Does Wen Jia have a lot of wealth? Of course a lot. You can smell more! Wen Yiran thought about inheriting the Wenjia, thinking about letting Wenyu not get anything from Wenyu, and everyone else felt that Wenyu could not get anything from Wenyu, he was superfluous and he had nothing. In fact, they didn’tContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 6”


Isn’t it only one percent profit? ! One percent, that’s more? It’s like a store telling you, I’m giving a 9.9% discount, do you care about it? “Yes, a big project with a profit of tens of billions. I heard that the two companies have invested in their future plans. Over the years, 1% will beContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 5”


Wen Yu didn’t look at the broken apple peel, his eyes finally moved to Chi Zhengzheng’s face. Although Wenyu and Chi Zhengzheng had met before, they had almost no intersection. He was too busy. People like Chi Zhengzheng did not leave any mark in his memory. Even if she became his fiancée today, he hadn’tContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 4”


“You, you, are you my fiance?” Chi Zhengzheng stammered. A pair of big round eyes, trying to convey her meaning. I’m your fiancee! I am on your side! I heard nothing! Even if I hear it, I won’t say it! Wen Yu put away the astonishment and looked at her with a cold face. At that moment,Continue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 3”


This male protagonist with no CP, the protagonist is Wen Yu. Wen Yu’s parents were married in business. When they got married, his father Wen Jingsen was indifferent and ruthless, and his mother already had a sweetheart, so she didn’t dare to marry someone she didn’t like. After hearing about the two lives, one patronizesContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 2”


MTL/N: First chapter completely translated “Brother Yiran… um… lighter…” “Baby, you are so attractive, how can I be so light on you?” “Uuuuu…” A lot of clouds and rain*, it is very lively. However, this has nothing to do with Chi Zhengzheng lying on the bed next to them. In fact, at this moment, althoughContinue reading “IMMLCPFN: Ch 1”