MTL/N: First chapter completely translated

“Brother Yiran… um… lighter…”

“Baby, you are so attractive, how can I be so light on you?”


A lot of clouds and rain*, it is very lively.

However, this has nothing to do with Chi Zhengzheng lying on the bed next to them.

In fact, at this moment, although she was listening to this very fragrant “erotic drama”, there was no turbulence in her heart, and she even wanted to faintly laugh.

After all, she has to listen to such a emotional drama for several days, and she has no feelings about it no matter how curious.

This big show for her is her fiancé Wen Yiran and her cousin An Qinru.

The drama soon came to an end.

Chi Zhengzheng: Tsk, it is as short as ever.

Now it’s time for the two to start the sage dialogue-

“Brother Yiran…uuuu, we can’t do this!” An Qinru cried.

Chi Zhengzheng: Sister, you didn’t say that when you were just in bed!

Wen Yiran touched her head with a gentle voice: “Qinru, I don’t like her, I just like you. Chi Zhengzheng being in this state is also very good now, no one can separate us anymore.”

Chi Zhengzheng rolled her eyes inwardly: I thank you.

An Qinru choked, her voice guilty: “But… but brother Yiran is still sister Zheng Zheng’s fiancé, sister Zheng Zheng became a vegetable (MTL/N: vegetative), we are like this, I, I am sorry for her, we can’t…”

Hearing this, Chi Zhengzheng was unhappy.

Of course, it wasn’t like she was unhappy because the two of them hooked up with each other. After all, the sadness was from the original body, not from her, who was a soul that just transmigrated into it a few days ago.

She was upset because she turned out to be vegetative after her transmigration! !

Her name is Chi Zheng. A few days ago, she went home after getting off work, bought pancakes, fruits, and baked cold noodles, and ate them while walking. For a while, she didn’t notice a big truck rushing towards her, out of control!


Oh great, she became the vegetative Chi Zhengzheng.

Although it is a good thing to be able to return to the human world, this is especially to become a vegetable again! !

Suddenly, she didn’t know whether it was better to be dead or better to transmigrate as a vegetative person.

Chi Zheng – that’s not right, now it’s Chi Zhengzheng, feels complicated.

Beside her, Chi Zhengzheng’s fiancé turned over again, hugged An Qinru, kissed, and said in an ambiguous voice: “What’s wrong about it? You love me, I love you, and that’s enough!”

Then… the ambiguous sound began again.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Has it started again?

This is the legendary “quality is not enough, so use the quantity to make up for it” ?

Big brother, treat kidney deficiency without sugar, six flavored yellow pills, got it?

Soon (?), the second game ended.

The two put on their clothes, An Qinru pushed Wen Yiran away, and looked at Chi Zhengzheng on the bed. She covered her mouth, crying, but she didn’t dare to make a sound, sounding aggrieved.

Wen Yiran hugged her and comforted: “Qinru, don’t be sad. We love each other from the bottom of our hearts, and I will make it clear to the family! On the day Chi Zhengzheng was in the car accident, we had already made it clear to her, if it weren’t for her being in a car accident, she and I would have already dismissed our engagement! No one will blame you!”

Chi Zhengzheng: ? ? ?


Did they make it clear the day the original was in the car accident? ?

So how did the original body get into a car accident? !

Chi Zhengzheng’s whole body doesn’t feel so good.

Although she knew some information, she heard it after transmigrating. She had no memory of the original body at all.

The conversation continues –

An Qinru choked and said, “Sister Zhengzheng is like this, how can I steal you away again?”

She cried: “But…but I really love you!”

Wen Yiran was moved, and felt sad that he was beaten by a mandarin duck, “I love you too! No one can separate us!”

An Qinru suddenly pushed him away, and said in a panic: “No, no, I want to return you to Sister Zhengzheng!”

After speaking, turn around and run.

“Qin Ru——” Wen Yiran hurriedly chased out.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Puah ha ha ha! !

Sorry, she wanted to laugh again.

This kind of plot, when she accompanied her grandma to watch the eight o’clock stalls “Plum Blossom X”, “Stepmother’s X” and so on, she did not miss out on.

Little white lotus plus brainless man, this is the standard plot.

As for why there is such a summary, it is simply too easy!

Just now her cousin ran away crying, as if she had no face to see her.

But in fact, she will come tomorrow, and then she will be “found” by Wen Yiran. As the two of them talked, they would “can’t help themselves” by the side.

After all, it was like that yesterday.

Oh, it was the day before yesterday, and the day before the day before yesterday, too.

I guess it will be the same tomorrow.

This obvious routine can only be said by Chi Zhengzheng – if you two are happy, then good.

Alas, she is a vegetative person, she really has to bear too much!

In fact, the plot is a bit different from what Chi Zhengzheng imagined.

The next day, Wen Yiran came, the white lotus also came, and many others came.

It’s rare that so many people came, Chi Zhengzheng wanted to open her eyes and take a look…

However, vegetative people can’t open their eyes.

So angry!

But she can still listen!

“Zhengzheng, is it any better today? You wake up quickly, mom, dad, and your younger brother are very worried about you. Your cousin Qinru, her eyes are all crying and swollen!” A woman’s voice sounded, with hoarse crying.

Chi Zhengzheng knew that this was her mother Ding Yijun, who had been here before.

“Hey.” A vicissitudes of male voice sighed.

This is her father Chi Yan.

Another male voice who she has never heard of: “Chi Yan, don’t be too sad, Zheng Zheng will definitely wake up one day.”

Chi Zhengzheng:…

Thank you, she is not confident that she can wake up, but this big brother is quite confident.

“Brother Wen, since you also think that Zhengzheng will wake up sooner or later, why must the marriage contract between Yiran and Zhengzheng be cancelled?” Chi Yan asked suddenly.

The voice was speechless for a while.

“Uncle Chi, Aunt Chi, I must dissolve the marriage contract. I have no relationship with Chi Zhengzheng. Even if she has not become a vegetable, I will dissolve the marriage contract. The twisted melon is not sweet. I hope my uncle and aunt will forgive me. ” Wen Yiran couldn’t bear to be embarrassed by his father, and stood up with a guilty but serious voice.

Ding Yijun was angry: “Yiran! You are too much, our Zhengzheng is still lying on the bed, how can you say this?!”

While talking, she began to cry.

“Auntie, don’t be too sad. Sister Zhengzheng certainly doesn’t want to see you cry like this.” An Qinru’s eyes were red, and she looked at Wen Yiran, “Brother Yiran…don’t talk about it…”

Wen Yiran met her somewhat hesitant look, gritted his teeth, and the expression on his face became more determined.

——Can’t make Qinru feel uncomfortable anymore, we must dissolve the marriage contract!

“Qinru!” Ding Yijun hugged An Qinru and cried.

Chi Yan lit a cigarette and started smoking. His expression was complicated. It took him a long time to say: “Zheng Zheng likes Yiran very much, and our new cooperation has invested half of our wealth. At this time, if the marriage contract is terminated, it will not only be our family affected. The matter is still the matter of the two companies and all of the partners.”

Wen Jingsen paused slightly and hesitated.

He thought that what Chi Yan said also made a lot of sense. Now is indeed not a good time to dissolve the marriage contract. There will be bad guesses and rumors from the outside world.

The best thing is to wait, if Chi Zhengzheng is dead, if Chi Zhengzheng never wakes up, find a chance to break the marriage contract in the future, no one will say anything about Yiran…

“Dad…” Seeing Wen Jingsen’s relaxed state, Wen Yiran begged.

Wen Jingsen suddenly had a dilemma.

At this time, a bright woman suddenly sighed and said: “A Yu hasn’t been married yet. If Zheng Zheng hadn’t become a vegetable, she would have a proud personality, and A Yu is silent, but he would match.”

It seemed to be a sigh, but as soon as these words came out, the room fell silent.

Then, Wen Jingsen seemed to think of something, and his voice made a half-hearted smile: “My eldest son is indeed suitable. Although Zhengzheng is a vegetable now, she will definitely wake up in the future. Ayu can wait for her for a few years. It doesn’t matter.”

Chi Yan was taken aback, obviously unwilling, “The one engaged to Zhengzheng is Yiran, Wen Yu… is not Zhengzheng’s favorite.”

Doesn’t it mean they are unwilling?

Wen Yiran is the heir of the Wen family; who cares about Wen Yu, a superfluous person in the Wen family?

Wen Jingsen added: “Zhengzheng is like this now, and there is no way to ask her if she wants it.”

——This is to say that Chi Zhengzheng is already a vegetable, so what else is there to choose?

The two began to fight a lawsuit.

An Qinru was comforting Ding Yijun with a weak voice: “Auntie, it’s just an engagement. Whether it is Yiran or Ayu, if Sister Zhengzheng is unwilling, she will definitely speak out when she wakes up.”

The voice suddenly became sad, with melancholy: “I hope Sister Zheng Zheng can wake up as soon as possible…”

The words fell to the ground and the ward was quiet again.

No, no matter who you are engaged to, Chi Zhengzheng is like this, and I don’t know if she can wake up! Who is the fiancé and does it even matter?

As long as it is a member of the Wen family, the cooperative relationship between the two companies is still strong.

On the contrary, because Wen family is sorry for Chi family, cooperation can still have the benefits.

So Chi family agreed soon.

Chi Zhengzheng’s fiancé has also been replaced, from the second youngest of Wen’s family to the youngest of Wen’s family.

Chi Zhengzheng is vegetative, but it is normal to be ignored, but she doesn’t know if the one named “A Yu” is also ignored, what is his mood at this moment of being “betrothed”…

“Brother, you should be willing?” Wen Yiran asked suddenly.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a moment.


Is her new fiance on the scene?

Then they ignore him just like that? ?

In front of him, they appointed a vegetative fiancee for him?

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned.

Did not hear the answer.

Wen Jingsen was angry: “Wen Yu! Why don’t you answer when someone asks you?!”

Obviously, compared to Wen Yiran, he has no patience and affection for the other son, Wen Yu.

After a while, a male voice finally answered——


Did not say agree, nor said disagree.

It was just one word, yet inexplicably, Chi Zhengzheng felt a bit weak in her legs.

That’s too Su!

The voice was hoarse and low, with a bit of indifference, but also with indescribable meaning.

Just listen to the voice and you know that this is a handsome guy! !

What did you say his name is?

Wen Yu?

Just thinking of this, her head seemed to have been stuffed with a lot of things suddenly, and her head was swollen into a mess.

Later, Chi Zhengzheng was forced to read a book.

A free CP novel with a male lead on the road to domination.

The content of this book shocked her heart, and then Chi Zhengzheng said–

……it’s pretty interesting.

MTL/N: 一番云雨*

While translating the first 4 lines: (/// ̄皿 ̄)○~

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  1. Such opening hahahaha. What’s funnier is that she said those exhibitionist finish fast so have to satisfy themselves with the numbers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Seems a great idea but a bit hard to follow

    Chi Zheng: The MC
    Chi Zhengzheng: The woman the MC transmigrates into
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  3. LMAOOOO this story already’s got me hooked the moment MC realized wen yu was just standing there and got randomly assigned a fiancee without his opinion. like i feel bad for both parties, but the way things went for wen yu made me cackle out of bafflement. like??? can you imagine just visiting your brother’s poor, vegetative fiancee, only to suddenly end up legally tied to her within a couple hours? like what a wild time

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