Does Wen Jia have a lot of wealth?

Of course a lot.

You can smell more!

Wen Yiran thought about inheriting the Wenjia, thinking about letting Wenyu not get anything from Wenyu, and everyone else felt that Wenyu could not get anything from Wenyu, he was superfluous and he had nothing.

In fact, they didn’t want to get anything from Wenjia!

Man himself established a business empire, not only better than Wen Jia, but also bankrupt Wen Jia with a wave of his hand.

This smell can be compared?

Compared with Wen Yu, Chi Zhengzheng feels that Wen Yiran is a waste. In normal times, he can still be called the rich second generation. It is useless to break away from this status.

“You–” An Qinru’s eyes widened in a gloomy manner.

She didn’t expect that Chi Zhengzheng thought so!


It is clear that Chi Zhengzheng is the one that was abandoned. She obviously snatched Wen Yiran, the heir of the Wen family. Why is there only dislike in her eyes?

She was supposed to be the winner today, why can’t she feel the joy of victory now?

Ding Yijun was also stunned, with a dazed expression: “Zheng Zheng… why do you think so?”

“What’s wrong with what I said?” Chi Zhengzheng frowned, “I just look down on Wen Yiran and An Qinru.”

“Zheng Zheng!”

Chi Zhengzheng sneered: “You said An Qinru is pitiful? So everything she did can be forgiven? An Qinru, your so-called refusal is to go to bed next to my hospital bed every day and go to bed with Wen Yiran? Excuse me, how about countless times?”

She paused, her eyes mocking: “You and Wen Yiran, huh.”

There is no curse, but An Qinru feels that it is more hateful and more humiliating than how Chi Zhengzheng used to swear.

“Sister Zhengzheng, I know you are doing this because you are sad, but please don’t slander Brother Yiran so much!” An Qinru looked at her, clenching her hands into fists.


Chi Zhengzheng twitched at the corner of his mouth, earnestly confused: “What do you think of Wen Yiran? Do you think he is having love with you next to his fiancé? Or do you think he is short and lacking quality nightlife?”

“You, you!” An Qinru was angry.

“Zheng Zheng! You are a girl, don’t speak so openly!” Ding Yijun was also angry.

“Sister Zhengzheng doesn’t want to see me, then I’ll go!” An Qinru finished, crying and ran out.

Opened the door, Wen Yu stood at the door.

The two met, and he glanced at her calmly.

Just a glance, as if looking at trash, then moved away.

An Qinru: “…”

She stamped her foot and ran away crying.

“Qinru!” Ding Yijun looked at Chi Zhengzheng, then at An Qinru who ran away, and Wen Yu standing at the door, and finally said, “You have a good rest, I will come back to see you.”

After speaking, Ding Yijun took his bag and left quickly, without even looking at Wen Yu who was standing at the door.

Chi Zhengzheng did not speak when she heard the words, and lowered her head slightly.

I feel a little uncomfortable.

Is it the mood of the original owner again?

Also, if it is the original owner, it should be sad at this time, right?

Chi Zhengzheng thought of his grandma. Grandma is getting older, but she is unconditionally protecting her.

When she was in junior high school, the students in the school were most sick with Secondary Two Diseases. She had no father and no mother, and her family received subsistence allowances. Therefore, some girls who formed gangs with Secondary Two Diseases bullied her.

She is a very ordinary girl, but she is also a girl who refuses to be bullied.

She fought with the person who bullied her. Although she was injured more severely, they did not please them and were taken to the teacher’s office together.

The parents came quickly. There were many parents, but the grandma yelled as soon as they came. They scolded a group of people like quail. In the end, they paid the medical expenses and apologized.

As soon as she left school, grandma hugged her and said distressedly——

“Grandma’s deeds are really wronged, they are so bad! If Zhengzheng’s parents are still there, they will definitely beat their parents and give us Zhengzheng!”

The little girl, as if thinking that the other parent was beaten by her parents, couldn’t help but laugh, and all her grievances disappeared.

I also had a dream at night. The parents in the photo in the dream were alive. They beat those who bullied her and cried and begged for mercy…

After growing up, Chi Zhengzheng knew that even if her parents were still there, they would not fight each other’s parents.

Fighting adults is not the same as fighting children.

But at that time, she had just been “bullyed”, and she only needed someone to unconditionally protect and vent her anger, and she would be satisfied.

The child has been bullied, and what he needs is the unconditional protection and care of his parents.

But Chi Zhengzheng seems to have none of these.

The protection of Chi Yan and Ding Yijun had some premises, and it was easy to succumb to their interests.

Grandma died when she was in college, as if the sky was falling.

But grandma wants her to live well, so she will live well.

It’s a pity…she still died, and lived in another way.

She missed her grandma and her parents who existed in her memory.

In her previous life, she was like weeds, but she had love in her heart, growing wantonly, and being free.


Something dripped on the back of his hand.

In front of her, a piece of paper appeared.

Chi Zhengzheng raised her head, Wen Yu looked at her facelessly.

She raised her hand and touched her face, only to realize that she was crying.

Opened his mouth, her soft voice was hoarse: “When did you come?”

Wen Yu thought for a while and said, “For a while.”

Chi Zhengzheng was slightly stunned, and then she said blankly: “Have you heard it all?”

Wen Yu: “I heard it.”

Chi Zhengzheng muttered: “Heard…what?”

She seemed to see a smile in Wen Yu’s eyes, but his voice was still faint: “I heard you say that Wen Yiran’s nightlife is short and lacks quality.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She felt that Wen Yu held a grudge.

Although it was obvious from the original text, she used her brief contact with him to tell herself——

Wen Yu is very, very vengeful!

She said so much, he remembered Wen Yiran’s “waste” “short and no quality”…

Fortunately, he didn’t mention what she praised him, otherwise Chi Zhengzheng would definitely be embarrassed to the point of smoking.

When Wen Yu interrupted him, Chi Zhengzheng didn’t want to cry anymore.

She asked him: “Why are you here?”

Wen Yu: “Wen Jingsen asked me to come.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” This person really can’t speak.

After a pause, she said, “Oh, then you…go back? I won’t waste your time.”

Wen Yu is a big man, and there are endless things waiting for him every day.

He was in the hospital, he was not happy, and she was…uncomfortable.

Wen Yu sat down beside him, did not speak, slowly stretched out his hand and took the fruit knife next to him.

The slender fingers hold the knife…

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

She was breathing stagnant, and stammered: “Want to break the marriage contract, I will cooperate, don’t use the knife, murder, murder is illegal…”

Wen Yu glanced at her with those gloomy eyes.

Then, he raised his hand and took another apple.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”? ? ?

Wenyu began to peel the apples.

He peeled the apple very seriously. He looked at the apple intently with a pair of eyes, and moved his fingers slightly, and an apple skin of the same width was peeled off.

Gargle gargle.

Chi Zhengzheng took a peek at him, and when he looked at him, he turned into a peek.

Wen Yu is so good-looking.

The facial features are profound, and the profile is extremely delicate.

She knew at a glance that this person was not a thing in the pool, and had an absolute bossy temperament, but in the eyes of others, for some reason, he turned out to be superfluous.

Maybe it was the buff added by him in the original text?

He seemed to be ignored by everyone before he wiped out the Chiwen Family and started the road to dominance with a wave of his hand.

After the emergence of the business empire, and when he no longer hides his strength, it seems that he has become a big boss in an instant. Everyone sees it and feels blind and absolutely boss!

Alas, it is a certain X male frequency novel, if this is a certain green JJ female frequency novel, it would definitely not be written like this!

At least he won’t let the male protagonist who looked like “Big Brother Dad” only leave the strange impression of “this look is just waste” in the eyes of others.

“When will you leave the hospital?”

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback: “Huh?”

Then he subconsciously said: “When the doctor makes a round in the morning, he will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”

She was still in the strange shock of “Big guy actually took the initiative to care about me”, “Does the big guy want to talk to me”, “But I won’t chat with me”…

Wen Yu handed her the apple and stood up: “I will pick you up tomorrow.”

After that, the big brother’s father was very angry and turned around and left.

Chi Zhengzheng blinked.

In such a dull moment, Wen Yu’s back was invisible.

Pick her up? !

Is it Wen Jingsen’s request again? Anyway, it’s definitely not Wen Yu’s own meaning.

It’s not easy for this overlord protagonist. When hiding himself, he still has to listen to orders and do things that he is very unwilling to do.


Chi Zhengzheng lowered his head and looked at Apple.

The apple cut by the boss is as perfect as ever.

Take another bite.

Well, it’s still sweet.

The next day, Wen Yu appeared on time.

During the days she was in hospital, no one brought her clothes. Chi Zhengzheng had no choice but to leave in a hospital gown.

She looked at the glasses before leaving.

I have to say that one of the reasons why she accepts her new identity so quickly now is that she is beautiful!

It is not easy to be beautiful. First of all, the innate genes are good, and secondly, the acquired beauty is not easy. It is worth cherishing the beauty that is so difficult to obtain.

Chi Zheng Zheng is a high-end version of Chi Zheng.

The unfamiliar and familiar girl in the mirror looks very similar to herself in the memory, except that Chi Zhengzheng is thinner and fairer, with more refined features, and even her face is a very beautiful oval face.

Obviously similar, but completely different.

Chi Zhengzheng touched one with intoxication, then walked out empty-handed in a hospital gown.

She really has nothing.

What I was carrying was crashed in a car accident, and there was no need to take the hospital things out, only empty-handed.

At the door, Wen Yu was standing next to a car, his eyes drooping slightly, watching the message on his mobile phone.

The boss really came to pick her up? !

Chi Zhengzheng was a little bit distressed. As the fiancée of Wen Yu who was forcibly pointed out by Wen Jia, he definitely had no good impression of her. She always dangled in front of him, would he… Before, kill yourself first?

It’s really early spring and it’s still a bit cold.

A cold wind blew, Chi Zhengzheng shivered.

She stepped back and took a few steps back.

In the distance, Wen Yu raised his head, a pair of sharp eyes accurately locked her in the crowd.

Chi Zhengzheng’s back feet stopped.

Immediately, he moved slowly, moving towards Wen Yu step by step.

Wen Yu looked at her blankly.

Of course, he also saw the girl’s reluctance, and the slow movement made Wen Yu suddenly think of the cat, a cat that was very unwilling but had to approach.

As I approached, I couldn’t see the reluctance just now, and an awkward smile appeared on his face: “That… don’t waste your time, I can take a taxi back by myself!”

A gust of wind blew, Chi Zhengzheng shook again.

Wen Yu opened the car door, did not speak, his chin moved slightly, apparently in a cold and merciless voice-get in the car.

——You let me get in the car and I get in the car?

Chi Zhengzheng said in his heart.

He stepped on it, shrank, and got into the car.

Wen Yu drove without saying a word and drove her directly to Chi’s house.

Along the way, the two were speechless.

Whenever she thought, “The boss will not take the initiative to speak”, “Or I will speak”, she moved her gaze to Wen Yu next to her, and when she met the other side’s “cold and merciless” side face, she immediately retracted her neck. .

——Forget it, I still don’t say anything, in case a sentence is wrong, I am afraid that I will be killed on the spot today!

The car stopped in front of Chi’s house.

“Thank you.” Chi Zhengzheng said dryly.

As he was about to get out of the car, beside him, Wen Yu reached out and took a suit that was placed behind him, and put it on her body, with a low and calm voice: “Call me Wen Yu.”

Chi Zhengzheng was slightly taken aback, then opened his mouth: “Wen Yu.”

Wen Yu nodded, did not speak, retracted his gaze and sat upright.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at his profile, and he had already figured out what he meant at the moment–

You can roll.

So she put on her clothes and slipped out of the car.

After walking a few steps, I looked back at the car that was still parked there, and then at the clothes I draped over…

It’s not easy for a big man. In order not to expose himself, he has to be patient with his “fiancee”.


Today is the day that Chi Zhengzheng was discharged from the hospital.

She didn’t take the initiative to tell Chi’s family, but apparently Chi’s didn’t ask, so that when she opened the door and came in, Chi’s family was lively.

——Some of An Qinru’s little sisters came to visit her.

“When you and Brother Yiran get engaged, we must have a good time!”

“Hahaha, it’s not. When Chi Zhengzheng was engaged to Wen Yiran, he just released the news. Without the engagement ceremony, Qinru was different.”

“Yes, but she is engaged to Wen Yiran’s brother now, maybe there will be an engagement ceremony?”

“Is she embarrassed to do it? From Wen Yiran to Wen Yu, it’s almost a world. Her mindless and annoying personality deserves it. Moreover, Chi Zhengzheng likes Wen Yiran, and I don’t know how to make trouble.”

“Qinru, what if Chi Zhengzheng troubles you?”

“Just look for it, shall we be afraid of her?”

An Qinru’s gentle voice sounded: “Oh, it’s okay. Sister Zheng Zheng was wronged this time. Even if she troubles me again, it’s what I should do.”

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  1. I’M SO MAD AT QINRU!! How hateful can you be, huh? even bringing your sisters(friends) to the CHI’s house and bad-mouthing the OWNER OF THE HOUSE! GOD!


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