Chi Zhengzheng lives occasionally a little helpless, but overall he is very happy, but some people live very badly.

After Wen Yu hung up the phone, Wen Jingsen lost his temper.

“Beast! This beast! I really should strangle him!!” Wen Jingsen only had one hand to move, so he smashed things with this hand. When he couldn’t get anything, he smashed his phone, pillows, and quilts.

Obviously angry.

Wen Yiran was also very angry, but he resisted the anger and stepped forward, with a hoarse voice comforting: “Dad, don’t be angry anymore, your body can’t be angry, you must hold on.”

Wen’s family is in such a bad situation now, Wen Jingsen can’t have any more accidents, this family can’t stand up to such wind and rain.

Wen Jingsen shook Wen Yiran’s hand: “How could he? Such a powerful one? He is really hiding? So deep!”

Wen Yiran smiled bitterly? Yes, Wenyu is really terrible. He turned out to be the founder of Yu Ding, and they didn’t know anything. They were all arrogant.

The truth that the Chi family can discover, obviously as long as they don’t underestimate Wenyu, as long as they pay more attention, they can also discover…

But they were immersed in pride and self-satisfaction, and never took Wen Yu seriously.

Wen Jingsen cursed, but couldn’t help but rise in his heart? Regret.

Wen Yu… actually has that kind of business talent.

He doesn’t need to argue with Yiran!

Obviously, as long as he treats Wenyu better, maybe Wenyu will not hate Wenyu, nor will he revenge Wenyu, on the contrary…bring him supreme glory.

That? But boss Yu Ding, who has always been praised, is a business genius!

I thought that if he hadn’t dealt with Wen Jia, if he would use his business talent to help Wen Jia…

Wen Jingsen was almost out of breath for a while, and his heart was filled with hatred and regret.

Xu Wei just hated: “Wen Yu, this beast, I shouldn’t have been merciful at the beginning, and even gave him a chance to grow? Let him come to harm now…”

“Shut up!” Wen Jingsen interrupted her and gave her a fierce look.

It’s not her, how could Wenyu hate Wenjia so much?

Xu Wei shut up immediately, not daring to say anything.

Although she didn’t like Wen Yu in the past, she would still pretend to be, but now because she hates it, she can’t pretend, and she said all malicious things.

Let Wen Jingsen want to wait too? Reached out and strangled her to death.

An Qinru also knelt down and sat aside, her eyes desperate.

Wen Yu was unwilling to help Wen Jia, and obviously, if Wen Jia had a posture, he would surely suppress it, that’s it? So the huge Wen Jia couldn’t hold it, let alone in the future?

Wen’s family went bankrupt, and the court next was to seize Wen’s assets, including her who was only married to Jin’s family…

An Qinru stood up abruptly, and ran out in a panic.

Wen Yiran looked at her back, his eyes were surprisingly calm.

An Qinru ran to the Chi’s house. She knew where the Chi’s family lived now. They were relatives at any rate. Only a few days ago, she knew where they lived from a Ding’s family.

At that time, she still laughed at herself secretly? They deserved it and fell into this field?.

But now, she is even more miserable, but she can only come to her door.

It was Chi Zhouchen who opened the door.

“Zhou Chen!”

Chi Zhouchen frowned at once?: “Why are you here?”

“Aunt and? Are uncle there?” she asked, but people walked in directly. Sure enough, Chi Yan and Ding Yijun were both here.

The house is small, with only one floor, so An Qinru also saw Chi Yan sitting in the living room and Ding Yijun serving out fruits at a glance.

“Qin Ru?” Ding Yijun was also taken aback.

An Qinru knelt down and cried: “Auntie, uncle, please help me, please!”

“What’s the matter?” Ding Yijun pursed his lips, a little hesitant.

“This happened when I just married into Wen’s house, please ask my aunt and? Uncle to help me. I want to leave Wen’s house…” An Qinru cried bitterly.

She has lost a lot of weight during this period, and her hair is messy, which looks pitiful.

Ding Yijun hesitated and felt distressed, but she didn’t say anything.

Chi Yan had no expression on his face, and said with a cold face: “You insisted on marrying Jin Wen’s family. We disagreed at the time. Did you say anything? You didn’t say anything? You blame us for stopping you Qingyun. Lu, feel that it’s great to be able to marry into Wen’s family?

At that time, they really stopped and really stopped. If An Qinru didn’t marry, Wen’s family would definitely be angry, and they would be able to make trouble.

But An Qinru wanted to marry Wen Jia, regardless of their objections, but hated them, and told others that they had countless things that were bad.

“You can be regarded as asking for benevolence, we can’t save you.” Chi Yan said calmly, taking a sip from the water glass.

“Uncle, I was wrong, and I regret it. At that time, I didn’t know Wenjia and Wenjiahui? In this way, I didn’t know that Wenyu had the kind of ability! I was really wrong!” An Qin Ru cried and said?, stretched out his hand, grabbed Ding Yijun’s clothes, and pleaded bitterly.

“Don’t ask, we can’t help you, and won’t? Help you, let’s go.” Chi Yan put down the cup.

“Uncle! Aunt, aunt, please help me, please!” She immediately turned to begging for the softest Ding Yijun.

Chi Zhouchen said in a cold voice: “An Qinru, our family and? You have nothing to do with you. We didn’t welcome you as early as when you hurt my sister. You were not welcome when you were good, do you think ?You are now down. Will we take care of you?”

An Qinru froze.

“So go away, this is what you deserve. In order to marry Wen Yiran, you were the one who was able to seduce your cousin’s fiance. Now I ask for benevolence. If we don’t deal with you, we will let you go.” Chi Zhou Chen opened the door wide and signaled her to leave, “Don’t come here anymore. My Chi family is too busy to take care of myself now.”

An Qinru kept looking at Ding Yijun.

Ding Yijun thought of Zhengzheng, and also thought that their family became like this now because of the Wen family’s involvement. If Chi Yan and Chi Zhouchen were awakened quickly, or Wen Yugao raised their hands, their family is destined to end with Wen Jia. …

Just noticed in advance that their family is struggling, I don’t know how much.

And this is all because of Wenjia!

Ding Yijun broke away from her hand and sighed: “Qin Ru, since you really love Yiran, don’t throw him away because of his downfall. Although the Wen family is bankrupt, you are still young and there is always a way out… “

Seeing that her aunt who loved her the most didn’t help herself anymore, An Qinru knew that there was no hope, so she stood up and shook her body.

She glanced over Chi’s family and suddenly laughed?: “Hahaha! It’s all you! You know that Wen’s family is going to be unlucky, and you let me marry in without telling me anything!”

Chi Yan and Ding Yijun were taken aback, and Chi Zhouchen scolded with a frown, “What are you going crazy?! Why should we tell you? Opposing you to marry Wen Yiran is already the last affection for you.”

“Blame you! You know everything, but you don’t say anything? And the bitch of Chi Zhengzheng, who knows that Wen Yu is powerful, so put aside Wen Yiran and Bashang Wen Yu!”

“You lunatic, nonsense!” Chi Zhouchen dragged her, trying to drag her out.

An Qinru shook off his hand and continued: “But Chi Zhengzheng? A bitch doesn’t want you anymore. Now she has the support of Wen Yu, so happy, no matter what life you live! You don’t tell us, will you? Is it to please Wen Yuhe? Chi Zhengzheng? Do you want to see me come to this end?!”

“An Qinru, what are you crazy! I’m going to call the police!”

Chi Zhouchen was so strong that he dragged An Qinru out and was about to close the door.

At this time, the elevator door opened and another person came up.

——Wen Yiran.

His face was expressionless, and he was so haggard that Chi Zhouchen almost didn’t recognize it.

Wen Yiran stepped forward, stretched out his hand to hold An Qinru, and then looked at Chi Zhouchen, hoarse? The voice said: “Sorry, I will take her back.”

As soon as he appeared, An Qinru froze and didn’t dare to make trouble anymore.

Chi Zhouchen didn’t say anything, and was about to close the door.

Chi Yan came over and sighed at Wen Yiran: “Yiran, I also watched you grow up. Our two family used to have a deep friendship. I used to appreciate you sincerely and wanted you to be my son-in-law, but The relationship between our two families broke down.”

After a pause, he said again: “When Zhou Chen and you terminated their cooperation, even if you knew that Chi’s would suffer heavy losses, you did not look at your past friendship to stop him, but immediately cooperated with Zheng Ye. We two When the family was there, the relationship was completely cut off. We can’t help or won’t help if you happen to be like this. Whether it’s you or An Qinru, you will have nothing to do with us in the future.”

“Okay, I understand.” Wen Yiran said hoarsely.

For more than a month, he saw the warmth and coldness of the people in this world. He didn’t know how many walls he had touched before he knew how arrogant the Wen Jia was in the past. Only then did he realize that they floated? How powerful and offended?

Chi Yan said that it was all right, and the Chi family was not sorry? Wen family.

“It’s a good idea.” This is to Wen Yiran, but also to An Qinru.

After that, the door of Chi’s house was closed.

Wen Yiran didn’t say anything, her face was blank.

An Qinru’s heart tightened, she was suddenly a little frightened, and her whole body trembled slightly.

It was already the afternoon when he walked out again, and Chi Zheng was agitated.

“Wake up? Come and eat something.” Wen Yu raised his head, with a slight smile on his face and gentle eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She took a deep breath and became angry: “I either eat or sleep all day long, no wonder? I’ve gained two pounds, and I blame you!”

Wen Yu: “…Then? Or else exercise at night?”

Chi Zhengzheng stunned his face: “How do I exercise at night?”

Immediately, facing his ambiguous gaze, Chi Zhengzheng understood in an instant, he slammed his chest, glared at him, and said fiercely: “Dare you! Let’s sleep in separate rooms at night! I want to separate with you!”

Wen Yu was pitiful: “…I was wrong, I won’t exercise tonight.”


“Really, I promise.” Very firm and vowed.

Chi Zhengzheng finally breathed a sigh of relief and was satisfied. Then he stepped on his slippers and walked downstairs into the kitchen to take a look. There was nothing but the food cooked by the chef.

Well, she knew it-the biscuits must not be eaten!

Alas, Wen Yu, a clingy guy.

At night, because he slept in the afternoon, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t sleep and turned around on the bed.

Wen Yu had originally held her, but was kicked away by her.

After a while, Chi Zhengzheng was finally half awake.

At this moment……

She was pulled into a bosom? A hot kiss was impressed.

Chi Zhengzheng slapped him, furious: “Wen Yu! Didn’t you guarantee it?!”

In the darkness, Wen Yu grieved and said, “Who makes you move all the time, and… I finally managed to hold on to twelve o’clock.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

“What I promise is last night, it’s past zero now!”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…Wen Yu! I must be separated from you!!”

The author has something to say: Wen Yu: I was wrong, I was really wrong!

Chi Zhengzheng: Change it?

Wen Yu: …no change.

(I heard that the ending of the family and An Qinru will be decided immediately, and I will write about them later, it is just their miserable.)

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