With a sound of “boss” and “lady boss”, everyone in the ward was fainted.

Chi Zhengzheng was still at a loss.

what happened? Why did you reveal your identity today? Isn’t it months after Wen’s bankruptcy?

Although she was dumbfounded, she was very quiet, observing everyone quietly.

Wen Yiran shook his body, raised his hand, and pointed at? Wen Yu, fingers trembling: “You…you did it?! Who are you from Yu Ding?!”

Zheng Ye smiled?: “I call him the boss, of course I mean he is Yu Ding’s boss.”

“No, yes, yes!” Wen Jingsen said this, gritted his teeth.

how come? !

How could Wen Yu be Yu Ding’s boss? ! How could he have this? Such an ability? !

“How can it be impossible? You are really confused. The boss started Yu Ding under your nose. You don’t know anything. Hey, you deserve to be here.” Zheng Ye clapped his hands and laughed? Shook his head.

“No, I don’t believe it!” Wen Yiran shook his head, backed up abruptly, hit the bed, and fell to the ground unconsciously.

The Wen family is about to die, and Wen Yu is Yu Ding’s boss, all this? He calculated everything…

This? How could Wen Yiran, who has always been above the top, accept it?

The same is true for Xu Wei. She trembled all over, rushed forward, gritted her teeth: “You are talking nonsense! You are just a waste, superfluous, how can you be so capable?! How can you count the family?!”

Secretary Zheng Yehe stopped the person.

Hearing the words, his hands tightened slightly.

Chi Zhengzheng was still shocked that Wen Jia had fallen so early. He felt Wen Yu’s hand tighten, and he hurriedly returned to his heart, and patted the back of his hand lightly.

She understands him. Xu Wei has humiliated him like this since he was a child. Even if he no longer cares, he will still be in a daze when he hears it. It will make him think of that desperate childhood…

The temperature on the back of his hand made Wen Yu feel bad, he clasped Chi Zhengzheng’s hand tightly and clasped his fingers tightly.

He glanced at the people in the ward, and said lightly: “You don’t have to worry, the new project has been abandoned, and the documents will be sent out tomorrow. Be prepared-seize the property. What you care about most will be nothing.

Wen Yiran took a deep breath, calmed herself down, looked at Wen Yu, and slowly got up: “Wen Yu, so you founded Yu Ding, and you set Wen’s family! It’s also your new project to help Wen’s family. Going smoothly and throwing everything in Wen’s family! What if you have divine help, are you pushing the boat along the water and sending us to a dead end?”

In the corner, An Qinru shook her body and panicked in disbelief: “You live in Wangjiang Manor, because Wangjiang Manor was originally yours! Did you give Chi Zhengzheng’s Deep Sea Dream to her? …Yes, there is also Liu Family!”

Shaking all over, she stared at Chi Zhengzheng closely: “You know! You knew it a long time ago, so you chose Wen Yu, because you know he is the founder of Yu Ding!”

No wonder Chi Zhengzheng suddenly dismissed Wen Yiran, and suddenly came together with Wen Yu!

This kind of hiding, this kind of calculation, Wen Jia… can it be saved?

“A beast, a beast! You? A beast! I should have strangled you back then!!” Wen Jingsen snarled, his anger to the extreme, his face bulging into blue.

Wen Yu calmly said: “Didn’t you always want me to die? But I’m sorry, I’m still alive, then you are the ones who die. No, I won’t let you die, I want you… life is better than death.”

He was very calm, standing there straight, expressionless, but his eyes were full of sharpness and awe-inspiring aura.

It seems that since his identity was revealed, his “insignificant” buff has disappeared, and it has become a “very striking” buff. After looking at it, he knows that this person is not something in the pool.

“Beast! You? A beast!!” Wen Jingsen could only curse these words.

Wen Yu sneered, looking at the madness of Wen Yu’s family, the tone in his heart suddenly calmed down, and only felt extremely boring.

He turned around and looked at Chi Zhengzheng with a soft voice: “After watching, let’s go. What would you like to eat at noon? Go to the restaurant or go home to eat?”

“Ah? It’s okay.” Chi Zhengzheng was still stunned.

This? It’s over?

Oh, yes, when Wen Jia knew the truth, the anger and suffering in his heart naturally went without saying.

And they are obviously going bankrupt, and every day, every moment, they will live in pain.

“No, you can’t go! Chi Zhengzheng, you can’t go!” An Qinru rushed over.

Because Zheng Ye and the secretary stopped the crazy Xu Wei, they let An Qinru run in front of Chi Zhengzheng.

She was about to pounce on Chi Zhengzheng, but was pushed away by Wen Yu Lengren, protecting Chi Zhengzheng behind her back.

“Go away!” Wen Yu scolded, eyes full of anger.

An Qinru roared: “Chi Zhengzheng! Did you mean it? Did you deliberately let me marry Wen’s family to bankrupt Wen’s family? Have you known Wen Yu’s identity a long time ago, so you suddenly came to Wen Yu’s identity? Contemptuously, you obviously loved him so much before, didn’t you?!”

She hates it!

Earlier, I had been stunned, and I was still marrying into a wealthy family just a moment ago. How could it suddenly be like this?

This? It is even more irritating than her not being able to marry into Wen’s family. It’s just a pity that she can’t marry into Wen’s family. But when she married in, Wen’s family went bankrupt again, so she had to bear this debt together with Wen’s!

how can? !

She hasn’t started enjoying what Mrs. Wen should have, so she has nothing? !

She bit her lip, blood was bitten out of her lips, and she didn’t care. She didn’t care that she was pregnant, she just stared at Chi Zhengzheng, wishing to jump on her and kill her.

This is how people are, Wen Yu scared her, she couldn’t hurt Wen Yu, she wanted to hurt Chi Zhengzheng…

Wen Yiran was also surprised, and then looked at Chi Zhengzheng with complicated eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a moment. He was at a loss for a moment, and then frowned: “I know Wen Yu is Yu Ding’s boss, but Wen Yu, who I like, is not Yu Ding’s boss. Do you think everyone is like you? , Don’t hesitate to marry into Wen’s family, now you have got what you wanted, are you happy?”


An Qinru was going crazy.

“Let’s go.” Wen Yu held her hand and led her out.

Chi Zhengzheng took one last look. Xu Wei was stopped by Zheng Yehe’s secretary, with red eyes, and cursed at Wen Yu, all kinds of “bastard”, “slut” and “waste” were scolded. There was no trace of her previous temperament.

Wen Jingsen sat on the bed, trying to stop Wen Yu but couldn’t get off, so he could only roar “beast” and “beast”…

Wen Yiran was already stunned, Mu Leng stood there, full of grief and despair. On the ground, An Qinru’s face was especially desperate, but he was unbelievable.

Wen Jia, it’s completely over.

This? A decadent giant who once inflicted injuries on Wen Yu finally came to his doomed end.

They all lost what they cared about the most, and even when they were happiest in the last second, they fell into hell in the next second, and could not be overborn.

And all this was brought to them by Wen Yu, who they had always looked down upon and had been oppressing.

The two walked out of the ward and out of the hospital.

The sun is shining outside and the sun is scorching hot.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at Wen Yu: “Although I think you should be able to understand my intentions, I still want to explain that what I like is you, not your identity. As for why I used to like Wenyi and then come again…”

She pursed her lips, her face full of distress.

What do you say?

She has never liked Wen Yiran!

Tell him the truth?

Tell him that he is not the original owner, Chi Zhengzheng, but that he is resurrecting his soul with a corpse? Then tell him this? It’s a book, is he just a character in it?

Bring in yourself, if someone tells herself that, she will definitely think that the other person is crazy…

Chi Zhengzheng scratched his head, his face tangled.

She didn’t hide her thoughts, almost all of them were written on her face.

Wen Yu laughed, raised his hand, and pressed her lips: “I believe you.”

Even if she really likes his wealth and power, it doesn’t matter, the wealth and power are part of him. He can’t do without her, he loves her, he can always have wealth and power, and even a stronger wealth and power!

And he could feel that-it was him who she loved.

She just woke up from a car accident earlier, even if he was her fiancé, she was afraid of him, respectful, avoiding or avoiding, and clearing away the relationship. It was only later that she gradually got better and better with him.

She never felt like her fiancée was. She would have almost ran away from home if he fell in love with her.

What she fell in love with was originally him?

He knew that Chi Zhengzheng had a secret, and obviously, she didn’t really want to say this secret.

It doesn’t matter, he can wait until the day she wants to speak.

Reaching out, Wen Yu tightly hugged Chi Zhengzheng into his arms: “It’s great.”

Wen Jia has gotten what he deserves, and he should let go of the gloom in his heart. With her by his side, for the rest of his life, should there be only sweetness?

Oh no, the end of Wen’s family has just come, he still has to watch carefully, watching? They are suffering day by day.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback, then slowly stretched out his hand and hugged Wen Yu’s waist: “It’s all over, let’s look forward together.”

“it is good.”

Wen Yu responded with a smile on his face.

Chi Zhengzheng could feel his changes, one less dullness, and one more briskness.

The ruin of the Wen family was an important turning point in Wen Yu’s transformation.

——It will get better and better in the future.

She also smiled at the corners of her mouth, her eyebrows curled up.

Inside the ward.

After Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng left, Secretary Zheng Yehe also left.

In the entire ward, only Wen’s family were left.

“Dad…what should I do next…” Wen Yiran asked suddenly, his voice hoarse.

He didn’t want to admit defeat, let alone lose to Wen Yu.

Whether it’s Wen Yiran’s cell phone or Wen Jingsen’s cell phone, they keep ringing?, like a reminder.

There are countless people who want to contact them, want them to think of a way, or let them explain.

Wen Jingsen’s face was still blue, with raised veins and blood red eyes.

“I don’t believe it. We still don’t understand what he looks like! When he was a kid, he was stupid. Even if he didn’t give him food, tuition, or send him to school, he wouldn’t say anything. I dare not make trouble. He? How could such a person start Yu Ding?” Xu Wei suppressed her panic and said suddenly.

Wen Jingsen and Wen Yi were stunned, and Wen Jingsen stopped cursing Wen Yu and asked Xu Wei, “What are you talking about? You won’t give him food or tuition?”

Wen Jingsen has always disliked Wen Yu, Wen Yu’s existence is a shame, not to mention his unpleasant character, he has no respect for him as a father, but he is a real son, so he wouldn’t give him food. He was not given tuition, especially when Wenyu was young.

Xu Wei Nene, lowered her voice: “I, I just want to say… he couldn’t have founded Yu Ding. Let’s check, he can’t have this? He must have lied to us…”

Wen Jingsen glared at Xu Wei, his eyes seemed to be cannibalistic.

Wen Yiran opened his mouth: “Dad, whether Wen Yu founded Yu Ding is not the most important thing. We have already learned the truth and time can’t go back. Now the top priority is the company and the project. We must find a way to deal with it. This? Off, this? If you can’t pass this level?…”

Then the Wen family was completely abolished!

All of them will carry a huge debt to spend their entire lives.

Wen Jingsen withdrew his thoughts and nodded fiercely: “Yes, think of a way, I will go to the company now, and everyone will work together to find a way. We absolutely cannot give up!”

He opened the quilt and was about to get out of bed, but his legs couldn’t move. Wen Jingsen’s body strained, but he slammed, and Wen Yiran could not support him.


For a while, inside the ward, Wen Jingsen’s crazy voice sounded——

“My legs! What’s going on with my legs? What’s wrong?! Come on! My legs, my legs!”

The author has something to say: Wen Yu: Wonderful, just beginning.

Wen Jingsen: … beast!

An Qinru:…impossible!

Xu Wei: … bastard!

Wen Yiran: … so angry!

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