Wen Yiran knew that Chi Zhengzheng was beautiful, and when he first saw him, he was dazzled for a moment.

Later, Chi Zhengzheng pursued him vigorously and heard many bad rumors.

He likes a gentle girl like An Qinru, but doesn’t like Chi Zhengzheng, a bad-tempered and arrogant fiancee.

Every time I see her, I add another disgust.

Especially recently, Wen Yiran hates Chi Zhengzheng.

But at this moment, when he suddenly saw Chi Zhengzheng, who had a straight back, pursed his lips, and stared at him, walking step by step, he actually felt the first time he saw her…


Chi Zhengzheng was already standing in front of Wen Yiran, and she slowly said, “Are you very angry? But except for someone pointing, have you been hurt in any way?”

Wen Yiran was still stunned and did not speak.

Wen Yu had already let go of him, his hands were still stiff, but he didn’t move them either.

“It’s just some gossip, even the so-called gossip, no one will say in front of you, you are so angry, so unbearable? But the gossip, since the engagement with you, Chi Zhengzheng has been listening, every day. Here, all kinds of things.” She said very calmly.

——She was just talking about what happened to the original owner.

The original owner and Wen Yiran were engaged. Although it was a business marriage, they were indeed engaged. He became her future partner.

Since he returned to China, the original owner has always liked him, and he always wanted to like him.

She ran after him, wanted to be a qualified fiancée of Wen Yiran, and wanted to dominate the position beside Wen Yiran, but Wen Yiran didn’t like the original owner.

Just don’t like it, in the name of Chi Zhengzheng’s fiance, he openly hooked up with An Qinru.

Every time she gave him, she only reaped disgust.

From the beginning of the engagement, it was said that Chi Zhengzheng was stuck upside down, that Chi Zhengzheng was not worthy of Wen Yiran, that Chi Zhengzheng was not as good as An Qinru, and that Chi Zhengzheng could not keep Wen Yiran’s heart…

She listened to these gossips.

She liked Wen Yiran, very, very much, but she couldn’t play with An Qinru and was teased by her.

Chi Zhengzheng thought, maybe it was a good thing that the original owner died in that car accident, otherwise she, who likes Wen Yiran so much, still doesn’t know what to suffer.

Following her words, Wen Yiran’s eyes became more dazed, and his hands slowly dropped.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him and calmly dropped the last big thunder——

“Wen Yiran, how did I get involved in the car accident, you should have counted them in your heart?”

Wen Yiran’s face changed drastically.

Alongside, An Qinru’s eyes flashed.

Chi Zhengzheng knew that his guess was correct. They were caught together by the original owner. Wen Yiran said about the dissolution of the marriage contract. At the same time, An Qinru kept provoking, and they also said a lot of things that the original owner could not accept.

So, she got into the car with anger, stepped on it, and got into a car accident on the spot.

“What do you mean? Zhengzheng your car accident…” Ding Yijun was taken aback and said blankly.

Chi Zhengzheng lowered his eyes slightly, and his voice was calm: “Stimulated by them, I got into the car impulsively, and then got into a car accident.”

The car accident was caused by the original owner, and Wen Yiran and An Qinru could not be blamed by law, but without their stimulation, the original owner would not have had that car accident that day.

She is now awake, but the original owner’s life history, but after a year of vegetative, quietly passed away.

Looking at her eyes, I don’t know why, the suffocation in Wen Yiran’s heart suddenly vented.

He thought of the car overturned not far away that day, and also thought of Chi Zhengzheng lying in a pool of blood… At that moment, it was not that he didn’t have a trace of guilt in his heart.

But Qinru was right. The accident was Chi Zhengzheng’s own cause, and he was just telling her clearly.

Thinking like this in my heart, I let go.

At this moment, looking at Chi Zhengzheng, who was wearing a hospital gown and standing calmly in front of him, Wen Yiran suddenly couldn’t get it off.

There are mixed flavors in my heart.

An Qinru noticed his eyes, and her eyes suddenly changed slightly. She stepped forward, holding Wen Yiran’s hand, and her voice softly: “Sister Zhengzheng, I’m sorry, it was my fault that day, I didn’t stop you… But Sister Zhengzheng, you shouldn’t say that about Brother Yiran, you let those people say what he did?”

Wen Yiran pressed his lips.

An Qinru continued: “I heard that the two companies are now cooperating. If Sister Zhengzheng is unhappy, please send it to us in private, and stop targeting Yiran in front of outsiders.”

Chi Zhengzheng squinted his eyes to look at her. He was so kind and generous and imposing!

What Chi Yan originally wanted to say immediately swallowed, and replaced it with—

“This time it is Zhengzheng’s fault. She has promised that there will be no next time. She will explain it to others. Zhengzheng, please apologize to Yiran.”

For the cooperation of the two, Chi Yan made a round.

Chi Zhengzheng still lowered his eyes, but said: “I suddenly don’t want to apologize…”

That apology, because of Wen Yiran’s behavior, she didn’t want to say anything.

Even if she knew it, this apology was harmless.

But as long as she thinks of the original owner and the girl who will disappear in this world forever, she doesn’t want to say sorry to any one of Wen Yiran and An Qinru.

“Zheng Zheng!” Ding Yijun also disagrees somewhat.

“Brother Yiran, if Sister Zhengzheng doesn’t want to apologize, just forget it, she didn’t mean it.” An Qinru looked at Wen Yiran with gentle eyes, “Don’t be angry. If you are not happy, Uncle Wen and Aunt Wen will also worry. “

Wen Yiran’s eyes were still a little stunned, he didn’t know what he was thinking, and he didn’t say a word.

But when I heard about my uncle and aunt, it seemed to remind Chi Yan and Ding Yijun.

In front of so many people, to belittle Wen Yiran and say that Wen Yiran is not good. This is in itself a mistake by Chi Zhengzheng!

If Wen Jingsen knew this, he didn’t know what he would be angry with!

Chi Yan whispered: “Chi Zhengzheng! How did you promise me just now? Apologies!”

Ding Yijun’s eyes were also full of disapproval, and she stepped forward and took her arm: “Zhengzheng, be more sensible, don’t play children’s temper anymore.”

They all looked at her, they all blamed her.

Including… her physical parents.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled bitterly at the corner of his mouth.

“Why do you have to apologize?” a low male voice sounded.

Chi Zhengzheng turned his head and looked over. Wen Yu, who was ignored by everyone, stood not far away, looked at her calmly, and said, “They owe you a lot. If you don’t want to apologize, don’t apologize.”

She didn’t hear so many words in his mouth, although it was nothing to others, but it was a rare word for Wen Yu.

He still has the appearance of “Tarshan’s face does not change his face”, as if nothing in this world can arouse his emotions, and his eyes are not bottomed.

This is the boss who might make her miserable a year from now.

But at this moment, Chi Zhengzheng thought he was extremely pleasing to the eye.

A smile slowly appeared at the corner of her mouth, and her voice was firm: “Yes, I don’t want to apologize, so I won’t apologize.”

After speaking, she didn’t say anything, and walked out of Chi’s gate directly.

“Zheng Zheng!” Ding Yijun’s startled and angry voice sounded from behind.

Chi Zhengzheng kept walking.

Chi Yan was very angry, glared at Wen Yu, and then looked at Chi Zhouchen: “Hurry up and see your sister, stop her, her body is still not well, where can she go?!”

Chi Zhouchen didn’t move, but impatiently said: “No, no matter how old she is, you care what she does.”

“You!” Chi Yan was furious again.

Wen Yiran finally got his thoughts back. He looked at Wen Yu and gritted his teeth: “I want you to be nosy!”

Upon hearing this, Ding Yijun glanced at Wen Yu with disgust and disgust.

Wen Yu didn’t bother to pay attention to them, and walked out.

After walking a few steps, he paused again and looked back at Chi Yan, his eyes dark and sharp: “If you only know the benefits, don’t flaunt your father, and don’t force her to do things that are beneficial to you under the banner of being good for her. .”

At that moment, Chi Yan suddenly understood what he was about to say.

——Chi Zhengzheng almost died in that car accident. He had been a vegetative for many days. As a parent, he didn’t vent her anger or revenge for her, but even let her swallow for the benefit of her parents.

Wen Yu ridiculed the corner of his mouth and strode away.

Chi Yan took two steps back.

At that moment, in addition to his guilty conscience and his guilt towards Chi Zhengzheng, it was the first time he noticed–

Wen Yu has such a terrifying aura!

He didn’t even dare to look directly!

How can it be? ! Isn’t he Wenjia’s famous waste is redundant? !

Wen Yu walked out and walked directly to the place where he parked his car.

Before he got there, he stopped and looked aside.

It was night, and there was nothing but street lights.

But he still didn’t move, instead he spoke slowly: “Chi Zhengzheng?”

When the voice fell to the ground, Chi Zhengzheng walked out from behind a big tree, with an awkward smile on his face.

How handsome was the footsteps when I walked out of Chi’s house, when I walked outside, the cold breeze blew, I regretted it!

Wen Yu looked at the hospital gown she was wearing, and the sandals and slippers on her feet that showed her ten lovely toes. Her toes curled up because of the cold and embarrassment.

Chi Zhengzheng was even more uncomfortable, his fingers began to twist his clothes.

——Deal to save face, only to suffer alive.

She gritted her teeth and said: “Wen Yu, that…”

Wen Yu opened the car door and interrupted her: “Get in the car.”

Chi Zhengzheng immediately showed a bright smile on his face, stepping on his slippers, “ta, ta, ta” quickly ran over.

He bent back and got into the car.


After all, Chi Zhouchen was forced to go out to look for Chi Zhengzheng. Her phone broke down and she hadn’t bought it yet, and no one could contact her. Chi Zhouchen cursed and took the driver out.

The atmosphere tonight is obviously embarrassing. Ding Yijun smiled: “Yiran, Zhengzheng is not sensible, please bear with him, and we will take care of her in the future.”

Wen Yiran didn’t know what to say. He vented his horrendous anger without knowing why, even if Chi Zhengzheng did not apologize, he was not so angry that he wanted to kill her. On the contrary, he was inexplicably…complicated?

Taking a deep breath, he said: “I was also rash today. The relationship between our two families has always been very good. The little conflict between Chi Zhengzheng and I is a private matter, and we shouldn’t let my uncles and aunts worry about it.”

He smiled and returned to his usual appearance: “Excuse me, it’s not too early, I’ll go back first.”

“Good good! Yiran walk slowly, I’ll give it to you!”

“No, I’m driving.”

After speaking, Wen Yiran smiled, gave An Qinru a soothing look, and then turned and left.

His reaction today was obviously abnormal!

An Qinru had an inexplicable worry and fear in her heart, and she subconsciously wanted to catch up.

Behind the scenes, Chi Yan’s voice was colder than ever before——

“An Qinru, are you going to explain to us what happened on the day of the Zhengzheng accident? Why did you not say a word?”

An Qinru’s face paled.

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