Mother Fan Transmigrates Into Villainess

Title: 亲妈粉穿成反派女配

Author: 栖风念

Status: Completed (68 Chapters)


Qi An’an entered a super popular novel about a male protagonist.

In the book, the male protagonist Jiang Lu is a very popular yet miserable person. Because he was met with cold eyes from birth, his exquisite and beautiful appearance has become a label of shame. In the dark years when his legs are disabled and disgusted by all people, only the female protagonist had given him a little bit of charity and care.

The book’s fans agree that the sadomasochism comes from the work of the heroine, but the strange mother fan Qi’an’an loves all her “geese children”. She firmly believes that the poisonous and bad villainess is to blame !

And Qi An An Chuan… became this villainess in the book.

This female supporting character’s end was tragic. When she was young, she had an unrequited love for the male lead. Paranoid to take revenge on the male lead, she ruined his life. In the end, the male lead became the most popular business upstart and doubled the humiliation.

As a qualified mother-in-law CP fan, Qi An’an certainly chose to tear up the character: baby cub! Mom will not let you be abused here! Just concentrate on falling in love for me! Sweeten it up!

Relying on her status as a wealthy daughter, Qi Anan the “pro-mother” is quite competent, following the line of pets to the end, raising her cubs with gentleness and simplicity, super caring, absolutely the best in the world!

Looking forward to the future, the female goose finally appeared.

Qi An’an took the camera and hid secretly in the corner and knocked cp: Here it comes! Trap against wall! Kabe-don kiss! Mom records the most beautiful moment for you!

However, Jiang Lu’s personality in the face of the heroine changed to an indifferent appearance as if he were another person, and his eyes were dark and gloomy: “I said earlier, stay further away from me.” “Compared to her, you are not worthy.”

Jiang Lu is in the boundless darkness. Always lonely, he never thought that his life would one day be bright.

One day, various scenes of the tragic end of his beloved girl appeared in his mind.
With a chill all over his body, he realized that the murderer who caused her tragic death… turned out to be himself?

1. 1v1, no misunderstandings, no credibility crisis, sweet teasing and spoiling each other!
2. Blackened heroine, the original heroine will gradually think of the previous life
3. The original author has a unique taste and loves to abuse the male protagonist, but the wounds will be healed by the healing sweet girl!

MTL/N: The geese the author refers to means the main characters of the original novel.

Table of Contents


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