“Why does she trouble you? It is Wen Yiran who wants to break the marriage contract with her. Isn’t it well known that Wen Yiran doesn’t like her?”

“She and Wen Yu are very good match. Neither of them has anything to do. I don’t think she should pester Wen Yiran. It’s embarrassing.”

“Hey, this time Chi Zhengzheng was indeed wronged…”

“You sympathize with her? Have you forgotten the way her chin looks up to the sky?”

Chi Zhengzheng kept the posture of half pushing the door, standing at the door and listening.

It’s not that she didn’t dare to go in, nor was she too angry, she was just learning more information based on their conversations.

Most of the memory of the original owner is back, but there are really no details, in other words——

Among these people, except for An Qinru, she, one, one, all, no, recognize, and know!

Seeing that they are starting to condemn her, it is nothing more than how much she used to have a chin up to the sky, and how upset she was. Now it is worthy of the crime to fall here.

“Deserve it! I really want to see Chi Zhengzheng’s face now, I don’t know it’s hard to see…”

Chi Zhengzheng opened the door with a “bang”.

Inside, the little sisters who were discussing were startled and all looked at the door suddenly.

Chi Zhengzheng was wearing a hospital gown with his hair casually draped behind him, with a smile on his mouth, raised his feet, and walked towards the woman who had just spoken.

When she came to her, she said: “Xu Jiahong, I am standing in front of you now, come and show you my face? Look carefully.”

Xu Jiahong froze for a while when he was caught talking about gossips behind his back.

“Sister Zhengzheng, I’m sorry, don’t be angry, they didn’t mean it…” An Qinru quickly stood up, apologetic, but gloating in her eyes.

——She just waited for Chi Zhengzheng to make a noise.

Chi Zhengzheng is making trouble. She An Qinru didn’t say anything bad about Chi Zhengzheng, it was all other people.

After the uproar, Chi’s family was disturbed. Seeing that she was rejected by everyone, Chi Yan and Ding Yijun knew that they would also complain that she was ashamed of Chi’s family…

“Qinru, what’s the apology? That said, it is true that her Chi Zhengzheng was abandoned by Brother Yiran, and it is true that she is only worthy of being with Wen Yu!” A female voice suddenly sounded.

Chi Zhengzheng looked up.

That is the woman sitting in the middle, obviously the center of their sisters.

She knows her.

-Wen Sisi.

The biological daughter of Wen Jingsen’s younger brother is also the cousin of Wen Yu and Wen Yiran.

She and Chi Zhengzheng have always pointed to Maimang, and An Qinru is on Wen Sisi’s side.

Chi Zhengzheng took a deep look at her, and then withdrew his gaze, learning that the original owner raised his chin, and sneered: “Look at your proud, An Qinru didn’t tell you. I can thank her for picking up the short and no one. The’quality’ fiance, no, it’s a former fiance.”

what? !

Everyone was stunned, short and without quality? !

They subconsciously looked at An Qinru.

“Chi Zhengzheng! You talk nonsense!” An Qinru flushed.

She never expected that Chi Zhengzheng would even come up with these words!

Still in front of so many people!

“Am I talking nonsense? The Wen family wanted to give me a billion seals. I didn’t promise. As long as you and Wen Yiran bowed and apologized. You both apologized in the hospital. Didn’t you tell them about this?” eyebrow.

Everyone: “…” What a big mouthful!

An Qinru couldn’t maintain her gentleness at all, she had long changed her face, and the look in Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes seemed to be poisoned.

The compensation was to dissolve the marriage contract and to keep her from talking nonsense, but she was said to be a seal!

And it’s not one billion, it might be worth one billion in future benefits. It requires Chi Zhengzheng and Wenyu to be tied together, and Chi Wen and the two are tied together to get it!

But Zhengzheng’s words are not wrong!

“It’s not like that at all, Chi Zhengzheng, you are talking nonsense!” An Qinru’s heart jumped, raising her finger to Chi Zhengzheng, her voice raised, and she kept defending the reason.

“Where did I go wrong? The Wen family wanted to give me one billion, and you apologized to me too. You and Wen Yiran slept next to me. I heard it!” Chi Zhengzheng smiled.

“you you you……”

“Chi Zhengzheng!” Wen Sisi also exploded, staring at her, wishing to pounce on her and beat her, “You are talking nonsense, why are you talking about my rumors, Brother Yiran!”

“Are I spreading a rumor? You should ask Wen Yiran.” Chi Zhengzheng continued to smile, very confident.

“Chi Zhengzheng! I’m going to kill you!” Wen Sisi jumped up with anger, raising his hand to hit her.

Chi Zhengzheng backed away, and said while backing away–

“You ridiculed me in my Chi’s house, and called me bad words, who gave your face? See you off, Chi’s family doesn’t welcome you! You and An Qinru are good, go to the Ding’s house and settle down as you please, don’t make trouble in Chi’s !”

Just kidding, she just got a bad mouth. If this group of women broke out, how could she beat them alone?

The voice fell to the ground, and as expected, other people hurriedly stopped Wen Sisi.

They were invited by An Qinru, but An Qinru is a child of Ding’s family. Although her mother, Ms. An, left early, An’s family is still there. They can clearly go to Ding’s and An’s houses.

But because the Chi family has the most strength, they like to come to Chi family, and now they play Chi Zhengzheng on the Chi family’s site?

Then they must be hated by the family when they go back!

Everyone hurriedly stopped Wen Sisi, comforting her while coaxing her to go outside.

Wen Sisi is still cursing–

“Chi Zhengzheng, you spread rumors! You must die!”

“Chi Zhengzheng! I’m never finished with you!”

“Chi Zhengzheng, you wait for me!”

No matter what she said, Chi Zhengzheng just said–

“Then you go ask Wen Yiran!”

Wen Sisi was so angry that he was in Chi’s house, or was he got out by other people’s coaxing.

Only An Qinru stood there.

She clenched her hands into a fist, put the gentleness on her face away, and stared at her viciously: “Chi Zhengzheng, are you satisfied?”

Chi Zhengzheng smiled: “So so so.”

“You can only find a little bit of face through such rumors? Chi Zhengzheng, you were dumped by Wen Yiran. In the future, Wen Yiran inherits the Wen family, and you can only marry Wen Duan and be mocked forever. “An Qinru sneered, full of mockery.

If it weren’t for her nails were pinched in the palm of her palm, I’m afraid that others thought she was so peaceful as her face.

She hasn’t been so angry for a long time, and since Chi Zhengzheng woke up, she confronted her, as if she hadn’t won it once!

She can only rely on her plan to stay back on the ground.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t speak, but just glanced at her like a fool.

Not to mention whether she was trying to save face, whether she was dumped by Wen Yiran, or that Wen Yiran inherited the Wen family…

Um, do you inherit Wen’s debt?

Seeing her look, An Qinru was trembling with anger, turned around and stopped looking at her.

When she reached the door, she paused slightly and left a sentence–

“Chi Zhengzheng, I will definitely marry Wen Yiran, and take charge of Wen’s family in the future. I will see what you and Wen Yu can do.”

Coming long in Japan, now Chi Zhengzheng can only get a little comfort through verbal revenge. When Wen Yiran takes over Wenjia in the future, no, you don’t even have to wait to take over Wenjia. As long as he has more rights in Wenjia, Chi Zhengzheng will regret it. !

At that time, she must make Chi Zhengzheng impoverished, to see how arrogant she is!

After speaking, An Qinru strode away.

Chi Zhengzheng glanced at An Qinru’s back again with the look of a fool.

Immediately she sat down and felt a sense of loneliness that “only me in this world is awake”.

Alas, is this the loneliness of knowing the plot?

Then I thought of Wen Yu…

She shivered, and a year later, she too would be finished!

Wen Yu is thinking about things in the company.

Because he can’t go to the company regularly every day, he has more things to worry about.

Especially because of the frequent video conferences, entrusting everything to the secretary and assistant, he rarely goes out to socialize, so he has to spend more thoughts in private.

Wen Yu is not annoying at all, he enjoys this life of doing his own business.

If Wen Jia fell… then he would enjoy it even more.

But don’t worry, he has a lot of time, he likes to see the house like a puppet he holds in his hand, as he controls it.

Next to him, Wen Yiran was talking in a low voice: “Brother, do you know what others say about you?”

Wen Yu thought about the matter and didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Wen Yiran was proud: “They all said you can only pick up what I don’t want, whether it is Wen’s family or his fiancée…Chi Zhengzheng has been chasing me after me, but I really don’t like her, so I can only take it away. Up.”

Said it was wronged, but watched the show with a full face.

After Wen Yu heard the words, he raised his head and glanced at him, with inexplicable emotions in his eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng? An Qinru?

Thinking of seeing Chi Zhengzheng with his head held up slightly in the ward that day, and An Qinru who was crying in a fake pretense…

Wen Yu didn’t speak, but his eyes were more disgusting than before.

Wen Yiran… just this vision?

Sensing the meaning of his eyes, Wen Yi was slightly stiff, and then continued to mock: “Wen Yu, I don’t know what face you have to look down on me now? Do you know how others laugh at you? “

Wen Yiran really hated the appearance of Death Wenyu.

It seemed that even if he stepped on the dust, he could stand high, like back then… when others pointed at him and told himself that he was the young master of Wen Jia, a legitimate son, and he was just a shameless bastard!

Fortunately, now finally everything has changed. Wen Yiran has everything, but Wen Yu has nothing.

Wen Yu still didn’t speak, sneered at the corner of his mouth, and stood up.

-Disdain to associate with idiots.

Wen Yiran also stood up, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to hold him, still wanting to continue mocking.

At this time, Wen Sisi rushed in with the little sisters who had just played with Chi Zhengzheng.

With anger on her face, she gritted her teeth: “Chi Zhengzheng! Chi Zhengzheng!”

That look seemed to be able to kill Chi Zhengzheng.

Wen Yu was about to leave, but stopped again.

“What’s the matter?” Wen Yiran frowned in disgust, “What shame did Chi Zhengzheng do?”

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