Wen Yu didn’t look at the broken apple peel, his eyes finally moved to Chi Zhengzheng’s face.

Although Wenyu and Chi Zhengzheng had met before, they had almost no intersection. He was too busy. People like Chi Zhengzheng did not leave any mark in his memory.

Even if she became his fiancée today, he hadn’t looked at her carefully.

——At this time, I can see the appearance of Chi Zhengzheng clearly.

Chi Jia’s genes are very good. Chi Zhengzheng is obviously also a good candidate for Chi Jia, with exquisite features and picturesque eyebrows, especially the big round eyes that make her look younger than her actual age.

The skin is fair, the nose is small and straight, the red lips are also very small, there is no make-up, plus the injury, so the color is a little light.

The hair is thick and waist-high, because after lying down for a few days, it is a little messy, and a few strands of exploded hair turned up. Some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder can not help but frown and want to press it down.

Just look at her face, simple, clean, and harmless, but her round eyes seemed to be on fire at this moment, making the whole person lively.

He looked at her and saw her glance down Wen Yiran, her face was quite disgusted.


Wen Yu’s emotionless face couldn’t help but move the corners of his mouth.

And Wen Yiran, who was swept by this look, felt like he was pouring gasoline on the fire, exploding and burning, his neck swelled, he choked in his throat, and he couldn’t speak for a while.

Doesn’t it work?

Short and without quality? !

His head was filled with these two sentences, like a stick hitting his head, and there was a “buzzing” in his head.

Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei were also stunned. Regardless of whether Chi Zhengzheng said it was true or false, these words were undoubtedly heart-piercing words for men.

The person being said is still their son!

The two of them trembled a little, and the sight of Chi Zhengzheng was murderous.

“Puff——” Chi Zhouchen couldn’t hold back.

Although he was also shocked, although his relationship with Wen Yiran and An Qinru was very good, he couldn’t help laughing when he heard Chi Zhengzheng’s words.

This laugh awoke everyone.

“Chi, Zheng, Zhengzheng! You, don’t talk nonsense!” An Qinru’s eyes flushed all of a sudden, and her face burned hot.


Chi Zhengzheng pursed her lips and spoke slowly——

“Brother Yiran, we are so sorry to Sister Zhengzheng!”

“Be good, Qinru, I only love you.”

“Woo, brother Yiran, I love you so much.”

“Qinru, I love you too, only you!”

“Brother Yiran…”

She was repeating what they said when they were in bed!

She really heard it!

An Qinru’s face turned white all of a sudden, and her eyes were at a loss for a moment.

“Enough!” Wen Yiran interrupted her with a terrible anger, “Chi Zhengzheng, did you overhear?!”

Chi Zhengzheng:…

She didn’t speak, but just looked at Wen Yiran with an expression of “what are you talking about?”

Wen Yiran froze, and then realized that it was entirely his own fault.

How could she be eavesdropping when they were messing up in her ward?

Wen Yiran’s face swelled even redder, angry and angry, and couldn’t help but pick Chi Zhengzheng’s sting: “You, a girl, unexpectedly, remember these… and, and… nonsense! Nonsense!

What can he say? !

He most wants to justify his dignity as a man, but Chi Zhengzheng has already said that. He can’t always shout that he is “good-looking and useful” or “very good quality”?

What the hell did she say? !

But let’s not say it, it was like a choking in my throat, and I was so angry that I could hardly breathe.

“Shut up!” Wen Jingsen roared Yiran.

His face was extremely ugly, and he gave Wen Yiran a fierce look.

In the presence of Chi’s family, it was extremely ashamed of them to hear the family!

It doesn’t matter if Wen Yiran has any romantic affairs, even if it has nothing to do with An Qinru, but it shouldn’t be a mess in Chi Zhengzheng’s ward, and Chi Zhengzheng has all heard it!

Now that Chi Zhengzheng said it again, Wen Jingsen felt that his old face was hurt.

In addition, those words such as “you can’t use them” are simply stomping on Wen Jia’s face!

Chi Yan and Ding Yijun looked at each other, and the expressions on their faces were also shocked.

They all thought that Wen Yiran would not be with Chi Zhengzheng, just because they didn’t like Chi Zhengzheng. They never thought that there was an reason for An Qinru!

Ding Yijun couldn’t believe it, but Chi Yan gave An Qinru a cold look.

But when Chi Zhengzheng said this, he was a bit…somewhat presumptuous.

“Zheng Zheng! You are a girl, don’t say anything!” Chi Yan glared at Chi Zheng Zheng.

Chi Zhengzheng touched her nose.

——I still want to say, they dare to do, what does she dare not to say?

“Chi Yan, this kid in our family is spoiled by me! Fortunately, Zheng Zheng’s fiancé is Ah Yu. Ah Yu is honest and won’t mess around!”

Wen Jingsen pulled out a smile and looked at Chi Zhengzheng again: “Zhengzheng, this time it’s our family. I’m sorry. This time our two cooperation projects will give Zhengzheng a 1% profit from our family. .”

Start to make profit.

This is to calm down the situation and seal the mouth of Chi Zhengzheng.

They don’t want to make a big noise, and they don’t want Wen Jia and Wen Yi to be ashamed.

Wen Yiran is the future heir of the Wen family, and it is about the face of the Wen family. Such ugly and confusing news spreads, and the shareholders know about it. There are indeed some rhetoric.

Therefore, he would rather use the benefits to settle the situation, instead of spreading bad news about Wen Yiran. The marriage between Chi Wen and Chi Zhengzheng also went smoothly, from Wen Yiran and Chi Zhengzheng to Wenyu and Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Yan’s ugly face also looked better.

Wen Jingsen is a smart businessman, he knows what kind of benefits he can take out to comfort this matter.

“Yiran and Zhengzheng are in the past tense. We will educate Yiran well when we go back, Chi Yan, do you think this is okay?” Wen Jingsen said again.

Xu Wei’s face was ugly, and she gave An Qinru and Chi Zhengzheng a cold look.

She is obviously very dissatisfied with these two girls! Dissatisfied with Chi Zhengzheng’s unobstructed mouth, dissatisfied with An Qinru’s calculations.

Indeed, no matter what Wen Yiran did before, it was in the past. They used to be only engaged in an engagement relationship, and now they have even lost their engagement relationship. It’s really hard to hold Wen Yiran into account.

It is also the most suitable compensation to get one percent more profit.

Chi Yan twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “That still depends on Zheng Zheng’s opinion.”

After speaking, he winked at Chi Zhengzheng and asked her to respond.


Sorry, Chi Zhengzheng, who is not yet familiar with the father-daughter relationship, didn’t realize it. She thought that Chi Yan really wanted her opinion.

So, she said: “No matter what the profit is, I want Wen Yiran and An Qinru to apologize solemnly.”

——It can be regarded as an explanation to the original body.

“You!” Wen Yiran’s eyes widened.

Chi Yan was also taken aback. He wanted to talk, then he thought of something, sighed lightly, and stopped talking.

Zhengzheng was indeed wronged this time. Although the profit of 1% is quite a lot…

In the end, Chi’s family is not bad either.

Just let her breathe out.

Xu Wei hurriedly said: “Yiran, don’t hurry up to apologize to Zhengzheng.”

Sweeping his gaze to An Qinru, he said coldly: “There is still you.”

“Mom, I don’t want it!” Wen Yiran didn’t want to, letting him bend down at Chi Zhengzheng, it was more uncomfortable than letting him get a knife!

With this head lowered, how can there be any face in front of Chi Zhengzheng in the future?

“Wen Yiran, apologize.” Wen Jingsen also spoke.

An Qinru’s face was full of tears, Wen Yiran could not apologize, but could she?

She looked at Ding Yijun, who staggered her gaze.

An Qinru cried more fiercely. She cried silently, as if she had suffered countless grievances, and slowly walked to Chi Zhengzheng’s bed.

“Sister Zheng Zheng… I, I told you before, it was really not intentional… I have been, always rejecting Brother Yiran… Sorry, sister Zheng Zheng, I really don’t want to be sorry for you…”

She bent down, tears falling to the ground.

Everyone in the ward, as well as those who secretly watched from the outside, watched her bow her head in front of Chi Zhengzheng.

At this moment, An Qinru’s eyes were humiliated to the extreme.

Chi Zhengzheng…

Why is it different?

In front of her, she had never won before, but now, it is she who bends down, and Chi Zhengzheng has won the victory.

She couldn’t even think about how she could comfort Chi Yan and Ding Yijun in the future!

Chi Zhengzheng really changed.

After An Qinru apologized, only Wen Yiran was left.

He felt sorry for An Qinru and quickly helped her up. Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei looked at him angrily at the hand of An Qinru.

Wen Yiran bent over perfunctorily: “I’m sorry!”

Chi Zhengzheng was not satisfied.

But this sorry sound can be regarded as comforting the original body.

Chi Zhengzheng only needs to look coldly at this pair of men and women in the eight o’clock gear to see what they can achieve.

Wen’s family left, leaving Wen Yu, let him take care of his “fiancee.”

Chi Yan and Ding Yijun went to send Wen’s family, and also took An Qinru away. Obviously, they were going to “ask” An Qinru and Wen Yiran what was going on.

In the ward, only Chi Zhengzheng, Wen Yu, and her unlucky brother Chi Zhouchen were left.

Chi Zhengzheng did not dare to look at Wenyu, very guilty.

Chi Zhouchen took a look at Wen Yu, and then said: “You and Chi Zhengzheng are a good match.”

No matter how redundant one is or how unpromising one is, Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng are indeed very outstanding, far more eye-catching than the male and female stars on TV.

——The two people are sitting together, I have to say, very harmonious.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She glared at Chi Zhouchen.

This unlucky child is really frantically probing on the edge of death!

Even if he died, don’t hurt her!

Chi Zhouchen put his hand in his pocket, looked at Chi Zhengzheng again, and suddenly said, “Look, I said you can’t compare to Sister Qinru. Your fiance was taken away. It’s really a shame for my Chi family.”

He paused, and then said: “But what you said today is bold enough to make them apologize again. It’s a bit promising, and you didn’t put hundreds of millions of dividends in your eyes.”

In the eyes of young people, nothing is more important than venting.

Money or something, for a rich second generation who is not short of money, it doesn’t matter at all.

Chi Zhengzheng’s legs were a little uncomfortable. She was about to lie down and rest. Hearing this, she suddenly sat upright, her eyes widened: “What are you talking about? Hundreds of millions of dividends??”

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