Qi Anan spent the night before transmigrating into the book .

    “I’ve seen you for a long time, this book actually has fans who actually support the CP? Gosh.” 

“Sister, what kind of magical species are you? You can even like the white lotus heroine?”

    “Kneel to Lu Lu Dumei! Trash heroine is not worthy! CP fans don’t come here.”


    “No Crossing” is this year’s hot novel. The beautiful and tragic male protagonist has been portrayed extremely well, born from the humble and muddy prostitute. The son of a woman to the overwhelming business world. Guys, the book fans who read the rough and rugged life path feel distressed. This time the news of the upcoming film and television has set off a hot topic. When netizens were discussing it, Qi An’an said, “Wish you success! Goose children, you must be happy forever!” She pushed herself to the forefront.

    Forgive her for never paying attention to the comment area when she is reading. Only today did she find that she was standing in the Arctic Circle. There are not many cps. Fans love the male protagonist and hate the female protagonist one-sidedly at the same time.

    At the beginning, Qi An’an also tried to find allies: “Those are all things that are done by the villainess. The female goose is kind in nature. She doesn’t know anything if she didn’t open the perspective of God. If it weren’t for the villainess, the two of them would have been sweet. Honey, why are you all scolding the heroine? Isn’t it the vicious female partner who should be hated? “It’s

    useless, the crusade army has grown stronger.

    “Don’t be funny, there are still female protagonists who misunderstand the male protagonist after hearing a few words from others these days?”

    “I don’t see kindness, I only see no brains.”




    Ten fingers are hard to beat, and Qi An’an quickly gave up on the Buddha nature. Forget it, geese and geese are all her heart’s flesh, no one knocks on her own CP, she doesn’t care, anyway, everything is to blame for that vicious female partner, stupid and poisonous! Also has the same name as her! annoying!

    Curse her curse her! Qi An’an transferred all the grievances of the netizens to the damn female partner in the article, put the quilt on, and went to sleep.

    When she opened her eyes again, the world had changed.

    She became a vicious female partner who had she herself cursed a hundred times yesterday.

    That’s right, it’s the misunderstanding master and civil affairs villainess in “No Crossing”, and the supporting character with the same name and surname.

    This is an important figure in the growth of the male protagonist. As an absolutely qualified book fan, Qi An’an can recite the content of this book with her eyes closed.

    “No Crossing” is a career essay for the male protagonist, which describes the humble life of the male protagonist Jiang Lu from the humble and ruthless life. As an out-and-out beautiful and miserable, Jiang Lu had a very dark childhood. His mother fell into the dust, secretly gave birth to him with the idea of ​​a mother and son, but in the end, nothing was left behind.

    Therefore, not only did she have no pity for this son who was worthless, she was full of resentment and disgust.

    Jiang Lu grew up under the beating and scolding of her mother, because she never shied away from taking a man home. Jiang Lu also grew from a child to a teenager under the contempt and cold eyes of the people around her, suffering torture and humiliation.

    His embarrassing life and meaningful rumors spread throughout the school, and everyone disliked him as dirty and disgusting.

    After the female partner Qi An’an appeared, Jiang Lu fell into the abyss of hell. This female pervert took a fancy to his face-the youthful appearance of the young boy inherited from his mother, he was so exquisite and beautiful, and his natural lip color was red, filling his face with a lot of beauty.

    This female partner is rich in wealth, yet her absurdly lavish brain circuit is quite strange, and the face of the male protagonist is despised from her heart. At a young age, she followed her parents to support others. When she was rejected, she couldn’t save her face, so she came up with all kinds of ways to torture him. She was so absurd, and the male lead’s difficult situation became even worse.

    Even the only female protagonist who is a little compassionate towards him incarnates a lot of misunderstandings and a crisis of trust in two days. Since then, the male protagonist has gone to blacken on the road to abuse his heart.

    The biggest turning point in Jiang Lu’s life was the night when he was seventeen. He stabbed a dozen holes in the two men Qi An’an called to insult him with a sharp knife, and finally quietly surrendered and sentenced him.

    However, such a sullen murderer who held up the knife at a young age did not ruin his life. He grew a little stronger in the prison. After he was released from prison, he started from scratch, and in just a few years he became a successful upstart in the business world, he launched crazy revenge on those who had insulted him in the past.

    Qi An’an chased after this moment: Ah, ah, goose, why are you so good! Slap their faces! Mother loves you and is proud of you!

    It is true that the plot has been so refreshing all the way since then. The female partner fell from the clouds and lost everything a little bit like a blunt knife. She was too young to die. It was tragic and applauded. The misunderstandings she made were also one by one. After being clarified, the male and female protagonists gradually came together again.

    Remembering the first time the female villainess in the book went to beg Jiang Lu with tears, Jiang Lu sat on the leather sofa indifferently and alienatedly, with long legs overlapping, glancing over with disgusting eyes, the cold voice said “Get out and kneel, you’re soiling my floor” is overpowered, and it makes people call my mother how great it is.


    Now that I think about it, Qi An’an’s head hurts too.

    Qi An’an rubbed her hair irritably, rubbed her twice and stopped – wait, why is she so tangled about this? She is the

first person to charge and knock CP, now the paper man is alive, God gave her such a good opportunity to let her experience the immersive happiness, what a blessing!

    With her here, everything that a vicious girl can do will not exist. There is no bullying and no misunderstanding. Her two little cute geese children grow up happily together, sweet and sweet from campus to wedding dress!

    As long as her mother-in-law fan is in place, I believe she can turn this invincible abuse text into a campus favorite Su Tian.

    Thinking wildly, suddenly the housekeeper knocked on the door, and his voice was obviously nervous: “Miss, everyone is ready, and the road is blocked, but today he doesn’t know why he hasn’t come here. Miss wait patiently…”

    Guang Based on this passage, Qi An’an knows where the plot is going. This is the beginning of Jiang Lu’s dark life-Qi An’an just transferred to school and looked at Jiang Lu’s face. After inquiring, he found that this young man was born with unbearable background and had no background, so he moved. Cultivate a playful mind.

    Today is “she” about to tie Jiang Lu home. It is the first time they have met, full of contempt and insult.

    “No, no, no,” Qi An’an stood up and waved his hand, “Let them go back, don’t move him.” After

    thinking about it, he said, “Uncle Chen, let the driver prepare, I… I will go and see for myself. Look.” She remembered the housekeeper’s surname Chen.

    The housekeeper Chen was taken aback. The young lady in his family was usually gloomy and gloomy, just like her parents. She looked very pleasing today, her eyes were clear, showing a bit of childishness.

    Calling him Uncle Chen so politely, the butler rubbed his hands flattered: “Then, then I will make arrangements, miss, you…”

    Qi An’an was wondering what her good cub looked like, curious She was dying, but only after seeing Steward Chen’s hesitant expression, she realized that she was going to be the female overlord in person.

    Qi An’an secretly slandered this damn unlucky female partner, and smiled at the housekeeper Chen cleverly: “Uncle Chen, I was just talking nonsense before, and I won’t… bully my classmates.”

    Qi An’an, who has received a good education and thrived, is really unable to say the word “nurturing” from the psychological and physical levels.

    Steward Chen didn’t seem to be particularly convinced, and left with a worried look.

    An An didn’t explain any more, and got in the car and drove the driver to the school.

    She thought a lot along the way. In the book, Jiang Lu’s situation was already very bad before she turned around, because he was so beautiful and his mother who didn’t know how to constrain, he was put on various labels and rumors. , The book even described the wretched middle-aged uncle looking at him frivolously.

    In order for the beloved cub to grow up healthily, one must first let people know that he is covered by someone and dare not bully him casually. This Qi An’an is quite confident. She dare not say anything else at the moment, that is, she has money. Her father donated a library to the school when she transferred to her school. All the teachers and the students in the school knew that she was a big Buddha and could not be messed with.

    When she first appeared on the stage, it could be said that she was calling for rain. In order to please her, everyone insulted Jiang Lu even more vigorously.

    Qi An’an was planning in his heart, raising her eyes at random, and a back figure in front came into view, her eyes condensed, and she sat up straight.

    The boy in front of him was thin, and his large school uniform was somewhat empty, making him pale and thin. He walked forward with his back to Qi An’an, holding something in his hand, a dark red liquid dripped continuously in front of him, falling on the road and the washed white shoes.

    This is…

    Qi Anan patted the driver’s seat: “Master, stop.”

    She remembered the plot. The man Jiang Lu’s mother brought home was too noisy with the kitten raised by Jiang Lu, and cruelly threw it to death. , Jiang Lu wanted to bury it carefully, but was abducted by Qi An’an halfway through, and fell into hell since then.

    At that time, when I watched this passage, Qi An almost died of anger. This little cat is a warm little thing that Jiang Lu has rarely seen in more than ten years. She knows how painful her little cub is at this moment.

    Qi An got out of the car, took three steps and made two steps to catch up with the boy: “You… wait a minute, wait a minute.”

    The teenager stopped.

    He turned his head, his black and white eyes looked over, showing a sense of clarity for no reason. It’s just that his eyes are cold and silent, like being wrapped in ice and snow, cold indifferently.

    He held a blood-covered kitten in his hand, gestures very gentle, but the little thing closed his eyes tightly, and it looked breathless.

    The pale boy holding the breathless little milk cat, the distressed scenes in the book that made her toss over, appeared in front of him alive at this moment, and Qi An’an immediately confirmed the identity of the person in front of him. But she couldn’t care about being surprised by the face in front of her. She hadn’t had time to make an immersive cp, she had already experienced immersive anger because of this scene.

    However, before she could say the next sentence, Jiang Lu casually retracted his gaze, and his thin lips opened slightly:


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