Wen Jingsen was also discharged from the hospital.

They still live in the old mansion, Wen Jingsen can only lie in bed, can’t do anything except lose his temper?.

Xu Wei could only cry, while An Qinru stared at her almost pregnant belly in a daze.

“Dad… the court will soon begin to seize our assets…” Wen Yiran’s voice was hoarse.

He was thin and thin, with a shaggy beard and black eyes.

Obviously, he had a hard time during this period.

“I asked you to sell the house and take the company’s money first, why did you stay?!” Wen Jingsen swept the plate in front of him to the ground and said angrily, “You take the money away and we Wenjia can come back. You Why not go?!”

Wen Yiran blushed, and said in a hoarse voice: “The house cannot be sold, nor can it go away, everyone is staring at us…”

And? He didn’t want to leave either.

An Qinru’s eyes lit up, and the dullness in her eyes disappeared. She stepped forward and said in a hurry, “Dad, Yiran can’t go. I can go. Our assets will be sealed up by the court soon. Instead of paying it out, it’s better to retain our strength. , I can come back again in the future.”

Both Wen Jingsen and Wen Yiran looked at An Qinru, the eagerness in her eyes almost made no secret.

Neither of them spoke.

“Dad, Yiran, what’s in my stomach? With Wen’s child, we always have to leave a way out for Yiran and this child. We will transfer as much as we can now!” An Qinru anxiously said.

She watched Wen Yiran rushing around recently, and she still has the last expectation in her heart-maybe the situation is not so bad?

The Wen family is so huge and Yiran is so powerful, maybe she still? Can she continue to be the superior wife of the Wen family?

With such anticipation, time passed day by day, and until today, she was finally sure that Wen Jia was not saved, and only despair remained in her heart.

But Wen Jingsen’s words reminded her that she still has hope, as long as Wen Jia will give her all the assets that can be transferred and let her take it out of the country, she will not have to face the next sad end!

Wen Yiran asked in a hoarse voice: “How to take it out of the country?”

“Divorce, divorce can be justified.” An Qinru said here, hurriedly said: “Of course it is a fake divorce, Yiran you know my love for you, and there is your child in my stomach, and you will be able to do so in the future. Take this asset to make a comeback…”

“Bah! Are you a broom star at this time? Want to cheat money?” Xu Wei rushed up and slapped An Qinru heavily.

She looked at An Qinru very uncomfortable now, she would beat and scold at every turn.

“I’m not! I’m here to leave hope for Wen’s family. If you don’t transfer property, Wen’s family will be gone?” An Qinru roared, defending herself.

Xu Wei stared at her bitterly: “Who knows if you take the money or abandon our Wenjia? If you want to leave, I will leave. Yiran is my son. I will never allow Yiran to be ruined in this life!”

“Mom, you offended Wenyu. You have suffered so much to Wenyu before, and he will definitely not let you go abroad! And? The divorce between you and dad is too obvious. Come back.” How could An Qinru agree and immediately argued.

Xu Wei cursed: “You bitch, you just fell in love with the wealth of my Wenjia. Now that Wenjia is in trouble, you want to run away. You can still take care of our Wenjia? Bah! Who doesn’t know if you run away with the money? What are you thinking? They are all thousand-year-old foxes, don’t play anything? Let’s talk!”

“No, Mom, I really want to leave Wen Jia…”

“Enough!” Wen Yiran yelled.

Xu Wei and An Qinru immediately closed their mouths and all looked at him.

Wen Yiran glanced at Xu Wei and then at An Qinru, feeling a desolation in his heart.

Xu Wei cares about him, indeed she wants to keep some property for him, but also for her own sake, she doesn’t want to suffer with Wen Jia.

Not to mention An Qinru, it’s all for herself…

At this moment, Wen Yiran didn’t even bother to complain about them, nor to be disappointed. He only said in a hoarse voice: “Escape? How to escape? What do you think? Did you think I hadn’t thought about it? No money for you to escape… …”

If the house cannot be sold, at this time, others will not allow them to sell the house, and there is no time to sell the house and transfer the ownership.

They all have a marriage certificate, and Zheng Ye and the others will not allow the transfer of the real estate.

Before the launch of new projects, Wen’s family invested everything in it, and there was almost no liquidity. At that time, the wedding was done in a crude manner, not only because of not caring about An Qinru, but also because… Wen’s family couldn’t get the money.

Now Wen’s family has something wrong, and the stock market has collapsed. Except for real estate such as houses, other realizable assets have become worthless and no one will take over.

An Qinru was taken aback, and then fell to the ground slumpingly, Xu Wei was also startled, her head buzzing.

Is there really no way?

An Qinru looked desperate. If she didn’t get a marriage certificate with Wen Yiran, if she didn’t get married with Wen Yiran, what happened to Wen’s family? She could still bring some things back to Chi’s house, or to Ding’s house or An’s house… …

But they have a marriage certificate! When the court seals it up, it will be sealed together in her name!

How could she marry Jinwen’s family?

How could she be so unlucky? !

Why is Chi Zhengzheng so lucky? Why is Chi Zhengzheng’s fiancé the founder of Yu Ding? Why…

and many more!

An Qinru suddenly raised her head and looked at Wen Jingsen: “Dad, what else? There is a way!”

Wen Jingsen looked at him, and those eyes were full of indifference and ruthlessness. Obviously, the dispute between her and Xu Wei just now made him extremely disappointed.

An Qinru knelt forward and stared at him closely: “Dad, ask Wenyu, he must have a way to save Wenjia, he is the boss of Yu Ding, he can calculate Wenjia to this level, he has To save Wen’s family, we beg him!”

“Smack–” Wen Jingsen’s only hand slapped An Qinru’s face with a slap.

“I don’t want it? Please that beast!” Wen Jingsen said angrily, out of breath, patted his chest desperately.

“He calculated us to this point, he will save us?” Wen Yiran sneered, his eyes desperate.

“But he is the only one who can save us? Is it really necessary? Are you burdened with arrears for the rest of your life?! Are you going to live a life of nothing?!” An Qinru shouted.

What? So weak and elegant. During this period of time, An Qinru put aside everything, showing her true appearance without mercy.

——The disguise used to be because of some pictures.

Xu Wei also gritted her teeth with hatred, but thought that she had nothing…

She shuddered, and hurriedly said: “Jingsen, yes, we are looking for Wenyu to help Wenjia deal with the current difficulties. He is so rich and he can definitely solve it. He is also named Wen. He must find a way for Wenjia. !”

“I have severed the relationship between father and son with that beast! He is a beast! I can’t wait to strangle him, do you think he will help us?!” Wen Jingsen said angrily.

“Jingsen, even if you don’t think about it for yourself, you still want it? Think about it for Yiran! He is so capable and so young, is he going to be so ruined in this life? Will the Wen family be ruined by you? “Xu Wei retorted him, took out her cell phone, “I’ll call him, I’ll beg him!”

Wen Jingsen opened his mouth and didn’t stop it anymore.

Soon, the phone got through.

Wen Yu also answered the call.

“What’s the matter? Everything is still not enough?” His voice was faint, with a sneer.

Wen Jingsen’s anger hits his forehead in an instant, but Xu Wei first said: “Wenyu! You are also named Wen, Wen’s affairs? You can’t care about it. If you think I was sorry for you before, I apologize to you. I’ll apologize for you! Jingsen and Yiran, but your father and brother!”

Wen Yu sneered: “I don’t need to apologize. As for Wen’s affairs? I took care of it. You are now the result of my management. Still? Want? Should I continue to take care of it?”

“You–” Wen Jingsen thumped the bed with anger.

An Qinru still knelt on the ground, hurriedly stepped forward, and whispered softly, “Wenyu, are you satisfied with Wenjia now? As long as you raise your hand, you can let Wenjia go, or else you come back, do you still? It’s the Wen family! No, no, you can also be the heir of the Wen family, and Yiran will give you your place!”

Even if Wen Jia gave Wen Yu, as long as Wen Jia was still there, she and Wen Yiran would not have a hard time.

Wen Yiran was clear, but when he heard this, even if he thought he had seen An Qinru’s true face, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

Look, this is the woman he fancy, this is the person he abandons Chi Zhengzheng to marry…

Wen Yu didn’t speak.

Wen Jingsen took a deep breath, and said with a trembling voice: “Wen Yu… let Wen Jia go, you are also named Wen, why? Must be like this…”

“In the past twenty years or so, when you tossed me, did you think I was a family?” Wen Yu said lightly, “Don’t look at your Wenjia too high, I still don’t look down on it.”

Let Wen’s go?


“Wen Yu, you are not happy that I apologize to you, it is all my fault, you want? I can do anything, please help Wen Jia!” Xu Wei pleaded on the phone.

As long as she thinks of her future fate, she can bear no amount of anger.

At the beginning, I was a junior for many years, but it was not for the hardships!

“No, I don’t need to apologize. This is the most useless thing. Your current fate is the ending I planned for you.” Wen Yu chuckled lightly, the hoarse and magnetic voice with a chill.

“Wen Yu! Beast! Beast!!” Wen Jingsen cursed loudly.

Both he and Wen Yiran knew that Wen Yu couldn’t help them. He hid his identity for so many years, wasn’t it just to hit a hit, how could such a person be softhearted?

An Qinru still didn’t give up, and said: “Wen Yu, even if you say that you sever ties with Wen’s family, the law won’t recognize it, Wen’s family still? With your biological father, you can’t ignore it!

——She is always able to grasp the key.

Wen Jingsen looked at the phone with resentment in his eyes, but also waited to hear what Wen Yu said.

After listening to Wen Yu, he chuckled, “Yes, Wen Jingsen? It’s the father of my body, I can’t leave it alone…”

An Qinru and Xu Wei’s eyes lit up, and there was hope in their eyes.

Wen Yu looked towards the kitchen. There, Chi Zhengzheng was making small biscuits. She wanted to change her pattern this time and make coarse-grain biscuits that could replace meals.

Just because she found out that she was fat when she called it today!

A warm smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

But what he said was still so indifferent. He said: “I am not touched by your Wenjia company, and your debts have nothing to do with me. But I will always control Wen Jingsen and follow the legal judgment. Pay him alimony every month.”

After a pause, he said again: “Of course, because of the low alimony, Wen Jingsen is now suffering from a stroke and is paralyzed, which may not be enough to support medical expenses. But I am his biological son, of course I will pay all medical expenses for him. Let him live well, enjoy the end of Wen’s family, and watch-what height will I reach.”

Then, he will live his whole life in pain and regret.

After speaking, Wen Yu hung up the phone.

He blacked out the number, then stood up and walked into the kitchen. Inside, Chi Zhengzheng was making biscuits happily.

Wen Yu hugged her gently from behind.

“Ah -” Chi Zheng Zhengxian? Subconsciously exclaimed.

Immediately, after smelling a familiar breath, he took a breath and said with a smile: “You scared me to death!”

“Zhengzheng, I want…”

“Huh? Wait, I’ll give you a taste. You may not like the mouth this time—”

Wen Yu rubbed her chin on the top of her head, and her voice was full of smiles, interrupting her: “I don’t want cookies, I want…you.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”? ? ?

Still? I was stunned, the man was already beaten up and hugged.

“Hey! Wenyu, let me down! My biscuits have not been made yet! Want to bake them!”

“Do it later.”


Is it special for a while? !

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: Do you have no idea about your abilities? !

Wen Yu: …a few.

Wen Yiran: I too…

Chi Zhengzheng: There are countless upstairs.

Wen Yiran:………………

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