Wen Jingsen was abandoned.

Because of the stroke, my legs were paralyzed and I could no longer walk.

“Yiran, quickly find an expert, let the expert give your dad a consultation, you must heal your dad’s leg!” Xu Wei said anxiously, looking flustered.

Wen Yiran didn’t move, and opened his mouth, unable to speak.

Seek an expert consultation?

Do everything to heal Wen Jingsen’s leg?

They can still spend the money now, but does Wen Jingsen have this time to treat his legs?

“My leg! How could I be useless?! How could it be?!” Wen Jingsen burst into tears, his eyes widened, as if he could not accept this fact.

Wen Yiran stepped forward?, patted his chest lightly: “Dad! Calm down, dad, don’t get angry, calm down, let’s deal with the difficulties in front of us first? When the storm passes, it will definitely be able to cure you. leg!”

He couldn’t accept it either, his entire face turned pale, but Wen Jingsen could no longer be stimulated, and there was a big difficulty in front of him that he had to face and he had to hold on.

Wen Jingsen thumped his hand on the bed and cursed, “Bastard?! He is? A beast?!!!”

——They all know, is he? Scolding Wenyu.

There are so many things in the company, and countless people are waiting for them. Wen Yiran sees his dad’s situation and decides to go to the company alone.

Wen Jingsen was silent for a while, and finally said: “Find a wheelchair. You can’t live with the people in the company. I must go personally. Once you go, they will only? Catch you and let you find a way to give They have money.”

Seeing that he could cheer up, Wen Yiran finally got some comfort and was busy looking for someone to arrange a wheelchair and car.

Soon, Wen Yiran pushed Wen Jingsen away from the hospital, leaving only Xu Wei and An Qinru.

An Qinru didn’t speak, Xu Wei sent the two away, feeling angry and pressured? Go, turned around and slapped An Qinru again.

“Bitch! You blame the broom star, you will be born as soon as you enter the Wen family, you really are? The broom star, why don’t you die? Why do you want to marry into the Wen family?! Why are you Bring the disaster into Wen’s house?!” Xu Wei cursed.

She wanted to slap again, but was stopped by An Qinru.

At this moment, An Qinru also changed his face: “Do you think I am willing to marry Jin Wenjia now? Why not be unlucky? Why is it? I married in! No, I want a divorce, I want to leave your Wenjia!”

Marrying in did not get any benefits, it was bad news.

“Bitch! You and Yiran have already registered, so did our family have an accident? After you register, you will have to wait for the turmoil after my family has subsided if you want to divorce!” Xu Wei gritted her teeth.

An Qinru cursed: “What are you doing? Dream, he started to give you condoms a long time ago, but Wen Yu is? Boss Yu Ding, can the Wen family be saved? Still the turmoil calms down, dream. you!”

“I blame you, the broom star, I want to kill? You!”

An Qinru did not show any weakness, not at all before? Xiao Baihua’s pitiful, sharp voice: “Yes? Wen Yu’s set, all of them? You, if not? You offend Wen Yu, if not? You keep oppressing Wen Yu. , How could he retaliate against you?! You are the broom star!”

“You nonsense! I’m going to kill you!” Xu Wei rushed over.

The two fought, pinching, biting and pulling their hair?.

Suddenly faced with such a big thing, my heart was suffocated with fire and anger, and now I vented to each other, and the two women started fighting in the hospital.

The doctor? And the nurse hurriedly stopped.

at the same time.

Wen Yiran and Wen Jingsen, who arrived at the company, had a hard time. The two talents had just entered the company’s door, and they were immediately surrounded by a bunch of people, talking and talking——

“President Wen, have you received the news, what should we do now?”

“Wen Jingsen, what about this project? You are going to do it. Now that something like this has happened, are you sure? You want to give us an explanation?”

“President Wen, we believed you at the beginning. We invested in this project. Now that something happens, the project can’t be pushed out. Are you sure? You want to lose money, right?”

“Mr. Wen, Straits Technology just sent a message saying that the contracts signed before will not be counted. They will not cooperate with us?!”

“Mr. Wen, are there any cooperations we are negotiating? All? They are all gone!”

“Mr. Wen…”

A few days ago, these people still smiled at Wen Jingsen and Wen Yiran. Yesterday at the wedding, they were respectful and respectful. Some people even looked flattering.

On this day, when they saw something happened to Wen’s family, they began to surround themselves, wanting to get their things back, and even gnawed at Wen’s family before they would give up.

Wen Jingsen tremblingly pointed at them. Before speaking, his face swelled into blue. He had been stimulated by Wenyu once in the hospital in the morning. Now he was stimulated again, so he pumped again, rolled his eyes and fell on the chair.


An Qinru and Xu Wei were separated. While the two were still scolding, they received news that Wen Jingsen had a stroke again.

Soon, the people were sent to the hospital again, and this time those people also came over, like a debt collector, reluctant to forgive.

Wen Jingsen entered the emergency room.

Wen Yiran roared: “Shut up all of you! Get out of the way!”

“Yiran, you can’t do this, so are we? No way, if your Wenjia? If it goes bankrupt, we won’t pay us back. Our small company will also be greatly affected.”

“Yes? Yeah, or Yiran you quickly think of a solution.”

“You Wenjia behemoth? Certainly? There is a way.”

“Wen Yiran, I don’t care, you must give me an explanation anyway!”

“Get off–” Wen Yiran roared in a gaffe, clutching a pile of materials in his hand, and slammed it on the ground fiercely.

The surrounding area became quiet for a moment.

Soon, people from the hospital and Wen’s bodyguards and security rushed over and invited these people out.

Wen Yiran sat down on the ground, holding his head, his face slumped.

“Yiran…Yiran, what’s wrong with you, tell mom.” Xu Wei cried forward? She still loves her son.

Wen Yiran did not speak.

Xu Wei cried: “Sure? There is still a way, right, our Wen family is so big, how could it be easily knocked down? Wen Yu is all? Is it right? He is so capable? How could he be so capable? If he is? Ability, before? How could it be possible to be bullied like that and not resist?”

Wen Yiran stretched out his hand and pulled out a newspaper from the pile of materials scattered on the ground.

-A financial magazine.

“Yes? Really, Wen Yu, boss Yu Ding.” Wen Yiran’s voice was hoarse, like despair after madness.

Xu Wei hurriedly grabbed the newspaper. Obviously, this is? Today’s new newspaper, the front page is?——

[The first public appearance of the founder of Wen Yu, the 26-year-old young talent-Wen Yu. 】

Above, a photo taken from the side, Wen Yu is wearing a black suit, looking at the front with a cold face, with a shocking momentum.

The newspaper fell to the ground.

What else do you not understand after seeing this report?

He has been hiding himself, and today there is something wrong with the family, he finally doesn’t have to hide anymore today!

Xu Wei murmured: “Impossible…impossible…”

Wen Yiran didn’t speak any more, and sat down on the ground, holding his hair with his hands?

Not far away, An Qinru fell to the ground, as if she didn’t know she was pregnant, sitting on the icy ground with a face collapsed.

why? Why didn’t she find out early? Now?

Why does she need to get the certificate with Wen Yiran? !


“Dad, Wen’s family is really over.” Chi Zhouchen sighed, feeling complicated.

Is this complexity? There is neither sadness nor any happy emotions.

“Yeah, I know.” Chi Yan looked at the financial newspaper in his hand, with a striking headline. After all, it was the first publicity of the founder of Yu Ding, which already explained a lot.

Ding Yijun was stunned for a moment, and then sighed: “It turned out to be? Really…”

“Yeah, yes? Really, is the Wen family? Really down. Fortunately, our Chi family still retains the foundation, although it’s not as good as before.” Chi Yan murmured.

They changed houses. The original mansion had been sold, and they replaced a small house under their name.

The company is now half-dead, not alive, and still dealing with the previous mess, but it is still there, and now it has gradually stabilized. Although it is not as good as before, there is always hope.

Unlike Wen Jia, the only result is bankruptcy.

To be honest, they are under a lot of pressure during this period of time. Everyone is mocking them. Some of them that could have cooperated with them have stopped cooperating with them, and even avoided them.

This is the result of “Chi family docking for survival”. If “Wen Yu is the boss of Yu Ding” is false news, or he is not going to take action on Wen family’s new project, then Chi Yan and Chi Zhouchen must be both? To be annoyed to death?.

Now Wen’s family really has something wrong, and they only have fear, and they don’t have any happy emotions.

“Dad, is it really? terrible, Wen Yu is really? terrible…” Chi Zhouchen couldn’t help but said.

He only shot twice, the first time, the Liu family almost disappeared.

This second time, Wen Jia was gone.

The Wenjia that was still prosperous yesterday is gone today.

Chi Yanchang exhaled, and sighed: “Wen’s family has fallen, and those things that were squeezing us out of Wen’s family will disappear, and the way for Chi’s to take over is a little easier…”

“Can’t you really ask Wenyu for help?” Ding Yijun couldn’t help asking.

Chi Yan didn’t speak, so she rubbed her arms herself: “I am a little scared when I carry him, and I don’t know what Zhengzheng is? How…”

Chi Yan finally said, “Stop talking about this. Is Wenyu? Terrible, still? Very good for Zhengzheng, or she won’t? Live so freely, happier than at home. Zhengzheng doesn’t owe us. Wen Yu let us go? Not bad, don’t go up and ask for trouble.”

Chi Zhouchen nodded: “Dad, let’s do it hard. You are still young, and I am still young. There is always hope for the Chi family.”

Only then did Chi Yan smile. He folded the newspaper, put it aside, and stood up: “I don’t want to, let’s eat.”

Chi Zhouchen followed, Ding Yijun read the newspaper, thought about it, picked it up, found a drawer, and put it away.

——This is regarded as Wen Yu’s first public appearance.

This man is scary, but undoubtedly, he is very strong, he…

Also considered? Their son-in-law.

It’s not easy to rise from a tall building, but fall down? But like an avalanche.

From foreign news, to Wen Jingsen having two strokes, and after the domestic documents were issued, Wen’s new project is confirmed?-It has completely become a worthless thing, and no one is willing to take over.

And Wen’s stock market didn’t need Wen Yu to make a move, it had completely collapsed.

A huge Wen Jia, like an avalanche, completely fell down?

Wen Jingsen woke up, and this time he had lost one of his hands, and there was one hand left, and he was paralyzed in the upper body, making it harder to move than before.

Xu Wei’s eyes were swollen from crying and she has been taking care of him in the hospital.

Wen Yiran ran around to no avail.

Wen Yu’s hands are merciless, and he didn’t leave them any room for change. He ran for a month, except for running into a wall, just? Seeing Wen’s family getting worse day by day, debts getting heavier and heavier? .

One month later, on the second day of August, Wenjia officially went bankrupt.

The author has something to say: Wen Yu: Without me? ?

Chi Zhengzheng: There is no me? ? ? Where’s the card face of the hero? ? ?

Bunny: …you are on the stage.

Chi Zhengzheng:? ? It’s also counted in others’ mouths? ? Fuck!

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