“Hey, what are we going to do today?” Chi Zhengzheng asked curiously while changing shoes.

Wen Yu said softly: “Go and do something very important…”

“Ah? What?” Chi Zhengzheng was at a loss.

“Go to the hospital and see someone…” Wen Yu’s eyes were dark, and cold light faintly passed.

She glanced at him suspiciously, but did not ask any more. She was sensitive to find that Wen Yu today was a little abnormal.

Although I am very curious, I also know that I will know who I am going to see in the hospital after a while.

When the two went out, Wen Yu took a big parasol and hit Chi Zhengzheng on the head.

The driver was already waiting outside in the car.

It was very hot at the end of July. Chi Zhengzheng hurriedly got in the car and the air conditioner blew on, only to feel alive.

Wen Yu did not hesitate to close the umbrella and get into the car.

“Are you not hot?”

“It’s fine.”

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand suddenly, hugged him, and sighed: “It’s really a good physique, warm in winter and cool in summer.”

Wen Yu was stunned, then smiled, even the cold light in his eyes faded.

She lowered her head, rubbed her cheek lightly on the top of her head, and her heart felt warm.

The car starts.


When An Qinru came, Wen Jingsen was still in the emergency room.

“Yiran, mom, how’s dad?” An Qinru stepped forward and asked softly.

Wen Yiran didn’t speak, staring at a place blankly, no one knew what he was thinking.

Nearby, Xu Wei rushed over.

“Slap!” A slap on An Qinru’s face, Xu Wei’s voice was sharp: “You? This broom star! It’s because of you that I married you? It’s so unlucky, you? What a disaster star, it must be you Brought bad luck to Wen Jia! This broom star, you? Get out of Wen Jia for me!”

This slap was so powerful that An Qinru’s brain buzzed and dizzy.

She fell to the ground, and Xu Wei wanted to go up and continue beating, but she was stopped by the servants of the family.

Wen Yiran’s eyes were dull, and she slowly looked at them, and for a long time he said in a hoarse voice: “Mom…she is still pregnant with a child, don’t fight, it has nothing to do with her…”

“Yiran, Yiran, what’s going on? Is something wrong with the company? Can it be solved?” An Qinru knelt and crawled over, clutching Wen Yiran’s sleeves tightly with a panic expression.

Today is the second day she married into Wen’s family, she won’t be so unlucky, absolutely not so unlucky!

——She doesn’t care about Wen Jingsen who is rescuing, she only cares about the company.

Wen Yiran was stunned. Before he could say anything, the door of the emergency room opened and the doctor walked out.

“Doctor, how is my husband?!” Several people squeezed forward, and even An Qinru stood up and stumbled over.

The doctor’s face was a little heavy, and he sighed: “The patient has high blood pressure and was stimulated to have a stroke. The condition is relatively serious. He has been rescued now, but because…”

According to various explanations from the doctor, it can be concluded that Wen Jingsen has been rescued, but because of the serious condition, he is likely to be paralyzed. Follow-up needs to continue to observe and treat, and pay attention to maintenance, so that he can no longer be stimulated.

Xu Wei cried out with a “wow”, if it weren’t for being supported by the servant, she would have fallen to the ground.

Even Wen Yiran’s eyes were red.

Wen Jingsen was pushed into the ward, and they all followed.

Wen Yiran’s cell phone has been vibrating all the time. Since the morning, it has not stopped. Only when Wen Jingsen came back from the rescue did he cheer up and take out the phone.

Looking at the flashing number on it, Wen Yiran was actually a little scared.

“Hello.” He finally took it with a trembling hand.

“Manager Wen, what should we do now? Mr. Wen can’t be contacted. The shareholders are in the company, and the company that we are cooperating with has been found. Now we are waiting…” The secretary’s voice is anxious. He is now blocked in the company. Panicked, he threw the problem to Wen Yiran.

Wen Yiran listened, and when he answered the secretary’s call, several shareholders called.

He said in a hoarse voice after a long while: “Let me think about it…let me think about it…”

What can Wen Yiran do?

From receiving bad news to Wen Jingsen having a stroke, what happened in the morning was as terrible as a nightmare, one after another, making people overwhelmed.

I probably knew that this was not when I was dizzy. On the hospital bed, Wen Jingsen’s weak voice sounded: “Yiran…”

“Dad! Are you finally awake!” Wen Yiran rushed over.

“Jingsen, you? Finally woke up, you? Are you going to scare me to death? I just…” Xu Wei howled all of a sudden.

Wen Jingsen interrupted her with a weak voice: “Shut up, and let me hear the cry again, just, get out!”

Xu Wei closed her mouth immediately, An Qinru had been standing in the corner with a panic and dazed face.

“Yiran, how are things now?” Wen Jingsen wanted to sit up, but his feet did not obey the command and could not move.

He didn’t pay too much attention to it, just because he just woke up.

Wen Yiran helped him sit up and let him lean against the bed.

Then, hoarsely said: “Dad…the situation is very bad. The company is in a mess. The shareholders, senior management, and the cooperative company are all in chaos, and they have all found the company.”

The phone he placed next to him was still vibrating.

Wen Jingsen closed his eyes, took a heavy breath, and almost passed away again.

After holding it up, his voice trembled: “How is it possible?! How is it possible, how can there be problems with energy?!”

Now that the news has spread, there is no possibility of blocking the news, and now only find a solution.

But… is there a solution?

“Yiran!” Wen Jingsen held Wen Yiran’s hand, and said anxiously: “You? Now go find a relationship, call Mr. Li, let him find a way to prevent the file from being issued, and then find the technical team and public relations, let They wrote immediately…”

Wen Yiran listened carefully, and Liushen Wuzhu’s heart became a little calmer.

There is no way to be anxious, we must remedy it! Find a way to save!

“Don’t bother.” A voice rang at the door.

Everyone was taken aback and looked up.

Zheng Ye stood at the door with his secretary with a smile on his face.

“Zheng Ye? What, what do you mean?” Wen Yiran’s eyes were blank.

“What can you mean? Of course? It’s coming to ask for the bill, but we have a contract? First, this project has been completed. Should you return my investment and interest?” He smiled. Walked in.

“The project can’t be launched at all now!”

“What does it have to do with me? My contract? But the project can be completed, can it be launched, but it has nothing to do with me, but the time for collection has not yet arrived, I just remind you in advance?” Zheng Ye touched his chin.

Calcium carbide sparks, a thought flashed in his head, and all the violations were strung together.

Wen Yiran stood up abruptly and said in shock: “Zheng Ye, you? You knew this project could not be done, you? Are you calculating us!!!”

Zheng Ye but smiled.

Wen Jingsen panted heavily, his eyes were black and black, and he almost fainted again. After all, he held it up and asked with his neck: “Zheng Ye! What hate do we have?! You? Why do you want to calculate us thanklessly? !”

Knowing the news in advance, but not reminding them, but calculating them!

Zheng Ye also invested money. If Wen’s family collapsed, what would he give him back? Isn’t this thankless? !

“Sorry, I just acted according to orders. I will do whatever my boss asks me to do.” Zheng Ye blinked.

“You? Boss…” Wen Jingsen was taken aback: “You? Who is the boss?”

Zheng Ye pushed his glasses, with an attitude of watching the show: “My boss, naturally… Hey, why did I tell you? I just came to collect the bills, lest you? After we go bankrupt, mine I can’t get the money.”

His words made Wen Yiran so angry that he almost fell down, finally holding on to the hospital bed to stop.

On the hospital bed, Wen Jingsen took a deep breath and stared at Zheng Ye——

“Zheng Ye, we have not finished the house! There is no problem with XXX energy! What is explosive, not explosive, explosive? From the beginning of the research, there has been no mistake! No one has cancer, and, this XXX Energy is not the only thing we are studying, you? Isn’t the Zheng family and Yu Ding good? You? Don’t you know that Yu Ding has studied it more deeply? It is impossible for Yu Ding to continue to spread by rumors!”

Zheng Ye laughed: “Hahaha! I said Wen Jingsen, you? You are really confused, and I haven’t found any problems yet! Yes, you? Did you decide to do this new project because of Yu Ding? Are you doing it too? Do you like the vision of Yu Ding’s boss? How can it be that what he wants to intervene in is not of great benefit?”

Wen Jingsen sinked his face and stared at Zheng Ye closely.

Wen Yiran stared at him too, and they all had a hunch in their hearts—what Zheng Ye said next might not be a good thing!

Sure enough, Zheng Ye shook his head: “Who told you that Yu Ding is researching XXX energy? They can start earlier than you? You? We all have achieved results. If Yu Ding is researching, how could there be no results? And… who Tell you guys—your research has been fine, but XXX Energy is okay? Really think that a research team is so easy to dig? Really think that your team is capable?”

When he said that, he really admired Wen Yu in his heart.

When doing the calculations, I have to be accurate, and I have been planning for a long time ago, helping Wen’s family step by step, step by step, making them-bankrupt.

“No! You? Nonsense!” Wen Jingsen patted the hospital bed, with blue veins on his forehead and cracked eyes. “Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

Wen Yiran also looked incredulous, staring at Zheng Ye: “What do you mean? Someone is calculating us? From the beginning?”

He also didn’t believe it, how could it be possible? !

But deep inside, another doubt gradually rose.

“No, no, you? Are you quitting in Chi’s house…” Wen Yiran was shocked, “Chi’s quitting?! Did they terminate the cooperation deliberately?!”

“Oh, it’s still smart, but unfortunately it’s too late, you? You know what it means to stay in the green mountains without firewood.” Zheng Ye slapped his hands, afraid.

“You? You lied to us, right? Zheng Ye, you? You want to take advantage of the fire!” Wen Jingsen couldn’t believe it, shook his head abruptly and beat the hospital bed with his hand, dizzy.

Yu Ding did not study XXX Energy, the team they found had problems, everything went smoothly, such as divine help, Chi’s withdrawal, Zheng Ye’s loan, new research from abroad…

All this strung together, it was terrifying and scared, I couldn’t believe it, and I didn’t want to believe it!

But they are all in the mall. After having these clues, how could they not think of it—they said.

Someone has counted them long ago!

This project has been invested in all, it can be a loss, Wen Jia still barely able to bear it, but this project died before it was launched, which is equivalent to everything that has been lost, and a dime will not come back!

This is to hear that the family has nothing! !

Wen Yiran clenched his hands into a fist, and in his mind, many things that hadn’t been on his mind a long time ago were strung together again…

“Wen Yu, Yu Ding…” He murmured, and then stepped forward, reaching out and grabbing Zheng Ye’s neckline, “Tell me, is Wen Yu related to Yu Ding?”

The Chi family told them at the beginning-Wen Yu is not simple, and may have something to do with Yu Ding!

But at the time, they didn’t care about it.

Wen Yu? !

Everyone in the ward was shocked, with a face full of disbelief.

Zheng Ye pushed Wen Yiran away, before speaking, there was another voice at the door——

“A good show, it’s really wonderful.”

When the voice fell to the ground, Wen Yu took Chi Zhengzheng and walked in, obviously in a very good mood, and the expressionless face was now mocking.

He wants to see the faces of Wen’s family with his own eyes, as well as with his own eyes. How about his father? Faced with losing everything, how about his stepmother? Face?

As soon as Zheng Ye saw Wen Yu coming in, he stood up hurriedly, put on a respectful face, blinked, and in the unbelievable eyes of Wen Yu’s family, he called–

“Boss, madam, are you here too.”

The author has something to say: Small theater:

Tuzai: For an interview, what’s your mood now?

An Qinru:…

Bunny: Sad? pain? Unbelievable?

An Qinru:…

Tuzai: I just married into Wen’s family, and face Wen’s bankruptcy before even receiving the pocket money. What will you do next?

An Qinru:…Puff!

Bunny: Hello, 120? Someone vomited blood!

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