Wen Yiran sensitively discovered that when he finished asking this sentence, the living room was quiet for a moment.

After Wen Sisi’s face was full of anger, everyone else looked away, not daring to meet his eyes.

Suddenly he felt a little hairy.

Wen Yiran frowned and looked serious: “What’s the matter?”

Wen Sisi said angrily: “Brother! Chi Zhengzheng actually said you…said you…”

She paused, and she couldn’t say anything.

But Wen Yiran and Wen Yu thought of the phrase “short and no quality” that Chi Zhengzheng said for a moment…

But they are almost familiar!

Wen Yu: “…”

He couldn’t hold back, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

“Wen Sisi!” Wen Yiran clenched her hands and yelled subconsciously, not allowing her cousin to speak out.

“Brother Yiran, what are you yelling at me for? It’s obviously Chi Zhengzheng spreading rumors, you can’t do it!” Wen Sisi narrowed his mouth, very unhappy, and tried his best to control his tone.

Their family relies on Wen Jingsen’s family, and she will also rely on this cousin in the future, so naturally she won’t make him angry.

However, after she said this, Wen Yiran could hardly wait to strangle her, and stared at her with a pair of eyes.

Wen Sisi took two steps back in fear.

Wen Yiran was trembling with anger, and looked at other people. Seeing that everyone staggered to meet his gaze, he became even more angry, trembling slightly, and flushed.

At that moment, he couldn’t wait for all of these people to disappear!

“Chi Zhengzheng! Nonsense! She came to spread rumors about me because I broke the marriage contract with her, Chi, Zheng, Zheng!” She gnashed her teeth and explained it to these people.


Others were talking in their mouths–

“Yes, Chi Zhengzheng can’t do anything!”

“She’s just talking nonsense, we don’t believe her.”

“Yes, none of us will believe her!”

“She will talk about it later, and we will definitely stop her.”

He said this, but in his eyes, he was clearly looking at Wen Yiran in surprise.

I can’t tell… the heir of Wen’s family, he can’t even be in bed!

Wen Yiran explained that they actually didn’t believe it. After all, the “one billion” and “apologies” in Chi Zhengzheng’s mouth were all true!

And Chi Zhengzhen likes Wen Yiran so much. If it weren’t for something that made her change her mind, how could she tear her face and change her attitude toward Wen Yiran?

How does this make them believe Wen Yiran’s words?


Wen Yiran naturally felt that they didn’t believe that much, and they trembled even harder with anger, and their faces turned pale.

How can he explain this kind of thing?

Do you want him to perform bed kung fu to other people one by one? !

Wen Yiran was so angry that he made a fist and rushed out the door with a black face.

He is going to chop Chi Zhengzheng! !

Chi Yan and Ding Yijun have just picked up Chi Zhouchen back.

Originally, Ding Yijun picked him up, but Chi Yan happened to pass by the school and brought him back together.

“Is there a lot of pressure to study recently?” Chi Yan asked.

Chi Zhouchen nodded indifferently.

Ding Yijun suddenly felt distressed: “I said it was enough to go to an international high school. You must let him go to some public high school. Now that he is in high school, the pressure is too great!”

Chi Yan didn’t care, and waved his hand: “Don’t indulge him too much. Zhou Chen is good at everything, but he is not steady enough. Going to a public high school to take a college entrance examination is to sharpen him.”

“What are you honing? How many of our families go for the college entrance examination? You can see Yiran. He has learned to do business since he was a child. After returning from abroad, he can touch his hands as soon as he enters the company. You don’t need to suffer from high school.” Ding Yijun Talking and talking.

In her opinion, high school is too tired.

Chi Yan didn’t let it go, he naturally had his own considerations.

Even though Chi Zhouchen didn’t want to go to high school, he came in. Seeing Chi Yan, he wouldn’t get him out again. He had no choice but to adapt.

In fact, high school tiredness is aimed at learning. As long as you don’t study, high school is actually not so tired.

Chi Zhouchen is obviously the person who doesn’t like to learn.

Several people talked and entered the house. At this moment, An Qinru ran down from the stairs crying and just happened to hit Ding Yijun.

She was taken aback, her voice hoarse: “Aunty, I’m sorry…”

Ding Yijun was not angry, but asked anxiously–

“Qinru, what’s the matter with you? Why are you crying like this?”

Upstairs, Chi Zhengzheng is preparing to change clothes.

The original owner is Miss Chi’s family, and their family is still very good to her. The room is the same size as Chi Zhouchen’s, and the cloakroom, bathroom, balcony, etc. are all available.

She had never seen such a big room before.

Chi Zhengzheng had been living in school during his studies in the previous life. After graduation, for the convenience of commuting to get off work, she rented a bedroom and a living room not far from the unit. However, her bedroom and living room were obviously not as big as this room.

She looked at the entire room with admiration, and then looked for clothes in the cloakroom.

The original owner’s clothes are more gorgeous, not her usual style.

Chi Zhengzheng sighed.

At this time, Chi Yan’s angry voice sounded downstairs——

“Chi Zhengzheng!”

Her hand paused, she loosened her clothes, still wearing her hospital gown, and went downstairs.

Sure enough, An Qinru hugged Ding Yijun and cried, Chi Yan was looking at her angrily, and Chi Zhouchen’s eyes were surprised.

Seeing her wearing a hospital gown, Chi Yan was stunned for a while, and most of the anger in his eyes disappeared. He frowned and asked, “Why are you wearing hospital clothes?”

“The hospital doesn’t have my clothes.” Chi Zhengzheng said.

Her voice is naturally soft and glutinous. The original owner doesn’t like such a voice. She always deliberately raises her voice when she speaks. It becomes a bit sharp, and it is always easy to appear “arrogant” and “unreasonable”.

But Chi Zhengzheng didn’t have this consideration. All the voices belonged to her, so he spoke normally.

When Chi Yan heard this, he paused and looked at Ding Yijun, who also twitched the corners of his mouth in embarrassment.


I even forgot to let people send Zhengzheng clothes to the hospital.

Even if she was discharged from the hospital and no one answered, they even forgot to give her clothes!

For a while, the two were silent.

An Qinru cried again.

Ding Yijun hurriedly said, “Zhengzheng, why are you talking about Wen Yiran in front of so many people? Didn’t you all agree not to talk nonsense?”

“I didn’t agree.” Chi Zhengzheng looked at them with a blank expression.

What Chi Yan and Ding Yijun wanted to say got stuck in their mouths, yes, they didn’t agree clearly, but didn’t they mean that at the time? !

I want to scold her, see the clothes on her body, and think of her grievances.

Chi Yan coughed, sat down on the sofa, pointed to the opposite side, and Chi Zhengzheng sat down honestly.

He slowly said: “Zhengzheng, I know you are very angry, but the relationship between the two companies must not be broken after hearing this. Now is the time when the two are important, and these trivial matters should not cause problems in the relationship between the two. With so many people talking nonsense, isn’t it embarrassing Yiran’s face? And other people’s rumors about you are not good anymore.”

I thought that Chi Zhengzheng was going to make trouble again, after all, she had always had a bad temper.

But on the other side, Chi Zhengzheng nodded very honestly: “Okay, I won’t talk about it later.”

Anyway, I have said what I should say, and I know what I should know.

Chi Yan didn’t expect that she promised to be so refreshing, her expression relaxed a little, and she continued to say–

“You are my only daughter. I definitely don’t want to watch you suffer. When the time is right, you and Wen Yu will break the marriage. But now, you have to go to Wen’s house with me and find Wen Yiran to apologize.”

Chi Zhengzheng still promised very simply: “Okay.”

Compared to Wen Yiran’s aggrieved at this moment, doesn’t she just say sorry?

made money.

Aside, An Qinru was stunned.

Her eyes couldn’t help widening, as if she couldn’t believe her ears.

Such a thing, so lightly put it over?

Why didn’t Chi Zhengzhen make trouble this time, why was Chi Yan suddenly so tolerant?

How did she know that it was her biological father and daughter. When Chi Yan was angry, the original owner would have a stiff neck, and Chi Yan would only become more angry when he eats soft or hard.

Today, Chi Zhengzheng was still wearing a hospital gown, and speaking softly, Chi Yan naturally became a little softened and his attitude eased down.

“Go change clothes.” Chi Yan said.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded, stood up, and prepared to walk upstairs.

However, at this time, a person suddenly rushed in from outside the door that was not closed, like a firecracker, and went straight to Chi Zhengzheng with a terrible rage, and exploded as soon as he saw her.

——Wen Yiran.

After he rushed over, he stretched out his hand to hold Chi Zhengzheng’s arm, squeezing it tightly, as if he wanted to strangle her directly.

“Chi Zhengzheng!” He gritted his teeth, raised his hand, and wanted to hit someone.

“Wen Yiran!” Chi Yan’s expression changed.

Ding Yijun subconsciously pushed An Qinru away, raised her foot and lowered her face.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned, but he didn’t even react.

But the other hand stopped Wen Yiran.

After that hand clasped his wrist, he couldn’t move.

——Wen Yu.

Wen Yu also came, and followed Wen Yiran in. Seeing him raising his hand, he immediately stopped him.

“You let go!” Wen Yiran was furious and roared.

Wen Yu frowned, his face sank, his expression condensed, and he looked a little scary.

He didn’t speak, his hands clasped tighter.

“You let me go! I’m not finished with Chi Zhengzheng, this, this bitch!” Wen Yiran lost his temper.

He has lived so much that all his suffocation has been suffered recently, and Chi Zhengzheng is going to drive him crazy.

Compared with the previous Chi Zhengzheng who followed him, pleased him, and made trouble for others, now this Chi Zhengzheng almost makes his nerves beating back and forth on the edge of madness every day.  

“Brother Yiran, calm down…” An Qinru said quickly.

If Wen Yiran played Chi Zhengzheng, he would really cause big trouble!

Chi Yan also pulled Wen Yiran away with a calm face, Ding Yijun pulled Chi Zhengzheng away, stood in front of her again, blocking her behind, and even Chi Zhouchen’s careless expression turned ugly.

“Let go of him.” Chi Zhengzheng pursed his lips.

Wen Yu looked at her.

She had walked out from behind Ding Yijun, slowly walking towards Wen Yiran.

She pressed her lips tightly, her face was still white, but there were two unusual reds on her cheeks—that was anger.

Chi Zhengzheng’s back was straightened, his hands clenched into fists, and he was still wearing a hospital gown, but with an indescribable stubbornness, he walked in front of Wen Yiran step by step.

The redness of his cheeks was like a burning fire, and the blackness of his eyes was like ink that couldn’t be melted. He walked fearlessly.

At that moment, Wen Yiran was also slightly stunned, and found out for the first time–

Chi Zhengzheng, as expected, was just as the people around him said.

It’s the best looking one in the circle.

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