This male protagonist with no CP, the protagonist is Wen Yu.

Wen Yu’s parents were married in business. When they got married, his father Wen Jingsen was indifferent and ruthless, and his mother already had a sweetheart, so she didn’t dare to marry someone she didn’t like.

After hearing about the two lives, one patronizes raising a junior outside, while the other patronizes and cries and complains about life.

Later, Wen Jingsen and Xiao San gave birth to a two-year-old brother Wen Yiran, and the man her mother liked was also married. She couldn’t think of anything, so she committed suicide in front of Wen Yu, and was still scolding Wen’s family for being dirty.

All this left a very bad mark on the heart of the young male lead.

Because he hasn’t grown up yet, he still lives in Wenjia.

The stepmother Xu Wei is a little star, but she has the means. Wen Yiran would like Wen Jingsen again. After Wen Yu’s mother died, Wen Jingsen married Xu Wei in…

Originally, there was a stepmother and a stepfather, not to mention that Wen Jingsen had no feelings for Wenyu.

You can imagine what life Wen Yu has had.

He was wronged jointly by Wen Yiran and Xu Wei. All the wrong things were done by Wen Yu, and all the good things were done by Wen Yiran. He was born in a wealthy family, and Wen Yu could go to school hungry, accompanied by a grown-up dog. He was also beaten to death by Wen Yiran in front of him.

Seeing this, Chi Zhengzheng was angry.

Who is this? !

Chi Zhengzheng was so angry that he quickly continued to look back.

She was immersed in the novel without noticing at all – in the ward, after Wen Yu responded, Wen Jingsen naturally felt that he agreed.

Therefore, the two families of Wen and Chi happily went out to celebrate.

In the ward, only Wen Yiran and Wen Yu remained.

Wen Yiran looked at Wen Yu, and his voice was unexplainable: “Brother, Chi Zhengzheng is a vegetable. If you want to marry a vegetable, you really feel wronged…”

Like sympathy, but also like gloating.

Wen Yu didn’t speak, just opened his eyelids and gave him a faint glance.

At that glance, there was no emotion, as if looking at a stranger, and as if looking at the unimportant… ants.

Wen Yiran was angry.

Wen Yu clearly has nothing, no father’s love, no mother, no company, no family property, why is he always looking like he doesn’t put himself in his eyes? !

What he hates most is the appearance of Wen Yu!

“Heh, Wen Yu, you can stay with your fiancee, hope she will not die too early.” It would be nice to have a vegetative fiancee in your life!

After speaking, Wen Yiran’s mouth curled up and left triumphantly.

Soon apart from Chi Zhengzheng lying in the ward, only Wen Yu was left.

He did not have the unhappiness and anger that Wen Yiran imagined. There was no emotion in his eyes, and his eyes swept across the bed Chi Zhengzheng, as if there was no such person.

At this time, his phone rang.

Wen Yu picked it up.

Inside, a male voice was respectful, even reporting his work cautiously——

“President Wen, Manager Xu just…”


Chi Zhengzheng finally went through the plot of the novel in his mind.

Will the protagonist Wen Yu always be oppressed?

of course not!

If Wen Yu has been oppressed, then he obviously won’t be the male protagonist of the male novel without CP!

Wen Yu has super high IQ and business talents. Wen Jia doesn’t care about him and Wen Jingsen raises them. Xu Wei always “forgot” to pay him tuition and living expenses. He has been earning money through various channels since high school.

The university put all its money into the stock market, doubled it a hundredfold in two years, and then drew it all out to start its own business.

He is very busy, busy earning money, busy building his own huge business empire, so he has no time to talk about it.

The Wen family also completely ignored him, and other wealthy families also regarded him as the air, a superfluous person in the Wen family. No one can value him, and no one knows what he has achieved after being ignored!

After Wenyu graduated from University, Wen Jingsen officially publicly disclosed that Wen Yiran was the heir of the Wen family. He did not let Wenyu go to the company at all, nor did he give Wenyu anything.

Of course, he did not take the initiative to mention that he was going to the company.

In fact, from this time, he began to concentrate on expanding his business empire.

Expanded from Wall Street back to China.

Wen Yu graduated for three years and was twenty-six years old. It was also this time that the two families asked him to take over the vegetative Miss Chi family-Chi Zhengzheng.

Wen Yu suddenly became a joke in the eyes of others.

Does he care about this?

of course not!

Still leaving early and returning late, let others ridicule, indifferently watched Chi Wen’s family get into the set under him, with mocking eyes.

In just one year, when Chiwen’s two families were most proud of, Wenyu killed ChiWen’s two families with a wave of his hand, and officially opened the way to the dominance of countless people, slapping them in the face!

Chi Zhengzheng:…

Big guy is awesome! Gangster 666!

After shouting the slogan, I thought that this book was written-no CP male protagonist.

Chi Zhengzheng froze.

Without CP, there is no object.

But now, she is his fiancee.

Carefully took out the description of this body in the original text-

Only two sentences!

The first sentence is: “Miss Chi’s family is lying on the bed, silently, Wen Yu looks at her coldly, like a dead person.”

The second sentence is: “After the Chi family went bankrupt, they could no longer afford to pay for the hospital. Soon, Wen Yu’s nominal fiancé Chi Zhengzheng died. Upon receiving the news, Wen Yu just sneered and didn’t take it to heart.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

Take a look! !

There are only two sentences, there are two “death” characters, as if the end of Chi Zhengzheng is doomed!

So a year later, the Chi family will go bankrupt, and Chi Zhengzheng will also die.

The ending of her transmigrating into a book—just being vegetative for a year? ? ?

What book did she transmigrate into? !

So angry!

There was a fire burning in my heart, and beside my ears, I could hear Wen Yu’s hoarse and magnetic voice, and he was giving orders one after another.

This is her fiancé, a powerful hero.

But she is dying!

Thinking of dying again, thinking of the pain when the car crashed into the body when she died before…

Chi Zhengzheng was so scared that she opened her eyes!

Like a corpse, she sat up abruptly, everything in front of her gradually became clear, her eyes widened, and she met Wen Yu who was on the phone.

Only then did Chi Zhengzheng see the appearance of the man who made her legs soft.

This look is absolutely worthy of his voice, and definitely worthy of the appearance of a male lead without CP system!

Wen Yu is definitely the most handsome man Chi Zhengzheng has ever seen!

He is over 1.8 meters tall, with a slender and perfect body hidden under a black windbreaker, his fingertips on his mobile phone, with a little carelessness.

He is not feminine and fair, but rather sharp, with sharp eyebrows, a high nose, deep features, and sharp hair on his forehead, as if he has been absolutely favored by God.

A pair of eyes are bottomless and full of sharpness.

But it’s so fucking good-looking.

So are the Wen family and Chi family blind? !

Can someone like this be ignored? !

Wen Yu obviously didn’t expect that she would wake up suddenly, frowning together, thinking about how much she had just heard, his eyes became sharper, faintly with two points… murderous?

Chi Zhengzheng realized inexplicably, he, he, would he let herself not survive this year?

Shaking slightly, Chi Zhengzheng was extremely frightened, shivering, her body reacted faster than her brain, and she spoke subconsciously——


After shouting, froze.

The sharpness in Wen Yu’s eyes also turned into astonishment.

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  1. This is a promising book with witty characters. As the person above said, please update on novelupdates so more people can read. people like to read books that have many chapters available so seeing only chapter 1 available may chase away some readers from such a great novel. Thank you for the chapters

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