“You, you, are you my fiance?” Chi Zhengzheng stammered. A pair of big round eyes, trying to convey her meaning.

I’m your fiancee!

I am on your side!

I heard nothing! Even if I hear it, I won’t say it!

Wen Yu put away the astonishment and looked at her with a cold face.

At that moment, Chi Zhengzheng seemed to be able to feel that he was thinking-how to deal with herself!

Thinking of this, Chi Zhengzheng fell down when she rolled her eyes.

Wen Yu frowned again.

On the other side of the phone, Secretary Ning tentatively said: “… Mr. Wen?”

“It’s okay.” After speaking, Wen Yu hung up the phone.

Then, he took a cold look at Chi Zhengzheng on the bed, then turned and left.

Just hear it.

——Obviously, he didn’t pay attention to Chi Zhengzheng.

Neither did he call the doctor in because she was awake, nor was he surprised that she woke up, as if nothing happened just now, and went straight away.

As for that sound—husband?

Wen Yu frowned.

Secretary Ning on the other end of the phone was holding the phone with horror and shock in his eyes.

He seemed to hear a girl’s voice just now from the boss?

And yelled—husband?

Secretary Ning shuddered, and the whole person was a little bad.

“Secretary Ning?” Gao Tezhu’s voice was tentative.

Secretary Ning woke up, recovered his cold face, and handed over the things in his hands to the special assistant Gao, and said coldly: “Go ahead and do it.”

Gao Tezhu was at a loss: “Then you……?”

“I’ll go to the hospital.” See if there is any problem with the ears.

Gao Special Assistant: “…”

Inside the ward, after hearing the sound of Yu’s footsteps away for a while, Chi Zhengzheng dared to open her eyes cautiously.

Yes, she pretended it.

She just woke up and had to face-to-face with this overlord protagonist, she couldn’t bear it!

In her previous life, Chi Zhengzheng was just an ordinary citizen. She grew up with her grandmother and took an ordinary college entrance examination. She studied environmental engineering. After graduating at the age of 21, she took the civil service examination and worked with the Environmental Protection Agency from nine to five. For half a year.

If it weren’t for the car accident, she would still be an ordinary citizen, how could she become the lady of the Chi family, Chi Zhengzheng? !

Thinking of the ending of Chi’s family and herself…

Die again? See if you can transmigrate back?

Chi Zhengzheng shook her head sharply.

No no no! Death is so painful.

And her body was obviously bad in her last life, who knows if she can go back if she is dead? What if you die and don’t go back?

Go on if you die!

Must live to eighty in this life!

She lay on the bed with eyes wide open and began to think hard.

In the original text, Chi Zhengzheng died a year later, but at that time she was a vegetable, and now she wakes up by herself, shouldn’t she die in a year?


She suddenly thought of the ending of the Chi family!

The Chi family went bankrupt and owed a debt. Everyone in the Chi family had to pay off their debts. Life was worse than death. Chi Zhengzheng’s younger brother Chi Zhouchen became addicted to gambling again and tortured Chi’s family crazily.

So one year later, she didn’t die, but also… to live. but. it. would. be. better. to. die!

Chi Zhengzheng wanted to cry.

After thinking about it for a long time, an ordinary girl who was only 21 years old in her previous life really didn’t have a good idea.

She struggled to get up, trying to get out of bed.



Fell to the ground.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned.

With this fall, the news that Chi Zhengzheng had woken up immediately spread.

“It’s okay, it’s just that her legs were injured in a car accident, and she has been lying down for so many days. She still needs to stay in the hospital for observation. She will get better soon. Don’t worry.” The doctor looked at Chi Zhengzheng with a frown and smiled comfortingly.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…Sigh.”

She is not worried about her legs, she is worried about her life!

“Chi Zhengzheng! Are you really awake?!” A young male voice sounded.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his head to look at the door and paused slightly.

After knowing the content of this book, the memory of the original owner was also interspersed back, and because of this, she knew that this was her brother Chi Zhouchen in front of her.

The young man is very handsome, with delicate eyebrows and arrogance on his face. It completely cannot be seen that he will become such a bad boy in one year.

Of course, Chi Zhengzheng is not as miserable in Chi’s house than Wen Yu’s in Wen’s house, but Chi Yan and Ding Yijun obviously care more about Chi Zhouchen. They are traditional patriarchs, not short of Chi Zhengzheng’s food and drink, nor are they indifferent. But they didn’t care much about her…

For a while, looking at Chi Zhouchen, Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know what attitude she should adopt.

Regardless of her complicated emotions, Chi Zhouchen looked arrogant, looked at her, just said: “Parents and Uncle Wen Jia are drinking, and there are other business friends who can’t walk away. Let me see you first. Come back.”

He curled his lips, a little disgusted: “Dare to drive even after drinking, and there was a car accident, making my mother cry like that! Brother Yiran also looks down on you, Chi Zhengzheng, you are really embarrassing the Chi family. Cousin Ru, can you do it?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She took back what she had just said.

This hapless kid! I can already see how bad a year will look like! !

She didn’t want to see him at all, and lay down, raising her eyelids not to look at him.

She is Chi Zhengzheng, but not Chi Zhengzheng, and she does not have the original owner’s affection for Chi’s family.

The young man has a quick temper, and regardless of Chi Zhengzheng’s attitude, he turned his lips up and said with a whisper–

“As long as you are more promising, Brother Yiran will not want you. Although you are awake now, your fiancé is not Brother Yiran, but the one who smells superfluous! It’s shameful. Mom and Dad also said that since they wake up, they won’t say anything about you. What’s more, your pocket money will be reduced to 50,000 a month in the future.”

Chi Zhengzheng sat up abruptly, staring at him with big eyes, as if she couldn’t believe his ears.

One month…50,000 pocket money?

Seeing her look like this, Chi Zhouchen was proud, with the excitement of watching a good show——

“Chi Zhengzheng, look, parents don’t bother to talk to you! Your pocket money will only be 50,000 yuan in the future, do you have anything you want to say? I will help you convey it to your parents.”

The pocket money is reduced to a very low level, which is 50,000 yuan a month!

This made Chi Zhengzheng, who was nine to five, five thousand a month, shed tears.

What do you want to say?

She looked at Chi Zhouchen cautiously, and with two points of anticipation: “Is it really 50,000 a month? Then I can ask… Is the money directly on the card?”

For Chi Zhengzheng, who cooks her own meals, or at various small restaurants, has cheap clothes, and never buys luxury goods, she can hardly imagine how she can spend 50,000 yuan a month. !

Is this the giant?

Suddenly I felt that even if I could only live for one year, it would be so happy to live such a life!

No, no, Chi Zhengzheng shook her head violently.

She wants to live, to live well!

The original owner, Chi Zhengzheng, has replaced her in that car accident. No matter what she was born again, no matter what the future looks like, it is her luck to live again. She must live well!

Chi Zhouchen looked at her incredulously, showing the same shocked expression as she had before she heard 50,000…

She didn’t even feel dissatisfied, didn’t lose her temper? !

“Chi Zhengzheng, haven’t you heard what I’m talking about? I said that my parents have already said that you only have pocket money of 50,000 yuan in the next month!” Chi Zhouchen repeated.

What does fifty thousand yuan mean to them?

It means that you can’t afford a good bag, it means that you’re gone if you go to a nightclub to open a few bottles of good wine, and it means…every month you have to live in poverty.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t even jump?

“I heard it.” Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with a half-excited expression in her eyes, “Chi Zhouchen, help me tell my parents – thank you so much!”

New to a world, her legs are limping, she must be unable to go out to make money, plus she doesn’t have the brains like Wen Yu, and can’t make much money.

Fifty thousand a month, six hundred thousand a year!

Even if Chi’s family went bankrupt a year later, with 600,000, she would not be dead.

Chi’s family is the home of the original owner. Although it is also hers now, she is still a little uncomfortable with the Chi’s money, so I really want to thank Chi’s parents!

Chi Zhouchen was shocked.

He actually saw gratitude on Chi Zhengzheng’s face instead of sarcasm and pretending to be.

Chi Zhouchen was really dumbfounded.

I didn’t see the good show, nor did I see the desired reaction. Instead, I was confused by the sudden change of Chi Zhengzheng, and Chi Zhouchen was angry.

“Chi Zhengzheng! You are crazy, you are really stupid by the car crash!” After cursing, Chi Zhouchen turned and left.

Behind, Chi Zhengzheng shouted–

“Did you start making money this month? Remember to tell me when making money!”

Chi Zhouchen: “…”

He crooked his feet and almost fell.

He was so angry that his hair was about to smoke, and he quickened his pace angrily.

Chi Zhengzheng is definitely on purpose! !

She just wanted to piss him off, so as to inherit the Chi family’s fortune! !

After Chi Zhouchen left, another two hours passed. After the sky was completely dark, the Chi family and Wen family hurried over again.

“Sister Zhengzheng, you finally woke up!” The first person who hugged her and cried was An Qinru, her little white lotus cousin.

Chi Zhengzheng:…

Silently moved back, avoiding.

An Qinru froze.

Ding Yijun was also wiping her tears. Seeing this, she couldn’t help but collapsed, “Zhengzheng, Qinru also cares about you, these days you have been lying down, Qinru has come to accompany you every day, and her eyes are crying and swollen!”

She is a very elegant woman, she has a very nice look, with willow-leaf eyebrows, apricot eyes, a very classical look, and is well-maintained. She doesn’t look like a woman in her forties at all.

It’s just these words she said… Made Chi Zhengzheng a little speechless.

But she didn’t jump out to say anything. If it were the original owner, she would definitely retort at this time, and then it became more and more seeming like she didn’t know good or bad, and An Qinru was wronged.

The original owner has a straight-tempered temper and is easy to get up. She is often rational and is made unreasonable by her reaction. From childhood to adulthood, I don’t know how much she has suffered from An Qinru.

An Qinru is Ding Yijun’s niece, and Ding Yijun has a deep affection for her. Although Chi Yan cares more about his son, his daughter is still more important than An Qinru.

Therefore, he just sighed and lit a flue: “It’s fine if you wake up, it’s fine if you wake up…”

He glanced at Wen Yiran, and then at Wen Yu who was standing in the corner and was ignored by everyone. He opened his mouth, obviously trying to say something.

Xu Wei also saw it. She immediately walked out and said with a smile: “Ayu, you and Zhengzheng are really a godsend. In ancient times, there was the word Chongxi. Just as you and Zhengzheng were engaged, Zhengzheng woke up. It’s not a great joy. Hurry up and take care of Zhengzheng, and the young couple will have a good life in the future.”


Chi Zhengzheng trembled slightly.

The big guy is happy for her? No, no, she can’t bear it!

Wen Yu didn’t move, his eyes were cold.

Wen Jingsen roared: “Wen Yu!”

——He really has no patience with this son.

Wen Yu didn’t look at him, slowly raised his foot, walked to the chair next to the bed of Chi Zhengzheng and sat down, as if he had heard Jingsen’s words very much.

Everyone thinks so.

Only Chi Zhengzheng knows-he has no feeling about it, obedience means indulgence, and coldly watching the two families of ChiWen go to an end! He lifted them up high, and fell down fiercely, only to relieve his anger for so many years!

Now Wenyu’s wealth and strength are already above that of ChiWen’s two!

But this man still has to use another method to make them face despair one after another when they are happiest…

This is the male lead of the novel! !

He sat next to her, even if he was a top handsome guy, Chi Zhengzheng could only feel hairy, and she did not dare to look at him at all.

Xu Wei smiled, picked up an apple and handed it to Wen Yu: “Ayu, please peel an apple for Zhengzheng.”

Wen Yu glanced at the apple, raised his eyebrows, and then reached out to take it.

Wen Yu’s hand is very good-looking, and the joints are distinct. This man really deserves to be the hero, and he has all the looks worthy of his ability. It’s just that his hands are different from those of Chi Zhengzheng, Wen Yiran, and Chi Zhouchen. His hands are a little thin.

It was through these thin cocoons that I could feel that this man had not been so smooth sailing.

——He has suffered more than them.

The knife turned lightly, and Chi Zhengzheng’s attention was concentrated, and the sound of the apple peeling “Shu Sha Sha” seemed to be particularly clear.

She could see that this man was very serious even in peeling apples, his eyes drooping slightly, his slender and beautiful fingers slowly turning…

But for some reason, Chi Zhengzheng felt the knife was hovering around her neck inexplicably.

It seems that I am not cutting an apple, but my neck…

She raised her head and covered her neck.

“Look at this pair of children, how good they are.” Xu Wei said with a smile.

Does she really think so?

No, she just didn’t want Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yiran to get engaged, and it would be better if they buckled Wen Yu’s head.

Wen Jingsen obviously thought the same way, smiled and nodded: “Yes, when the children get along again, Zhengzheng 21, Ayu Du 26, and you can get married.”

Marry? !

“Cough, cough, cough–” Chi Zhengzheng took a deep breath, choked with this breath, and coughed violently.

Wen Yu made no response.

He is such an overlord male protagonist without CP. It can be said that there is no thread about love. He just looks at him coldly. Even if he hears of marriage, he doesn’t have any reaction, as if he is not talking about him.

Chi Yan hesitated for a moment, and still said: “Zheng Zheng has always been Yiran’s fiancée before, and Zheng Zheng also likes Yiran very much, and she has never had contact with A Yu…”

He couldn’t help thinking, why didn’t Zhengzheng wake up early for a long time? !

In the morning, her fiancé was still Wen Yiran, and she woke up just now when she was replaced by Wenyu. Now he wants to retort, but Wen’s family obviously quit.

An Qinru’s hands tightened slightly, and her head dropped, unable to see the emotions in her eyes.

Wen Jingsen’s smile remained unchanged: “Emotions can be cultivated.”

“Uncle Chi, I don’t want Chi Zhengzheng to be my fiancee!” Wen Yiran couldn’t help but walked out, very angry.

After finally getting rid of Chi Zhengzheng, how could he jump in again?

Wen Yiran looked at Chi Zhengzheng with a disgust that could not be concealed in his eyes. He had always disliked the arrogant and proud Chi Zhengzheng, and now he almost couldn’t get rid of it, even more disgusted.——

“Chi Zhengzheng, I told you clearly before, I don’t like you, don’t pester me, I will never marry you!”

“Brother Yiran! How can you say that? How uncomfortable do you make Sister Zhengzheng?” An Qinru’s eyes were tears, her eyes were accusing, and her body trembled slightly.

Wen Yiran looked at her, pursing his lips, holding his head up, with an unyielding appearance.

An Qinru’s eyes were complaining again, and it was because of the joy of her sweetheart who couldn’t help showing these words.

Look, what a hard-working pair of mandarin ducks!

Chi Zhengzheng finally coughed, and slowly let out a sigh of relief. There were tears in her eyes because of the cough.

“I want to say…” She could finally speak.

However, just after getting up, Wen Yiran stared at her: “I won’t change my mind if you cry! Chi Zhengzheng, I will save you some face, and you will be more respectful yourself.”

“No, I want to say…”

Wen Yiran interrupted her again: “Don’t force me to say bad things!”

“Can you let me say…”

“Chi Zhengzheng, you are really forcing me to say something difficult…”

Chi Zhengzheng took a deep breath and raised her voice. This time she interrupted Wen Yiran——

“Wen Yiran! I want to say that I don’t like you anymore, because I found that you have a superficial appearance, useless! Although I was a vegetable before, I could hear the sound. You and cousin Qinru went to bed next to me, and I heard them all. It’s short and lacks quality. You come every day and it really pollutes my ears and seriously affects my perception of men!”

The sound was not small, because the door was open and all the passing nurses stopped.

Inside the ward, sank into death, and even the breathing was silenced.

Wen Yu’s hand, who had been unresponsive all the time, paused slightly. The whole apple peel, which was perfectly cut and the width was exactly the same, broke off when it was about to finish.

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