Isn’t it only one percent profit? !

One percent, that’s more?

It’s like a store telling you, I’m giving a 9.9% discount, do you care about it?

“Yes, a big project with a profit of tens of billions. I heard that the two companies have invested in their future plans. Over the years, 1% will be a dividend of hundreds of millions, right? It may even be a billion.” Chi Zhouchen was a teenager. The voice was a little awkward, but still tender.

He actually changed a little bit for Chi Zhengzheng, and his voice ridiculed a little less.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t care about his change at all!

She took a deep breath, rolled her eyes, and almost fell.

With a mouthful of blood in her chest, she almost didn’t spray it out.

A few, a few, a hundred million!

Chi Zhengzheng held her chest, her round eyes widened, her eyes trembled as she looked at Chi Zhouchen, and her voice trembled: “Um…may I discuss with them, and I will get back one percent of the compensation?”

Chi Zhouchen: “…”

Wen Yu: “…”

Chi Zhouchen roared: “Chi Zhengzheng! You are not allowed to say that you are my sister!! Don’t go out and lose the face of my Chi family!!!”

After speaking, he turned and left angrily.

——Chi Zhengzheng definitely wants to be pissed off that he inherits the Chi family’s fortune! !

Chi Zhouchen left, but his reply silently gave the answer.

Want to come back?

Of course it is impossible!

Chi Zhengzheng was distraught.

The sadness caused Chi Zhengzheng to ignore the person in the ward who scared her. She knocked on her head, annoyed all over her face.

Until Wenyu said: “Wenjia, it’s worthless.”

Chi Zhengzheng froze, only then did she remember that there was another person!

Wen Jia is worthless?

After passing these five words in her mind several times, she looked at Wen Yu abruptly.


She was almost circumvented by Chi Zhouchen!

The two projects of Chi Wen will be turned into a big trap by Wen Yu. How can there be any tens of billions of profits? Only two will go bankrupt in a year!

The distress passed immediately.

She looked at Wen Yu and wanted to say something. Wen Yu had already stood up and handed her the apple.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned.

Wen Yu looked at her without speaking.

The big guy really is the big guy.

The lack of emotion in her eyes made her scared and guilty.

Subconsciously raised his head and took the apple carefully, “Thank you…”

Wen Yu wiped the knife, put it down, and turned around directly.

“Hey–” Chi Zhengzheng said, and he didn’t look back.

Why did you leave?

She also wanted to tentatively tell him-if he doesn’t like herself, she can dissolve the marriage contract!

But Wen Yu had already left, and Chi Zhengzheng could only retract his gaze and looked down at the apple.

The apples peeled by the male lead are different, and they are exceptionally smooth and clean.

Take a bite.

Well, it’s sweet.

When Wen Yu returned to Wen’s house, Wen Yiran was scolded by Wen Jingsen in the study.

Sometimes mixed with the voice of Wen Yiran’s grievance.

Xu Wei was there to help, and after a while, the anger in Wen Jingsen’s voice gradually subsided.

Wen Yu sneered and returned to the room without emotion in his eyes.

Once upon a time, he also wanted to please his father.

He was young at the time, but he was so early, and he could clearly remember things about kindergarten.

Every day the other children in the kindergarten are sent by their parents. Wenyu only has a babysitter. The babysitter is not very disciplined, or that the babysitter has been bought by Xu Wei a long time ago, and he doesn’t care about Wenyu at all.

The driver drove them to the door, the nanny put him down, and left directly regardless of whether he entered or not.

The nanny didn’t give him breakfast. He didn’t understand anything the first day after Wen Yu, standing alone outside the school gate, until noon, when the teacher came out to find out.

The sun was very big that day, Wenyu felt a little dizzy from the sun, and his stomach was so hungry that he groaned.

After returning, he wanted to tell his mother about this, but his mother was crying in the room, and he didn’t have time to speak, so he handed his mother a tissue.

I wanted to tell Wen Jingsen that the other party was in a hurry. When he spoke, Wen Jingsen yelled at him not to be annoying.

So, from then on, Wen Yu could only be sent by the nanny to a position before the school gate, so he walked over by himself, hungry, and went to eat the biscuits in the classroom.

He also tried to please Wen Jingsen, but all he could get was scolding. He also wanted to have the father of others, but in fact he had never felt warmth.

The mother is dead. Although she has never cared or cared about him, she is the mother in the end.

Wen Yu was uncomfortable and wanted to talk to his father.

But his father did not come back for a long time, leaving the nanny and him at home.

When the mother was still there, the babysitter constrained a bit. After the mother was away, the babysitter didn’t even cook for him.

Wen Yu could only carry the stool by himself, stand on the stool, open the large refrigerator, and find cold dishes to eat.

Once there were no cold dishes, he was so hungry, he chewed raw rice.

It’s really funny to think about it now, Wen Jiao, young and old, hungry to eat raw rice.

Wen Yu is not stupid, he thought, no matter how Wen Jingsen scolds him this time, he will speak out and let him decide for himself.

Wen Jingsen finally came back.

But with Xu Wei and Wen Yiran.

He would smile at Wen Yiran and coax with Wen Yiran, Xu Wei said to him with a smile—

“From now on, I will be your mother and this will be your brother.”

She also smiled and said to the nanny–

“Sister Wang, I know you did a good job, don’t worry, you will still take care of Ayu in Wen’s house in the future.”

Wen Yu, who rushed out of excitement, stood beside him with a surprised expression. He looked at Xu Wei who was smiling, Wen Jingsen who was holding Wen Yiran and showing him to his new home, and the nanny who was pleased with a smile…

At that moment, he was cold all over his body.

At that moment, he knew–

He couldn’t please Wen Jingsen.

Except for himself, no one is in charge of him.

He was destined to not get the word warmth for the rest of his life, and now he doesn’t want to get it.

Wen Yu shook his head, don’t know why, today suddenly remembered these past events.

His face returned to indifference again, returned to the room, turned on the two laptops, and the complicated data on it came into his eyes, and the light from the computer shone on his serious face, leaving only apathy.

In the dark, fingertips beating on the keyboard.

The next day, Wen Yu went downstairs.

Wen Yiran and Wen Jingsen were obviously reconciled, and their faces looked much better.

Upon seeing him, Wen Jingsen’s face rarely sank, just saying–

“I will go to the hospital to guard Chi Zhengzheng later. I will hear that the marriage between the two families must be done. I will ask the driver to take you there.”

Wen Yu frowned unhappily, his eyes flashing impatience.

Immediately, he spoke slowly: “Oh.”

His gaze swept over Xu Wei who was smiling, and Wen Yiran, who was leaning next to Wen Jingsen and talking about the company… his eyes were colder.

Be happy, be happy again.

How happy you are now, you will be more painful later.

Chi Zhouchen had to go to class and Chi Yan had to go to the company, so Ding Yijun came to the hospital to visit Chi Zhengzheng.

——She also brought An Qinru.

As soon as he saw An Qinru following Ding Yijun, Chi Zhengzheng knew that she had coaxed Chi’s family well.

Chi Zhengzheng is also very impressed.

An Qinru’s brains and methods are really awesome, no wonder the original text was able to run away with Ding Yijun’s jewelry and Wen Yiran’s valuables when he discovered that neither of the two families could resist Wen Yu’s broadsword.

“Zheng Zheng…” With An Qinru, Ding Yijun also had two points of guilty conscience.

She was very angry yesterday, but then when An Qinru hugged her and told her helplessness, pain, and sadness, she couldn’t help but feel soft.

Even Chi Yan didn’t say anything anymore. Ayan said that things were a foregone conclusion. Zhengzheng and Wen Yiran were no longer possible. It would be good for Chi family to bring Qinru and Yiran together.

Wen Yiran and Wen Yu are different. Wen Yiran is the future helm of the Wen family. The marriage of Qin Ru and Wen Yiran is also a resource for Chi Zhouchen in the future.

But Chi Yan said, don’t bring Qinru to obstruct Zhengzheng’s eyes for the time being.

But in the morning, Qin Ru cried and begged her, but Ding Yijun didn’t hold back.

——The two children must always reconcile.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at them without speaking.

Although she had some memories, she was still not so familiar with Ding Yijun. Now that the other party brought An Qinru over again, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t even call the word “Mo”.

There was an inexplicable feeling in her heart, some pain and some bitterness.

——Is this the emotion left by the original owner?

Seeing her mother bring An Qinru over, the original owner’s instinctive emotion is so sad?

Seeing her not talking, Ding Yijun groaned.

“Sister Zhengzheng, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Although I like Brother Yiran very much, I never dare to hope, nor do I want to be sorry for you, so I have always rejected him, but…he and he are not willing to give up. “An Qinru walked in front of her with tears in her eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

If this were the original owner, it would probably explode.

But it is not, this is an apology, but to tell her-Wen Yiran just likes me, does not like you, no matter how I refuse, he likes me, and he will break the marriage contract with you!

“Sister Zhengzheng, my mother left early, and my father was not a good performer. Since I was in college, I have lived at my aunt and uncle’s house. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what I would be like now! I really don’t want to let it go. You are sad, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…” I cried even more sadly.

Ding Yijun couldn’t help saying: “Zhengzheng, Qinru is also pitiful. The twisted melon is not sweet. Yiran really likes Qinru. Your brother is still young. After Qinru and Yiran are together, he can help your brother. “

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly realized.

Then it occurred to her that in the original text, Chi Zhengzheng was still a vegetable. After the marriage contract was terminated, Wen Yiran and An Qinru were together. Although Xu Wei had never been married, the Chi family did not object.

This is the reason!

In order to find help for Chi Zhouchen in the future, the Chi family did not object.

No matter how An Qinru is, Chi’s family has taken care of her for so long. If she doesn’t forget her gratitude, Chi Zhouchen will help her no matter what.

Chi Zhengzheng twitched in his heart.

She had no parents in her previous life. Grandma raised her, but her grandma would always tell her – when she was young, how her parents loved her, how she was overjoyed at her arrival, and how she cried with joy.

Chi Zheng has no parents, but she always has love in her heart.

Chi Zhengzheng has parents, but she is sad and disappointed again and again.

I don’t know who is worse for her and the original owner?

“Sister Zhengzheng, hit me, I know you are wronged, and Wenyu is not worthy of you.” An Qinru choked.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback.

Then she gave An Qinru a complicated look.

Is Wen Yu not worthy of her? Is she wronged?

Sister, do you know that the hero of this book is Wen Yu? Do you know that he is the Son of Destiny? Do you know that because there is no one worthy of him, he has no CP? !

He has established a business empire, and you know nothing about it.

Seeing that she still didn’t speak, Ding Yijun sat down beside her, holding her hand, her eyes were serious: “Zhengzheng, your parents also love you, knowing that you don’t like Wenyu, but now that the two families can’t terminate the marriage contract, you It’s fine if you don’t see him, and you don’t have to give him a good face.”

Her voice was disgusted: “The Wen family thought we didn’t know what they were thinking about. Using their worthless trash son to socialize with the Chi family is really cheap and easy to calculate. Wen Yu is a well-known, Wen Yu superfluous. In the future, Wen’s family won’t be able to get a single point. Zhengzheng can rest assured. When the cooperation between the two parties is on the right track, you will dissolve the marriage contract. Your parents will find you one that is countless times better than Wenyu!”

At the door, Wen Yu Wenyan, who had just been sent by the driver, gave a sneer, turned and left.

Just took a step, behind, in the ward, Chi Zhengzheng sounded with an unbelievable voice——

“Wen Yu waste? What nonsense! He is a hundred times better than Wen Yiran, no, Wen Yiran is not qualified to compare with him! Even if the marriage contract is to be dismissed, it is definitely not that Wen Yu is not worthy of me.”

This is no CP text, but it is the hero of the overlord text. Chi Zhengzheng, a small official of the Environmental Protection Agency, has a very clear understanding.

I finally know why the Chi family is bankrupt, so I look down on the male lead, and according to the novel routine, I must be beaten and bankrupt!

Wen Yu stopped.

Chi Zhengzheng continued to speak, her soft voice was clear–

“I hate An Qinru not because I like Wen Yiran. I thank her for picking up the trash, so I don’t need to bother to kick it. Whatever Wen Jia’s fortune, it’s only people like Wen Yiran who think about it every day. Come on, the real waste is Wen Yiran, not Wen Yu!”

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