still not peaceful.

Wen Jingsen could not accept that he was paralyzed, nor could he accept Wen Jia’s bankruptcy, yelling and cursing every day, and he didn’t give up on wanting to come back.

But he can’t stand up anymore, what else?

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t deliberately understand Wen’s affairs, but there is always news coming to her from various channels.

-There is always something good? Want to tell her, or? Means to please her.

Chi Zhengzheng wanted to laugh a little, and Wen Yu’s identity was revealed. They couldn’t please Wen Yu, they wanted to please her.

Mobile phone vibration.

She picked it up and glanced at it, a little surprised.

It turned out to be Wen Sisi!

Since Wenjia went bankrupt, Wen Sisi’s dad also went bankrupt.

But? They are a little better than Wen’s family, at least they are not in debt, and they can still live in this city, but it’s hard to think about being rich.

The days of Wen Sisi will plummet.

Chi Zhengzheng never contacted Wen Sisi, nor did the other party contact her.

Although she doesn’t feel bad about Wenyu’s affairs, Wen Sisi is in a bad situation right now, and she is always in a bad position to call and tell others-we are still good friends, hand in hand together?

The adult world is not as clean as a child. Standing on Wenyu’s side, she is destined to never return to the past with Wen Sisi.

But Chi Zhengzheng still picked it up, with a soft voice, as always: “Sisi.”

“See you, can you?” On the other side of the phone, Wen Sisi’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Good.” Chi Zhengzheng agreed without hesitation.

Does she really want to see each other again?

The two made an appointment at the nightclub.

“Do you really want to go? I’m a little worried.” Wen Yu said.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled: “Don’t worry, I understand Wen Sisi, she can’t do things that are really harmful, after all, she and I are friends, or should we meet?”

Wen Yu was silent, and Chi Zhengzheng felt relieved to hear his thoughts, but he was not at ease.

After thinking about it, he said: “I will let two people follow you.”

“Chengcheng.” Chi Zhengzheng laughed, but still followed Wen Yu.

She knew that Wen Yu didn’t want her to meet Wen Sisi, but he knew she had to go, so he didn’t stop him, only asked to bring two bodyguards, she didn’t object.

So, when Chi Zhengzheng went out, he was followed by two bodyguards.

When he arrived at the nightclub he was familiar with, Wen Sisi had already arrived, sitting alone in the corner drinking alcohol.

By looking at the bottle on the table, she has already drunk a lot.

Chi Zhengzheng sighed, walked over, and sat down opposite her: “I don’t drink enough, so I just pour a bottle. I can’t stay with you and stay drunk. You should drink less.”

Wen Sisi looked up at her and saw the bodyguards brought by Chi Zhengzheng standing at the door. They paid attention to them all the time and were very responsible.

She laughed at herself: “So worry about me? Afraid of me hurting you? Or kidnapping you?”

Chi Zhengzheng shook his head and said seriously: “I know you won’t hurt me. They just reassure Wen Yu. It’s hard to say whether someone can’t accept it and die together.”

“You are really…” Wen Sisi mocked.

“Didn’t I always be like this?” Chi Zhengzheng smiled.

Wen Sisi said while drinking, “Yes, you’ve always been like this, you’ve never changed?…No, it should be said that you’ve never changed since the accident?…Chi Zhengzheng, Sometimes I’m really jealous of you, Chijia, you can just leave it alone, free and easy.”

Chi Zhengzheng did not speak.

The relationship between her and the Chi family is different from the relationship between Wen Sisi and the Wen family.

She wasn’t the original owner anymore, and she didn’t have such deep feelings for the Chi family. She was traumatized and didn’t want to stay any longer, so she naturally left calmly.

Wen Sisi drank sullen wine on his own, mocking: “I have no grudges with Wenyu, but he ruined Wenjia and became Wenjia’s enemy, so we will have hatred, and you are obviously standing in Wenyu’s house. Bian…” Otherwise, even the Chi family would be implicated.

“Yes, as long as Wenyu doesn’t betray me, I will always stand on Wenyu’s side.” Chi Zhengzheng said calmly.

“So we won’t be friends anymore…” Wen Sisi murmured.

Chi Zhengzheng sighed: “Sisi, I still treat you as a friend. Once you helped me. If you need it, I will help you too.”

“You help me? No need!” Wen Sisi waved his hand.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Did you encounter something? Or it shouldn’t be like this…” She understood Wen Sisi, and her performance today is enough to show that she has encountered something.

After hearing the thoughts, he stopped drinking.

“Sisi, did the Wen family ask you to do something? Or? What do you want you to do for the Wen family?” Chi Zhengzheng asked.

Wen Sisi did not speak.

After a long while, she raised her head to look at Chi Zhengzheng.

On the opposite side, Chi Zhengzheng still looks like that, even in the most drunken nightclub, even if the lights are colorful, she is still indifferent and clean, as if there is no one beside her, and spotless.

She will always be that Chi Zhengzheng.

Wen Sisi cried suddenly, and said while crying: “Yes, my uncle asked me to marry a person who said he was willing to help Wen’s family. That person is so old, and the children in the family are older than me. My dad has been helped by his uncle, and he didn’t say anything this time. I was raised by the Wen family, and I used to be chic for so many years. This is the last hope of the Wen family…”

She could see the pain of her father, and her brother Wen Jingsen was so desperate. Perhaps this was the last hope of the Wen family. If she tried it with her daughter, maybe it would pull out the Wen family?

Besides, it is a rich family after all, maybe Wen Sisi can still live a good life…

Because of various considerations, Wen’s second child didn’t say anything in the end, so there was no objection.

After listening to Chi Zhengzheng, he took a deep breath, and sure enough, the gear of fate was still on track.

Because of her existence in this world, many things have become completely unrecognizable, but the original traces can always be seen in some details.

It seems to say…

The general direction has not changed.

The author has something to say: Don’t worry! How could there be any kidnapping plot! !


Today is your holiday, I wish you a happy Children’s Day! !

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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